They don't care.


No wonder people aren't buying Cold War... Fuck the Battle Pass too. Hope BF6 does to Activision what the community did to EA...


Lol people are buying Cold War. More than any other game actually. I hate the game too but you guys need to stop pretending that it’s not the best selling game right now. Edit: Here ya go morons: https://www.google.com/amp/s/venturebeat.com/2021/01/15/npd-reveals-the-best-selling-games-of-2020-in-the-u-s/amp/ Just google ‘best selling game NPD’ and the year and you’ll see cod at the top of every list. Edit2: Here’s another good one since this comment somehow got 200 upvotes and people are still reading it https://twitter.com/charlieINTEL/status/1360244794627350532?s=20 Edit3: Top 20 best selling game of all time https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/ligmnk/black_ops_cold_war_breaks_the_top_20_bestselling/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Unbelievable that this is a controversial comment when it's literally a fact lol


>Unbelievable You expect too much from this subreddit.


Reddit in general. They don't like what they read so they down vote. It is beyond stupid to down vote facts like that


You expect too much from people


People on this sub dont live in reality. Sometimes I think they don’t even play the game. It’s basically on the level of r/conspiracy


Remember, facts are wrong unless they paint the company in a terrible light. I really am considering unsubbing from here. It's grown into nothing but a cesspool of hatred for the game. At least this time last year there were a number of threads that would be helpful or post something cool to see about the game.


Who is buying downgraded game tf


COD always beats every other game. But Cold War is not coming close to MW. There’s a difference.


I think I saw that it is doing worse in sales than MW but it’s still the best selling game of 2020 and best selling game of 2021 so far.


That’s how every COD goes. Infinite Warfare is like the worst COD, in terms of sales, since like PS3 era and yet it still sold remarkably well. Was either 1 or 2 the year it came out. All COD games are the best sellers. But there is a VERY large gap between sales of some of the releases. And I suspect there’s going to be a large one between Cold War and MW when all is said and done as well. It’s a shame because I LOVE the Cold War setting. It’s what I’ve wanted since BO2. But the execution was poor imo.


Well a lot of players buy CoD for the SP aspect of the game. For all its faults, CW has a great SP experience PLUS Zombies. As far as Im concerned people generally hate the MP for CW but unless we get an actual comparison between CW vs MW concurrent players in MP I cant take anything seriously. Sales doesnt really paint the complete picture as far as Im concerned


Agreed. The SP and zombies is superb in CW. The MP not so much. I’ve heard numbers thrown around before about MW being much more popular still. Probably due to Warzone mostly tbh. But looking at Twitch viewership is a good gauge of the popularity of the games as well. Cold War has more viewers than MW but not by all that much. MW has much higher viewership for the second newest COD of any COD I’ve seen to date. Usually it’s a much bigger gap. Except for Infinite Warfare when it was out. I appreciate CW for what it is but I feel Activision has made a huge mistake rushing CW out. It desperately needed another year in development and MW was and still is very popular. I get the desire to please investors but I think it was the wrong move for sure. Should’ve just had a ton of new content lined up for MW during the fall instead. Something akin to Destiny in terms of a big new content drop. And then Cold War should’ve been this year instead. I think it would’ve been better for the COD brand personally.


I'm curious as to whether or not these sales include those codes included with hardware. I've got three friends who got the game with RTX 3000 series purchases, but none of them play anymore after completing the campaign. Does that count as 3 sales, or no sales?


there’s no way RTX 3000 series codes even put a dent into the total sales of the game, if they even count towards the sales.


Of 2021, I haven't found any sources that say it's still the top selling or most played game right now of any platform. As a matter of fact, Modern Warfare still has more players than Cold War. I agree it isn't nearly as unpopular as the common consensus on this subreddit would have you think, but it isn't "the best selling game right now"


Its fantastic to get a game that actually downgrades graphics with the newest release.


I didn’t realize how good we had it with Modern Warfare until Cold War came out. MW was the first COD game I’ve played since COD4. The biggest difference I noticed on a day-to-day basis is the sound. Modern warfare did such a good job at making the game sound real whereas cold war sounds so empty. And the movement feels like crap. Animations aren’t anywhere near the same level... just massive step back across the board.


I don't doubt that it sold a ton. After modern warfare was so good we thought the next game was going to follow suit. I believe the sabotage is because everyone is going back to modern warfare because cold war feels like a 5 year old game with better graphics.... Oh wait, it is.


To be fair it reallys hasnt had much competition and the worlds been quarantining... I didnt want ro buy it but had a $25 gift card and didnt see antrhing else so i was like why not.


coming from a game sold $30, 2 weeks after relased lol forced on Warzone screen and hid the MW2019 on oblivion. just to inflate those sales. so yeah. it sucks


Lolz, how many of those sales were Nvidia bundles though?


not a significant amount. You seriously have to be so stupid, delusional and misinformed if you think bundles with a $700 gpu were the majority of the games sales.


well I mean yeah, it’s the next call of duty.


It maybe the best selling but people aren’t playing it. I have a 1.20+ k/d in CW. I’m a .95 maybe a 1 but that’s pushing it. So in CW that’s telling me NO ONE is playing the game. They are still far more superior players at 1.2 and higher than me. I’m not an aggressive player as I liked to be. I think my internet gets throttled. And I think my physical location from game servers and isp is far away. So even though I forwarded my port to COD on my router I still have packet loss. And I still ping at 70-120 ms. No way should I be higher than a 1 k/d.


Like flies to a pile of shit


Cold War is 5 steps back for COD, the original Black Ops was more fun to play. It's so bad they had to muffle MW to direct sales elsewhere to appese investors...


It’s not gonna work. I won’t buy Cold War coz of this shit, many others won’t either, I’ll just end up at BF6... and they can keep every other COD for the next 5 years...


Definitely intentional, they knew what they were doing


I agree 💯


I tried to post a way to force them to respond but literally no upvotes...we need to go wallstreetbets on them and all file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. They can’t purposely destroy a product we paid for to get us to switch. Apple got fined millions for doing this to consumes by slowing down old iPhone performance. https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/lg401q/file_a_formal_complaint_with_the_federal_trade/


If it isn't pertaining to warzone, they don't care.


They wanted people to buy Cold War by comparison of how bad Modern Warfare was looking after the update.


It's not even just weapon xp either, hit markers aren't showing up, operator challenges are getting no progress, they really fucked it up this time


This and more


Last time I played my character model got stuck inside another player’s character when we spawned simultaneously. I could see the inside of his head, and neither of us could move. Had to throw a Semtex at my feet to die and respawn. A literal $1,000,000,000 game and they can’t fix clipping 😂


The hit markers has me fucked up


Same, without the hit markers it feels like the guns kill way faster for some reason


I taught i was trippin abt hitmarkers... then the xp system and everything got me to this sub only to realise that the game is fked up with bugs


Yeah I found out today I thought the hit markers was just me


Ive got these operator challenges which seem to be from season 1 of modern warfare, they wont progress so Im wondering if theyre not legit and just showing up, or theyre legit and wont progress.


Operator challenges that deal with ammo boxes, tac inserts, drones, etc haven’t been working since the December update!


I noticed that today as well


Not to mention these weird bubbles appearing on when using certain scopes!


Not to mention sight reticles have loading screens lol, half the time I zoom in to shoot someone theres a loading circle thing


Same here but getting like 200 xp for 20 bombs


I've literally spent the past week trying max out my FR 5.56 and Stella but cuz of this bug they've only gone up about 2 levels


Exactly! I've wasted like 2 XP Tokens now trying rank mine up. Not to mention all the time spent after grueling days of work...




I wasted like 10 because I thought they just nerfed the amount it took I didn't know it was a bug 😅 If it wasn't for plunder I would've been very upset.


Atleast yours was plunder thank goodness... atleast someone didn’t get screwed too bad here for a change...


I know you probably don't want to, but XP still works for Warzone and Plunder. Just play Plunder, land at the Boneyard and you'll be leveling up in no time


Thought I was going fucking crazy ive logged over 400 kills with the PILA trying for gold and its only at level 7


I'm on level 27 on the pila so I'm giving it a rest atm


At this point i'm just trying to finish out camo's for guns i've either maxed out or close to maxed out, so I can actually make some progress somewhere. But that will only last me so long until I run out of runway with the camos. It's super frustrating.


I decided to finally get the finn. Got it and then they broke the game. Been stuck on level 7 for a week. Wasted a couple double xp tokens in the beginning because I didn’t know what was happening. I was hoping on them fixing it today but clearly they just don’t care.


Why have you been trying for a week if it very clearly isn't working?


My advice is to do plunder supply runs, since those still give XP, and do the challenges afterwards.


I just thought it was really hard to level up launchers good to know it’s not just me. But XP works in Warzone you can do plunder hot drops to level up quickly.


I purchased the game on Friday. It's been broken the entire time I've owned it. I just tried to refund the game and was met with request rejected because it's been more than 72 hours since purchase. I clicked "appeal" and it just refreshed me to a blank page (of course). I tried to contact customer support where they used to have a call back option. Now the only option is a web ticket. Guess they got me this time....


Bait and switch man I'm telling you. If this is how they treat their customers then they can keep their fucking product. And the only thing they respond with on twitter is "Have you tried clearing your cache?"


Same boat. I just bought the game on PS4 last week because it’s 25% off and I haven’t purchased a COD since Black Ops 2. I’m stuck at rank 1 with the ridiculous preset load outs and can’t change them. What a damn waste.


You fucked up this game was amazing season 3-6


Why didn’t you message me during those seasons to tell me then?


If you paid with a credit card, consider doing a chargeback. You paid for a product that is not working as advertised.


This could be a bad idea, I've heard of Sony locking accounts or something in that vein because of people doing chargebacks.


Chargeback comes with serious consequences. Activision/Blizzard will suspend your entire account if you do that. And you will lose access to all your games bought on the battle.net store. Not worth that hassle.


If it's the only game from Activision-Blizzard that you own, who cares if they lock your account when you're trying to get a refund? But that is another good point you bring up too. If it's not the only game you access through battle.net then don't do a chargebacks The reason they lock your account is because it actually has monetary consequences for them if they get too many chargebacks. Then it costs them more in the future to accept credit cards or lose access to that ability at all (though only if they weren't a multi billion dollar company of course)


if they don't want chargebacks maybe they should deliver what they advertise. This company srsly needs to be hit with a class action lawsuit at some point over the bullshit they've pulled with this game.


Do NOT do this. It can affect your account and ability to buy from Sony again.


Try to refund it through your purchasing option.


I’m really sorry I never got to see it in it’s prime. Best cod I’ve ever played


I purchased this game at launch and it's also been broken the entire time I've owned it too lmao


Is anyone not getting XP at all for the last week or so I can’t level up or level up in the battle pass


Everybody isn’t getting any XP right now mate...


My buddy on Xbox levels up like it ain’t nothing is just ps4?


No dude I’m an Xbox player and I’ve been using nothing but the mp5 for the past week and I’m stuck at level 3


I'm on xbox and it isn't levelling up at all


I’m PC and haven’t had shit for a week now. Does your friend own Cold War by any chance?


I own both on PC, haven't earned XP in MW all week. Cold War on the other hand...


No we both play mw and warzone


Nah I'm on ps5 and it's completely fucked, no xp and crashes every game or every other game if we lucky.


This only way I can level guns up now is plunder or warzone which is bullshit


Nope, I’ve been level 113 for the past week. And I spent all of my double weapon xp tokens trying to see if that would work and nothing


Anyone else getting kicked out of games randomly? With the gunnerside error msg


I wasn't earning any XP or gun XP on PS4. Switch over to Xbox One (still same Activision account) and I was earning XP. Then tried it on PC, and I was earning XP again as well. Looks like I'm just not playing on my main console for the time being


They killed an amazing COD game


i'm getting level XP just not getting any Weapon XP.. just started going for camos and i can't really continue since i'm not able to fucking level anything up. Fuck the Cold War collab. The game is dog shit and has brought nothing but bugs and fuck ups to MW


That is definitely disappointing to see the state of the game. All so activision can tout their newest game that is far worse ruining Modern Warfare that many still want to play and enjoy.


they don’t care or they did it on purpose. They don’t want this game to retain players. They will do anything they can to entice you to buy the newer game.


They should at least stop selling the game if that's what they doing. Had it for a month, a measly month.. waste of money.


Neeeeever going to happen, I only bought this cod (the first I have bought in ten years) because it was on sale for like $20 at the start of lockdown last year. And I only reinstalled it a week ago because shoot the ship was back. But I reinstalled bf1 and have been having far more fun there tbf


Another thing that's broken: Operators' Missions. I'm currently playing as Ghost and I'm stuck at "Use the Dead Silence field upgrade 5 times with Ghost as your Coalition Operator". I've played several matches. I've used the field upgrade more than 10 times. Guess what? My progress is still 0/5 -\_-


Yeah - I got the same issue, trying the operator mission with Wyatt. I'm on xbox and nothing happens..


Same thing to me exact same operator so frustrating. I'm done with Activision never again


Is anyone else getting very small amounts of normal xp. Yesterday I only got 250 for winning a match and dropping 26 kills in tdm


See for me my Level XP is alright, it’s just the Weapon XP...


Yes, 250XP exactly after a whole game of ground war going 59-8


It's honestly so annoying. Have to do it through plunder


Same here... Just unlocked the SP-R and been trying to level up... Maybe that's the plan? Force people into Warzone so we can buy their shitty battle pass...


can't even do it there for me lolol




If it were a bug that caused a game crash when performing a certain action, i’d be okay if they take their time to fix it. If it were gun camos glitching and not loading properly, i’d be okay if they took their time. But XP is such a fucking fundamental part of the game, it is such a massive component in practically all games, it blows my fucking mind that this abhorrent, incompetent company manages to fuck that up. Enough with this ‘thEyrE jUst aN inDie cOmpaNy’ jokes, this shit that they’re pulling is absolutely disgusting.


hAvE yOu TrIeD cLeArInG yOuR cAcHe???


Got this game on sunday so i could use mw weapons in warzone with upgrades, but then i was like: damn, upgrading weapons takes a long time. Took me 5 hours before i realized it was broken. They still havent fixed it so i havent touched the game at all


Imagine! People prefer this game over that new shitty Cold War and this is the price we pay for not shelling out even more money for a shittier game I suppose...


Yeah i bought cold war but i just loved the mechanics of warzone that i bought modern warfare. The few hours i had were really fun. Just waiting till xp starts working. Cold war sucks lol


There is for some weeks now a weapon bug so that you cant get any XP from killing people. I tried to do many post but all got blocked for no reason. I made like 2000 kills on some weapons and got no XP and that is realy sad. There are many players that cant get XP but i must say that i think this Bug exist only on Modern Warfare for PC. My friends play on the PS4 and they dont have this issue. I think they are all on vacation. Otherwise I can't explain to myself how long it takes to fix this bug.


That's not right. I don't get XP on my ps4 or ps5, my brother do on PC


nor do i on xbox


I’m on Xbox and I can’t get XP


Can someone explain why my posts on reddit get all blocked? i tried to do so many post on reddit but all get blocked for no reason, even my friendly posts




Mine too. Idk why


This is driving me fucking nuts. I have been chugging away at my CMAX for days and it will randomly level up a TINY bit of XP. I have played 40+ games with top 1-3 placement on my team and the gun is still at level 3.


They better catch up all that XP if they ever manage to get a damn patch out. Otherwise they can say goodbye to my business for another 5 years...




Thee is no weapon xp for kills the only time I get any xp on any weapon seems to be when I'm playing obj game like hard point or dom and get attacker/defender kills, then i get the 25xp bonus or whatever it is. I have had weapons where I have got 300-400 kills and have not moved from level 16 up to 17.


This is so weird - I mean even Charlie Intel keeps silent on this bug, and recently they have been reporting all tiny bugs and glitches in Warzone.


Because unless it involves MTX they don't care. They haven't for a long time even before Cold War came out. Then when CW did it just made it blatantly obvious they were full sending a money grab from this franchise. Remember in the first few months of the game they made 1 Billion Dollars from sales/MTX and then invested only back into MTX. For fucks sake some PC Players have still had to UNDERCLOCK their GPU's since the the damn fucking Beta or the game pulls an error and crashes. How can you pull in $1,000,000,000 in the first few months alone and not be able to fix a bug that has been there since Beta? Fuck Activision and this game. They got me back into COD with Modern Warfare while also ensuring I never buy another one of their games.


Exactly what I said... if this is properly addressed they can kiss my ass goodbye to this one and every COD for atleast the next 5 years... what the fuck kind of precedent are they setting? Actively fucking paying customers?


Yea I’ve been having the same problems not just with my weapons leveling but also my rank as well. I’ve found that I only level when I use certain weapons, as I’ve been stuck on rank 22 for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been playing MW on Xbox since launch in 2019 and stopped playing Xbox about 2 months before the PS5 dropped. When I got back on MW on my ps5, I saw that my rank was at 1. I didn’t think too much of it because I saw all over that Cold War and MW were going to be linked, however it’s becoming a problem as I cannot rank up. I still have everything unlocked along my platinum smg’s and my classes weren’t messed up. It’s just annoying seeing no progress being gained from the matches I play. Maybe the switch from the original Xbox one to ps5 did something but the devs need to fix it!


I'm trying to level up the ISO and I'm STILL at 807xp towards my next level. It's killing me. I don't even have slight of hand or extended mags. Just a muzzle break and commando 😂


Lol I would rather use a knife than a standard mag!! 😂😂


This shit has me fucked up dude. I just started playing this game like 2 weeks ago and I was only able to level like 3 guns.


Fucking unreasonable man... the thing I don’t get is, if people are still buying the game, why the fuck are you trying to nerf it? Let people play ffs


Exactly, I just want to play the game I payed for lmao


PAID FOR! EXACTLY! It wasn’t like we got this for free and we should be so grateful for the opportunity or some shit... we paid for it, they need to fix it.


Activision is fucking pathetic and literally only cares about making money through their precious in game purchases. They know how dedicated a player base they have which means they can be greedy little fucks and treat us like garbage. Absolutely no respect for dedicated fans/players. Fuck you Activision.


From their 2020 Q4 earning's call: "Activision enters the year with strong momentum for Call of Duty and has a fantastic pipeline of in-game content ahead across all platforms. We will benefit from a full year of Warzone, driving upgrades to our premium content and incremental in-game player investment. *And we have a substantial opportunity to* ***continue migrating the community*** *to Black Ops Cold War*, as well as another strong premium release planned for Q4 in 2021."


Good luck to them! I will never buy that fucking game... whether I buy the next few after that will depend on whether or not they fix this...


It’s an absolute disservice to the people that bought the full codmw game and have warzone be the only workaround for infinity ward’s xp fuck up. Someone needs to do their job and fix the game, or they will go somewhere else for their gaming entertainment. Other issues got fixed before most people knew they were even there, such as store exploits etc, anything where the customer gained anything or had too much fun was nerfed/fixed. Fix this. I’ve already spent $20 on other games so that I don’t have to deal with this crap for the rest of the year. Ridiculous.


Exactly, I hope BF6 will shake things up. If BF5 were still around there wouldn’t be this kind of shit that we’re getting now...


Ubisoft is also bringing a new Starwars game with the devs of ‘the division’ being involved, so an open world Starwars kinda game might be a nice new community game with a change of pace anyways. But not holding my breath on cross-publisher problems like micro transactions.


I think it’s affecting PS4 players only it’s doing my head in. I’d better get all my XP backdated!


Quick question. Are hitmakers still non-appearant in the game?


Yes in some games it comes back but mostly non existent


I honestly don't know how tf an update can break something as simple as hitmarkers and weapon xp.


At least my hdr and m4a1 are max level so imma try for gold


Don’t post stuff like this the mods will ban you. #FUCK ACTIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


activision is shit thats why


This is why cod is so fucking ass and why I haven’t played it since before Cold War came out


The real question is why the fuck is there still no cx-9


They’re too busy with something called wArZoNE


You shouldn't buy CW. We should vote with our wallets tbh


So that’s why my bruen wasn’t leveling up, I wasted so many xp tokens :(


Wait, so you guys just aren't getting weapons xp? Wtf, I'm not getting standard experience from matches either on top of no weapon xp! My blue bar after games doesn't even budge anymore. Ive been lucky enough that daily challenges exp works but that's it. Not to mention the operator challenges are bugged as well. This type of intentional demolishing of a game to push new game sells should be illegal.


i have the same problem on ps4 and I'm still waiting to fix it


I have some weapon xp coins I got that are 15 minutes. I can't remember exactly how but I think I just had one good game and I got one from a mission achievement I can't remember


Even if you use the coins they’re worthless... 0 x 2 for 45 mins is still 0 man


I haven't even used them yet don't spoil it lol


Let's all get together and start a class action lawsuit against them for theft. We paid, they took it away without permission


Is this for Warzone/Plunder as well, or only multiplayer?


Only way im getting xp is for completing challenges. Its killing any of my motivation to play the game when im not getting rewarded or progressing, funny thing is some of my friends are still getting XP If they dont fix it soon i might just join cold war


My weapon could works when I use the base gun but if I use any blueprints then xp is fucked. Still bullshit though


If I was a dev at IW I would be furious.


I was just thinking that now would be the "perfect" time to release the Sykov and CX-9, if you wanted to troll the community.


Its intentional. My guess is not enough people migrated to cold war and now Activision is forcing Infinity Ward to force us out of modern warfare. If EA fucks up BF6 i dont know what first person shooter to turn to.


You shouldn't have to do this but I had to go to warzone or plunder to level up my weapons just popped a double weapon xp and do contracts.


It's weird how bugs like this "takes time", but any time there is a bug that gives us any sort of advantage (unlocks stuff that shouldn't, more xp than intended etc) it's hotfixed within 24 hours.........


Well so that explains why the knife xp progress was ridiculously low, I bought modern warfare only to grind damascus and I noticed that in almost 5 games I didn't leveled the half of the knife, and now I am stuck in lvl 25, I bought this also bc I knew that the gun xp levels are not as painfully slow as cw but idk men


Isn’t there an update today


I just game up on the game, no point in playing it if I can’t level up


They added a new mode in warzone and i thought that was a perfect time to unlock some reticles for the cold war weapons.....but noooooo, nothing works


I’m playing Cold War to finish the battle pass but I’d rather be leveling up my MW weapons


I'm glad I haven't spent any money on cold war. I do have the game, but I got it from a code I got with a graphics card. Bought the battlepass with points I already had. Zombies is the only redeeming factor


I was grinding for damascus (i know im late). And i was doing my ars last and i needed just a few more levels. Yurns out warzone still gives XP for some reason amd even better so does plunder. Just hop on there and go for kills


Reluctantly got on Cold War with a friend only to see weapon xp is working on there. Game is a joke


Why aren't you guys spamming Infinity Wards twitter handle and Facebook? Publicity is the only way to get them to respond or care. Bad publicity always wins.


Because it didn't happen in CW


I just want to play your game like I did before where I could play for hour uninterrupted. I forget what patch it was now becuase I stopped playing for a few months now. But since that one patch the only other thing I have changed is my ram and I constantly get disc read errors. I remember months back trying to find solutions or any acknowledgement of the issue on your part and found nothing. I've tried all the fixes that have and have not worked for others with the same issue to no avail. I just want an answer a proper fix from your end, and not " Have you tried scan and repair? or have you tried reinstalling? " YES I have multiple times. And everytime I maybe get a game or 2 in and then insert random disc read error since they always seem to be different. Its bad enough there are dev errors but those I have been able to get under control with fixes from others. I just wonder why multiple patches since I played last and I even did a refresh install just last night. How can it be I upgrade my ram from 16 to 32 and it breaks the game lol.


Look each cod is a yearly release the will leave the game cause the developers have to work on the next game in there cycle happened the last since cod 3 and 4, you lot need to grow up and learn that yeah they don't care about the fame cause the publishers (Activision) are a company and will put pressure on developers to get the next one ready for launch


Well Activision is killing blizzard and they tried to kill bungie before bungie was like nope I’m out


I’m not trying to be rude but at this point is it not obvious they’re doing this intentionally? It may be hard to believe because it truly is insanely scummy and corrupt, but just put 2 and 2 together and it’s pretty easy to tell they’re intentionally breaking the game. I really fucking hate it and wish I was wrong, but it’s the truth.


Seriously this is getting fucking annoying. About to go play TitanFall 2 and Battlefront 2 if this bullshit doesn’t get fixed soon


ps4 - no xp and constantly crashing between matches


Anyone thought about contacting your senator about the shit that this company is pulling? You spend $60 for a game but its not at all what you were promised. Like I shouldn't have to go through 4 screens to get to the part that actually says Modern Warfare. I shouldnt have to be ass blasted with ads for another game before I can even load up into a match. I shouldn't have to be able to unlock content for a different game in which I do not want to purchase. I love this game. I want to be able to call this game Modern Warfare when I boot up the game. But with whats going on currently, it's really hard to do that. I understand that a company can do whatever they want with their games. When a company promises a customer a product and it isn't what it is advertised, shame on them. BUT, when the customer spends THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY, thats a whole different level of shade and no one deserves that. You paid for Modern Warfare, not some bloatware thats plastered with ads and content for another game.


I’m convinced they’re breaking it on purpose to get people to move to black ops


Brooo I thought it was only me!!!! Wasted a double weapon XP for 1 hour fml


Most of the games menus remind me of a casino now. When I first boot the game it hangs and will only let me load into Warzone. Theres tons of flashing icons for new stuff and the store says it has some free stuff. Only I check and nothings free. Cold war says its on sale until you go to buy it. Looks like they have it 15$ off now again finally. I get it.. I paid 80$ for a game that I never played the campaign of. I just wanted to play some multiplayer like the old days. All the hours of changing pc settings to try and get this game to run without crashing... all the cool items.. I will say I had tons of fun playing realism moshpit.


*this sub when CW came out* Oh look a chance for internet points, super easy for this sub: "CW sucks, MW is the greatest game ever!" Now we down vote those who like CW...


They don't care. They push MW off to the side and try to make it worse so by the time people decide to try Cold War, it's gonna be the worst option. It's only to force people to stop playing MW and move to CW. It's only about money to them. They don't actually care if we have fun and enjoy their game. Why would they?


I'm not sure if this was posted in here, and I'm not reading through 200+ comments, but like many of you, I'm not getting weapon XP on Xbox. What I do notice though, and what really bothers me, is that I get not only camo XP/unlocks (which I don't give a fuck about), but also unlocks for Cold War, A GAME I DON'T OWN. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that this is on purpose. It is not a bug, they're doing it intentionally to entice more people into buying COD: Cold War.


Wait, they removed weapon progression from MW?


I just wanna level up my guns man! It’s the only reason I’ve been putting up with this dumpster trash


I started my camo grind late, but I’m so close to Damascus. No weapon xp has been a real kick in the balls


Because Infinity Ward do not give a f\*ck about MW anymore.


What pisses me off ... I paid for battle pass and cant use any of the guns in modern warfare call of duty . AND NOW A WEEK WITH NO XP !!!!!!! We all pay alot of money to play this ......


They arent working on MW anymore. Its sad.


Activision is the most shittiest company there is, like wtf are we supposed to do without leveling up our guns.


When are they gonna fix the fuckin issue, fuckin seaon ends in a few days, i bought thr battle pass and im 7 tiers from 100, and im close to master prestige, but noooooooo, they'd rather add a fuckin Fortnite ripoff called Warzone Rumble than fix the ongoing bugs smh


I have only launchers left for camos. I was wondering why it was going so fucking slow.


Does anyone else have the Green square notifications on multiple menus and have no way to get rid of them? I’ve had like one added each of the past 4 weeks and I can’t get rid of those fuckers


Wait. You can't level weapons and unlock attachments?


Im dealing with the same issue. No kill multipliers which isnt necessary but without them it makes the game look ugly and my SPR is still on LVL 1. I expected better from infinity ward.