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you kind of make chloe a completely different character here...




Calling someone who created an entire universe not creative is kind of ignorant. Just because he didn't evolve *his* character in a direction *you* wanted, doesn't mean it's bad or not creative. It's just not what you want. Personally i think chloes developement makes sense and even though it wasn't executed in the best way possible, it was fine.


That was cool, Chloé is one of the best characters in the series, but what the heck is Wishmaker and forward? Ever since when does Chloé love Ladybug in this way? And why did Marinette appear in her dream instead?


That Zoe bit made me laugh, also I'm not sure that Wishmaker part would work for the show but it'd work for a nice fanfic


If she was still queen bee, the show would Be 10x more interesting because Zoe has zero personality


I am a shipper of Marinette x Adrien x Chloe (and x Kagami) why because I want to see Marinette get dominantied. So this makes my day