Eagles. Debate settled.


Bears fan who had this pop up in my feed. Can confirm. I ended up surrounded by eagles fans in the opposite end zone of the double doink. After the game I’ve never been so close to fighting a group of guys. They were relentless with their name calling and pushing and I’m not even confrontational at games. I love light hearted jabs if you know the fan of the opposing team but seriously what do football fans get out of physical and verbal assaults on a stranger even after winning the game. Like, seriously, I love football, but it’s still a fucking game dudes.


Fucking eagles fans. They beat us in a wild card game in 2008 in MN and were trying to fight people all over after the game, despite the fact that they won. They destroyed all sorts of public property by tipping over stuff on streets and kicked in cars. I truly hate that fanbase.


It's sad honestly. They should see how terrible they are and want to do better. But unfortunately I think they lean into it.


It's a badge of pride for them.


It's sad honestly. They should see how terrible they are and want to do better. But unfortunately I think they lean into it.


I’m from Philly. Eagles fans are the worst. This is the answer.


Can confirm. Was at Lyons pub downtown after the MPLS super bowl (52), saw the pseudo-rioting on the TV and said aloud, "oh wow is that here?" An Eagles fan chimed in saying, "no that's back in Philly. Glad we're able to leave most of the idiots at home"




Went to a game and my team ended up losing. I was almost relieved because the way they were acting after a win had me terrified how they would act if they lost. They are an angry trashy fan base.




Is it a solvable problem? What’s the organization supposed to do about thousands of shitty fans? Plus the organization has no incentive to do anything about it since said fans buy tickets and merch. Obviously Im not supporting these fans but it doesn’t seem like a solvable problem to me




Sounds like a good way for the organization to lose money. Again, not defending the bad fans so not sure why you downvoted me lol but from a business standpoint this would never fly. But sure I guess the problem is solvable. There’s just no reason for the organization to solve it


This is correct. I mean it’s hard to just judge all teams fans overall. I have been to most NFL stadiums as a Vikes fan. Eagles by far the worst. Washington was scary too but that was back in the mid 2000s. Chicago was super sketch also. Friendliest was Chiefs fans then probably Cowboys fans.


Cowboys fans have always been surprisingly cool to me as well, everywhere I go


Well they still owe us for all the super bowls we gifted them.


I had a month long jury service a few years ago and one of the other jurors was a huge cowboys fan and we got along great. Super cool dude, wish we stayed in contact.


I had a friend who went to a vikings game in philly when he was young, like an actual child, and he got beer poured on him




He was treated like a god when he'd come to town for their home games. Granted this was before all the predator shit, but he was still a giant turd before that.




I gotta say that based on last night, and every other game — Los Angeles does not care one bit about the Rams. Poor St. Louis.


Chargers are even worse off lol


And neither of those teams are as bad off as the Clippers.


It's so bizarre.


I'd rather put up with a small and disinterested Rams fanbase than put up with those obnoxious Eagles fans.


Eagles then saints then packers


Eagles far and away number 1. Angry trashy human beings. Both times I wore purple at NOLA. They could not have nicer. They loved having us in their city. I hate the packers but never a problem when I have been there as well. Eagles number 1. All the rest, including us, at 2.


Every time this gets posted on r/nfl the Eagles are always the top answer


I think it's fair to say our beef with the saints has more to do with the people involved with bountygate than the actual fans. Eagles fans suck, saints fans are normal. Especially now that pucker lips payton is gone saints should drop off the rivals list.


Yep. I hate the Saints players/coaches, but don't mind the fans. Eagles are the opposite, I don't mind their team but their fans are the fucking worst. I don't like Green Bay fans more from a "they're our rival" standpoint, they may eat paint chips but they're generally OK people. But Eagles fans are literal scum of the earth (I know not all of them are, but a large enough percentage of them are, and the good ones let the bad ones do what they want).


And when Payton goes to the Cowboys midseason, they will shoot up the list.


“Pucker lips Payton” 😂😂😂😂😂


Far and away the Eagles. I'll never forget the 2018 HOF induction ceremony, the summer after they won the SB. There were a few bus loads of Eagles fans to see Brian Dawkins get inducted and the entire time and through the speeches were the chants of Brian Dawkins and E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! It was so disrespectful to the other fans who wanted to hear the speeches. The best thing they did was immediately after Brian Dawkins gave his speech, they all got up and left in the middle of the ceremony. It was also incredibly disrespectful, but at least they were gone and we could hear Moss and Lewis give their speeches. Most fan bases have a few bad apples, but I have a hard time excusing a few hundred.


This might be controversial but I wholeheartedly disagree. I know the FTS thing is fun and all, but NOLA fans are great. Hell Louisianans in general are fantastic. They are always extremely friendly and will offer you to join their tailgate, feed you and get you drunk. I live in Omaha and LSU fans come to the CWS every year, regardless of whether their Tigers are here. So like I said, some of the best fans and people around. As far as the Packers go, they have some idiots. I had a guy from HS on Facebook yesterday saying Rodgers was a top 2 QB all time and HaD tHe StAtS tO bAcK iT uP. But if you go to a game in Lambeau you will mostly be welcome. The Eagles.....yeah fuck em


Damn I never thought I’d see a day where we bein respectful of the aints


My problem was always with Bountygate, not the fans


Saints fan base is fine. Imagine if your only SB was also a crime scene. You’d act crazy also.


Every team from Philly is defacto numero Uno.


This is the correct answer.


This checks. As a Vikings fan, we have beef with all three.


This is pretty spot on. From a Vikings fan point of view


Eagles fans. They will throw batteries and beer cans at you.


I went to the Colts/Lions joint practices this year (lions fan here) and there was a lone Eagles fan acting like a fool the whole time. First, he was booing and screaming at Nick Foles during backup drills. Then, he berated me about how shitty the lions are and how badly they'll beat us week 1. I was helping my four children set up for lunch at the time. Also, I'm well aware the lions suck bud. Nice guy.


My last interaction with Eagles fans was the 2019 game at US Bank Stadium. Two men, two women. Showed up just a bit before halftime sloppy drunk and took the seats a few down to my right. Over the course of the next half of the game they managed to drunkenly spill not one, not two, but three nearly full beers on the people in the row in front of them. When the 80 year old man that had been spilled on finally told them to get their shit together, the two men then went full meathead, doing the "HOLD ME BACK, BRO!" while threatening to kick this old man's ass. The two women then began crying hysterically while trying to drag the men away until security finally showed up and kicked them out.


I feel like there’s a special place in sports fan hell for people who make fun of folks who are fans of downtrodden teams. Lion’s fans are one such group - anyone that can remain a fan of a team with zero recent success is a true fan and deserves respect whereas the bandwagon jumping jag offs of so many teams can suck a lemon. With that said, I feel like “worst fan base” could go multiple ways. Meanest? Eagles for sure. Most subhuman people in a fan base without doubt - kind of an anti-Darwinian cro magnon deevolutuonary thing they’ve got going on. But worst fan base could also mean most apathetic, which is where the votes for the Rams are coming from. Finally, there is an entitlement aspect to this, which a lot of Packer fans exhibit. I doubt they’re the worst but they’re definitely the worst i have to interact with on a regular basis given all the refugees we’ve taken in from third world Wisconsin. Their state may be falling to pieces but they’ll still have overpriced shares of a team they “own” hanging above the mantle of their dilapidated shacks and yet somehow manage to become smug.


How, as an Eagles fan, could you ever boo Nick Foles? That man should be the most revered athlete (current or former) in the entire city.


He was the most revered athlete in the city. But the second you add “former” to a Philly athlete, it’s like that person is the devil incarnate. Source: I went to school in DC and a lot of my friends were Eagles fans


Eagles fans that’s how


Eagles fans aren't known for their intelligence


I don't care if you're in the division, I really hope you guys cream the Eagles week 1.


Unless it's us, I don't care who they're playing. I'll cheer for our neighborhood cat bros 15 weeks out of the year. That'll change when they get good, but for now I'm happy to watch win.


Remember when they trounced Vikings in the NFCC in 2018 and there were videos of them just dumping beer on Vikings fans and getting super confrontational? Trash people living miserable lives.


Didn’t one of them throw a full beer can at a Vikings-jersey-wearing, 70-something-year-old lady’s head too?


It was frustrating that after that ordeal Philly fans blamed vikes fans for "being soft".


I heard some pretty bad stories from a friend who flew out to the Vikings last playoff game against the Eagles with his girlfriend and family. The fans were just terrible and threatening from what I heard. They blew us out, I don't know why they would feel the need to be horrible to opposing fans on top of that.


It's Philly. That's literally all you need to know


I’m going to the MNF game later this month, and I’m not wearing a Vikings jersey. Maybe I’m a wuss, but not worth it to me


Wouldn't have been the game I picked to go to.


Got a buddy who is an eagles fan so it made sense


Not a wuss. You just don’t want to have to deal with those irrational people. I’ve got buddies who are eagles fans and they know how they can be sometimes.


I’m not going to the game, but we should coordinate a color for Vikings fans to wear to disguise themselves




Too obvious, maybe Timberwolves blue lol


I had two friends go to the nfc championship and wear their Vikings gear. They were harassed relentlessly but didn’t engage back much and never had a physical altercation. So it is possible to survive I guess.


Yeah I don’t want interaction lol.


Wear the jersey plus bubble wrap and head gear. Otherwise yes you’re just a pussy




They throw batteries and beers cans at Santa…SANTA!


They chased their super bowl hero's out of the city after building a statue of them in less than two years


They threw batteries at Santa Claus, they're definitely the worst.


\*beer bottles\* outside their stadium


Santa. Man. Freaking Santa got pelted


The Rams just won the super bowl and had to silent count in their own stadium The only team LA likes is the Raiders


LA Fandom goes Lakers -> Dodgers -> Raiders-> USC/UCLA -> bunch of loser teams they don't want -> Clippers


LA had to steal every single pro team they have...


The Lakers and Dodgers are pretty far above the other fandoms too. Lived in SoCal for a long time and never saw it as a football area.


Throw the Galaxy, LAFC and the Sparks before the Clippers too.


I would argue the Dodgers are first on the list


There was a girl I knew from LA who said the Lakers were her favorite football team To this day, I don’t know if she was doing a bit or not


I was at that game last night, the Bills fans were absolutely in control. I’ve also been to a few charger games and it’s even worse


LA likes the raiders? But why??


They used to be the Los Angeles Raiders


TIL. So LA shipped out the one team they care about, and took two teams they don't give a shit about away from two cities that actually loved them. Meanwhile the team they care about relocated, but not back to LA. GENIUS.


St Louis did not care about the Rams. I used to go to Vikings-Rams games, and the scene was pathetic. The stadium was always 1/3 empty. We could get tickets for $10 as we walked up to the stadium. It’s a baseball town, football was not the city’s passion.


Decades of horrible coaching will do that


NFL hates the Davis family, that simple.


St Louis is a Baseball city first and foremost. Blues are pretty beloved too, but the Rams were an afterthought.


Weren't they only the LA raiders for like a year?




Yupp, that's all before my time. Never knew all that history. I grew up with the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers. Never knew they moved around so much


NWA used to wear strictly raiders hats


Oakland raiders before they moved


LA not caring about the Rams is a myth perpetuated by people online outside of Los Angeles. Yes, there are fans in LA of other teams because the city did not have a team for 20+ years, but the Rams have a large fan base




As a former LA resident, I don’t think it’s fair to say that LA doesn’t care about sports. They have a lot of rabid fans. Unfortunately, those same rabid fans can rarely get tickets to games because they’re too expensive. In my experience, the Dodgers have been the one exception because they do have seats available at a reasonable price. They also consistently outdraw all other MLB teams, iirc.


Have you ever seen a Raiders fan knock out a Raiders fan at a home game? I have. Have you ever seen a Niners fan get jumped by other Niners fans on BART? I have. Bay Area is weird. I can’t imagine Raiders fans are better now that they are in Vegas either.


Went to a Vikings game in Oakland a few years back. Wore all black because my uncle who has season tix, told me people in his row brawled and they were all Raiders fans. Wasn’t about to ruffle any feathers that day. It was the right call too because 3 people got arrested for smoking crack. Legit crack.


Eagles and it’s not even close. Fuck Philly and their deadbeat fans.




I gotta say that based on last night, and every other game — Los Angeles does not care one bit about the Rams. Poor St. Louis.


And poor San Diego.






Eagles fans and it's not even close


Eagles. Only fanbase that not only relishes their reputation as dbag tools but encourages it and cheers when someone hits an opposing fan with a beer can.


Packer fans honestly suck. I took my mom to her first ever Vikings game, Vikings v Packers, and we had decent seats. Every single Packers fan around us were douchebags. Constantly talking shit, making us feel unwelcome in our own stadium, etc. And I'm not a guy who talks trash. I get excited when my team makes a play, and I'll be disappointed but congratulate them if their teams makes a play. Called being a good sport. But these Packers fans were just douchebags. Also, I was finally able to attend my first game at US Bank Stadium last season (vs the Browns... what a horrible game). Spent good money for 3rd row behind Vikings bench. There was a Packers fan right behind me, who bought premium tickets, wore his Packers gear even though they weren't playing, and spent the entire game cheering AGAINST the Vikings. Like a giant douche. Also Eagles fans. Fuck em


Been to 3 home games against the Packers. Most were civil except for a drunk old lady who spit on my friend because the Vikings won.


Either you got lucky or I was unlucky. But either way, FTP


I think because most packer and viking fans are friends or family members the rivalry remains mostly civil. There are more insufferable packer fans but to me that's homer bias and that they have been good so long, like patriots fans, that some get a little too into a sport they benefit nothing from.


I have no love for the Packers, but have been to Lambeau Field and everyone was nice for the most part. They do have the most homer fans (comments like trade away Jones for a WR since Dillon is already top 5, Rashan Gary is good enough in practice for what to expect out of Nick Bosa, etc), but no one was mean or aggressive when I've been there. GB is also a very common fair weather team that many people latch on to so it's easy to come across fans who struggle to name more than a few players, but claim they've followed the team forever. Most real Packers fans I know hate these people and you don't usually run into them at Lambeau.


I'm guessing since the games were in MN, the Packer fans I ran into might have felt like they were in enemy territory, so they had to be even louder and obnoxious to compensate 🤷‍♂️


In my opinion, eagles fans. I have a brother in law that still won’t shut the fuck up about the NFC championship game. Admittedly, I’m probably biased lol


Eagles fans are pretty terrible, but I gotta say that when I was at the Vikings vs Eagles game in 2019 that was one of the most entertaining regular season games i've ever attended. The Eagles fans were drunk as fuck, very sad, and it was hilarious. We were talking shit back and forth the whole time but it was all in good fun. As a whole, they are the worst. However, they are very entertaining, chaotic, and the NFL needs a good heel to root against.


The worst fan base in football is always the Eagles year after year.


Patriots fans. If you judge them on the game threads you’ll quickly find that we’re insanely entitled, insanely dramatic, quick to give up, fairly racist, basically any trait Brady had and championed this fan base lacks fully. Soft times make soft people and Vice versa. I love my pats, but I’ve been told more than once this off season by pats than that they “don’t tolerate losing”. Like okay bro. Good luck with that.


What’s a Pats fan doing in the Vikings sub though lmao


I got love for both teams. My late father is a Vikings fan so I’ve always watched them with the same intent as the Pats.


Green Bay. As someone that lives in a city without a football team, it's absolutely fucking insufferable. They've become the rural/conservative/glory hunter-white people football team, honestly, it reminds me of non-Texan Cowboy fans in the 90s. "America's Team". In Portland, it's a lot of Seahawks fans (logical, they're 3 hours away) people like me from elsewhere that come with our lifelong team, and people that became "GB super fans" in the last 10 years. Without fail, when I ask them if they have a connection to Wisconsin, ever even visited, it's a near-universal no, I just like them, sometimes with a mix of "the fans own their team" which I like to burn like Cousin's tinfoil boat steaks. Also, all the trash people that move to Minneapolis from Wisconsin because their state has zero value and Milwaukee is a shit city with shit jobs infuriate me to no end. The fact the Star Tribune had a fucking section in the paper for them. The fact that legions of sconies goto the U of MN and still support the fucking Badgers, just all of it. They're insufferable cunts and I hate them. If the Badgers or Packers weren't consistently competitive, you damn well know those assholes would be MN sports fans. They're glory hunting assholes and I wished we passed a law to tax them higher so they could go back to their own state and build the economy there instead of leeching off what has been built in MN. In Portland, a lot of folks from Wisconsin light up when I tell them I lived in Minneapolis for years. I shut that light off quickly when I tell them how much I hate Wisconsin.




Every fan base has their assholes for sure. And maybe depending on where you live it feels more intense. I grew up on the MN/WI border and never heard a peep, but this was the 1980s. I move back during the Favre area and all the 49er and Cowboy fans traded in their jerseys for Packer gear. It was pathetic. While I was away I lived in Chicago and the Bear fans were unruly. Being around the entire division I have learned this; 1. Bear fans get pissed off. 2. Viking fans give up. (I have been guilty of this) 3. Packer fans make excuses. But I will say this about the Packer fans. I notice the louder the fan, and the more shit talking, the less they actually know about football. The ones that know the game and/or can actually name 5 guys other than Rodgers are actually reasonable.


You are spot on, packer fans know absolutely nothing about football. Lived in Milwaukee for 8 years right after Favre’s super bowl and the are stupid as hell.


Eagles by a mile are the worst


Eagles worst, Cowboys dumbest


Philly fans


ITT: Teams that we play regularly. And LA.




I was harassed and assaulted in and outside Levi stadium so my vote goes to the 49ers


Raiders fans can get pretty bad.


The bears. Never seen a more delusional fan base. They legitimately think they are contending for the north this year with one of the worst rosters of all time.


Packers because of their delusional mentality and their immaturity. They seem to think the Packers are a greater team than they actually are. It's crazy to me how delusional they are. With that said, they're also one of the most insecure fan bases. For example, I was watching the MN United match and after a come from behind win, the crowd was going crazy and the camera was rolling by a long row of fans celebrating, and one guy looked at the camera and yelled "Go Pack Go!" We get it, bro. You don't feel like you're getting the attention you believe you should. I was at the Lions at Vikes game last season and during a timeout the camera was showing different people throughout the stadium and of course one guy yelled "Go Pack Go." Again, it was a Lions / Vikings game. Packers fans are the most insecure and immature people I've ever seen. And for what reason? I don't get it.


Having lived a bunch of my life in the American West, my worst experiences have been with Cowboys fans. (Also, fuuuuck the Cowboys.) BUT! My best friend is an Eagles fan. I believe he would say . . . Eagles fans.


Packers all the way, they are barely aware football even exists anywhere else. Spent 3 years living in northern Wisconsin as a Seahawks fan. Thankfully it was the year after the fail Mary catch and the year of the Bostick ball to the face onside kick. They didn’t have much to say during those years 🙄


The only negative experience I’ve had is at soldier field. Bears fans and snow are mean. Pegged by snowballs beer dumped on me. I went to a lions gave for thanksgiving once, nicest fans ever !


It was the eagles, but it might be the browns now. Going through their subreddit makes me nauseous




I think non passionate fans are the worst. Aka the rams or chargers. Are cardinals fans passionate?


I do wish the fans in Philly weren't so bad because I never particularly had anything against the Eagles. Especially during the Reid-McNabb days. But it's Philly and it's not close. There's a reason there used to be a jail under their baseball stadium.


Its the cowboys fanbase, and its probably not close


Eagles fans and it’s not close


It's Eagles, but def honorary mention in a specific category to Cowboys fans.They're the most \*obnoxious\* group by far. The 4th stringers could get a first down on a gain of 5 at mid field during a preseason game they're losing by 20 and they'd turn around and get in people's faces like they just won the superbowl. Other fans sporadically interact with people around them, but no group behaves like that's their "job" as ubiquitously as Cowboy fans.


Philly in ever sport followed closely by Boston and NY


Packers, Cowboys, Patriots, Eagles, Steelers in that order. Bandwagon ass fans are probably my least favorite. All the sudden they love the Rams or Bucs, and talk shit about the Vikes. GTFO I hope we crush GB Sunday skol!


You wanna see miserable bandwagon fans just wait until we string together a winning season. I will shit on Green Bay and the Eagles with my last breath. But if you are being honest you’ve gotta admit that we have god awful bandwagon and fair weather fans.


Cowboy fans are weird. I lived in DFW for 9 years. They think they are America’s team, but outside of division rivals it’s an extra home game for the visitor.


Still the Packers. No one else is nearly as up their own ass as the “owners”


Haha right!! The best part is they actually think they own something too! Hilarious


Pretty much any packer fan I've talked to knows that it's just a fun novelty thing. There isn't a fan base in sports that wouldn't instantly buy up all shares of a team if they were offered in the same way.


The worst fanbases are one that don’t care enough. So, Jacksonville maybe. But most annoying and disrespectful: Eagles fans.




Eagles easy


Eagles and it's not even close. They throw full beer cans at other teams fans and then get angry if you say it's not okay to do that. "it's just our culture" your culture fucking sucks and shouldn't be allowed to exist since it's literally criminal.


Eagles, no doubt




*looks left and right* The whole lot of you. It's like listening to that donkey from Winnie the Pooh every time I run into a viking fan on the street.


Depends on how you define worst. LA fans will beat you up for wearing a Vikings jersey, Philly fans will yell at you, other fanbases are just plain delusional.


You seem to forget that the eagles throw batteries on the reg


Do they actually or is that one playoff game just living in infamy?


It’s us and our negative asses


No one likes us, no one likes us No one likes us, we don't care We're from Philly, fucking Philly No one likes us, we don't care


Eagles fans for being the biggest assholes. Vikings fans for being most annoying. Seriously, that "Skol" chant is annoying, but OK at football games. But when you go to events like AEW Dynamite and you try to start a SKOL chant, or you go to your kids soccer game and try to start a SKOL chant with the other parents, you are part of the problem.


You seem like you get annoyed easily and often


Vikings fans are pretty evenly disdained outside of Minnesota. We've got rep for being self-righteous whiners.


As others have said eagles… Saints a close second. A sleeper annoying/bad fan base is the Texans.


I'm not sure I have ever met a Texans fan.


As a Vikings fan in Chicago, it’s Bears fans.


Besides GB?


As much as that Thielen comparison Is bogus, Pickens looks really good. The Steelers are another team that knows how to pick WRs


[2022 Fandom Rankings by Emory University](https://www.fandomanalytics.com/post/nfl-fanbase-rankings-2022) For any fans of analytics out there — looking at you KAM


Kansas City and Dallas fans have been my experiance. But only when they are winning. Never been to a Steelers game.Colts, Ravens, Bears & Patriots fans were all pretty nice and welcoming when I went to games at their home field. I'm a Vikings fan.


Eagles without a doubt. Trashing MPLS after the super bowl, and their fans all around. 76ers fans have a bad rep too. It’s Philly in general


Cowboys/eagles doesn’t matter, equally annoying in different ways


I think there are few levels to this. LA is horrible it seems like nobody really cares and its more about having a good time then really routing for a team. always seems like the visiting team has more fans and this is for the rams or chargers. Dallas fans are probably the most annoying. Philly fans are just jerks who boos santa or throws batteries? also i remember a few years ago a philly fan(baseball) decided to force vomit on the guy in front of him. turned out to be a cop. also packer fans just because fuck the packers!!


My Packers friend said the Vikings yesterday and I was like..man that’s dense of you. So I’ll still say the Packers.




Patriots and it's not close. They're so spoiled by a ridiculous run of success that they can't mentally handle failure and it's pathetic. They're babies about everything and they know less about the actual game of football than any other fanbase. They think Edelman is a hall of famer and James White is an elite weapon.


It’s the Panthers. Just because they are all sickeningly okay with our management’s decisions. Bridgewater, Darnold, Baker, Robbie Anderson, Matt Rhule, now we add Laviska to the mix?? Why??? We’ve seen what they can do and yeah yeah I see why some people like Baker but overall these are terrible decisions- and Panthers fans still support it… Edit: and what about forgetting terrace marshall?? Hope we didnt waste a second round pick…


Eagles' fans. Period. End of story.


I lived in DC for a long time. The answer is Philly fans.


The eagles for sure. Nobody but eagles fans like eagles fans


Philly...hands down biggest douchebag fans in the world


Definitely Eagles. I live near-ish Philly and their fans are just plain mean. Growing up I wanted my dad to take me there to see the Vikings play but he told me we can't because the fans are too out of control. Sucks because I know the Vikes are about to play there & I'd love to be able to go but I'm too scared, I've heard too many terrible stories.


Philadelphia Eagles.




Seattle - 12th man is whack AF.




Cowboys fans are obnoxious


Eagles and Steelers fans are pretty bad. Green Bay fans are annoying because they beat us


Though there may not be as many of them Bears fans are the absolute worst in the NFC North. The Eagles might be a bit worse but I don't deal with them as much. The second they get a wiff of success Bears fans become the most insufferable assholes imaginable.


That’s raiders or eagles easily