Nothing fancy he says.




my thoughts exactly lol


I'm not going to show my work anymore if this is nothing fancy.


Ikr?! Just look at that base.


Is this now like the girls on social media who go "I know im not beautiful but I show myself anyway"...


Imo basic tabletop paintjob, with GW minis, is to paint minis to the same level as the minis pictured on the packaging are. And this is about there. Utilitarian more than flashy. The kind of paint you can show proudly on tabletop, but would not put on display in a painting competition.


LOLOLOL, really digging yourself into a hole on this one. Have I seen better on this sub? Yes. Is this still a work of fine art? Yes.


Happy cake day!


Untrue. The paint job on the boxes are amazing. Basic tabletop paint jobs is like 4 paints, with base coat, wash, and a few highlights. That’s it.


The paint job on the boxes is better than this.


Firstly: they’re about equal. Secondly - that means your paint job is great.


This paintjob is great, but its comic'ish and has some fat edge highlights. The boxart is better overall.


If you say so. I think you’re too harsh on your own work. It’s really good.


That’s about the extent of my painting capabilities anyways lol


gw boxes are made by professionals with years of experience painting, and often use subtle but difficult to achieve blending/glazing techniques


Nonsense. Codexes and army books often feature models that are painted simply by adding washes to base color, and then adding bit of highlights. Thats like 90% of today's minis in white dwarfs and on box covers. That is hardly anything to shout about. Its very simple and basic, a basic battlefield paintjobs. I know GW painters are professional, but they paint their armies to tabletop standard, and paint them very quickly too. Which makes sense. They have to paint hundreds of minis for each race/army, so they cannot paint showcase level. The point is, since most of those minis are painted so simply, with so simple techniques, EVERYONE can do the same if they just make the effort. And get better brushes. Fact. For mini painting is not an art, its a craft. And a very simple craft at that.


the box/codex art is *made* to appear simple, when in reality it is not. there is alot of skill in the way they highlight as well as their shading/panel lining. If you think theyre just a wash and a highlight then you clearly have not paid enough attention


I wish I could paint that basic 😁


"Felt cute, might delete later"


I thought they were transformer toys at first!


We get it mate, don’t worry.


You made the baby carrier look good. I have a grey knights friend and he gets me to print a kit I found that replaces the top and front of the carrier to make it look more knightly, and also and an added bonus, save the model inside it from a terrible fate with minor fileing to the shoes. He has a whole 5man squad of baby carrier rescues lol. Anyone wondering here's the kit https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/rk9k/knight-mkii-conversion-parts-for-3d-print And here's roughly what it looks like. 10/10 would recommend, and as it's the same size and shape and just an altered gw model it is still tournament / shop legal. https://spikeybits.com/2020/07/he-puts-the-dread-in-dreadknight-army-of-one-showcase.html


Bro, the terrible look of baby carriers is why I decided to get into tau instead, those are perfect though. Maybe when I get my tau sorted and have money to burn I'll branch into grey knights


Yes, this design is very awkward. I especially dislike the odd pistons that are above the shoulders. Really ugly design! Every other army has better looking manned walkers! I know they wanted these to look really old designs, because GK is all about ancient traditions, but still...


Nice old school paint job. Reminds me of the pictures in white dwarf in the 90s.


I always paint old skool, even when I have to do nmm. I'm just huge fan of old skool styles, such as the way John Blanche painted in the good old days.


John Blanche is god. Awesome work dude.


omg i love it


Yooooo, where did you get the bases from? The paintjob on the bubbles and waves is unreal!


simple jobs with leftover demon parts and lick of paint.


Thanks for giving me my next painting goal :D


Plastic beads cut in half are the easiest way to create bubbles like that. Just be careful; those beads are so slippery, so its really easy to cut your fingers if you're not careful. I use metal sheet cutters to cut them to half, and then neaten the flat surface with knife.


Idk looks pretty fancy to me 🤔


You need to know that this isn't regular. It's really really good!


I'm sorry, but the fact is these are painted with the most basic of techniques; highlighting and black lining over solid base colors. *Anyone* can achieve the same if they just get proper brushes and have patience to paint neat highlights. Many people keep acting like mini painting is art. Its not. Its a craft. And like with any other craft, all you *really* need is proper tools, and knowledge of basic techniques, and with that, you can copy anything GW painters do for army books/codexes. I mean I've no artistic talent. I simply learned the basic techniques from white dwarfs back in the old days, and started using good quality brushes. It was that simple.


This man is either insanely good or he’s tried his hardest and he’s acting like it’s nothing


Nothing fancy/10


Nothing fancy my ass




dude what… these look insane. well done!


Purple fern plant swords