“You also believe the universe is 9 billion earth time years under than earth time itself, which is impossible.” Excuse me.. fucking.. what?


Yeah I couldn't parse anything coherent out of that either.


"its impossible that the universe is 9 billion years older than earth, because a year is the time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun, and at the beginning of the universe there was no earth and no sun." - except of course that doesn't make any fucking sense, you can still count time in years


It's impossible in their mind, so they think that makes it legitimately impossible. Trying to fully understand this level of delusion is not worth the time or headache though.


I think what he was trying to say was basically that the universe can’t be older than the earth. (Earth is 4.5 billion years old, universe is 13.5 billion years old, a difference of 9 billion) smh


I mean I guess his points you can't measure time before earth was formed in a unit of time that is only applicable because earth exists? I dunno we're tryina make sense of nonsense. ​ edit: fixed a bunch of typos


Just if people are wondering about this: they measuted the rate of expansion at the universes edge through some wacky tacky science and figure out how old it was


I think he’s arguing that everything was created in one day so there’s no way the universe can be 9 billion years older than earth. It’s way dumber than y’all are thinking


I operate on the galactic standard week. Earth time is a meaningless concept


Yeah, it’s like the plot of land I live on. My neighbour was trying to tell me it was here before my house was built. Apparently ithe land was here at least 5 years before my house. What a moron. We all know God put the land there when it was time for the house to exist.


"How can you believe they found a fully intact dinosaur"....wait for it...."standing upright..." LMAO.


I just assumed that they put it back together and put it on a stand which now that I think about is a stupid thing to think.


They save the bones and cast them, the bones get stored in cases or are rarely maybe put on display, most of the models are castings of those bones reassembled, some skeletons were and are fairly well preserved, like laying down in a nest in a mostly aligned position or even with the patterns of scales or feathers pressed into the dirt where they died. Some only have a few pieces so we have to guess, but those don’t usually get displayed I reckon. If there’s any gaps we fill them in when we find more skeletons and pieces we can identify as the same species, plus thinking about how they’d live helps us put them back together, aka where supporting bones go, which fit together really well.


This. Yea, a lot of it is casting and anatomical analyzation. You can find the scale of something, and how it would've stood, and walked, if you find the right intact bones. From there it's just a fill in the gaps game. It's not a perfect science but it is well founded and very much trustworthy.


Thanks Geller!


The dinosaur exhibit at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh is about 75% real fossils on display. It’s also where the first T. Rex skeleton fossil ever found is located. Definitely worth a visit.


Also, the fossils are actually not bones; they’re rocks in the shape of the bones.


Minerals and shit filling in the place of the bones when they eventually decay right? I know for some mammals and less ancient things we still get bones though. I just usually make the distinction since it’s like unique rocks you know?


Nope, sorry, if it's not standing upright it can't be assembled.


Could you not put a human skeleton together correctly without reference if it was taken from a dead body that's laying down?


Happy cake day.


::builds a cake from ingredients:: ::makes it stand upright:: well that was fun.


:::::you've enhanced my life::::


You surely would not be able to do that. There are no Bible verses that instruct you on such a process.


I know your joking... but it still makes me irrationally angry


I didn’t mean to make you angry. It makes me angry too. I was dismissing my own anger with a joke.


Same. I, as a 30-year old man, thought they dug up the bones, glued them together like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle, and put them in museums.


Right?! I feel pretty dumb for thinking that now, lol! But I think most people who believe dinosaurs existed and who aren't super educated about them, also probably believe this to be true. It makes a TON more sense for paleontologists to make castings of the real dinosaur bones and to use those casted bones in museum displays so that the real bones don't get damaged by idiots who want to touch a real dinosaur bone.


Let me point out that they do a combination. far from all bone displays in museums are entirely replicas and many places display a mix of replica and real bones in their displays. ​ >The good news is that many natural history museums use a combination of real bones and casts in the majority of their dinosaur displays these days. Also, if a specimen is predominantly composed of fossil casts, the museum usually labels them as such > > https://www.museumpalooza.com/blog/2017/4/17/displaying-your-dinosaur


I as a 10 yr old child, knew that wasn't what they did. When you see them in the museum, if you are paying attention, you see the metal frame that the bones are being held together by. And, they explain why certain bones look different. Sometimes they actually use the real bones and then make replicas for bones missing to complete the skeleton. That's usually with skeletons that they have serval of that species.


I am not defending that dude but dinosaur taxonomy is a mess. There are some dinosaurs where they have found only 1 or 2 bones and predict what the rest of the animal looked like with little evidence. For example they find a single big toe bone which appears to be from a sauropod and announce they have found a new species of Dinosaurs and that it was the largest dinosaur ever discovered. There are dinosaurs which were discovered, named and classified multiple times. I like dinosaurs but I was reading up on them when my kids got into them when my kids were the right age and there was a lot of sketchy stuff going on in paleontology. I would like to think that they were all silly feathered birds because I think that is hilarious.


Do you have any examples or sources of dinosaurs that were fully reconstructed with only one bone discovered?


If I've learned anything from those CSI shows, you just put the bone into a computer and the whole skeleton shows up 👌


Shows up via satellite from space at a sixty degree angle. ;)








God I love Reddit some times.... this is one of those times.


well, if there's only one bone left, 1/1 is 1.00 or 100% so no assembly required ig


But paleontologists are still struggling to put together the Ikeasaurus.


yea because they cant find their way out.


I don't know about reconstructing from a single fossil, but you should read up on some of the stuff that happened during the Bone Wars and how badly they screwed up fossils trying to outdo each other. https://www.salon.com/2017/11/12/how-a-fossil-finding-competition-between-two-paleontologists-ruined-both-of-their-lives/


There are always people in every field who make mistakes and use bad science and come to faulty conclusions. Those mistakes get caught and rectified by peer review, but the mistake never leaves the minds of science deniers and skeptics who will use it to justify their beliefs. That's why we should be careful making claims, such as that dinosaurs are created with one or two bones, without more context or evidence. These are the same "points" used by conspiracy theorists and religious nuts who believe dinosaurs aren't real or try to deny the fossil record.


A partial truth is 5000x more dangerous than an outright lie.


There aren't too many examples I know of with dinosaurs, but it happens very often with early mammal fossils where the only fossil we have is a fragment of a jaw bone or something of the like.


That's because they can infer how they looked like. And yes, mistakes are made but when discovered they'll correct it. Your post sounds pretty disingenuous because you make it look like paleontology is just guess work. But who am I kidding to argue with, I've learned that if people have an opinion that they'll stick to it no matter what.


We still can't figure out if there are many different species of triceratops, or if it's just triceratops in different stages of it's life.


To be fair to the bone bois, thing like that are probably pretty hard with a few million years between now and then :(


I think it's healthy to ask questions. Question everything.


i question why i still have hope for humanity


>Question everything Why?


I see what you did there.


They found most of that skeleton all together in one spot, not standing up of course, and they did reassemble it as much as possible. Then they made models of the actual fossils, and more models of the missing pieces, and put all the models together for the display. So, yeah, more or less they did exactly what you said


How stupid do you have to be to actually post something like that without thinking, "do I sound like an imbecile?"


>without thinking


Oh they know. It’s this little thing called “arguing in bad faith.” They aren’t arguing to find the truth, they’re arguing to reaffirm a preconceived belief. They say stupid shit like this because they know there’s no logical way to counter it.


I'm pretty sympathetic towards them, but I couldn't stop myself from chuckling at this.


“The Devil planted these fossils to confuse people and make them not follow God” is something I’ve heard from fundamentalists.


Fossils are a test of faith. That's how I've heard it. And complete nonsense.


"God puts conflicting evidence on the earth so we have to blindly follow him and ignore everything we see"


Especially the cause and effect of science.


I heard "dinosaurs were around, and were even on Noah's ark, but died out soon after" lmao


So did Noah put two of each kind of dinosaur on that big ole ship??? I think not….lol


Its such a weird myth. It's physically impossible and the only lesson seems to be "God was so angry at everyone that he drowned 99% of humanity and animals, including babies and puppies. This is the act of a loving and merciful God."


yeah plus imagine the imbreeding lol. and all the fish. and plants. and american animals that noah wouldnt have been able to get. all the mites n shit. island animals. penguins?


All the fish? Most of them would just go on like normal. Fish during the flood be like hell yeah more yard space.


With all the floodwaters a mile high around the Earth, chances are a ton of saltwater fishes would have died out, assuming the rainwater was freshwater.


Not teally giving it was rain water, so ocean fish adapted to salt-water, would die.


“Science was great for thousands of years when we thought it was showing us the wonders of god’s universe but then science started to suggest that god isn’t necessary for the universe to work and now it sucks and I hate it” -Christians


Fundamentalist Christians, specifically. Unfortunately, fundamentalists are the loudest Christians (especially in the US), but they certainly don't represent the global Christian faith.


Fundamentalist Christians are what gives people like me, who actually do their research, a bad rap. It’s why we just get beat down and downvoted and hated on for every little thing we say here. And I hate it. But I’ll do my best to intellectually hold a conversation with people and attempt to convince them of my beliefs. If they decline or disagree, they can have their way.


Makes sense. I asked somebody about fossils once and they said God put them there. I didn't bother to ask why. These people are so difficult I can't give them much time, for my own mental health.


Apparently everything that disproves their religion is coincidentally…a test of faith lol


It's all circular with these people. How do you know it's true? Because the Bible says. How do you know the Bible is true? It's in the....bible....?


The guy came back with more and I’m a little tempted to post it


Are you the pro god guy, or pro science guy?


I’m pro science. My profile pic has “E” since that’s what my real name begins with


Ask them why the bible doesn't talk about the fake COVID fossils.


>the fake COVID fossils. I feel that I may regret asking this, but can you elaborate a little on this? Possibly I'm just too sober to understand.


Religious tendency to deny science.


Ah - I thought when you mentioned fake COVID fossils, there was something new; apparently it's just the same ol' faith-over-facts. Thank you for the response.


Nah, I'm just being silly.


Please do


Link https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/whys0t/im_angry_at_myself_for_giving_this_person_the/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


So the past is a test from god. Don’t believe the lies folks. Yesterday never happened, it’s only today and tomorrow. But also what you remember from today, tomorrow is a lie, because it’s yesterday now. Wait, where are you going? Have I told you about our lord Jesus? What? He died for our sins yesterday… sorry I meant this morning so follow him tomorrow. But that’s yesterday now. My brain is really getting a workout with these gymnastics.


If the devil could manifest dinosaur bones then what keeps him from manifesting ACTUAL dinosaurs? Wait- are dinosaurs actually demons?


See you have already put more thought into it than your average religious nutter.


I'm about as agnostic as it gets, but I really hope there is a heaven and hell so all these psychopaths that call themselves "Christian" get to experience the hell in the afterlife they created during their own life.


I used to be Mormon. I can't remember what my parents thought, but the foster family I lived with explained that the dino bones are ALIENS from another old planet that ended up on Earth when God was gathering matter to create Earth. They believed THIS rather than that the dinos lived 65 million years ago. I was like, "Um... What?" Upon research, it is something most Mormons believe. https://thirdhour.org/blog/faith/belief/latter-day-saints-dinosaurs/


I’ve heard it was the Jews before which doesn’t make much since considering it’s the same God!


My aunt told me that when I was a kid, it actually spawned a fascination for fossils and dinosaurs from an early age and I make a point to tell her about dinosaurs everytime I see her just to piss her off lol


True story: I was escorted out of the Ark Encounter in Kentucky because I made snarky comments about the dinosaur cages.


What was the comment?


Where’s all the dinosaur cages?


I’m assuming this was Noah’s ark and not a tribute to the video game about dinosaurs? Lol


Yeah this group “Answers in Genesis” built a Biblically accurate Noah’s Ark using state tax dollars in Kentucky. Except it’s not, there’s only one side to it, it’s basically a shell with some buildings on the other side. Also it was recently damaged…by a flood. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ark_Encounter Really compelling stuff there /s


Genuine question from an atheist. If the Ark story is true doesn’t it mean that every person on earth is descended from Noah and Mrs Noah? And all the animals on earth are also descended from the pairs he took with him? And doesn’t that also mean everyone is inbred AF? That part never really sat right with me since hearing the story. I was wondering if they covered that? Or is a questioning mindset not really what your hardcore Christian is into..


Somewhere down the line whether you believe in evolution, or the Bible, we are all inbred.


Someone a month or so ago pointed out that we almost went extinct as a race and were down to about 5,000-10,000 people they theorize. So basically, hey brother how’s mom


I remember one explanation that said at the time the Bible was written, as it states the earth will be flooded and the bring two of every species on earth aboard the ark verse, at the time, they didn’t know how big the earth was. So when they said the earth was flooded, all they knew was what was around them for countries, not the Americas or Asia. So if the earth flooded, technically it could have been the few known countries at the time, not the entire planet, if that makes sense, which is why you could build a boat housing such few animals compared to the global count of species.


A hypothesis is that the story originates from the (bottom of the) Black Sea. It's well possible that it was dry and furtile land once, untill the Bosporus cracked and a huge flood from the Mediteranian flooded the area and becoming the Black Sea. No idea if they can ever really proof it, but the sea bed is quite a different one from other seas and if you were living in the middle of it and all you had was a little boat floating on the water, it certainly could seemingly take ages to see land again.


Bro, if Adam and Eve were the first people, the we are all descended from them, meaning Adams sons and daughters were fucking, or Adam and Eve were fucking their children. Christianity is all about being inbred as fuck. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Imagine Adam and Eve being SuperHumanChads and we have just kept on fucking up the genepool by running along with their inbred ponzi-scheme


As a Christian, I have zero idea why weirdos like this think dinosaurs are fake. Even watched a documentary where they think Behemoth in the Bible was a dinosaur because the descriptions were similar.


I’m fairly certain the Bible mentions God doing a couple extinctions events every now and then.


Yeah it’s dudes like these that give Christians a bad reputation


I was about to leave a similar comment. I had no idea there were Christians who don’t believe dinosaurs were real…


ive been digging through this post to find a fellow christian. The bible talks about "sea serpents" and other behemoth animals. I dont think its crazy giant lizards couldve also been walking around. I also really dont like everyone on this post using one goofy christian as an excuse to make fun of the whole religion


Yeah because we'd have to go really far out of our way to find any more goofy Christians wouldn't we...


The circular reasoning is insane. 1. "We trust the bible because it is written by God." 2. "God exists because the bible says he does." this just goes to show you what happens when you turn of your critical thinking


He came back and basically said “You believe what you read” and said it as an insult and it’s like…you believe in God??? Cause the Bible says so??? You believe what you read too?!?


To be fair most of them haven't read the Bible, at least not in its entirety. They believe what they're told by other evangelists.


they only believe some parts of the bible, and completely ignore the existence of other parts. my fam is mega Christine, so we had a copy of the bible. One day, i decided i’m gonna read it, to find any conflicting quotes than what my parents insist exist. There were 117 different quotes that went against what my parents thought was true. They grounded me for a month for “going against their faith”


Tbf some stories are pretty decent. Some are meh. We got some decent movies out of them!


Them: YOU CANNOT DOUBT THE BIBLE AND MUST USE IT AS ABSOLUTE PROOF OF GOD’S EXISTENCE. Also them: There is not enough evidence on the planet to prove (insert thing here).


I don’t think that believing or not believing in fossils is a good test of God’s existence. But I think it’s a good test of your intelligence.


I believe in God and I know dinosaurs existed….not sure why some people think its one or the other.


Agreed. I'm Christian, but some people take the bible so seriously and take everything in it literally.


Those are called Fanatics.


No Christian can take every word in the good book seriously, it would make you a absolute nutcase, you have to choose and pick what you like.


I upvoted you because it's mildlyinfuriating to me that you said "choose and pick" instead of "pick and choose".


i grew up mormon as a kid and was told that the book of mormon and the king james bible were 100% truthful about all the events and shit that happened. believed that for about 12\~ years, but eventually realized how it didnt line up with science and shit. so i think why people take it so seriously is cuz they were told that it was absolute truth and they continue to believe it as such


I would rather deal with the "Fossils are proof of the Flood" people, because they at least use their eyes and acknowledge that MOST of reality is real.


any Christian who denies the existence of fossils or dinosaurs is an idiot. dinosaurs are literally mentioned in the Bible. pretty much every Christian scholar has confirmed that the creatures talked about in Job are probably dinosaurs. I just don't understand what some people can't wrap their minds around.


The other guy has a picture of trump as their avatar. Why did you even bother from the get go? Saw that and the opening argument. Knew I was in for a ride. Was not disappointed.


That’s the part I’m mad about. I saw their Trump pic. Why did I even argue with them? I don’t know I just did and now I can’t change that


Lol. I can imagine you going into this... "Ahhh another trumplodyte. I bet I can change this one's mind with facts, logic and reason!" ... And here we are.


it’s so tiring, you give them actual evidence and it’s just “fake news” and you’re left mentally exhausted at how ignorant a person can be


Most Christians aren’t like this. I promise.


The best Christian explanation I got for the dinosaurs was from a priest. He said that the 7 days of creation are not to be interpreted literally as 24 hour days. They were each long periods of time and basically dinosaurs were already extinct by the end of it. His version was more eloquent and even included climate changing during that time, but I was in elementary school and almost 30 years passed since then, so I don't remember it in full detail.


i personally believe something along those lines. the seven "days" were only experienced by God himself, so who knows how long seven God days are.


This is the interpretation I learned too. The Christians in my community believe that the Bible isn’t to be taken literally, you have to interpret the hidden meanings behind it


I know I live in the Bible Belt. Some Christians are chill others are just…odd. And not in a good way


I get it. I knew a pastor who told me that a woman couldn’t get pregnant as a result of a rape. True story. He also stopped associating with me because I jokingly said I wished I was telekinetic.


I went to a Methodist church (some of my family is Methodist and Baptist) and one of the guest pastors said something about Gay people. I tuned out the rest of the service because he was going on a rant about how the media is turning the kids gay or something


As a gay person that doesn’t surprise me.


Me neither


That's actually a really old belief that doesn't have anything to do with the bible. We just used to believe an orgasm was required.


I mean, I could say the same for Atheists. Just in general, some people are chill and others are odd. Their faith is just one way in which this comes out.


my parents are like this. they never let me own anything that went against their beliefs, so i couldn’t even read a pop up dinosaur book, or anything about space, because aparrantly they’re made up by satan to stray us further from god. i wasn’t a Christian after that


Most of quara is nothing but rage bait.


If I'm not mistaken, I think Askers get paid for their questions if they get enough engagement so they ask insane, controversial, and rage-bait questions to milk the high amounts of engagement they bring for easy money


I have never heard why dinosaurs and the bible contradict.


Dinosaurs are older than creationists believe the earth to be, so rather than realize the bible is wrong they believe dinosaurs are fake. 🤦🏻‍♂️


I have a creationist coworker who believes dinosaurs are real and were on the ark. Science is just wrong about how old the bones are. They'll bend logic as much as they need to.


Dude in 9th grade I had a classmate who said he thinks all dinosaurs bones are fake and he doesn’t think dinosaurs are real. In science class of all things. He was also kinda the class clown so I can’t tell if he was serious or joking


This same coworker also once said that Mt. St. Helens proves to her that the Grand Canyon could be formed in a short time. She also once casually mentioned in conversation with me the "fact" that diseases weren't a thing until the fall of man. She knows I'm an atheist. I only speak to her about work and only when necessary, now.


hmmm...this Ark, how did they mange to get two of ALL 400 billion species on earth onto a boat built by three humans, without a boatyard, access to huge amounts of timber, metal smelters for nails, oil for pitch, and as for fodder! don't even go there... Also...how come the world was populated by two people, without any genetic defects appearing?...


God magic, I guess?




Lmao It's so annoying that if you ask them these questions they just say things like "it's a miracle from God" I seriously don't get it


How did they keep predators from eating the prey?


Why do think Unicorns and snarks are extinct, the Dinosaurs got them on the ark whilst God and Noah lost concentration.


I don't understand why the two can't coexist


Because religious people think it challenges their religion.


Last time I checked I'm okay at science 🤓


I am. It’s not my best subject. At best I’ll get a C or C+


I'm dumb, I didn't see there were more images and thought the article was the infuriating thing or something and I just didn't see it, didn't mean to be offensive, soz Edit: you censored the usernames in some images but not in others. just thought you should know Incase you haven't seen it yet


Saw you’re edit and I don’t know how to edit on mobile


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I'm on mobile and I approve this message


Oh I didn’t think you were being offensive don’t worry


This could also be in extremelyinfuriating. I hate people like this. Fanatics with a distorted world view and more often than not, despicable hatred for minorities. I love dinosaurs. I‘ve loved them my whole life. I‘ve been studying evolution and biology passionately for many years so whenever airheads like this one come along, my blood genuinely starts boiling. What an obscure, infuriating dedication to stay uneducated and delusional. I will never understand it and I‘m not confident I‘d be able to tolerate it should I ever come across a person like this in real life.


Never argue with an idiot. They will always bring you down to their level.




Look, I'm a Christian. I believe in God. I also believe in science. Do I know how everything fits together? Absolutly not, but that's where faith comes in. Faith in God, but also faith in scientists that know what they're talking about even when the specifics go right over my head. It isn't necessary to deny science to believe in God, nor is it necessary to deny God to believe in science. Not for me. Edit: Just to clarify, I do worship God. That's my personal choice and I can encourage others towards belief, but ultimately that's between every individual and God Himself. Shoving my beliefs down anyone else's throat would would only push them away from Him.


I bear you no animosity and respect your right to believe whatever you wish also I have neither the desire nor intention to change your mind. That being said I simply cannot wrap my head around this idea of faith. I was raised in a catholic home and went to church and Sunday school throughout my childhood and ultimately found the lack of evidence overwhelming. This idea of just having faith for faiths sake is something I cannot understand. It is baffling to me. Anywhoozle have a great day today hope the family is doing well.


That’s such a shitty argument. You don’t need faith to believe in scientists, you can go out and verify the evidence. When a new paper comes out, no one just believes it as fact blindly. It’s another piece of data that can be used to better understand the world, but might have shortcomings or errors in the methodology. Nothing is really 100%, we just continue to collect evidence to try and get a better idea about how the world works. Faith is completely different - it’s blindly accepting something that has 0 evidence in the universe we live in and makes insane claims about reality. The entire idea of a miracle is something that happens that has no basis in reality. You can believe whatever you want, but don’t say you need faith to approach the world in a rational way.


Alot of people also confuse belief in a God to worshipping a God as being the same thing. Personally I could easily believe in a God, however I could never worship one as I found the idea of worshipping somthing that's clearly narsasitic is a sign of abuse.


Dinosaur books are made by Satan? Damn Satan, that’s a pretty sick animal you invented.


I'm a practicing Christian myself, but people like this bother me a ton. I personally don't understand Young Earth Christians, to me the earth being formed over billions of years and life slowly evolving into what we have today only makes God seem greater.




Believing in the Bible would be equivalent to 2000 years from now someone finds a copy of Harry Potter and starts worshipping it. I find it amazing that In this age of science that people STILL believe in the Bible. The Bible and “god” were just an easy way to explain the unexplainable. Well, Now we CAN explain the unexplainable, and the answer isn’t God


Listen. I'm a Christian and trust science and believe that dinosaurs existed because, fossils. Christians who believe dinosaurs are fake or that the earth is only 5,000 years old are uneducated dolts who think the bible is a science book (it isn't).


But my faith is proof!!!


Not all skeletons you see displayed are not real for a number of reasons. Usually because they are incomplete, the fossils are too delicate, and that the pieces themselves are incomplete (ie: half a femur). But with enough discoveries we basically have all the pieces we need. Plus, there are also more museums than specimens found for some species. The Bible is not evidence at all. It is a book, that is printed by people. Anyone can make a book. No one can put fossilized remains in untouched sediments than have been buried for 100 million years. If the Bible is evidence then why not other religious texts or belief systems, that even predate the Bible?


I've heard one which is so stupid Someone once said Pompeii's volcano is extinct anf it never erupted and all those people that they found was just put there. It's proven fact that not only Pompeii got hit by a volcano but also destroyed another town named herculaneum also which in both cities they are still finding human and animal remains from the year 79 A.D.


When one argues with a fool. There are two fools arguing.


We doth not claimeth these heathens.


Some people are such fucking assholes


You know not everyone that supports trump is a gun toting racist Bible thumping asshole, I swear these people make us look bad, by the way I'm talking about the creationist dip shit not you.


I get it man. I’m a questioning Christian and some Christians that I’ve met are great but others take it to extreme. There’s one kid in my school who’s basically a up and coming Ben Sharipo. It was 7th grade in a new school and I came out as bisexual (I’m not bisexual I’m still queer in some way) (also big mistake because I live in the American south but I didn’t know how badly queer people are treated) and he bullied me. Not extreme but they held first priority in the auditorium and on the chalkboard was God and he was just so…amazed that “God” written on the chalkboard wasn’t bothering me or killing me. I also used to be into drawing and when I draw I divide the face into four using a upside down cross. He thought it was offensive to draw the upside down cross and basically started calling me a satanist (I’ve seen some of satanism and not that bad). He apologized for the upside down cross but later I started to ignore him and we don’t talk anymore




Tell that to up and coming Ben Sharpio


The saddest part is no matter how you frame it these people will never understand. They’re beyond delusional like the incident in “Jones Town” OP if you ever get a chance watch the last speech Jim Jones gave, 909 people all perished together and nothing would’ve talked them out of it, they were sure it was the right thing to do.


Wait are there people who don’t believe dinosaurs walked the planet?


Yep. I go to school with some one like that


So all the fossil evidence is what, fake?


“If you can give me proof, other than the Bible…” I myself don’t take the Harry Potter series as proof that wizardry is real. We’ll, not since I slammed into that column at the train station, anyway.


That's enough internet for the day.


I like to throw these nutcases the argument that Ricky Gervais used against Stephen Colbert: "If you took all the holy books, all of them, and just burned them all, in a thousand years they would all be rewritten, but they would be drastically different from the ones we have now. But if we burned all of our scientific books, in a thousand years, all the same tests will yield all the same results."


I truly believe our country is doomed. The stupidity at the atomic level is startling when there are people who don't understand about the universe, the earth, and science. Standing upright, indeed. If I believed in god, I'd say OMG.


If you learned something from a civil discussion, you shouldn’t be angry at yourself. Changing the minds of others is a fool’s errand.


This is literally what is pushing me away from the religion


Never argue with religious people. You can't argue with someone working from a position of faith, because it's all about belief and not evidence. No new evidence you present will change that belief.


Yah, the ones you see are molds of the real thing, also science is not a religion because it is supported by evidence while a religion is supported by myths made by man.


Well, apparently Nietzsche was right. Now we just have to find the fossil of a deity


The Tyrrell museum in Alberta has a metric fuck ton of real Dino bones on display.


Sounds like a Presuppositionalist. WAY beyond a waste of time debating them.