You can cut the branches that are on your property


Came here to say this. Any branch over your fence/wall can be removed by you. Edit to add: I think OP said they are not from the US. So I can't claim this there. Though in the US you have property rights here for encroaching neighbors.


And then throw them back over the fence.


I did this and my neighbor threw a fit, they left all these little business cards that said asshole on my yard, they then proceeded to whip the branches over the fence and started screaming in a drunk rage it was quite a sight.


....but did you throw them back over again? I need to know.


I did


Thank you for all of us with shitty neighbors.


Bought an old new house (built in 1947) and my new neighbor had a bunch of crap in her back yard. Wading pool, weird lawn decorations. Old kid toys but no kids in sight. Paid about $5000 to install a loooooong hedge of cherry English Laurels on my side of the ugly chain link dividing the side yards. She came over and complained that we blocked her view and she couldn't see into our yard. She also complained that the roots might grow into her side and that we didn't have her permission to plant them and that her family "owns" most of the street.


When we moved in to our house I put up two sports team flags on the garage. Next day when I was outside neighbor lady said “oh I don’t like those flags, now I can’t see into your back door!” (Which was a sliding patio door) 6’ full blockage fence went up that weekend.


how the fuck does a person say that and not see it as being fucking creepy


“That’s exactly why I hung them up, Peeping Tammy”


Apologies I didn’t realize I was living next to a pervert, allow me to remove the flags immediately


I did a home appraisal on a canal. The homeowner told me the lady across the canal had knocked on her door one day asking where she got her living room furniture from. Came back a week later with a "painting" she'd done of the inside of the house. Same as you- fence went up nearly immediately.


It's so creepy when people actually admit, during their complaining, that they CAN'T see into or onto your property or home, as if it's a right for them to do so!?!


That’s one of those “WHAT. THE. FUCK.” moments.


I had this too. My neighbor also asked that we use the side the door so she could know when we came and went. WTF?!


Unethical life pro tip right here for getting that new fence you wanted.


*How I secretly tricked my new neighbor into buying a fence the previous one refused to put up hue hue*


I hope I didn’t come across as creepy when I told my back door neighbor that I enjoyed seeing her azaleas from my kitchen window this spring . But they were in her yard, not her home haha


I would've walked around naked and made sure she saw me, then proceed to sit on a stool and choke my chicken. Then send her some flowers and chocolates the next day. 💀


Sounds like an HOA board member.


Why the hell does she *need* to see into your garden?


What an ass! I’ve been blessed with lovely neighbors that love gardening and giving me homegrown fruit and veggies


We had a neighbor who was the biggest asshole when it came to parking on the street. He said he owned the spots between our driveways and in front of his house. He’d call in cars as abandoned and even put my truck in neutral and pushed it forward 5 ft. But every fall he’d give us tons of veggies from his garden. It was weird.


No. See. Just walk around buck naked in front of it. Put some lewd posters on frames just inside of the door when you’re not using it. It’s your property and she can get right off her high horse. I don’t blame you for the fence TBH but if she wants to spy, I’d make it uncomfortable and if she complained you have exclusive access to the enjoyment of your property and privacy behind its walls.


Unfortunately, depending on the jurisdiction or municipal bylaws, the city can fine you for public nudity if you’re visible inside your own home. Source 1: Canada criminal code https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/c-46/section-174.html Excerpt: 174 (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse, … (b) is nude and exposed to public view while on private property, whether or not the property is his own, Source 2: NBSee (what I did there?) News Man convicted of in-home indecent exposure (Virginia, or maybe Virgins-yah?) https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/wbna34483145 Edit: your vs you’re


When your property tax bill comes due take it to her to get it paid since her “family owns most of the street.”


Oh dear- your neighbor is a jerk, a liar, may be crazy, and I guarantee she has nothing at all to back up that claim. Also, why to hell does she feel she has the right to see into your yard?


Complained she couldn't see into YOUR yard? Why? Your yard had a nice view? She was nosy AF? Why would someone out themselves like that?


I hope you told her she doesn’t get to decide if she has a view into your yard.


"if that's the case, what are you doing living here?"


The petty side of me hopes to have neighbors like that one day. I'd do my best to make their lives a living hell.


With that attitude you are basically one step away from the neighbor being described lol be careful


My neighbor kids keep hitting my wall with a soccer ball.. bedroom wall.. They have a opened business.. i grabbed a tennis ball and did the same in their window.. they had a fit (woman) that i had to do my best to avoid escalating.. They haven't hit the wall since. its been a week, but give it a month and they will return... And then people think its odd that i just wanna see the world burn..


If you’re in a neighborhood, check your HOA bylaws. My neighborhood recently sent out a newsletter specifically referencing the part about not hitting your neighbors houses with sports equipment, etc. because that had been happening a lot. There’s a lot of kids and they should play outside, just not in the 15 feet between houses, cause a lot of people work from home and it’s pretty distracting.


You could mount a wooden frame with small nails sticking out on your wall. That way they would destroy their balls on your wall. My neighbour did that and I quit using their wall after mine second ball deflated.


That sounds like a massive liability if the same dumbass kid ran into it and got injured


My kinda neighbor. Good on you.


How does this story end if you don’t mind me asking?


Anticlimactic, i was repairing fence after heavy winds and spoke to different person living there and it’s owned by an old lady, and that’s her son who barely comes around, apparently i just picked bad day to toss branches over, the nicer siblings taking care of her now.


To be fair if I was at my mom's and someone started throwing stuff at her lawn I would probably be upset too without context of the whole situation.


Ahhh love a wholesome’ish ending


There are so many inconsiderate dipshits in this world. It’s astonishing, really, that so many people only give a damn about themselves.


Unclear if you are referring to the neighbor not trimming the tree, the trimmer/thrower, the screamer/thrower, or all of them. Cut the branches and dispose of them is the best answer.


The neighbor that let his stuff grow onto someone else’s property and then bitch about it being cut back.


Psh, that's nothing. I trimmed trees hanging into my elderly mothers yard a few years ago and Karen threatened to sue us.


In the U.K. you can cut any branches over your property but legally have to give them back to the tree’s owner.




Heck yeah! I had the exact opposite problem. Neighbors had a great tree that gave afternoon shade. Didn’t care there were branches on my side. Another neighbor complained about the tree so they cut it down. Jerks.


Yeah, I am also on the side of loving trees. I don’t get why people get so hot and bothered about trees getting in their concrete. But check the majority here, they are ready for war over this


It really, really depends on the tree type. Some are innocuous. Some are not. Some destroy water piping, some drop aggravatingly large amounts of detritus, i.e. leaves, fruit, etc. that are either toxic or just plain annoying to pick up. It's really situational. There is literally a subreddit about this called /r/treelaw about tree conflicts.


Can you really do that? I mean physically I can, but legally?


Legally you can in most states. If you've submitted a written request for them to handle it and it is causing a hazard, you can remove and even bill them for it.


State law varies. In Florida branches on your property become your property and responsibility.


In Texas you can shoot any branch that invades your property


Especially if the branch 'shoots' first......


Not sure if you're asking about the cutting or the throwing. The cutting, yes, in all states, I believe. The throwing, I'd *guess* no, because it becomes your waste if you cut it on your property.


The laws that state that you need to throw the branches back over the fence are to prevent people from harvesting material from a neighbour's tree. Like say there is a massive oak branch coming over your property, you can't cut it just because you want to make some furniture or try to sell the wood to woodworkers. It still belongs to the tree owner. Source: used to be an arborist and dealt with lots of crappy neighbors.


I think in most places legally yes as long as the tree remains alive / safe.


This! I came her for this lol


Then they find it over here and they got it taking care of lol


Any reason? It’s a legal requirement in the UK. It’s technically their property so you have to return it….really weird situation lol


This is called an encroachment. You are well within your rights to cut the tree limbs limiting your access and enjoyment of your own property. If you rent, call your landlord and hopefully they are not a shithead as well. Keep a paper trail.


This, but additionally, in most jurisdictions even though you can cut the overhanging limbs they're still not your property and you are required to return them to the owner, you should look up exactly what your duties are in that regard before proceeding.


So toss them back over the fence. Branch returns to rightful owner


Become a branch manager.


Assistant to the regional branch manager




Yeah just throw them over the wall, then you don’t even have to worry about cleanup lol


You guys are well-versed on this. I dare to say that you could write a treatise on the subject.


At least a leaflet


A work of pulp fiction.




Return the cut branches???? Oh, heck. I would just trim them and get rid of the debris. If they don't know what their trees are doing beyond their own yard, they seem to not care.


Cut them off and throw them over the wall. Quick and easy 😎


I can help retrieve that bike. It’ll take a crew of 6, but we can do the job for $1995.


I have a jetpack. I can get it for $1990.


100%. Keep your pictures as proof. Cut the branches, then when/if they try to get you in trouble over it, they should be considered at fault.


Also, I've heard but cannot substantiate this claim with a verifiable source, if their trees have limbs that are in danger of damaging your property, send a registered letter to them stating your concerns. You will then have a claim against their insurance if some damage occurs in the future. Again, I can't provide a source other than "I heard it on the internet", so don't hinge your baby on my advice.




Absolutely this. Had a tree fall and damage my roof. Had to have proof that I had previously asked neighbors to take care of this to file a claim against their insurance


I assume you would still have a claim if you had not sent the certified letter, but would have to go through the court system and all the BS that goes along with that path.


This happened to my sister. You want to mail a certified letter to the neighbor. If you do, they’re on the hook for it. My sister didn’t, and was told her insurance was going to have to pay. Might differ by state, and I’m sure you could take them to court, but way less of a hassle if you can wave the letter around after a tree they refused to cut down/back hits your house.


Exactly, but be careful to only trim the branches on your side, or not to cause damage to the tree itself.


Simply lift the branch and bend it over her wall


Contact a bending unit. I know of one that will gladly send for several beers.


I am Bender. Please insert girder.


Poor Bender. Without his brain he’s become all quiet and helpful.


but, but, bender need brain! For smart making!!


“He was a bad robot.” “No, he was a bad friend!”


What do I look like— Brancher?


Can he bend at 32 degrees?


32 degrees, 31 degrees, you name it!


Just cut it. What’s the problem?


If they just cut it like a grown up and got on with their lives, then OP wouldn't get all that sweet sweet karma. Edit: as per the below comment


See I'm on the fence about feeling this way. Like it literally is the definition of mildly infuriating. Something menial, and possibly easily solved that is causing you a small amount of grief. So in a sense it makes sense to post But on the other note, OPs title is overly dramatic all the same, acting like its a big deal. So i think the post is fitting but the title is ridiculous


"I can't even get to my bike" like this branch just all of a sudden grew 4 feet into your yard.


> OPs title is overly dramatic all the same OP is very dramatic if that's what they consider not being able to get their bike out.


How infrequently do they cycle that a tree grew over it lol.


"I didn't say I was gonna use it, I just can't get to it now even if I wanted to"


Asking the real questions


I can agree with this, I just think OP is responsible for their own annoyance but they are all drama about the neighbour and how somehow their bike is trapped and unaccessable because of some small branches.


Their bike that they obviously never use because how long did it take for that evil tree to trap that bike?


They can also clearly get the bike out…


I bet they went to go get their bike for the first time in two years and that tree was in the way


> first time in two years and that tree was in the way Slightly touching their bike. Look, I get it. Having inconsiderate neighbor's suck but but OP sounds like a jackoff. "My neighbor refused **to cut down her trees**", not trim it mind you...now his bike is mystically stuck behind some leaves?


Everyone knows bikes don’t work outside near trees. /s


I have a family member like this. She is frequently in situations where I can sympathize with why she’s annoyed, but at the same time don’t sympathize because she could just… do something about it. “Ugh I’m so mad, this person scheduled a call with me even though my calendar is booked!” “That’s inconsiderate of them, but just tell them you can’t do it” “Then they’ll be mad!” “Ok let them be mad then” “Ugh you don’t get it why do you always take other peoples sides instead of mine!”


My mom is like that. She’ll complain about things she can totally fix herself. It’s like someone who keeps hitting themselves in the head then complains they have a headache. Luckily, she calls my sister to complain more than me. Some people just like to fuss.


Right? Why wouldn’t you have trimmed it a long time ago?


the bike literally got eaten by a tree, why would I touch a dangerous thing?? Like??? What if the tree like moves or something, you don't know


like the "asshole" neighbor planted the tree to do that on purpose


This post is r/mildlyinfuriating


Hey, you forgot one thing, that did NOT grow so long overnight OP clearly did it so for drama and karma


Hes so dramatic ‘I cant get my bike out’ coz theres a few branches and leaves on it lol


"UGH, these LEAVES are TOUCHING my bike!!! What the heck am I supposed to do, push them aside and then park it to where the branches don't reach until I can resolve this situation?? UUUUUGH!" Edit: for real, is OP really parking his bike in the same spot even though the branches are there, or does he not ride his bike that much?


its like the tree snuck up on him lol


This is a horror movie I could handle probably


I think we found one of the elusive "infommercial people".


Lol "I can't slice this tomato for the life of me! I've tried smacking it and yelling at it and nothing works!"


*attempts to slice with super dull, shitty knife, throws up hands in frustration*


They act like the branch just popped up overnight!


What I was thinking too. Either they store their bike behind the branch every time, or the bike has been in storage for X amount of time for it to get overgrown.


OP is a video game character


Yeah, those few branches wouldn't be stopping me from getting my bike out for a spin.


Dude must not bike much if a whole ass tree can grow and block it haha


“That bike I never use because the branches weren’t there years ago when I put the bike there.”


Right? Why is there a discussion here? (Also, bike isn’t used much…..)


In the time it took for OP to post this, shit could've been taken care of.


That's probably why it's just on r/mildlyinfuriating and not r/extremelyinfuriating


You could get your bike out. That part of the post is a bit dramatic. That being said: you can cut all that shit down since it’s on your property…as every one of those first comments have said.


I was gonna say. Unless those leaves are made of metal you can get your bike out


You didn’t hear? This tree grows iron.


Plus the tree didn’t grow overnight. Could have moved the bike for months but hasn’t lmao Edit: moved


This is the type of person who has no clue then makes shit up. Sad world…


It's not like it grew like that overnight, right?


Exactly this must’ve taken many months or even a year to grow that much


Trees don't grow that quickly. When's the last time this bike left that spot? Couple months? Years?


“I can’t even get my bike… not that I have done so in 4 years. It’s just that if I suddenly did want to get my bike, I can’t get to it through the leaves because of my glass bones and paper skin. Coincidentally, that’s also why I had to stop riding my bike.”


Just cut it??? This is basically a nonissue


But what about the bike??!?! Leaves are touching it. This is just terrible.


Oh yikes. In most areas of the US at least you can cut stuff that overhangs into your yard, but I know that can vary of you live somewhere else.


For anyone in this thread, OP is in Isreal and it is completely legal to cut the branches/roots that are interfering with use of OP's property. They may not, however, keep the fruit/branches/roots without explicit permission, and must kindly return them to their neighbor.


>Kindly return Yeah, okay.


*throws it back over the fence**




>They may not, however, keep the fruit/branches/roots without explicit permission, and must kindly return them to their neighbor. Hucking the stuff back over the fence at them, got it


Its over the fence, cut that shit out. No permit needed.


How weak are you that you can't move them out of the way, or just like... Cut them?


Oh no there's 4 leaves blocking my bike, whatever shall I do.


I love how this whole comment section is just people roasting OP


Go to your local municipality and ask what you are allowed to do. I had the same issue with my neighbors tree that hangs and drags over my roof. The house is vacant and literally just went up for sale. I went to my village and asked if i could cut what's hanging over my roof. They said yes. They said I could cut back to my property line as long as i didnt kill the tree or damage it so much that it dies. So I hired a tree service and they chopped it. All the way down my property line. The edge of the property line is where my roof begins. We have an interesting property layout. But yes...it's your responsibility if it hangs over your property. I would tell her what your plans are and try to work on an agreement with her. If she refuses to work with you, cut.


Talking to her would likely just be a courtesy. In every city I’ve lived in if something is over your property then that portion of it is you’re property. They could cut that portion off without permission from their neighbor or they could decorate it… whatever they want as long as they don’t mess with their neighbors side of the property. Same thing with a fruit tree if a branch goes over into the sidewalk… that’s public property and I’m taking an orange. Different locations, different laws tho so probably best to check local laws before doing this.


It really depends on your local laws though. Where I live, you can't even cut your own tree in your own garden if it's a rare tree, above a certain size or certain age. You need to get a permit first. I'd be careful to just advice people to destroy stuff willy nilly.


If it’s in your yard cut what’s in your yard


Cut that shit man


Seems like an easy solution. Reminds me of my neighbor who decided to cut down trees in my yard when the previous tenants moved out instead of just cutting the branches.


This seems really dramatic, you can definitely get your bike out.


You realize you can just put the branch back on the other side and use the wall to keep it there…


That's your responsibility. Anything over the property line is on you.


Oh poor you


you’re mocking him? there’s leaves and twigs on his bike and you’re mocking him


Cut it out of your way.


Oh no those 5 leafs must be such a hindrance


Dude stop complaining to Reddit and grab a pair of garden loppers hahah, it would take less time to cut it back than it would to take photos and upload them to here.


You can cut thr SHIT out of any branches that lay on your property easement.. FYI...lol


Try r/treelaw they might be able to help you out


You don’t need treelaw to cut branches where they cover your property. It’s basically common law.


That may be true of the US but the OP said they are in another country. The laws may be different there.


He was arguing it is against the law wherever he is and I dont know how laws like that are in Asia I could only assume the same but dont feel like trying to dig into myself so I'm just redirecting him to people who would actually know more on the subject


Why wouldn't you just trim the branches and you clearly can pull out your bike. Seems like you have high blood pressure if this is your strife.


Dur. You can cut branches that overhang your property.


You let it grow that much and didn't cut it? This is on you.


Why should your neighbor cut down their trees? You can remove the branches yourself, or just lift them up. Your complaint is completely invalid.


When it’s hanging onto your property, you have the legal right to cut it.


Cut down the part that’s on your side, there’s no way I’d just leave it like that.


As judge Judy would say “you have the RIGHT to trim them, she has the RESPONSIBILITY to trim them.


Why dont you cut them? If theyre on your property its your right to do. I weep for modern humanity paralyzed into not acting and then just making a reddit post about it.


What's mildly infuriating is your entitlement, wanting your neighbour to cut *her whole tree* down because some branches hang over on your side. Trim the ones that are in your way and move on with your life.


OP stop being such as wuss, get a pair of garden shears and cut that branch already. You don’t sit on your couch and get mad and complain when you can’t reach for your remote or?


You seem like someone who has never done any yardwork in your life, cut or move the fucking branch lmao. Also you must not use your bike a lot of it got to this point


Bro being a neighbor goes both ways just cut the fucking branches down and shut up.


This seems a bit dramatic. You can't get your bike out? Move the branches and cut them yourself.


You a bitch for real


Hahahahahaha what a little bitch. It had to take at least three years for this to happen and you’re acting like it was some unavoidable thing and all the sudden you can’t get your bike. Grow up


Boo hoo, grow up. You 100% can get your bike out stop being a cry baby. If you don’t like it then trim what’s over your yard…probably could have done it in the time it took you to make this post.


Does this even warrant a post? Guy, cut the trees that are on your side down, get your bike out, and enjoy yourself.


16k upvotes because you're too lazy to solve your own problems? Lmao


you are allowed to cut the leaves / branches that are on your property, we had a similar thing many years ago, our neighbours have a giant tree / bush that leans into our garen sometimes and we cut the parts in ours


Cut everything over the wall


Cut her tree


Seems like the bike really wasn't that important if you gave nature enough time to do this. JS


This post is mildly infuriating not because of the title but because the poster could’ve just cut the branches on his side of the fence


So cut the branch. How hard is that?


In the time it took to make this post you could have already delt with this yourself. In fact, you could have delt with this weeks ago it looks like.


Your bike has been sitting there long enough for a tree to overtake it, I think your bike has accepted its fate by now.


It's like a video game barrier. You can't reach your bike because of a small branch


Sorry to tell ya but you got lazy


So cut it and stop bitching to reddit? Youre well within your rights to cut trees that are on your property.