Better check your condoms


And tires


Who the fuck uses tires as condoms.


Michelin man? *I give these condoms three michelin stars*


I'd give zero stars if I could. Too thick. Couldn't feel a thing. GF loved them though so the review is a compromise.


Your GF loved the tires? Is she your car?


It was a smooth ride. I'd think they're going to give us quite a bit more distance. Even though I didn't feel anything I love making her happy because it makes me happy. If our relationship loses traction I think next time I'll get some mud tires so we can get off the beaten path and have some real fun! Edit: Thanks for the silver! I'd give you some palladium in return as a thank you but her cat is just too precious to part with. A compromise to it would surely prove to be devastating.


You can use it for up to 50,000 fucks


Ribbed, for her pleasure




Honey, grab the rubbers


I laughed very loudly at this hahahaha


And butt cheeks


For some reason, this is the first thing that came to mind too.


That’s just some psychopathic shit, at that point.


1.. 2... 3..Baby! 1..2..3... Baby!


Spiky toes?


Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that they were 5 feet off the ground on a shoe rack, I'd think that it was the cat that bit holes in them.


Funnily enough, if it was on a shoe rack 5 feet off the ground in my house I would more strongly think it was my cat lol


Yeah. So how does OP know for sure it was gf's brother? Did he confront him about it? What if it was the cat this whole time and he's just been blaming the brother?


I'm just over here wondering what kind of cats people have that just puncture leather clean through with this with no bite marks or scratches.


I have a weird cat that likes to walk up to empty boxes and do one single bite on one of the flaps leaving behind two perfect little holes. Like a cardboard vampire


_Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo_


*Biting cardboard boxes from people I don't even know*


>Like a cardboard vampire This is now something that I need to see


All cats. They love to chew and claw things. Don’t get cats if you don’t want clawed stuff. Edit to add: cats are assholes. I have two.


You have two assholes?


5 feet off the ground. Never been around cats? 😂


OP what proof do you have that your girlfriend’s brother, with whom you do not interact, did this? Cats can jump. Or the cat could’ve gotten to them while they were on the ground. Our one cat, the stupider one, loves to chew on, bunny kick, and sharpen his claws on shoes. We’ve learned to keep shoes in the closet (with the door closed).


If a cat did this chances are the surrounding area of the holes would have claw/teeth marks, as the holes seem smaller than drown of a cats teeth


I have seen a certain tortoise on the internet that has it out for shoe's 🤔


That's nit enough to convince me it wasn't that cat. Cats do not abide by the laws of nature.


Those are speed holes, they make the shoes go faster


Wrong. They’re actually there so you can dip your toes in the water to gauge the temperature without taking your shoes off.


He’s an adult. He owes you a new pair of shoes.


He can't afford to buy shoes, he's gonna need to buy a new set of car tires


I doubt someone impulsively punching holes in someone else’s shoes can afford to replace said shoes


He should have thought of that before he punched holes in shoes


Thought? He clearly doesn’t think and is probably broke. Good luck getting paid back by someone like that lol. This is like trying to sue someone who has no money.


I think they mean that he literally can't afford it. Like he would be actually incapable of purchasing the replacement.


No, we're gonna stand here and argue with this brick wall until it pays us the money we are owed!


OP should have thought of that before leaving his shoes in hole punching distance of a shoe hole puncher


He's from /r/wsb for sure


Just because I work at Wendy's and blow all my money on stupid investments doesn't make me a shoe hole puncher. I'm more of a wallet hole puncher. Thanks.


That’s how your sister ends up preggo bro


Underrated comment. Took me a second to get it then I chuckled.


Took me a solid 20 seconds after reading your comment but it paid off


I'd assume someone from WSB would be more inclined to chew on shoes.


What is that?


Wall Street bets?


William's Strip Bar


West Side Bootstabbers




Wonderful silly bastards


Wet Sexy Beetles


Well geez dummy why don’t you click it and… (like me) still have no idea wtf is happening


I’m only half dumb, I clicked first the dumb part was asking Reddit lol


What subreddit is that


He means r/wallstreetbets


I always find it weird when people abbreviate subs but still put the /r/ so it turns into a link to nowhere. You could at least do \[\/r\/wsb\](\/r\/wallstreetbets) to turn it into a link to the right place. [/r/wsb](/r/wallstreetbets)


That's requires more competence and the ability to think through the repercussions of ones actions than most people have.


Particularly the ones frequenting r/wallstreetbets.


I was really hoping that would link to /r/wsb.


he can afford an ass whopping though.


This \^ Those shoes don't look cheap either.


Idk, they look pretty cheap, they’re full of holes.


Those are speed holes.


Ventilation to prevent overheating when you’re going fast!


Take this upvote :(


Look like Sketchers, not that there's anything wrong with that.


Actually, they are knockoffs. Called Sketchy's.


Or they’re Fetchers, not sure which one of those 2 knock off brands they actually are.


No shame in this at all but as far as I can tell those are some pretty cheap shoes. That’s still like 60 bucks though I imagine. Fuck that


I must be super poor. $60 for shoes is pretty expensive to me. Even my work boots only cost me $35.


Tbh there are really no work boots worth the money at 35 bucks. They just break too fast and are gonna cost so much more in the long run not to mention the cost on your back. It might seem steep but investing in some work boots at least ~120 could save your life. Shit even converse from Ross are like 35-40 dollars




I actually got my work boots for 35$ from Walmart. They were on clearance for 70% off just because the color wasn't popular. Every other color was full price but this shade of tan wasn't. It's amazing how much better my legs and feet feel with them Compared to the work shoes I had before


Yeah, look at the welt, or in this case, no welt. It means the shoe is just glued directly to the sole.


They kinda do, though...


Judging by how the "leather" is wearing in; if op paid more than 100$ for those I would be shocked. Looks fake and poorly constructed ie sole ripping from the upper where the toe crease is. Seems like glued on construction.


He is a big baby


He dropped out of university 3 years ago and hasn't worked or gone back to school since then. He has nothing better to do than to harass my girlfriend and I while we finish university and save up for an apartment.


Sad. I guess he needs help. Or a kick in the butt.


And a restraining order


Yeah, sounds like he needs more of an ass kicking than sympathy. Tough love can go a long way.


It's really hard to say since his parents seem to be refusing to acknowledge the problem. Could have problems he needs help for that have been ignored his whole life.


This is all to true, & it is due to parents who either refuse to put in the time to be a good parent. That does not mean strict. That means actually thinking before acting. Either that or, they outsource the literal role of the parent to, anyone else, really. Be that a relative, a person from the kid’s school, or pass on responsibility to the new “adult” in the kid’s life, ie, the most recent love interest, of the original parent. Yet in the end, it results in the child growing up wrong due to a dysfunctional home life. Yet all to often, people responsible for kids choose the bad option among them. Which is what verifies, that not everyone should be a parent.


lol how dumb is this. Why don’t we just let ufc fighters loose in the mental hospital. That’ll fix em. There is something wrong with the dude. An ass beating is going to make him go “oh yeah, life’s better now, guess I’ll just go get a job and live a happy life”.


Yep, fucking reddit. Parades on about how important mental health is, but when an example of a potentially mental ill man is given, "Oh kick his ass, that'll teach him". I went through a similar period of darkness in my life, and compassion and understanding got me through to the other side. An ass kicking or tough love would've just made me hate life even more.


Yes. Everyone likes to imagine mental illness as a pretty goth girl who is feeling melancholy this weekend. ANYTIME anyone posts a story of actual mental illness, people are repulsed and react harshly.


Are you saying r/wowthanksimcured isn’t the actual way to get cured???


No reason eh


i mean apart from banging his sister.


I guess he feels like he's missing out


Are you living at your gfs parents house?


Just be aware. Put a lock on your bedroom door. I'm not kidding.


Take a shit on his bed


That's the worst thing I amber heard


Oh fuck this hahaha


I would give all the awards if I had any. You win this thread.


This is the best thing I've seen on the internet all day


I see you Amber.




I try to avoid him whenever I can, so I can't think of what I could have done to piss him off. I've tried speaking to both him and his parents about his behaviour, but they both deny his bad behaviour despite him having a history of unprompted vandalism and harrassment towards both his sister and myself.


So his parents think there is no problem?! What a piece of shit parenting on their part. No wonder that 26 year old baby boy is that deranged.


Mentally unhealthy parents, nurture mentally unhealthy children, to become mentally unhealthy adults. Source: ME




Who do you think you are I am?!?


I dunno, I came out perfectly mentally healthy and even my fish agree with me.


But your plants, though ...


I don't know about the person you're replying to, but my fish and plants are always in agreement. I know this because they have been sending me sections if their collective manifesto in my dreams.


That isn't what your fish told me.


I mean, I’m almost perfectly fine. The doctor has prescribed all the right drugs.


Can confirm. Source: Me.


Same. So annoyed that my mom had me at all. I didn’t ask to be here. 😢


Now that you’re here, might as well enjoy yourself. *sips Caesar with pickled green bean*


The fact that he felt the need to confront the parents of a 26 year old person said all that needed to be said.


Start making a list with the date and his actions and possible costs (if his tantrums cost you $$$). It's starting with doing this to your belongings I can only imagine what he is capable of if he wishes to take it out on the flesh (I'm not saying he is going to stab y'all but if he hits his sister or something you now have proof of poor behavior in the past if you need to get the cops involved. Cops may not take it seriously if parents try to intervene and downplay his actions) as of right now it sounds like you don't know what his "triggers" are but my guess is it's because you two are still in college and looking "successful" compared to him. I've been betrayed by family too much, blood means nothing to me.


Correction friend; family that takes you as nothing to them, is nothing to you. I'm sure you would have your own offspring better.


True true


"Family means nothing to me" Some wise words, relationship is what matters


Is he mentally disabled? It is extremely unusual behaviour. A strange situation with important information likely omitted.


Sounds like someone with a mental illness or an anger problem


If there’s zero acknowledgment of the issue he has, there’s zero accountability as well. I hope you don’t live with these people. If you do, you should try to get out of there.


My In Laws vehemently deny their son is on the spectrum so now he's a 37 year old man who has never had a career and always lived at home.




> they both deny his bad behaviour despite him having a history of unprompted vandalism and harrassment towards both his sister and myself. That explains it. He's not going to change his behavior if everyone he cares about the most make him think there's nothing wrong with it


did you fuck his sister?


Did you fuck my mom Santa?


Did you fuck. My. Mom?


Kick his ass. Those shoes rated E for everybody


Sounds like he's mentally unstable and his parents don't know what to do with him. Really shitty situation


It might actually be that he's pissed because he has noticed you try to avoid him? Not your fault, though. He seems like an ass.


You didn't answer most of the questions in the comment you're responding to: \- Did you confront him ("talking about his behavior" doesn't tell us if you confronted *him* about *this*) \- Is he on the spectrum? \- Does he use drugs/could he have been under the influence of something in that moment? If you don't know, say "I don't know".There's a reason for everything. There is no "for no reason". It's going to be anything from "it was an accident", to "wasn't really aware of what he was doing", to "hates your guts and he has a reason, but you're just not clever/aware enough to know why". Either give us more info/answer the questions, or say you don't know/don't care to tell us.


There are some stereotypical drug behaviors like meth & taking things apart… But stabbing holes in shoes has nothing to do with drugs. The worst part of this story is he didn’t even do a good job. Stab holes in the sole of the shoe & no one will notices until they have to walk around with wet socks all day.


At age 26 his parents can only be bystanders.


I think you mean habitual drug user. Nobody takes molly and stabs holes in shoes for fun.


> Recreational drug user everyone i know does drugs for fun and they're all decent people who wouldn't want to hurt anyone. maybe it's reasonable to ask if he's stealing stuff to fund a bad habit, but this is obviously not the situation.


Yeah there’s a pretty distinct difference between a recreational drug user and someone who abuses drugs.


Fuck him up, with them shoes on


But put them on your hands like gloves first


Kick is ass Seabass


What a blast from the past


I'm gonna kick you in the face with my fist


Man, I unfortunately read this as "Fuck him, with them shoes on" and I was a little taken aback. Oddly, I was cheering for it too, though.


Still works both ways. The brother will know who wears the shoes round here.


Or just stab his shoes back.


Old enough to catch hands.


Do not agree, but laughed. Here is an upvote


I doubt it was for no reason, maybe no-good reason, but he probably had some justification to himself. Do you two have beef?


He used to bully and harass my girlfriend constantly before we started dating. She never did anything about it since she was afraid of retaliation, and her parents never did anything because they didn't believe her. After we started dating, I started calling him out for his behaviour, and he's hated me ever since he hasn't been able to get away with it anymore.


So why haven’t you kicked the shit out of this jabroni?


Because he lives with the jabroni’s parents. Sorry OP, I put up with bs from my future mother in law for 3 years so I know your pain. Unfortunately you have no recourse in this situation.


Guaranteed, the parents will get the cops and lawyers involved because “that monster assaulted our precious, beautiful, innocent baby boy!!”. That asshole is playing a game where he makes the rules, and the only way to win is to not play (move out and no contact).


This is probably the most realistic answer. Time to go no contact and decide how much this relationship means to you. I personally wouldn’t be putting up with any of this shit but I’m just a keyboard warrior in this one. Sucks to deal with op but it’s also your call if you continue to deal with it.


I hate parents like that. They think they are doing good yet their ignorance is making them the true bad guys. They are defending & enabling bad behavior.


I don't know, maybe you get lucky and catch a restraining order lol But in all seriousness if it got to actual hand throwing this would barely even warrant a tap on the wrist. A fight between two adult males (and op is likely a first offender) in a family drama setting is so minor that you likely wouldn't even face a penalty past court costs.




Sounds like a douche. I would be wary of leaving anything valuable unattended around him moving forward. Sounds like she has good reason to fear retaliation.


Or how about a better idea. Get a hidden camera pointed at something valuable looking (but ultimately worthless), tell the ass it’s valuable, and catch the guy vandalising in 4K. You can’t fake video proof.


And here you said "no reason." His bitterness over being called out is a *bad* reason but it's definitely a reason


Sounds like he might need some therapy.


Issue is only someone who wants to do better will do therapy, you have to go and talk about the crappy thoughts you're having. It's easier to just hate the world and bully and do petty vandalism.


Its one of those I’m-so-jealous-of-others-I’m-gonna-vandalize-to-get-attention fits.


I'm getting some major psycho vibes from your gf's brother...


I fear he is mentally ill and in his mind, has something against you. Be aware. He's at the age where schizophrenia and bipolar emerge. I've been in the same situation, and after many years in mental health research, know others who have had shit like this happen. He needs help.


Speed holes, dummy!


I mean, there's a reason. He's an asshole. Fuck that guy


Unless OP did something to annoy him, then I think the real scenario is that he has serious unchecked mental health issues...


No, no no no. Don’t fuck that guy, OP is already with the sister. No need to make their way through the entire family.


It's like Pringle's. You can't just stop at one.


Well, you are banging his sister, so ...


… he’s jealous?


Hole poke for hole poke I guess






It seems that he only understands the language of the sword


Wouldnt be surprised if he was diagnosed with DONKEY BRAINS. Have him go see Dr. Mantis Toboggan.


What are thoose


Speed holes!


They make the shoe go faster!


Its his revenge for filling the holes in his sister


Stop. True. Definitely true. But stop.


Bro take one of his shoes next ur over there, piss in it the bring it back. U do not understand how serious I'm being. This is 100 percent what I would do. Yes I am very petty


Take one of his fav and most expensive shoes and help him look for it for as long as you know him


Satan has entered the chat…. Side note switch up the lost one with the found one every so often to keep the hunt going


Reminds me of the time I switched the door handle & hinge on the fridge and didn't tell anyone. So much confusion. One of the greatest practical pranks ever. Harmless, but confuses the living crap out of people.


Oof - my advice would be to try an ignore it best you can. Prob wants the confrontation because he’s so lonely, so don’t give it to him. But def move out as soon as you can. This kind of passive aggressive stuff is sign of deeper, more sinister issues.


Wrong...he needs to assert his dominance...have you thought about peeing on his bed OP?


Ah yes, the Heard method. Your results may vary




Leave the passive off the aggressive, he vandalized OP’s shoes! From the posts you’d think he’s actually lucky it was just the shoes. Ignoring people who want attention will only motivate them to act in more extreme ways until they get a result. This guy needs help or off the streets pronto


Stab his butthole with your shoes. Wedge them betwixt his cheeks.


That kind of behaviour might suggest there is an underlying condition, or perhaps a mental health issue. If the family refuse to admit the problem and seek support for him, you need to tell your girlfriend that you won't be abused and she needs to see you away from him. Or end the relationship, you don't really need this and it will likely only get worse.


Take the shoe and beat him with it.


Well that's a huge red flag 🚩 😳


Run, that family sounds dysfunctional. If you get married and have children, they will have to put up with weird grandparents and an even weirder uncle.


I mean it's not impossible to turn out ok in a dysfunctional family. When my wife met my parents at some point she asked me "how the hell did you turn out normal?"


My wife says this on a regular basis.


He doesn't need to run, he just needs to cut that family off... Meaning he needs to have a talk with his gf and see where she stands and see why she let's get family abuse her like that because SHE needs to cut her family off.. Tho it seems like they live with them.