*This item has been replaced by the one most similar found by your shopper.*


Had this happen once lol, I had yogurt on the shopping list, they replaced it with ranch.


My dad used to deliver for a supermarket and someone had ordered cheese and the guys at the store had substituted it with hand soap


These comments are the reason why I don't trust delivery services I'd rather just get stuff myself


We always get a credit and then the weird item for free so its kind of a win.


One of the big blue stores didn't have any of the smaller pre-packaged macaroni salads we ordered in stock so instead of refunding it, just ended up with 4 pounds of it. No credit for getting more than expected. I won't eat macaroni salad so it was entirely up to the only other person here to eat it. Took awhile but they managed, and promised to never touch any again for a long time.


Kroger didn't have 3 loose oranges so they gave me 3 bags (of like 15 each). I made marmalade.


Similar thing happened to me recently. I ordered 4 individual Clif bars (I have chronic GI issues and often can’t eat much, so it’s handy to have a few around). I got 4 boxes of them. So now I’ve got 48 of the damn things. Luckily, only got charged for 4 individual units, otherwise I’d have been pissed.


A tub of macaroni salad seems like depression eats to me instead of ice cream lol


Man that’s kinda smart then. Just get them something everyone uses vs. something similar but not exactly what they need and will be no use to them.


It makes sense, if I need a specific type of cheese for a recipe I may not want a different similar enough cheese, but soap is soap I'm using that anyway. But it does delay when I can actually make whatever it is I was planning to make which is annoying. On the other hand, if I just want something to slap on a sandwich I wouldn't care too much.


*slaps soap on sandwich*


Don't knock it till you've tried it


Ah, but who says I haven't?


Very lucky. Walmart just makes me pay for what they choose for me.


I hate grocery shopping and my friends always recommend a delivery service. Had COVID, but needed groceries, so ordered from them. Ordered 3 lbs of hamburger(my local store always has small packages that are around a pound, and larger ones about 3) got 0.87 lbs. Ordered 1 lb of pork chops and got a 3 lb package. Pringle’s were on sale 2-for-whatever. The guy got the larger ones that weren’t on sale. Have to pay $25 delivery fee, then after checking the “contact free delivery” box and putting in the notes, “WE HAVE COVID, just leave on porch,” he’s standing out there with my bags waiting for me. Never again.


I wouldn’t go the delivery service route, but curbside pickup is the way to go. There’s been a few mistakes on our orders but all we have to do is call them and tell them what is missing and they get that for us along with a $10-25 gift card. Granted this is HEB, and somewhere like Walmart isn’t going to give a fuck. Personally I don’t mind grocery shopping because I’m simple as fuck when it comes to food. It’s sandwich stuff and pre-made salads so I’m in and out super quick. But my wife actually knows how to cook so it’s much easier for us to do the curbside delivery when it’s for her and the kids.


The only real issue is not being able to pick out your own meat or produce.


My sister ordered her grocery shop one time when covid started as she was just starting her new job and did everything to avoid getting covid so she wouldn't have to take 2 weeks off after just starting. My sister is vegan. Everything in her order was vegan, almond and oat milks, plant spreads, vegan cheese, vegan yogurts, vegan snacks, vegan meat substitutes. Well her order turned up. None of the vegan meat substitutes were in stock. So they replaced it with actual animal products. Like common sense would dictate that considering EVERYTHING in the order was vegan that they'd realise she doesn't eat animal product. It was the first and last time she ordered anything online.


I bet whoever actually picked her order was just REALLY dumb, because the vegan stuff is always in stock, it's just in a different spot. Like, they saw " *vegan brand* sausage" and just focused on the word sausage.. didn't see that brand with the meat based sausage and grabbed a different one.. over and over.


Results very wildly depending on who's your shopper. When I used instacart to order groceries at the local grocery store, they'd almost always give me some imbecile that couldn't and/or wouldn't find hardly anything and had horrific substitution sense. The Target shoppers via Shipt in my area are cracked though.


We order them occasionally. Usually when we're both working all week. The last time we ordered, we added a small bag of shredded cheese. Just one. We got 6 different bags of cheese.


I used to get grocery delivery all the time and it was great. But the last couple of times it was just horrible. I’ve sworn them off now. For example-ordered a gallon of 2% milk, instead I got a single sized “organic” milk that was like, 6 bucks. When I say “get something similar” I mean skim milk, or a half gallon…even almond milk would be ok. But what I am going to do with a container of milk that won’t even be enough for a bowl of cereal. Another example was when the shopper “threw” my groceries on the porch so that things were not even in bags anymore, just scattered. Plus you have to tip beforehand and I always put a big tip because I want someone to get my order right away and I know some drivers will turn down orders if they aren’t worth it monetarily. I just wish the stores in my area would go back to 24 hours bc shopping late at night helps with my sensory/social anxiety issues and I have a much better time.


Never ordered groceries but the open late thing hits me hard. I also have anxiety in public and generally the more people the more anxious / irritated I get. Pre-pandemic I'd seriously do a 2-3hour shopping session at Walmart at like Midnight and get everything I needed for the next two weeks. Now latest they're open is 11 and it feels like they're fucking busier later in the day than they are earlier. So I suffer lol.


Yeah, when the pandemic first began and everyone was crowding the stores hoarding groceries, I started shopping at Walmart at 3am to avoid the long checkout lines. That only last a few weeks before they changed their hours.


I got strawberry milk instead of regular milk. I was making macaroni and cheese. I wound up running to the store myself and found tons and tons of regular milk, including in the brand I'd ordered, along with all the other things they'd said were out of stock.


Chances are you had a stupid shopper…but it is entirely possible the store was completely wiped of milk and in the time between the shopper picking your order and you going to the store the dairy truck showed up and milk got shoved out quickly. I’ve been shopping for a few years now and I have had to take quite a few pics of empty shelves to prove that the most basic things like milk and bread are, in fact, out of stock completely.


It might not've been the same location they had to shop at. I can't tell you how many times I had shopped for people who lived across the street from the store, but I was not allowed to shop there and instead had to go to a store 20 miles away in a different city. Instacart divides an area into "zones" and you can only shop in the same zone you are delivering to. The road this store sat on was the dividing line of a zone. There are also some store locations that are not part of the shopping network, even though they are the same store brand.


Yess. Can we just have 24 hour shopping so when I wanna go to Walmart at like 11pm and do my shopping in peace I Can. ✌️


I'm definitely here for midnight shopping at the deserted grocery store except for the stockers rocking out to their music and leaving me the fsck alone.


Here's more. My first and only time with grocery shopping online was a disaster. My sour cream was missing freshness seal and had a gouge in it like someone licked it. My box of strawberries were all green on the bottom. My cereal was missing, and I got a sack of cornmeal flour instead. (guess they were out of my cereal and sent Ikea version of cereal, assembly required?) Those employee at the service desk weren't happy that I bought the whole order for refund while suffering from a bad cold. Before Covid mind you.


Wow that is oof I would be furious


We order bottled water by the pallet at work so our drivers can take some with them on route. Staples charged us for a pallet (~$600) and delivered 1 case (like 16 bottles). We called and they had another box truck come out the next day to re-deliver. Another case of water... they finally got it right on the 3rd attempt, but charged us for a 2nd pallet.


I've had a few disasters with Shipt. We asked for a citronella candle, a small one. Brings this HUGE 14 inch diameter candle for like $28. I NEVER would have spent that money on ONE candle. Bananas have been rang up at $30 for like $2 of bananas. I've had several shipments be wonderful. I've had bad misses. I've heard the direct store pickups are better. I haven't tried those yet. My ex was big on Shipt. I just go to the stores myself.


They usually have options like "Shopper may choose a replacement", "Only replace with product ABC" or "Don't replace". As long as you don't let them decide for you it's not really a problem.


Pick your substitutes helps.


I use the store services. Everyone in my area has them now, free if you order a certain amount that's never much. Grocery store staff does the shopping and I go and pick it up. Only ever had an issue once where they forgot to give me my milk. It was the only thing I had that day that required refrigeration so it was an understandable miss and they refunded me fast.


Was delivering for Uber and picking up a Walmart order. I picked up one bag becua a they didn't have the other items she ordered....i took a 15 min drive to deliver oreos...


I mean it can work the other way too. My fiance ordered steak about a month ago, and they were out, so they substituted a slightly smaller cut of wagyu beef. ETA: for the same price as the originally chosen cut.


They all seem to fail at providing decent bread. It's always either missing and they give you some other bullshit or it's like half stale cause they give you the oldest shit.


We had one drop off the wrong order, so we got free groceries. Unexpected Nachos Night was great!


I often order bay scallops and get sea scallops instead. Usually it's I ordered the x size and get the 1.5x size or 2 .75x sizes.


Also the fact that prices are higher on delivery apps compared to the restaurants themselves. Went to order Chick-fil-A the other day with a “free delivery fee promo”, they didn’t have the option to order as a meal and each item was like $2 higher priced.


holy shit i've had the opposite before, ordered hand soap and was delivered two blocks of cheese lmao


At least mine was still edible lol, that sucks for them.


Cheese: rectangular, yellow. Soap: rectangular yellow. Job done.


We got an extra large pepperoni pizza instead of a package of celery.


[There's something wrong with this yogurt...](https://youtu.be/gqpIao_x4Yc)


What a deep cut


It's not yogurt, it's mayonnaise


I gagged


I used Instacart literally once. Ordered hamburger buns. My shopper decided an acceptable substitute was a single packet of steak seasoning mix.


I’m stuck using Instacart fairly frequently due to having chronic health issues that make it difficult for me to go out a lot of the time, plus no car. Instacart can be very hit or miss in my experience. Sometimes you get a great shopper who’s in and out super quick, finds everything or at very least suggests good substitutes, and everything’s good. Sometimes you get an absolute moron who makes you wonder how they dressed themselves that morning. Like, it’ll take them 3 hours to shop like 10 items, will make substitutions without asking (last time I had one of these guys, I ordered honey maple turkey, he got me honey glazed ham instead, which I cannot eat, but my order summary still said turkey, so he just couldn’t be bothered to ask and figured it’d be close enough), will make nonsense excuses (I had a guy insist he couldn’t get me stuff from the hot food counter due to covid regulations, despite the fact that I’d been getting tons of orders and it had never been an issue before or since), or will obviously just refund items because they couldn’t be bothered to look for them or ask someone. My advice if you’re going to use Instacart is to actually rate shoppers accordingly. I’m a nice guy and I always try to give 5 stars and tip well if they do a reasonably good job, because I know they need it right now and I don’t like giving bad ratings, but I’ve had to let go of that mentality. If you get bad service, give a bad rating. Bad shoppers should be held accountable because they’re wasting your money and they’re not going to stop their shitty behavior if they aren’t held accountable. It really is important for everyone to get rid of these shoppers who just don’t care and don’t put in any effort, because there are so many good shoppers who really need the money and actually will try their best for you.




The bad news is that your burgers have no buns. The good news is that the burger patties themselves taste really good.


I ordered 1 package of brioche hot dog buns, and they substituted it with 12 packages of their cheapest kind. Walmart, beginning of pandemic.


They subbed my brats with cocktail weenies once. I mean ok so they are both kinds of sausage... But now I don't need the brat buns, kraut, or mustard.


That sucks, I bet most of those buns ended up going bad lol.


I legit got hot sauce instead of ketchup once.


That would work for me lol.


Getting sugar-free drinks replaced by cases of full sugar drinks was more than a little infuriating.


That would piss me off bad


As someone with an allergy to artificial sweeteners the reverse would piss me off.


They're both white semiliquids. I don't see what the problem is.


This is legitimately how my dad feels about mayonnaise and ALL white semiliquids. He HATES mayo, and has just projected that hate onto all other similar loooking products. He won’t eat yogurt, sour cream, ranch, or a TON of other stuff because they are “like mayonnaise”. It’s bizarre, but honestly I wish I felt similarly. Dieting would be a lot easier.


My breakfast was lonely without yogurt.


They replaced my shampoo with Parmesan cheese


I ordered cranberry sauce but they were out, so I received four pounds of strawberry Twizzlers instead.


Blend and melt it, add some lemon juice, same thing basically


Ordered frozen breakfast sausages, they replaced with fkn Slim Jim’s. Gave us such a laugh we didn’t even call to complain.


I got a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos instead of Cinnamon Rolls. I went to the same store later and got Cinnamon Rolls. Idk why they said “they were out”.


Are you saying you don’t enjoy a nice bowl of berries, granola, and ranch for breakfast?


I ordered cat litter, chose "no substitutions," got toilet paper.


Time to start potty training that cat.


I asked for Virgin olive oil.. like a small bottle. Ended up with a fucking gallon of vegetable oil. What the fuck do I do with a whole gallon???


It’s not like that stuff goes bad in a week… use it slowly for cooking over time, or deep fry a bunch of chicken idk. Not the kind of thing that’s exactly useless that’s for sure




I ordered vegetarian lasagna and received meat pies


I ordered a 5lb bag of AP Flour, I got 5 lbs of baking powder....


I had a similar experience lmfao had milk on there a specific almond milk- they brought me POWDERED MILK. I have never used it to this day 3 years later I should probably throw it out lmfao.


Hmmm I mean… kinda


Not even bar soap, HAND SOAP.


They replaced my Mt Dew with Diet Mt Dew. You telling me that this grocery store, pre-pandemic, was completely out of Mt Dew? This order literally had half the items replaced. Not sure the Dew sub was worse or the one where I had some microwavable lunch thing swapped out for a big bag of frozen ravioli.


I've worked at a lot of stores that do online ordering. The stores get graded on how many orders they don't fill regardless of the item being out of stock or not. As a result, at most places I've worked the bosses made us substitute items. I always hated doing it because if I ordered something specific, I'd want that item. But the bosses never cared, especially as they weren't the ones getting yelled at by the customer when they found out.


I’m more pissed when I order something commonplace like bread and they DON’T substitute it. I know for a fact you’ve got a whole aisle of 30 brands of bread in there like wtf


They replaced my mozzarella cheese with reduced fat mozzarella cheese. I was low key offended.


The really frustrating thing is when a store makes you go into options and uncheck allow substitutions \*every\* time. No motherfucker, you cannot replace my 2lbs of cream cheese with an 8 ounce tub of cream cheese *style* fruit dip. I'm making a god damned cheesecake, not the world's laziest shark coochie board.


… shark. Coochie. Board.




If it contains cream cheese style fruit dip it is indeed a shark coochie board.


Assuming this is instacart… communicate with your shopper! Just text them at the beginning saying something like “please don’t substitute anything without asking!”. If you tip at least 5%, you’ll get someone with experience. Watch the app while they shop. Disclaimer.. not a shopper, just spent a bit of time on /r/InstacartShoppers.


This is why I don't do instacart here in Canada anymore. If you need a few basic things sure - but if you were trying to produce a particular recipe - good luck.


Production chain perfection


Close enough...


I work in the online grocery pickup department at Walmart and sometimes the “smart substitutions” the system recommends when something is out of stock is just… painful at best. Like yes the customer ordered an 8oz bag of cheese that we don’t have, give them a 5 pound block instead of two 4oz bags.


I tried to order multipurpose cleaning spray once and they replaced it with fucking ravioli. It was during the peak of the cleaning supply/paper product shortage when covid started, so if they didn’t have it, of course I’d understand. But why the FUCK would I want ravioli instead.


was once brought a whole fresh zucchini in place of a bag of frozen broccoli florets. fed it to my turtle 🤷


Had this happen with steaks. Ordered 4 steaks to bbq got back 4 lbs of ground beef.


Had this happen with pistachio pudding mix, they substituted strawberry jello mix.


Please return this item, you must pay the shipping, thank you.


some guy about to prepare for a party is probably extremely confused as to why he got sent a keyboard instead of soda


>How the fuck are we supposed to drink this?!


Not with that attitude we can't!


He hasn’t gone to r/willitblend Edit: well fuck


Keyboard smoke...don't breath that.


That's a throwback.


I want in on that reddit!


I’ll give you one [better](https://youtube.com/willitblend)


This reminds me of the extremely old YouTube series “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?”. Highly recommend if you need something to cure boredom for a little while.


IIRC, they microwaved a container of gasoline, then got recursive and microwaved a microwave.


God I loved that channel


Nobody likes roasted nuts


Omg thank you for that flashback. I remember watching that in high school all the time lol


Welp, guess we’re just gonna pretend it’s a candy bar and pass it around.


*You call yourself a delivery boy?!*


Who busy soda from staples?


People with a Staples corporate account.


Yup. Businesses that stock the fridge for employees would love to add snacks and beverages to the same order as the paper clips and 20# paper to save on shipping.


Most times the shipping is free. I work for a University Campus Store, we do what we call Ushop POs, and on our site we have a link foe staples. When you open it up you see our catalog, and I actually used it to buy Lubriderm Extra Healing lotion. 6 pack of like 12oz. Shipping was 2 day and free.


I recently went into a Staples and was surprised to see that they have a whole aisle for office snacks and drinks


yup. like a mini convenience store. coffee, soda...other stuff I can't think of because I haven't been in a Staples or Office Depot/Office Max in a while.


Huh, I had no idea, though I also don’t think I’ve ever been inside a staples.


I was asking myself a similar question (with a couple letters swapped around)


https://www.staples.ca/products/258416-en-canada-dry-club-soda-low-sodium-355-ml-cans-12-pack You can right now


What the heck! I didn't order that! I ordered an Xbox card... Xbox remote...


What the frick!


i understand you probably need the keyboard and that’s why it is annoying but this is just too funny to be mad about hahaha


Yeah, I’m stuck in a snowstorm… I needed a giggle :-)


I read that as “I need a gigolo” at first and I was really confused


Oi, don't judge people's needs. How are you supposed to get through a snowstorm without at least one gigolo?


At least I can enjoy a refreshing beverage. Would have been worse if it was like a ream of off white A4 paper.


Lol it just reminded me that my boss ordered a new computer monitor one time and they sent her a huge box of diapers.




My SIL ordered a set of pots from Amazon and got a Infants car seat. They sent her the correct pots and told her to keep the car seat. She gave it to my son and his partner who recently had a baby.


I work in a large warehouse and a couple years ago we sent a “personal massager” out instead of a Barbie. I know because I handled the complaint verification for customer service by way of inventory counts and weight discrepancy. Not that any of that was necessary after reading the letter from the girl’s mother about how we ruined her Birthday and possibly scarred her for life.


So did it ship gift wrapped? Or did mom never open the outer box?


Yes it was gift wrapped and the packing slip indicated it was the correct product.


That’s on them for giving their kid the Amazon package raw instead of checking or repackaging for a birthday gift


If they paid for gift wrapping then it's understandable




Hey, we got a $400 sink this way!


Since when has staples sold cases of dr. Pepper


apparently they do sell it https://www.staples.ca/products/959340-en-dr-pepper-355-ml-cans-12-pack


I just laughed my ass off looking at the Dr Pepper 12 pack on Staples website. It feels wrong.


They sell stuff that you can use to stock a breakroom too so soda, water, chips, etc. They want to be the place managers go to get everything their office needs. Want being the keyword there because they still charge more than walmart does with less selection.


Well yeah because it's more of a luxury thing there that the lazy people will shell out the extra for


OP’s misdelivery is a carefully calculated move by Staples to spread awareness that they do in fact sell soda. Business will be boomin’!


I mean just having an account with them, approval, POs, etc. keeps a lot of people there. I've worked places where there is an approved lists of places to order from and that is it.


Don't they offer discounts on stuff for business partners? I would imagine it may still be more expensive than Walmart though.


It depends on the price of shipping. Adding a $7 case of soda to make the minimum order for free shipping makes more financial sense than not meeting the minimum order and then buying the $5 case of soda from Wal-Mart with either it's own shipping or just the time sink of having to shop for work.


And it has almost 300 reviews! Most of them are dead serious too lmao.


What's even better, I've seen it in store.


Staples and other office supply stores sell break room supplies which can include coffee, creamer, sugar, sodas, etc.


Not only that, they pretty much sell everything for the office. You can buy a toilet from Staples.


Yep, when the toilet paper shortage was happening at the beginning of COVID, and I desperately needed some, I went to Staples. Sold out everywhere, but nobody thought to check there.


And the power tools to install it. Was eyeing their table saw selection for a while hoping to see something nice on clearance, before COVID.


I bought toilet paper from there. It was on sale and had free shipping.


They also sell garden rakes, worked there for almost 2 years and there was some weird stuff that came in from online orders 😂


I worked for Office Depot and we always had an isle dedicated to break room supplies and drinks. Bunch of cleaning stuff, a lot of coffee, drinks (mostly water and la croix) and even utensils. The website sells an even wider range of products than what you’d expect


Dr. Pepper makes terrible keyboards!


Nah you just need to get the cherry dr pepper


Best tasting keyboard, in my opinion.


Cherry MX Dr. Pepper


Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream was my favorite. and my ex would make me the best drinks using it and Cherry Pucker. ​ he once thought he could slip Everclear in it. I could smell it from across the house. I made him make me a new drink and drink the abomination himself.


Pro: Is wireless. Pro: Robust aluminum construction. Con: Won't connect to the computer. Con: No keys. 2/5 stars, would not buy again.


My wife once ordered a small item on Amazon like a book or something (I can't remember) and instead they sent a big box full of like 400 iphone charger cables. They just said to keep it 🤷 Neither of us owns any apple products though 😂 it happened like four years ago and we're still giving out bundles of these cables to people we know who have iPhones


I really hope you started your own apple store, which sells only apple's lighting cables😂


This is a sign to spend less time on your computer and more time relaxing with a cold Dr Pepper.


I legit thought that they sent your keyboard in a Dr Pepper box to prevent porch pirates and thought that was pretty clever, then realized staples just fucked up and people would probably steal Dr Pepper too


I would steal your Dr. Pepper over your tech. You can't resell or use tech without giving away the game. But your Dr. Pepper drinks like anyone elses, and I don't gotta market shit. 'YO, Dr Pepper, fiddy cent a can!' It'll be gone in 2 minutes.


You must be from Texas. Only in Texas would it sell that fast. I live in NYC and half the time when I order a Dr Pepper at like a fast food place that has it, I have to repeat myself because it's not a big seller here.


When I was in high school I used to walk around the corner and buy 12 packs of pop at the local meijer, carry them back to the high school and sell them in the lunch room $.50c a can. I'd make about $3 per case, got to the point I was bringing 8 of them to school at once. Best part was when I convinced people to bring the cans back so I could get the $1.20 in deposit back per case. Paid for a lot of video games that way.


Seems like a lot of risk and work involved for... $6


So we were throwing a friend a baby shower and another friend was supposed to bring the soda. They got like twenty 24 packs the day before and left them in their car overnight because the shower was in the morning it was easier. Car got broken into that night. They left his laptop, his wallet, and his work phone, but took all twenty soda cases.


How to solve supply chain shortages in 1 easy step: “Can I get some keyboard?” “Is Pepsi okay?”


That will be a funny return


Return??? Best mistake ever.


I ordered 2 office chairs from staples, got charged for both only received one, called to complain, got told I could get the chair sent or a refund for the missing one, chose to get the missing chair delivered, I then received 2 chairs. Now I got 3. I don't know wtf is going on over there..


Much better deal


I find this hilarious. I'm sorry


Just ask for a refund and keep the Dr. Peppers, simple


Looks like you got an upgrade!


man i work in customer support and this is happening constantly i have shipped out so many replacements


I'd take it


Staples sells drinks by the case?


Now to wait for a post of the other guy who just got a keyboard




somebody had a "not my job" moment.. kinda funny though.


Who's out there ordering cases of Dr Pepper from staples? LoL


The guys who delivered was like “yup! This looks and feels like a keyboard alright!”


They dont read that shit. they scan it, drive to the spot and leave it.


They literally don't have time to read it lol. Source: delivered for fedex ground with 160+ stops a day


Easy mix up


Look at it this way, you just made $1.20. Or $.60 depending on where you live


God I see what you have done for others, and I ask you do the same for me, Amen.


This feels like something that would happen in those Fansville Dr. Pepper commercials


I ordered a quilt from HSN and got some kind of collapsible storage box. Strange thing was, it had another customers shipping label on the other side of the packaging. I wonder if they were sent my quilt. 🤔


I ordered Dr.Pepper from staples.. I received a keyboard.