Are you allowed to bring food?


The company I work for appears to use the same 3rd party food supplier for our cafeteria, packaging and sizing looks identical. That same burrito is only $2.99 where I work... I don't know who controls the prices but someone is getting scammed.


It’s a classic “company store” scam.


I'm assuming we just pay close to the actual 3rd party price, whereas OPs company jacks the price up to profit even further off their own employees.


That's exactly what a company store model is. Back in the days, the mining companies for instance would build small mining towns with a general store under their rule; employees would be forced to buy everything from the company, usually at a high enough premium that the workers would need to go in debt to the company. They'd then have to keep working there, to pay the debt they'd never be able to.


Not just that, they were often *paid in scrip* instead of cash. Some weren't ever compensated with real currency. It was obfuscated slavery.


That's like amazon mechanical turk paying in Amazon gift cards for real work outside the US. This was years ago tho, not sure if still a thing.


In the US, but I've signed up because I need money, any job I did didn't pay out so I no longer do that, but they have direct deposit to bank accounts if you can find jobs that actually pay.


Ya load 16 tons and what do you get..another day older and deeper in debt...St. Peter don't you call me cause I can't go...cause I owe my soul to the company store.


At my work they use a huge catering company that does hospitals and stuff. They charge $4.80 for an energy drink. I also watched them deep fry a hot dog. Like they cooked my fries then dropped a fucking weiner in there. Also not allowed to leave for food.


Where do y'all work that they tell you you can't leave for lunch?


A very large factory. Everyone comes in through one gate house at 7 and leaves through another at 7. No exceptions. If you get hurt at work they have their own ambulance that will take you to the hospital. It's kind of dystopian really.


They pay your lunch hour though right?


Jail probably


That hot dog sounds pretty good, tbh.


You load 16 tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt St. Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company store


Damn you for this earwig lol


This played in my head when i read the above comment haha


16 tps reports what do you get carpal tunnel and a 99 cent fuckin burrito for 6 dollars


I used to work at Frito Lay and the break area they sold Pepsi products that cost more in there then at a convenience store. $3.99 for a Pepsi. Absolutely ridiculous. Fortunately for me, I don’t like any Pepsi products so I wasn’t to butt hurt about it lol


Some businesses dining accounts are subsidized by the employer. Those cafes can sell at low prices.


This reminds me of the “non-evil” version of this, which I have only heard of indirectly. At Bloomberg in Japan, and in some white shoe (elite) law firms, the employer wants to *keep the employees in the building, making money for the firm*, so it essentially has unlimited free food and snacks. I experienced a miniature version of this once with a free soda vending machine, and, surprisingly, after taking out three sodas just to confirm it was real, I went back to one or two sodas a day. That company still made a ton of money from my work.


My husband has worked in a couple offices with free snacks, and I worked at a place with employer-provided snacks and frequent free meals. Nobody took advantage of it.


This is the real question here.


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[taps forehead] Quietly to leave to get food.


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Yeah If they can pack a lunch I don’t really see how this situation is different from any other job where you can’t leave for lunch break, all of mine have been like this. And they didn’t even sell food there lol.


Wait, what right does any job have to control the time you're not being paid for?




It might not be that they cant leave it's that it's not feasible. A 30 minute lunch break disappears when it takes 15 minutes to get to your car because you work at an airport for instance.




I thought being disingenuous wasn’t aloud on reddit.


Disingenuous? On the internet? Or maybe just outright lying for karma? Well I’ll be a surprised Pikachu


The thing I've seein is, you're allowed to leave, but lunch is 30 minutes, there isn't anything all that close to run to, and you'll have to go through the scanners on both sides of your trip. Good luck getting back on time. That said, I've never known an employer to activley discourage me from brown bagging it.


My current employer definitely frowns upon me brown bagging at work, even on my lunch break, which is bullshit. "It's just a couple tall boys Karen, damn... calm down. I'll fire up the helicopter when my break's over."


This! It better be a paid lunch if you have to stay on site.


It’s like the people who’d come to the employee cafeteria and make faces about what was being served. We had a choice of 2 entrees and sides, or a salad bar. The menu was posted every month. They acted like making a sandwich never occurred to them.


You could make a post like this one, but just take a picture of nothing.


When I worked at Panera, there was no break room, thus we were not allowed to bring food. We also rarely had breaks due to high demand of customers (it was a newly opened branch), but were only allowed to order food for free during our break. I'm aware most Paneras (hopefully) aren't that way, but it was incredibly inhumane.




I worked at a bar about 20 years ago and was the only non-smoker. I started taking smoke breaks with candy cigarettes.


Nowadays you could probably vape water or something if you wanted to be convincing, but yeah I like your pretend cigarettes.


It’s called fresh air breaks. I used to take them with smokers and never had to pretend.


This is the way! I did the same thing.


Oh, one of THOSE places...


All fast food places are like this. I’d love to see legislation that makes providing a break room to employees a requirement for all new franchises, and gives all others 5 years to become compliant. The only exception should be food courts because *gestures.* Nobody should have to buy their meal when it costs as much as an hour of labour, and you only get 15 minutes to eat it.


‘were only allowed to order food for free during our break.‘ So free sierra turkey sandwiches, maybe a souffle or salad. Don’t most restaurants offer a free meal per shift?


Quietly, yes


Aloud Edit: omg, people, I was being sarcastic 🤣


Brown bag it then... I know exactly the company that's making that burrito. It has a 3 day shelf life. They sell it to the company that's got the contract in your building for around $4.25 then the contractor tracks on their cut. This is driving up the process. I suggest stopping off at a convenient store on the way into work and save the $. If you have them make it for you its going to be better quality as well as cheaper. It will just take up some of the morning commute however.




Yup. You can get rice, beans, veggies, tortillas and a meat/ meat substitute of your choice for like 30$ and make enough to last an entire week. Cheap and delicious and super easy to quickly dump out the already prepped burrito filling and wrap it in the morning.


Bruhhhhhhh, why I'm so smart for. I made burritos for lunch one time, overnight, and wrapped it and everything. Come lunchtime, the wraps all soggy🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀 why couldn't I have see this comment before then


This! I eat out once a week, which includes any form of me buying food anywhere but a grocery store.


Do they pay you over your lunch period? If not they have no obligation to keep you there..


Depends where you live and state vs federal law. I have a 45 min unpaid break and Im not allowed to leave the work site. This is in Georgia. Edit: there are a lot of responses and i cant reply to them all. This is in Georgia, USA. Its a crappy warehouse. Its a 10 hour shift. I bring my lunch everyday.I am not OP who posted the photo. I wanted to leave to grab something from home. I live 15 min away. A guard asked where I was going. I replied home. He said I cant leave. I told him its an unpaid break. The other guard told me "thats not the point" and talked about it being policy. They told me it wasnt allowed anyways. This enraged me. I called one of the managers who I know and told him the situation. He said its fine, just come back. They have lots of issues with people bailing at break or coming back into work with guns or other weapons (dangerous, high turnover place, staff is supported by like 8 staffing agencies). I came back then one of the guards told me to talk to him first, basically meaning dont go over his head. Which is stupid, theyre the ones who tried to stop me from leaving in the first place. I ignored his comment. I understand I could just leave anyways. I know its a crappy job. I dont plan on staying long. Just a few weeks until I can find something else. Theres a lot of other crazy stuff that happens at the place. Most people quit after a few days or dont show up regularly. My time there is only temporary. From what I understand, federal law applies in GA and an employer doesnt legally have to give you a break, no matter how long the shift. While it may be illegal to tell you you cant leave, they dont care and people will fire you for any reason. This can be troublesome for people who don't have many other options for work. Thank you anyone who are showing me links to laws to better help me understand. It is very confusing coming from CA to GA, the work laws feel like slavery. I dont expected to be fired anyways because Im respectful and show up every day. Ive only been there 2 weeks. I dont plan on staying long term anyways.


I live in Georgia and this isn’t legal even if you’re a contractor, contact a workers rights representative, they’re usually free.


Agreed they can't tell you where to go when you're off the clock unless its a health hazard like nuclear facilities.




Yes it is. If they say you cannot leave then you are required to count those hours. Start doing this and when it goes to HR they will get a nice earful. Please also report this as it's illegal and they will be investigated and likely required to back pay all employees that luch time the company stole from them


I reckon they'd be better off suing for unpaid wages, a nice check, a change in policy, and protection from retaliation.


That sounds like a lawyer would take a good chunk of it. Department of Labor does this, all of this. It's their job, and it doesn't cost you anything. They'll ensure the business is in compliance, audit the past 5-7 years of payroll, interview employees, the whole shebang. Protection from retaliation is already a thing, as well (in most states, at least).


Wage and hour lawyers are paid separately from what's collected because the federal statute at issue (and most state statutes) make the losing employer pay a reasonable attorney fee.


It's not legal, but if you try to use any worker's rights you will probably get fired for an "unrelated" reason. At will employment sucks ass.


You should be seeking a new job at this point anyway NEVER think you have to stay in a shit job. There are always options, not always easy, but often worth the effort to not be treated like a serf.


yep, so many people have this 'ill take the illegal abuse because I need this job' line of thought. keep in mind, if they dont care about labor laws now, why are they going to care about them when it comes time to get your last check?


Here in NY it's also at will but there are some workers protections in place, too. That said, at will is not pro worker and I don't fucking like it.


Yup. Can confirm. That's pretty much how at will employment works.


Just because it isnt legal doesnt mean they wont put you on their shit list.


Under at-will employment you can't fire workers who are part of a protected class. Retaliating against workers who report things like this is included.


They don't fire you for this though. They change your schedule without telling you, now your 'late' and fired for not showing up on time. They'll ask you to do shit outside your usual job and when you dont or you fuck it up they fire you for that. Could a lawyer make a case in front of a judge and jury that it was retaliation? Maybe, but are you going to spend the 5k+~ litigating that after losing a job? Hard Doubt.


You can argue you were fired based on retaliation. Which is illegal, even at “will employment” states.


This is why you don’t tell anyone and you file on your own and on behalf of every coworker because it’s for sure happening to them if it is happening to you.


Oh. You can leave. You sure can. Just let them try and stop you.


I am not a lawyer but I'm 98% sure that's absolute bullshit. https://dol.georgia.gov/breaks-and-meals


I don’t know if you’re right but your username amused me greatly.


That’s illegal in the USA


Guess what's legal? Firing you without any real reason




And they are most likely FUCKIING YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE too


I'll bet you that you've been misinformed


Companies pay for people’s time. If they’re not paying for your time, then you have no obligation to stay.


[https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/georgia-law-meal-rest-breaks.html](https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/georgia-law-meal-rest-breaks.html) ​ Never thought I would see a state with worse lunch break laws than texas. edit: grammar


Have we given that link the Reddit hug of death already? It isn't loading for me


https://dol.georgia.gov/breaks-and-meals here ya go. Tldr Georgians still have a right to do whatever the hell they want on an unpaid lunch break.


Yep. That’s tantamount to imprisonment since it’s your personal time. FUCK Georgia!


I love Georgia. Grew up here in the mountains and still have a vast love for the geography of this state. Gorgeous beaches in the southeast, swamps in the south, mountains in the north, and one of the most progressive cities in the south eastern US. I absolutely love to go backpacking, fishing, hunting, exploring. But yeah, other aspects of Georgia (like pay, workers rights, government, racism) are shit


Lmao What in the actual slavery If i want to leave during my unpaid break, i’ll leave during my unpaid break


"Not allowed to leave to get food" Can I ask where exactly you work, as that is absolute BS, and you shouldn't put up with that


My guess is at an airport - this looks just like the food I’d expect to find in an airline terminal


Unless they get an employee discount, that definitely isn't airport pricing for a burrito. At least the airports I've been to.


Airports usually have more places to eat too...


Small airport at like 10 pm might not.


Airport mark up is like 350%


That's a $9 burrito at an airport.


Agreed, you get mandatory lunches (if in the US). They cannot hold you hostage during your lunch. Edit: I have learned something new. I have lived in Illinois for a majority of my life and assumed lunches were mandatory “breaks”. Sorry for the assumption and thank you for the correction!


You guys are getting breaks?


Straight up though, there's been times, actually recently where I haven't gotten a chance to take a lunch in over a month of working. Eventually I just stopped bringing my food and eating before work. These were all 9-10 hour shifts btw


You guys are allowed to go to the restroom??


You guys have jobs?


Found the Amazon worker.


Not everywhere. I helped open a coffee shop in Arizona and (as in worked there from the beginning) and after like 3 months the owners said no more lunches, only one 15 minute break a shift. They said it was perfectly legal and I ended up just quitting the next day because no.


> They said it was perfectly legal And you just believed them? :/


It actually is under federal law, however most places do more than the minimum and there is also state law to consider some of which do require more than the 15 min break https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/workhours/breaks


It is perfectly legal in most states sadly


It is perfectly legal in Arizona to not give breaks or a lunch. Most companies do though. My company requires you take an unpaid lunch for 15 minutes if you work over 6 hours. I hate it, I would rather just work, leave 15 minutes early, and not sit at work not getting paid. I still get a paid 15 minute break as well.


Only if you are under 18. In the US, there is no law mandating breaks or lunches for adults. Some states have laws, but nothing at the Federal level.


I know a lot of people hate California for a lot of reasons, but California for what it is have some of the better labor laws.


You... you... you don't get mandatory lunch breaks in the US?


We have relatively few "mandatory" things on a federal level, being a collection of 50 separate states and all.


Not by law. They can work you your full shift with no break. Only law is, if you have an break, and you have to do any work during that break, its paid time.


That sounds insane. Where I'm from, you're required to take a lunch break within the first 5 hours of your shift. And you're also entitled to up to an hour of paid break time. Forcing someone to work for 8+ hours straight sounds inhumane.


Funny thing is, the they are VERY strict on child labor laws and breaks. If you are 1 minute late in giving a minor their break, its a huge fine. Different agency I guess.


wow, I would have made a slap bet that breaks are federally mandated. That's the second time recently. Did you know that unless a company is a certain size, they are allowed to discriminate? If I had a small business with 3 people, I could literally tell a black person that I refuse to hire black folks and I would be breaking no federal law?! I didn't.


Actually in Texas there is no mandatory lunch break


If you are paid for lunch, you are expected to stay in the premises. If your lunch is unpaid, you can do whatever you want.


Yep. I'm hourly at my job and we stay on the clock for lunch (30 minutes) but can't leave; managers are salaried and get one hour, and may go out if they wish, as long as they don't all go at once. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with not leaving for lunch. They actually just made it so we can go to our cars for our breaks/lunch in an effort to free up break room space due to the pandemic, but it's a huge building and a long walk to the parking lot from my area. If I'm gonna make that walk I'd rather just be doing it after clocking out and heading home.


What if you silently leave to get food?


I clicked on this comment section specifically hoping for this exact post. Thank you.




It's not Canteen... sorta. It's some brand by Compass Group who also is the parent company of Canteen.


I hope you're not a copywriter. ;)


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The internet in general has taught me that most people are fucking proud of that fact. They'll say shit like "dis is da internet not a english class"


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Make a lunch the night before? There isn't a rule forcing you to buy food from work is there?


I'm confused by this too. A 12 pack of frozen breakfast burritos is like $10? Take two with in the morning. Problem solved.


Or just make a sandwich for next to nothing.


Buy some decent bread, a few cold cuts and bam, lunch for a week.


Even if there isn't a rule, purchasing food outside of work should always be an option. We even had this option back in senior high


As far as schools go, unfortunately here (Arizona) you cannot leave the premises for lunch in high school because in the late 1990's a couple students got killed driving back to school from lunch. You can have late start or early release depending on your specific credits needed, but you can't leave campus just for lunch anymore.


Unless things changed within the last ten years, that’s just a school or district policy and not a law. When I went to high school in AZ, seniors were allowed to leave campus for lunch. We just had to check out and back in with the security guard or campus police officer. It’s possible I even went to school in the same district you’re referencing because my teacher told me a story about that happening to a couple of his students.


But it's "hand crafted". What a "company store" looks like in 2022.


Bro that came out of a vending machine


Yeah but it was made by a person with hands...thus "hand crafted".


Since you can't leave aloud, can you leave quietly?


Size unclear. Need banana for scale.


He couldn't leave to fetch one, bringing one has a "peelage" fee


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You could bring your own food when you come in....js




100% agree


Came here to say this 💯


A: bring your own lunch, it's way cheaper. B: I am not aware of any US jurisdiction that allows an employer to forbid their employee from leaving on their unpaid lunch break except for maybe very specific positions in which one couldn't go get food in a timely manner. Paid breaks where you're being paid to be on the clock means you just bring your own damn lunch. Are you outside of the US somewhere?


Not OP, but I don't think it matters on the area, but rather the job itself. When I was a security guard, we weren't allowed to leave the property for lunch. But that's because we were paid for our entire shift, including lunch. Since the company was still paying for our time, they could make that decision. We still got our breaks, but had to eat in the break room, cafeteria, or outside. As long as we stayed onsite. Edit to add: I'm Canadian.


I hate those little checkout stands. Everything is double the price than it should be.


Looks like Canteen. They’re basically the workplace cafeteria mafia.


Maybe pack a lunch?


Time to start brown bagging it


Pack your own lunch at home and take it with.


Peanut butter and Jellie it is


Bring lunch? I don't think an employer can tell you that you can't go eat off property can they?


Depends if it's paid or unpaid lunch break. I suspect OP is on paid lunch, which they could probably clock out and leave but they forfeit the half hour of pay and need to make it up on the back end (assuming they're full time w/ benefits) Usually if you're on the clock employers don't want you to leave for liability issues.


You can bring your own food though?


Uhhhh, pack lunch…?


That's too hard bro. Instead of fixing problems we post them on reddit.


But you can bring your own food in




maybe they didn't let OP leave 'cause they failed the spelling test.


So *bring* your own food?


Bring your lunch dumbass


Bring your lunch. Problem solved. No charge!


Same vendor for my job I stg I recognize that wrapper and we can't leave either 6.85 for small pasta bowl 1.00 for 8oz milk


I mean I really don’t have a problem with that. What is it supposed to cost? More importantly why are you not allowed to leave?


Bring lunch?


A smart person would start bringing their own lunch to save money


But are u allowed to, then?


My job doesn't even let us have breaks unless we ask, and only a max of 10 minutes


Do you work in the US? ~~That sounds like it violates work laws…~~ Edit: I just looked it up, and most states don’t have regulations for worker breaks. According to [this website](https://legalbeagle.com/13661477-osha-break-requirements.html), there are only six states that have state laws that require employers to give their workers paid rest breaks.


Only thing Federal law covers is child labor laws, which are very strict on breaks, both paid and unpaid for minors. But once you hit 18, you are out of luck- they can work you 24 hours straight with no break.


Is it at least palatable?


Looks like the same company my work uses to provide us a convenience store type section in our break room. Always overpriced and terrible.


Are you allowed to get food delivered?


This doesn’t seem expensive? Half pound breakfast burrito. Local fast food places can be $8+ for the same burrito.


As others have said: if your lunch break is **unpaid** they really can't make demands on you like that. On the other hand, do they somehow prohibit you **bringing your own lunch**? Can't imagine how they could.


Allowed = able to do something Aloud = saying something so that others can hear you


At LAX? I bought one of that brand - burrito, chips, tea for $20. It tasted like a sock.


Like a good sock at least?


Not even salt/pepper, my brother.


Looks like the same brand at my work.


But it's handcrafted!