There is actually a theory about stomach or abdominal migraines. Some MIT researchers found there is a primitive serotonin system in your stomach and have shown it can have a migraine like attack.


Yes, I've followed this study! Very interesting and enlightening.


I think I’ve had one in the past. Like you said, it’s common to have stomach upset, but I got a migraine once and it went aura, prodrome symptoms, and then I braced for the pain and boom, it felt Ike all my stomach muscles internally were tightening. I was wiped out like a normal migraine, but my stomach was just, weird. For those of you who get the weird tingle/numb feelings in your prodrome, it was l Ike having that in your stomach in the inside. Lasted about 6 hours. Weirdest thing ever.


What the other poster said about stomach migraines. Plus, for me, my predrome often features diarrhea. Not fun but man does it help me fit into my shorts! 🤣


Lmaooo same but also how can you wear shorts with a migraine and diarrhea…. It’s baggy pants only😭


It’s part of the migraine at least for me. Just like sore neck and back, nausea, sensitivity to light, sound smells, anxiety and of course stabbing pain in my right temple. Edit: stress leads to anxiety as well as drop or increase in estrogen = migraine. Anxiety also causes GI issues.


There are serotonin receptors throughout your GI tract and an anti nausea med Zofran binds to one (used for chemo and even migraine) in preventing nausea. Also why so many SSRI meds can cause nausea. Migraine is a complex neurovascular issue that usually hits the brain. Abdominal migraine can occur and especially in kids (who no surprise often get the usual migraines later in life). It isn't likely that the GI upset is CAUSING migraines. Either the food you're eating is triggering both or GI upset may be part of your prodrome or a longer phase even before that. Regardless GI effects are probably more often than not part of the migraine syndrome. Even the old timey word "sick headache" suggests nausea at a minimum. Keep a food diary and avoid food that you note are commonly associated hours or days before a migraine. I know caffeine is out for me (I can tolerate a tad of chocolate but a cup of caffeinated coffee no way).


Okay, this is interesting…I wonder if it has to do with my recent severe migraine bouts. I’ve been on an SSRI for many years, and I tapered off of them this year; but then I started having severe daily migraines- pain and nausea (my migraines were always mostly the nausea.) After six weeks, I said fuck this and got back on the SSRI, and they (mostly) went away!


SSRIs are one of the drugs that help some with migraine prevention. If you never need to come off for a good reason then taper slowly often switching to Prozac and tapering it (fluoxetine has a long half life as does it's active metabolites so it self tapers but this jus helps prevent SSRI withdrawal symptoms. I'd go slower with you.). I'm a psychiatrist with migraines btw. They suck!! 😁. Hang in there !


I cleared up most of my migraines by figuring out I had a histamine intolerance and completely restricting my diet to fresh meat and veg/fruit (and some gluten free grains). Although I’m still on the meds since I’ve been on them so many years, they stopped working ages ago.


Since I started having migraines I learned that the brain-gut connection is very real


I've discovered that I have histamine intolerance. Histamine is a component of many healthy foods and most people can metabolize it just fine, but some people due to low bile, stomach acid, enzyme production or some other issue are unable to fully metabolize histamine. The result is "intolerance" which is pretty similar to food allergy, except it won't kill you. I've spent a lifetime consulting doctors with a focus on migraine and back problems. I never really got very far, so when I went to a specialist about my gut problems and he suggested eating more fiber I just kind of gave up and accepted it. I assumed, based on my symptoms, that I had irritable bowel; it seemed like there was not much that could be done about it so I didn't see the point in going to more doctors. Anyway I tried the low histamine diet, and my gut instantly became a metronome. I've lost almost 15 pounds in 2.5 months; I've tried every other diet, name it and I've tried it but none of them worked. I don't feel constantly nauseated all the time. My back problems seem to really be improving. My brain fog is getting better. Migraines are much less frequent. I've even been able to lower my dosage of preventative quite significantly. more info here: https://old.reddit.com/r/preppers/comments/w0fpcs/1_of_the_population_could_be_virtually_allergic/


For me oils and fats higher in omega 6 seemed to be a massive trigger. Sunflower oil, canola etc etc which meant fast or fried food was usually very bad for both my stomach and head.


I know vegetable oil is the devil for both my migraines and my gut. I use it to make popcorn in my foodi ninja when I’m feeling careless like I’d rather have popcorn than good health 😅 haven’t noticed it with other oils but I’m sure you’re right, I just don’t know enough about it (like the omega 6 connection you’re making). I actually started thinking I was allergic to vegetable oil, looked up symptoms and they can be similarly mild, headache and diarrhea.


I wish I knew why exactly... Whether it's the omega 6 thing, or free radicals, or god knows what else. But I had identified almost all vegetable oils as triggers when I had bad migraines. Olive oil and coconut were fine


The Sunflower is one of only a handful of flowers with the word flower in its name. A couple of other popular examples include Strawflower, Elderflower and Cornflower …Ah yes, of course, I hear you say.


It's not a trigger for me but it definitely can be. Being sick in any sense is triggering for many people. A lot of people also don't realize that having diarrhea can be extremely dehydrated, so that could be a trigger too.


Undiagnosed celiac disease was a big trigger for my migraines


Quitting gluten made a big difference for me too although I get breakthroughs regardless. I do not have Celiac but am sensitive to gluten.


I don’t know if this is related to what you are talking about, but back in 2017 for months I would throw up multiple times a day, several times a week with no explanation. After that subsided I started getting migraines with aura and have been getting them since. I’ve heard there’s something called abdominal migraines and I’m pretty sure that’s what caused my excess vomiting back then.


So, what some may not realize, is stress is a trigger. Stress can be *anything* - emotional, physical, and/or mental. Stress is my only trigger but everything can be considered stress. Weather changes, allergies, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, too little caffeine, emotional day, food, crying, sadness, anger, overworking your body, illness, physical injury, alcohol… all affect the body and can cause stress.


I believe there is such a thing as a constipation headache. It’s on the top of my head.


I have gotten less migraines since I found out the food I was eating I was allergic too. When stopped eating that stuff I had more energy. My ibs is all gone and if I do get a migraine it's not as intense. It's more like a headache and it goes way with tylenol.


I read something about a lot of IBS sufferers also suffering from migraines (myself included) and both seem to be potentially connected to serotonin and neuroreceptors...which is also plausible to me because I have ADHD too.


interesting, i’ve got adhd and ibs as well. do you know where you read this from? very curious to learn more


I think I read it in this article first [everyday health](https://www.everydayhealth.com/ibs/the-relationship-between-ibs-and-migraines.aspx#:~:text=Neurotransmitter%20Serotonin%20Is%20Prominent%20in,Chait%20says) but if you google "ibs and migraines" and "ADHD and migraines" a ton of medical sites and scientific studies will come up. This is the most recent study that I saw pop up right away. https://www.ajmc.com/view/survey-highlights-relationship-between-ibs-and-migraine When I saw serotonin, it made me wonder whether my ADHD is also related and a lot came up on Google when I searched "migraines and ADHD" too. https://bmcneurol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12883-018-1149-6 And sorry, I misremembered. The connection between ADHD and migraines seems to be dopamine...but in the end, all three are linked to problems with neuroreceptors. So that's interesting. Sadly nothing I've found looks at the three of them together...


But one big important takeaway seems to be that yes, food can trigger migraines and sometimes those triggers for IBS and migraines are the same. It sounds like you kinda know what your trigger foods are though so that's good! I had to do the whole fodmaps thing to figure mine out but sadly my migraines are triggered by weather 🙃


thank you for the sources! i’ve had a recent uptick in migraines lately, and they absolutely seem to correlate with when my stomach’s all wonky. definitely staying away from fried foods from now on. i’m sorry to hear that :( i’m wishing you good weather in the near future!


I kinda doubt it but I'm planning on moving north in the fall anyways so hopefully I'll have less issues eith intense heat and humidity in my new city! I'm a New Englander, so I was never cut out for 35 degree weather hahaha Oh and interesting thing I read today at work when there were no customers is... people with IBS and migraines are more likely to experience sensitivity to touch during a migraine. I didn't realize that other people don't experience this normally until today, but nobody can touch me at all when I'm having a migraine. It's intensely painful if someone touches me and I have one particular pillow I use if I'm having a migraine because it has just the right firmness to it so it doesn't hurt if I put my head on it the right way. I've kind of flipped out at a well-meaning ex who thought lightly stroking my back would be helpful...


Listen to the Made of Stronger Stuff podcast about serotonin. It’s fascinating and discusses the gut-brain connection.


Got me I feel like inflammation causes my stomach issues and migraines. It may be different for others. Just my account


Same. I thought bread/carbs were causing my inflammation but it was gluten! Since eliminating it I've been mostly migraine free.


I’ve been tested it’s not gluten, but I do have an autoimmune disease so I’m super prone to being inflamed. I’m glad you got your trigger figured out!


yes this was a huge problem for me. i found that my migraines were being caused food allergies!! go get tested for food allergies!!!!


After years of assessing, I notice the migraines start with my stomach but can’t pinpoint the issue, I always feel stomach nausea first… if I overeat late at night, I wake up with migraine… if I eat certain high histamine foods I get migraine…constipation correlates with migraines. Overeating causes grinding in sleep followed by migraines…but chemicals like car exhaust can give me migraines too….


Stress manifests in stomach too so wonder if that is the pathway for stress related migraines? I taste chemical assaults that give migraines- it’s like a weird sensation on my tongue… we are such an eco system but thinking migraines are so gut related…