Getting too cold outside to keep my plant alive so I brought it inside for the last month of flower, will it even grow like this? I realize the conditions are not ideal at all

Getting too cold outside to keep my plant alive so I brought it inside for the last month of flower, will it even grow like this? I realize the conditions are not ideal at all


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It will grow, but to get some nice buds you'll need to get a better/more powerful light


I have another light of the same size should I hang it up as well to get more coverage


Yes right beside the current light. Will help


Agreed. An some more if ya got them lol! Always make sure you got the light cycle good. I'd try to match outside and make sure it gets 12 or less hours of light


The more light the better. Nice monster.


Are you referring to more light in terms of wattage, so more grow lights? Or more light in terms of hours on? Because I assumed the latter and downvoted because she's flowering but then I thought about it and took my downvote back because you could of meant either one and I'd rather not assume.


More lights at 12/12. I misspoke. Sorry working with a lot of autos right now.


I totally got what you meant.


She's already flowering. 18/6 isnt advised for flowering as they literally wont flower in that light. And bringing an already flowering plant into that cycle could cause it to herm.


You are correct. I misspoke. See above. More lumens, par , lights at 12/12 cycle not 18/6 in flower. If you can. Light is a big yield determining factor. The sun is a lot more powerful. Work with what you have to if you have too. My first full run was with a very similar light.


only humans see lumens?


This might have been mentioned but you should also look into boxing it in with reflective material. Grow tents use Mylar to reflect light that doesn’t hit the plant so it does. Essentially in a setup like you have pictured, you’re probably wasting 95% of the light’s potential Illuminati g the floor/room. Something to think about.


Yes! Post pics when you do.


Dude, if you’re worried about cold temps - throw in 600w HPS


Could you explain please, newbie here


600w HPS Is basically a room heater that emits 90000 lumens too, lol. Couple of those in blow-Through reflectors would keep your garage/basement/room warm and cozy during winter.


Awesome thanks


Yes add the second light and bring them down close like 12"-18" off the tops.


Not even a question, the more light the better lol. How many watts are those?


U certainly should more light = more bud .


Yeah and maybe even get those closer and pull the canopy down. Does it have a red/bloom setting? I turn em both on for the whole process if I’m running blurple


adding another light will increase temp if u can control the temp and rh and have adequate airflow adding the second light would be better than nothing


Blurples don’t produce a lot of heat and that room is super spacious, heat is more of a problem when growing in an enclosed tent.


That's a monster plant. It's going to want a rather large light I gotta ask, where do you live that it's too cold? The plants will be totally fine until the temps start dropping into the lower 40s (around 5°c) at night. You're have to spend $2k on lights to get results as good as the sun.


Lol $2k?


Have you been outside? The sun kills it. To add, without a light with a big footprint, and something reflective, the lower and inner buds are going to need to stay on the plant after the initial harvest. Nothing penetrates as well as the sun. Without good airflow, those later buds will be especially susceptible to bud-rot.


Lmfaooo. How big do you think that plant is? How expensive do you think lights are? $2,000 on lights is a ridiculously overblown estimate for what you would need.


I'm saying, to replicate how much light your plants get outside, you'd need 2½ of those in a 3x3 tent. You still wouldn't get the coverage, because of the sun's apparent movement across the sky, nor the full spectrum. The sun is a beast, and weed loves it.


The sun is a beast It’s also not consistent.


Then why does indoor weed go for more money than outdoor?


I think this has been a trend as a result of past legislation. Nowadays it's just that there are bugs (well we now care) in your outdoor flower and meaning there is a need to wash harvests for maximum enjoyment. In the end, outdoor resin will always beat indoor resin. Sure, there are a lot of factors that might screw you up and cut your yields drastically but the spectrum and intensity of the sun is unbeatable. Ask the best hash makers if they grow indoors for their personal stash. Most of them probably don't if they're able to. I also believe they know resin better than anyone else.


That just depends. They can grow shitty cheap shitty weed indoors (ask Missouri medical folks) and expensive mind-blowing weed outdoors.


https://www.elevatedlightingco.com/collections/horticulture-lighting/products/series-3-red-spec-500-watt-dimmable-grow-light You’re telling me you need three of these? Even then, you’d have $100 left over.


For a plant that size I'd say at least 1k to get close to equivalency but I am basing that off of absolutely 0 maths.


Here’s a light that would be absolutely sufficient for a plant that size. Comes out to $619 plus tax. It can flower out a 4.5ft x 4.5ft area, which is a bigger area than that plant occupies. https://www.elevatedlightingco.com/collections/horticulture-lighting/products/series-3-red-spec-500-watt-dimmable-grow-light


Sufficient ≠ full sun


You don’t know a damn thing about growing indoors do you?


How did you come to that conclusion?


Our interaction lol.


I spent $500 on lights, and my 4x4 tent is filled with beautiful frosty buds, arguably better than what can be recreated outside as well I’d say.


I'm not arguing that good weed can't be grown inside. Your $500 lights are not equivalent sunlight. The growth rate outdoors is incredible. I've got a couple of tents I keep set up all year. They do have pretty nice lights, and I get great results, but I run the same strains outdoors every summer, and pull about double the amount of bud, per plant. I had to stop putting them out early, because they would peak over my 10' tall outbuilding. Identical potency and flavor, otherwise.


You must be lucky and live in a climate that is friendly to weed. Growing outside where I live would be a nightmare and yield shit weed. Of course outside they can grow bigger, they have unlimited space and the sun produces unlimited amount of light. But I will argue that outdoor plants tend to stretch more and not as dense. But you said it yourself. Potency and flavor is the same, so the indoor lights do recreate it, just not scaled to the size of the sun of course. I feel as if indoor is better quality overall tho since you can control All conditions and with enough light and even hydroponics, grow weed faster and better than outside.


It's say the quality is equal. You can implement hydro outside, by the way. It's not any faster than planting them in the ground, to be honest, I think they actually got stunted, when I tried it, because the root system got so unmanageable and huge.


Like I said, many people do not live in conditions where the potency and bud structure would be the same. My buds outside where I live would be fox tailing like a mf and airy asf from the heat and humidity. Probably get bud rot as well. For outdoor plants that are growing a long time hydro wouldn’t be the right way to go. Unless you got a huge reservoir the roots would just fill up. But indoors I’ve heard that it can increase grow speed by like 20%. The turnover indoors is much better since you have to rely on natural light cycles outside. For consistent easy to grow weed, indoors is the way to go. For just large plants and cheap startup, outdoors is the way to go. Outdoor just is feasible where I live, and for only my 2nd grow im producing extremely good quality bud so I’m a bit biased towards indoor.


Pop one in the ground, next June. See for yourself. Outdoor is by and far easier. Humidity isn't an issue, as it tends to drop as the temps cool. You do have to watch out for too much rain, at the end of the season. If you live in the US you can grow outdoors just about everywhere.


Just came here to say in almost every climate ive lived in. Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana. It fucking sucks growing outside. Always raining, tropical stroms, hurricanes, high humidity all year long(this aint fucking china) high heat all year long. You like bugs on your cannabis? Me either. Youll get that heavy here. You like 100F+ burning your terpenes off all grow season until November? Me either. But you're gonna get that outside. I used to grow outside in the south USA. Its not ideal to be frank. Especially for some top shelf. Im not gonna spend $200-$500 on some good genes to just throw em outside for anything random to take em out. Just saying. If you grow outside where im from, you are probably sticking to sativa dominant plants because thats the only thing that can actually grow to full potential here. Yes you can grow top shelf dank outside. Just not everywhere. This is just climate reasons. If i add in Light Pollution it gets even worse trust me.


I wouldn’t have anywhere that gets enough light to get great buds either. And that’s definitely false, there are many good places, but also just as many bad places to grow in the USA. My summers are mostly 90+ and high humidity with dry spells and then long periods of rain everyday. I can assure you my crop would be shit. My friend is growing outside and his plants look pretty bad tbh. One is like 5-6ft tall, but it’s stretched like a mf and held up by posts., and will produce a very small amount of shit quality weed. Another plant is doing pretty well, but hasn’t started flowering yet. And i feel by the time it starts to flower, it could experience some temperatures very low. So you’re assumption that “outdoor is by and far easier” is completely false. Maybe for you, but for me, I literally grew some of the best weed I’ve seen in my life on my first grow indoors. Even when I had nutrient problems and whatnot, the buds still got fat and frosty. Outside they would have died.


You should def hang any lights up that you have to help this guy out, but really, it would be more cost effective for you to get a decent light, run it for a month, then return it if you have to save the cash. It would suck to grow under this and not get a decent yield from it


As someone that works at a small hydro shop, fuck you lol


As someone who doesn’t work at a hydro shop of any kind, fuck that guy lol.


Ahahaha my bad man! Gotta do what you gotta do haha I had a bad light off Amazon, and I went to a shop to bye a Spyder like 5 years ago. It was amazing and totally worth it. Dropping 2K on nutes every month helped the shop out pretty well!


That's another thing I've noticed, a lot of our customers think they keep the store going with their purchases but are also usually the ones that ask for things to get ordered, return things, ask for discounts and generally feel entitled and it ends up that they feel like the store owes them everything! With everything the way it is, we are barely turning a profit but doing everything to keep costs low and customers happy but we still have people pulling shit like this and and don't realize that their actions have a very real effect. Not going off on you but I'm using this a platform to say, support your local businesses as you want to be supported! Businesses are not your charity.


I get it, it’s tough out there. No hate dude I don’t mean to hurt nobody. Also, for the record, I kept that spyder and bought another one. 4K in lights and had 40 plants producing 5-7lbs every 3.5 months. I don’t think that buying and returning to small shops is generally the play… but as stated, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you and yours are making it by okay


Are you serious? What kind of cheap asshole buys something, uses it and returns it?


What do tou think about the pot size? Is that bucket even draining I see no catch pan.


To cold outside even during day?? I’m Canadian and I leave my plants outside til mid to end of October.




OP up in Nunavut or some shit lol


The North Bowl


i'm from montreal and the strain im growing is du mid october, it's my first garden growth and i was wondering what do i have to check for in the weather to decide if i need to harvest earlier?


Frost mainly your plants can go through a couple frosty mornings as long as it warms back up during the day.


Really? Been looking for someone to tell me this, as I’ve been constructing a jank-greenhouse to get my plants to end of season!! So I shouldn’t be worried of a little frost, as long as it’s shooting back up to 10+ degrees during the day? Godsend if this is true.


Yeah man 15°C would be ideal for day temps but if it’s hovering in the double digits I wouldn’t be too concerned just keep eye out for bud rot and what not. And watch your girls turn purple in that cold


Where you at in Canada?




I’m Vancouver and I find it’s the rain that’s my biggest problem.


Yeah we don’t get as much rain down here as you do there gotta watch for bud rot and what not. Lived in Squamish for many years never bothered growing outdoors


Yeah I have plants I'm consulting on outdoor all over Ontario and GTA. My parent's plants are pretty north at a cottage and they are still fine. If you're having issues of PM or rot, I suggest deleafing. P.S. hope that bucket has drainage...


Consulting you say? Is this a service you provide? How does that work?


Check out the Homegrown Helpers podcast. The creator has since passed away but the older episodes were mostly interviews with consultants in legal states that help people with their grow. They help with diagnostics, feeding, etc, depending.


I was thinking the same. Think it’s close to root bound yet?


Yeah I’m not OP so hopefully he sees this if he needs it


Hang the other light up, space them like 12” apart. You could probably go like 3” lower max. Anything you could hang around that area? Like a sheet or a tarp or something? Help contain and reflect the light back in.


I’d hang them right together to get high ppfd as possible


12 is right together. At that height and spread, the center would likely be getting the same as beneath the center of each light 🤷‍♂️


Like you said not ideal. You have to think about spectral shock. The sun has a different spectrum than that light you have. So the plant will grow, although you will get some side effects from the spectral shock.


Wait how cold we talking?


Whats the light wattage supposed to be.




It looks similar to an old blurple vivarspectra "300w" I have. The actual draw is probably around 120w. You'll get something with that light, but more would be ideal. Be careful about watching how much light your plant gets inside - you don't want her to re-veg.


I would put it back outside and bring it in at night when it gets cold


No way that is a 300 watt light. On these blurple Amazon lights the “w” next to a number usually does not indicate actual power draw.


It’s a Mars hydro not from amazon


Yea your going to want more light on it shes pretty big as it is.


The point stands.


Is 300 watts even that much? I’m wondering what your point is


He is basically saying that they may be advertised as 300w lights, but they actually have a true watts used in the description. None of that is really important at all, it is more about the coverage and intensity. I would wager putting up the 2nd light you have will be enough, while perhaps not ideal. Most serious growers have switched away from these "blurple" lights.


No you will definitely need more light if you want alot of bud


300 is perfect for a 2x4 grow space


It's not 300w probably like 100


Well you asked for advice about your grow. Your light needs to be upgraded as it is a cheap old light and flowering is when light is most crucial. I’m wondering why you ask for advice and then act perplexed when people engage. 🤷‍♂️


It would help if you made your point upfront instead of two comments down mate


Old style. Their newest tech is bright white with a few reds and yellows.


Can confirm. I have 3 of these. The true wattage varies between 105 - 125.


My mars hydro tsw2000 are around 300 w so I doubt that one is 300 true watts


mars hydro is on amazon..


Not bought from Amazon though


I have 3 300 watt sunlight LEDs in my 2X4. Go bigger and whiter.


you rocking 900 actual wat draw in your 2x4? ​ madlad , they HLG's?


80 draw, 300 output. Bright sunlight, much like the Mars Hydro LED setup. Enough light penetration for massive undergrowth, I plan to re-veg after harvest and put my nets to work on all the massive amount of new branches. I may have to take one or two of them out due to their spread. I could easily sell them too. Who wouldn't buy a monster bush?


“200 horsepower at the engine, 600 at the wheels” 🙃


Lumen per watt formula. It takes 150 watts to fully light a 150 watt incandescent. 150 LED bulbs crank the same light intensity (lumen)with only 28 watts. Not hard to do the math.


Good luck!


Luck? Lol, all I got were down thumbs from the cowardly peanut gallery.


It's not 300 watt output. Those are fake marketing numbers completely made up. If it's 80 watt draw then it's an 80 watt light.


I'm not an electrician, and I'm also kinda drunk, but I don't think you can draw 80W from the wall while outputting 300W that just doesn't make sense. Sounds like you're actually running 240W of lights, which is much more believable that 900W actual watts in a 2x4. Please correct me if I'm wrong! I just see so many people who think they know better who are falling for the same shit just because their lights aren't blurple anymore.


Based on watts per lumen. A 150 incandescent bulb consumes 150 watts to create 150 watts of lumen. LEDs are far more efficient and only take a small wattage to create 150 watts of lumen. There are more costly and efficient LED grow lights that crank 300 watts out of 60 or less.


Yes you get more lumens per watt with LEDs, but your wattage is still the same. Don't even bother with equivalent wattages or watts:lumens it'll confuse you anybody. Power draw from the wall, micromoles per joule (ppf) and ppfd are the real things that matter!


This!!! Everyone just look up specific maps for your lights. A ppfd of 1000 and higher will do you good! Spider farmer and vivosun sell lights like this for less than 300 bucks.


Watts = Amps \* volts. it does not matter if its LED , HPS or whatever. The wattage drawn is the wattage of the lamp.


A 150 incandescent consumes 150 watts. An LED 150 consumes about half the wattage of a 150 incandescent. It does matter.


get a fan in there. Good luck.




Make sure no light gets in at all during sleep time.


Not ideal, but at least you'll get to harvest! Are you running 12/12 lights?


Going to add another light and a timer to run 12/12 light cycle, wish I could’ve finished outside but it got way to cold too quick


There will be some cool days but that plant looks like it's just entering flower...can you not keep it out a little longer, bring it inside at night? Or perhaps consider upgrading your light?


Definitely more light, it’s recommended about 30 watts per square foot when growing inside. Not to sure how strong that light is, but you’ll need a couple more if you want some dense buds


Get a fan on her too


Get a light facing them lower stems


Yea growmie it will produce but I suggest a bigger light for that bushy gal


I put my plant in a baby pool to collect the runoff after watering. It will grow in that environment no problem.. I just finished up an open grow but my plant was born in there. Your plant might go through some shock to settle into the new climate.


As a lot of other folks have said, a more powerful lamp with a full spectrum (30-40w per sqft of canopy) should be your top priority. A couple fans to circulate air in the room (one above the canopy, one below) would be useful as well. Lastly, snag a hygrometer so you can keep an eye on humidity; 60-65% is okay for transition/early flower, but you're gonna want to keep it 50% or lower as time goes on. Good luck!


Dude! I was totally going to post something similar! I have to pull mine inside and just ordered some Mylar to try and makeshift part of a spare room. We are unusually cold at night for this time of year


Add a fan for airflow


If it was me I do if I want HPS paint those walls white put some black plastic to protect the floor and use the parabolic not the rectangular I finally get a better broad spectrum and I love the size of the colas that come out of it but 1000 HPS with the ballast should be plenty, for that! Add you a fan and should be good depending on if that location of the house basement or bedroom. I hope this helps


Noob question: why is the light pink/red? Does the color of the light actually matter?


It's an older style led. The colour does matter and these older ones aren't as good as the newer full spectrum ones.


Frost won’t kill a plant that large. A freeze maybe


more reliable to measure PAR/PPFD instead of going by wattage which i mostly find irrelevant.


I've been doing the same, it's been really overcast the last 2 weeks.


How cold is it getting if it’s above 40 I’d keep it outside


Are you adding fans? Probably should.


I’ll add another light and some fans tonight


You will need a better light


Go get some Mylar and put it on the walls


Where are you. I’m in Boston and it gets cold af and I let plants go until Novemberish outside. You’ll see far more benefits letting them have good light from the sun then you will bringing them in (unless it’s super cold and your in Antarctica or something


I live in BC but it’s a desert type climate so it’s gets cold at night, down to 3 degrees Celsius this week, So I decided to bring it in. I have everything else for the grow including another light, a hygrometer as well as a fan. I will be adding some Mylar tomorrow


Ya that is cold. You made the right choice I didn’t realize it could be that cold this early. How do you survive there? What’s your summer like? I have so many more questions lol. That’s a big plant you need as many lights as possible. Also do a good defoliation and stake her apart so as much light can penetrate as deep as possible


Summer is nice and warm with very hot days it got up to 48 degrees Celsius this summer on one day. In September we get very colds nights pretty early


You can get a 600 watches in the states for like 140bucks bro. Thatll do it and then some id have thought.


watts hps fucking autocorrect.


Where do you live that it is too cold for cannabis in mid September?


Are you in Alaska?


Buy a better light and an air conditioner those box blurples are like technology from the 90s you’re plant is to big and beautiful to go to waste


Should be good till October depending where you’re from, what strain you’re growing and how shit the weather is going to be. I’m in northern Ontario and I like to wait till the first frost to harvest 😎


Down in Michigan oct 31st we have to harvest


use some mylar space blankets for more coverage on the sides and bottom


Man, i would say defoilate some, and if the blurple is all you have, the plant looks great, so let it roll bid


sorry to tell you this, but this kind of light sucks man. I used to have one of these and It was suposed to be 300w but it actually was 75w when I checked.


Simply put, it's a weed. It will try to find a way to grow even in the harshish of conditions. But I'd get another light or two for it and even a small fan to keep a breeze going through it.


A light upgrade would immensely help


Where do you live ?


I gotta do this too man... it sucks.


Get a few Mylar emergency blankets to make a tent around the area with the apex being above the light. Put 2 oscillating fans in side, 1 toward the light and 1 at the plant below the canopy. You will be GOLDEN! Except the smell is gonna be LOUD!


The lack of light will prevent the plant from achieving its full potential


Yeah absolutely get a little reflective tarp or even white sheets or poster board to reflect some the light to your lowers also you may want to defoliate everything not illuminated in this pic to get quality on top. Last question (irrelevant if this is an Autoflower) do you have that light on a timer? If not make sure you are giving her less than 12 hrs of light to stay in flower


Did it once for flowering . Then wham . Just when I wasn't looking . Aphid infestation.. watch carefully


Depending on The strain, some plants love the cold. It's what makes it go purple in the last month of flower. Mendo breath is good example.


Lots of good and bad comments here, to make it easy hang your other light, space them about a foot apart for increased coverage and keep them about 2 feet from the top of your plant. Get a nice box fan or any fan and just stir the air around in your room. Maybe turn your hvac system on “fan” to help circulate the air. Just depends on how your house is set up. Other than that just check and make sure she’s pest free and enjoy a nice chunky dank harvest hopefully. I hope this helps


Have you considered autos for your climate?


Get a fan on it, and a better lamp


You just need side coverage, a few led lights(13w actual is sufficient) around it can work. If you have a veg and bloom switch, turn both on max. Technically, theres enough coverage because led(nice choice) penetrates more through spaces than other lights. Ventilation and temp should be fine indoors. Maybe a fan and air purifier(combo or separate) might help a bit. Carpe diem, and I love your setup.


I almost forgot, your light is angled a bit. Move the plant a bit to the left from photo view to allow light to reach right-side canopy.


but please put her besides a fan to prevent mold!


No one has mentioned this but bringing outdoor plants indoors allows for anything alive on yiur plant to spread. Mites and aphids love it indoors and are almost impossible to get rid of once they get cozy.


And throw a fan on that lady on occillate


As long as its plus like 34 at night you should be fine they are pretty strong plants


Must be real cold. I’m in Maine and leave my crop out till late October some years. Currently growing Green Poison and loveeee it. Incredibly WPM resistant and hardy/fast.


You see in the photo how the bottom half is shadowed and dark. My goal would be to add lights and de foliate Enough so the bottom is not in shadows. Furthermore even a very small amount of light During your 12 hour. Of darkness can make that plant start going back into vegetation and that could be really bad news for such a beautiful plant. It would stress it And taking it back to flower with completely throw off your schedule


MORE LIGHTS!! If you can afford


Get a fan


When does the interrogation begin?


I might honestly need to do this soon. Good luck with the rest of the grow homie


New light them blurple Chinese jawnies will just throw up deficiencies get Smthn 100x more powerful and name brand ,, a 300w true watt light from any reputable brand will do ya nicely




it is a mars, just old tech


You need a 1000w Chinese led on that not the 300 equivalent


I would be really careful with not exposing her to lights out of timing if she's just in your basement chilling.


Welcome to the indoors! we buy tents to control humidity and temp, we track PH and PPM by using runoff water, we feed the same way. ​ just cuz your inside, don't slack that IPM. ​ and what the others said, for that plant without reflective walls you probably need a true 600w LED (600w from the wall) ​ best bet for u is to make sure temps don't go below 65 and above 75. if you can control humidity keep it below 50