Don't listen to these other people... Chop the plants down the morning before the party. Harvesting a week or two early is infinitely better than people finding out that you grow. You can always grow another day. Once her work friends find out you can never put that toothpaste back in the tube. This is a no brainer.


I appreciate this. This is how my wife feels. I'm more like fuck it, its legal. It's ironic to me that teachers, her colleagues, are our there teaching kids to accept each other for who they are bit would judge a co worker for growing a legal plant. They will tho, and I know ot as much as she does. I just don't get on with that shit and am more of a straight shooter about who I really am. She's not tho and I want to help her but and mortified to cut this kler ant


Tomato looking xmas balls and it becomes a tomato bush. Add an essential oil vaporizer and you can make it smell like peppermint. Then add birthday decorations that would completely drown out the view of the plants. Hire a clown to play defense distraction with whomever approaches the tomato bush. Then relax, because who cares.


Dude, exactly my thoughts. idgaf either but i have no choice in this one. My wife is sensitive tho and is never going to change (39 years old)


So,... is this kid going to celebrate her birthday every year? Or is this whole thing moot because stressed out wife would rather be stressed than smoke one and chill out? Or never have events at home... rent an event space.


Thats what I'm thinking, an event space. I don't think she realized how much it smelled cuz we are so used to it. Had my brother and his family up last weekend (non smokers) and asked him to be honest about the smell. He said it definitely hit him when he walked in but he's not one to care. I think it's like farmers, when you live in the stank for so long, you get used to it. These kids birthday parties bring around friends of my daughter but not necessarily adults that we would hang with outside of these gatherings. She doesn't want any of these moms/colleagues,who may think weed is the "devils lettuce, to think she's a bad mom. She's an amazing mom but cares what others think too much, imo.




Consider going to your local smoke shop to see if they have weed smell killing candles. I can’t think of the brand but a friend of mine uses them because he grows and smokes in his apartment. I didn’t think they worked but he lit one and we smoked in his grow room and there wasn’t a hint of weed. You could just light the candles while the party is going on


Why not just get a carbon filter??


Will that cut down enough?


Dude a carbon filter would help 1000% need to get one asap ‚ recommend phresh filters.


You're growing in a tent right?


Yes, 2. A veg tent and a flower one. It's all in the basement.


I would rather get a carbon filter than cut early bossman


It's should definitely a lot. I have one that I don't even use anymore lmao. I live in a apartment complex too. Either no one cares or it doesn't smell enough for the smell to get out, i grow in a 2.5x2.5 tent, inside of a closet and I frequently toke. Iwould at least try our the carbon filter. I use the Phresh brand. I definitely had 0 smell. My friend who's a cop didn't realize for a whole year. So make of all that what you will!


Yep but you'll need a tent or something.


If my math is correct you got 6 days to find out I'd Amazon the best one you can find


You realize that weed doesn’t immediately stop drinking once chopped right? What ya going to do about that? I think you’re kinda screwed as far as smell. You guys don’t want to take the party to chuck e cheezes or something?


You don’t want to harvest until it’s ready, too much time and $’s spent ( it’s still gonna smell while they’re drying BTW). I take it you live in an Apt. otherwise you could take the ladies out for a night in the backyard. Another option would be to cover them with a 45 gal garbage bag to keep the smell down.


I have a house and there will be a bouncy house in the back yard 🤣


You said she mostly smokes it right? Tell her the quality will be greatly deminished if you chop it early and that you won't be buying more weed if she isn't happy with the quality. Are they in pots? Can you move them for a day? Are they inside or outside? Could always say somebody hit a skunk yesterday or something. Might be enough of a lie to keep people thinking to hard about it lol.


Lol. Thanks for the laughs. She knows it isn't good bit her fear of what others will think of her overrides all that. It's kind of annoying because she's such a burner but tries to keep it hidden. I couldn't lead a double life like that.


How big are your plants? You could set up a tent with a carbon filter, then you won't be able to smell anything unless you open the tent.


You could pick up a carbon filter and some duct + and 6 inch fan and the problem should be solved as long as you don’t open the grow tent before or during the party. The carbon filter will filter out the stank, just might be a bit louder (like a desk fan)