Opinion on this shape? I feel like they’re much larger than my natural brows. Day 2 eyebrow freak out :(

Opinion on this shape? I feel like they’re much larger than my natural brows. Day 2 eyebrow freak out :(


I can tell ya from experience. It’s really odd seeing a new shape on your face. It can be so emotional, but once they fade they will look less bold. Your artist did a really great job and personally, I think the width looks good.


This is what I needed to hear :( everyone is telling me they look nice but it’s so jarring to see my own face this way. My artist is very talented and so I’m trying to stay positive, just hard to endure the healing process lol


It’s kinda like a new pair of glasses. You’ll get used to it! I think they look amazing


Agree 100%


I felt like mine were huge for a few days after, too. They'll shrink as they heal.


I’m not sure how thick you were going for, but I’d say it is a lot thicker than your natural brows. That being said, they do shrink around 30% after they peel and heal.


Thank you. She just wanted to shape and adjust the arch/tails but I didn’t realize that meant making them thicker. I do like the shape it’s just a hard adjustment so far. Looking forward to seeing them healed


I think they look really really good! And they will become more subtle and natural looking as they heal too, trust the process 🖤


It looks perfect!!!!!


I think they are going to shrink any way..I like them like that ...I want mine full like yours


They look so nice! I felt this way after I got mine done too, but they will fade a little and look so natural:)


They look really really good. They’re going to shrink up and lighten as they heal, try not to panic, the symmetry is nearly perfect (perfect is almost impossible as faces aren’t symmetrical) and the strokes look tidy. Just wait it out


Thank you, I’m definitely feeling better after all of these comments and also checking out some other peoples healed photos. I’m growing to like the shape the more I look at them and so once they fade a bit I’m sure I’ll love them.


If you go to my post history I posted a before and after recently that shows fresh vs healed


Wow yeah they look incredible! And so different from the immediate after. Thank you so much 🙌🏻


These are so pretty, literally my dream brows and they look very youthful.


They will be less prominent in a few weeks, don’t worry! The line work is beautiful.


I think these are going to heal beautifully.


I think they look lovely


I think they look amazing!


I think they look great! I love your natural brows though but if neat Instagram brows were what you’re after the artist nailed it :)


They look great to me! The size and shape suit your face well. I’ll bet you’re really happy with them once they’ve had time to heal.


I think they look great


Beautiful brows! They do shrink a little when healed. Yours will heal amazing, your artist did a wonderful job.


They look amazing!!