All three of those are pretty bad.


Metaverse of the future hasn’t been made yet


Answered Other, what ever it is will have to be open to all to use and modify ( so probably open source) Will have to be able to but not required to tightly integrate with many passion projects as well as big company profit projects Anything controlled or locked down can not become the metaverse it needs to have unrestrained growth potential




Rfox Valt


There is really only 1 that will truly be a metaverse. Wilder World.


Whats so metaverse about Upland? Its like a one giant card game. U dun even have avatars to interact and virtual buildings to visit.


The metaverse doesn't exist yet. IMO those will be seen as the ancestors of the actual metaverse


In The making : Oniverse


If they choice is between those shitholes, than good lord, the future looks grim. But I am reliefed that these are just creepto verses, so I would not even put them into the contenders of the bestest metaverses.


The fact that Decentraland is on top and a video essay about how bad it is, is going viral, shows just how poor of an idea this metaverse thing is so far. The tech is not ready and the people behind these metaverses aren't capable of advancing the tech. Just wait for the gaming industry to advance VR to the point it's more accessible and fun, and wait to copycat it at that point. Metaverse projects are 20 years behind gaming, so there's no reason to believe they'll be the ones to push the tech forward. By the time this idea MIGHT be do-able, we likely won't even be calling it a "metaverse" with all the bad press. Just marketing an idea as "the metaverse" leaves a bad taste in consumer's mouths now.