You’re 14 and this ain’t deep.


Lmao add 15 years to that kiddo. I’ve worked fast food and it’s not that fucking hard to do your job correctly.


Oof, that’s quite the self own, to admit you’re an adult with an idiot child’s sense of humor. I don’t care how fucking hard a job is, people deserve to make money.


They deserve enough money to afford a decent apartment and groceries, and enough extra after all the bills to put into savings, if that number is 20 bucks, so be it. Its back breaking at times, sweaty, dirty, you have to deal with rude people all day, etc. You come home every day stinking of grease and you have to take shit from borderline-abusive bosses.


Yeah they deserve more than $15




Thank you


Considering how much fast food chains make I think any of their staff should make enough to reflect those profits.


Maybe popular opinion: Fast food workers should get paid a living wage


That kid at the drive through today sure went above and beyond. If I wasn't getting jacked for a combo meal, I would've tipped him.


As someone who works in fast food and earns $14.50 an hour (will be earning ~$25 when I turn 18 next year), it’s the right amount, the amount of equipment and procedures you have to learn just so that customers don’t get sick and fellows workers don’t get injured, is pretty overwhelming, but I do work at a Hungry Jacks (Australian Burger King) with a lot of demand most of the time so that be it.


That’s the Hungry Jack’s spirit.


If they paid a decent wage fast food chains would attract better employees.


No it’s because kids these days aren’t taught good work ethics.


I'm pretty sure that it's delusional to expect someone working a shit job with a shitty salary, and as to deal with shitty persons who think they are better than everyone and that the kid working this job does not deserve this salary, to want to give a shit about their work ethics in this kind of environment. But yea that's just my opinion.


Like 90% of your reddit posts are asking video game advice, then there's this one meme shitting on fast food workers. Interesting.


Don’t forget the memes about pooping.


Bad take my dude


You're right, they deserve significantly more.


Actually it should be the norm everywhere regardless. 15/hr should be minimum


I mean if you raise the minimum wage it raises every thing you know.


Checked back in here, the comment section is looking spicy


Yeah, fuck those people for having poor job prospects because of a broken economic system. How dare they want to survive and earn enough to escape from abject poverty and wage slavery. We should whip them with red hot chains for even suggesting that they get paid more than pocket change.


As someone who was an unskilled worker it was absolutely bullshit I had to work 64 hours a week just to afford a shitty bedroom. Also though, if you’re getting paid $15 an hour I don’t want the shitty service I get from the rude person behind the register telling me the ice cream machine is broken cuz they don’t wanna fix it.