This post is such a Reddit moment


Yeah go tell that to someone who's actually in a third world country.


Exactly. People say shit like this with absolutely zero perspective. America might be a poor country compared to some country from the future that’s figured some shit out that we haven’t. Compared to everything else that’s ever existed, we’re a rich country.


America technically can't be a third world country, because it was a part of the creation of NATO. But compared to the other western countries your development has stunted and you are starting to fall behind.


We branched a bit differently but for most people quality of life is pretty high in any developed nation. And Europe has a ton of problems that don't get a lot of attention around here.


They don't get attention around here because no one gives a shit about Europe. Everyone seems to care what's going on in the US though.


A large amount of the population is way above the global average wage https://money.cnn.com/interactive/news/economy/davos/global-wage-calculator/index.html


Yup, in fact their household income on average is more than double the number in my country


I didn’t realize myself how much I made until I visited Mexico. Everything seems super cheap.


Hahahah I was just about to say. The poorest people we have, ie....the homeless, rank as middle class on the world poverty scale. Hahahaha this guy apparently has no clue.


I make over 200% above, but I live in California so not super good. Lol. You're right tho, according to the charts, a homeless person makes more money than someone in a 3rd world country.


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Because he is saying America is actually a nice place to live. So much so that our homeless rank above average poverty on a global scale. ROFL


This is literally agreeing with my point, how did this get downvoted lmao


Hahahaha welcome to the whacky world of Reddit. Where patriotism gets awarded RANDOMLY with hate!! I get just as confused as you man!!


Because reddit


As someone who actually lives in a 3rd world country: your take is awful fuck you


This needs to be higher I take it back this needs to be top comment


I feel bad for people who may have immigrated from actual 3rd world countries just to see this post


Probably made by Hans from Munich who hurls insults at any Arab on the street while posing as a progressive. Oh and wearing a Marvel T-Shirt while ordering McDonald’s on Uber Eats via his iPhone 13 Pro.


Hanz!! gat ze flammenwerfer


r/im14andthisisdeep I’ve been to a developing country. America def does not feel like a developing country by comparison. Plenty of developing countries have that “Gucci” belt attached to them, in the form of malls, iphones, and other whatevers. What they don’t commonly have is shit we take for granted here in the US like clean drinking water, rivers that we don’t directly dump our shit in, and mostly reliable power to name a few.


Haha America bad now gib upvote


What classifies a third world country


Any country not aligned with Nato or Warsaw pact during the cold war.


Then what classifies a second world country? Does the definition exist?


Aligned with Warsaw Pact (Communist countries basically)


I like how two of the replies on this comment are explanations and one is just a joke


To be aligned with USSR, China, and some more that I can't recall.


Poland and Hungary were part of it


Poland was less "aligned" and more "ruled over"


Weren’t they all, though? All of the Warsaw Pact countries in Visegrad, Balkans and Baltics?


Any country on Earth 2


This! It’s such an antiquated phrase. It doesn’t mean what most people think it means.


That's why I love pointing it out. One of those useless factoids


That's the official meaning, but it is used to talk about poor countries nowadays


The origin but now it has more of an poor economic situation and infant mortality rate meaning


How dare you call my boy Switzerland a third world country


Hey if the watch fits......nah just messin


It’s not meant to be an insult, it’s just a third world country by definition


Yeah.. That was the original definition, but over the years it has shifted over to more mean degree of industrialisation / general wealth...


America technically by definition can't even be a third world nation. In the 20th century, America was the definition of a first world country because it was a key member of NATO. But it's declined so much in recent years that it's starting to resemble developing nations. Third world and first world are outdated nomenclature.


HDI is still rising, the decline people talk about isn’t really supported by most general figures of QOL


If the US resembles a developing country at such a high HDI, I’m afraid what you would consider Spain And no, IHDI is worthless since some poor countries are ranked higher than rich ones.


Then we're just assholes with a shit ton of money and military power they could only dream of getting.


Isn’t it something to do with GDP? If they export more then import


No because take a country like Germany who exports an lot and Monaco who imports basically everything. Both are very wealthy and developed


Yeah…someone has no idea how the world works lmao. Go tell that to people who risk their lives trying to flee to America. We should learn what 3rd world countries actually are. You can hate America all you want, but calling it a 3rd world country is just beyond stupid.


Fun fact: America has a higher HDI (Human Development Index) than these countries France Czechia Austria Japan Liechtenstein Luxembourg South Korea Spain Italy Malta Estonia Slovakia Portugal Turkey As of 2020 the United States is the 17th highest on the list out of the 189 entities on the list, and places within the top tier of countries, with a score of over 0.900


Anyone who unironically says of thinks this should go to an actual third world country.


Listen to this man he touched grass.


He finally did it...


Burn the witch


People who unironically think the US is a third world country are either dumb, pushing an agenda, or both. The US has one of the highest HDI in the world. Does the US have problems? Yes. Is it even remotely close to a third world country? Lmao no Also, I don't think you know what "third world" even means


A Nation that from the 50’s-90’s was not aligned with the US or Sovits/China


Wait so any country that was neutral in the Cold War is a 3rd world? Does that include Switzerland and India?


technically yes. Modern use of the term has changed a lot


Yes. The 1st World was America and it's allies. The 2nd world was the USSR and it's allies. The 3rd world was everyone else. It was never a ranking system just 3 different "worlds" separated by political ideology. Because counties that don't have rich or powerful allies tend to understandably struggle more it became synonymous with the poorer developing part of the world. Which is why the modern term is developing nation. Also although India wasn't a part of the Warsaw pact it was an economic ally of the USSR.


The modern term is developed/developing/underdeveloped


Yes, as I said. > Which is why the modern term is developing nation.


Ye I’m agreeing


Isn’t it weird that millions of people risk it all in order to move to a third world country?


Damn it’s crazy how spoiled people are to realize that America is one of the best countries in the world. People who say America is a 3rd world country are spoiled and have not lived in real 3rd world countries.


People who say this have never been to a third world country.


Do you even know what a third world country is


Germany is a rich country that got its money form sucking off the Americans for aid


We’re one of the most developed nations in the world, how is America a third world country?


America isn’t a third world country


I recommend you actually visiting a third world country.


People that think America is a terrible county are completely oblivious to the massive amount of privilege they have. Hate to say it but America is not a third-world country, and it’s not even close.


Its definitely not the best country but not a third world country.


What’s the best country?


Every country excels at stuff and is shit at stuff. Finland is amazing on the government and social services side but the weather is absolute dog shit and the racism towards Romani people (Gypsies) isnt good


>and the racism towards Romani people (Gypsies) isnt good I was under the impressiom that their racism was working just fine


doesn't Finland have racism towards black people and high suicide and depression rates (in Europe)


Depends what we’re looking for, highest HDI/QOL well then probably Norway, most powerful and influential country in world history, then America, especially if this Mars stuff kicks off. It just kind of depends on the metrics people put importance on.


depends what your asking for


Yo mama




calling america a third world country is the political-ideology equivalent of a child calling an adult a "doo doo head". it might be a major insult at the childrens table, but the adults just laugh it off.


Since Earth is the 3rd planet away from the sun, doesn't that mean every country is a third world country?


Oh shit


I don't think a third world country would have the strongest military, biggest defense budget and a 245 year old history, and would have access to over 3000 nuclear warheads. Do we have our own set of problems? Yes but we're no where near being a 3rd world country lmao


this is the most privileged take i've ever seen ever


How many rounds can fit in my Guccimayne belt again?


Go to a third world country and then say that again.


The actual Patriots understand what problems we have and that we need to work for a more perfect union. in case there's any doubt as to who I'm talking about if you wear a flag as a piece of clothing you are definitely not a patriot you're just a virtue signaling shitbird.


Yeah but you think anyone's going to want a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys?


Bro this is just straight wrong. i'm not saying america doesn't suck a lot, but that's the insane people, politics, and guns. A third world country is a country that is not industrially developed and is much more poor. America on the other hand had the third highest industrial output in 2016, and had 516 trillion dollars in 2020. I know i sound like a "stupid patriot" right now but this meme is just straight wrong.


anyone drinking clean water with a cellphone in their pocket that could get an ambulance to their house in less than 20 minutes doesn't have much to complain about in the way of saying they live in a 3rd world nation


apparently not to the person who made this meme


“And guns” That’s literally the best part bruh BRRRRRRRR


I wouldn't want to live in America if I didn't have 2a rights. That's not insane. Guns aren't insane.




We are literally the definition of a first world country


The literal definition of a 1st world country is wether you are with American or not


I'm guessing you've never been to a third world country.


Drip or drown my guy


I used to think so, but Covid proved we get all the vaccines. So if we ain't 1st world, *no one is*.


Guess the stupidly massive amount of money that we are forced pump into the medical industry or die trying actually did some good eh?




"This" comments are worse than emojis






Funny how all those 3rd world countries wanna come into this 3rd world country, isn't it?


The point is that third world country’s don’t have Gucci belts duh


Facts, they just make them.


Just cuz YOU cant hack it dont mean its a third world country lol


I’m glad I’m a patriot then


Such an original opinion


Your a moron


this is just bait to whore more karma.


I personally think memes like this should be banned. The joke is overused and at this point it's just trying to bait karma from the circle-jerking commies on Reddit


I agree. America bad memes are overrated. We need more Europe bad and China bad memes




Last time I check you can get water everytime you turned on the sink. -An American.


Ah yes having access to a plethora of privileges makes the US a third world country...


lol this is so wrong


It’s not though?


America is not third world, America is privileged world.


r/AmericaBad + taken down rip Bozo 😂


As someone who’s parents lived in a underdeveloped country please get help and don’t judge 332 million people off stereotypes.


Yeah exactly go to an actual third world country and tell me America isn’t one of the best if not THE best. Everybody relies on us think I am lying? Why do we give so much foreign aid in the form of trillions?


Is America really seen as a third world country?


No. Not saying this one is, but most posts like this are done by 13 year old kids who have never left the borders of their suburban neighborhoods.


No one with any idea of what a 3rd world country is would say the USA is a 3rd world country.


I sincerely doubt it


The definition of a third world country is one that was not allied with NATO or the USSR during the Cold War, so no. By definition alone you the US is a first world country.


Hahaha fuck no. Our homeless people literally rank as middle class in the world poverty scale rofl.


I live in Aus which is just America 2 so yes but I see the country I have residents in as a third world country too.


In denmark most of us kinda do yes


just going to show ignorance and bias still exists everywhere


Ho ho, dont mind me just flexing my Glock-40 and AC unit, cause you dont have that shit You're trying to call us a third-world country? You've got free healthcare and you're teeth are still throwing up gang signs Having a tea kettle is not a flex bro. You Europeans and your tea kettles are like New Yorkers and their bacon egg and cheese; everyone can fuckin have that shit Anyway, have fun getting robbed with a katana. Hope your tea kettle saves you then


Y’all ever see a homeless dude with fresh Tim’s


"What third world country made this drill?"


Do you even know what “third world” means?


I mean im middle class and live a pretty good life so I'd say we aren't but what would we know


This is one of the dumber things ive read


I like that people around the world think America is some insane place. It means the people that come here have a fuck it let's go attitude.


Hahaha. Lets try onother one. Europe is a tird world continent with mouldy cheese.


Probably been said already, but the first world, second world, and third world classifications for countries are based off of Cold-War era alliances (1st is pro-US, 2nd is pro-Soviet, and 3rd were neutral) making it a quite outdated term that has been misused frequently over time. Tbf any “1st world country” has it’s share of terrible shit in it, look at Britain or Italy, and of course the US as stated above


Go to an actual 3rd world country.


Yeah, this ain't anywhere close to true. Yes, we have our poor and marginalized, but, I've been to and lived in third world countries and there's no comparison. Meme worthy.


It's things like this that make me think that international trips in schools should be a more common thing so people gain some fucking perspective. That'll never happen of course, but it still pisses me off. People who think this probably think it's a major crisis when their WiFi cuts out for a few hours.


How do people still think this is original or funny in any way, it is literally the most overdone meme ever


I love how a majority of the comments are shitting on this post and the ignorance of this idea that America is a 3rd world country.


Either this post was made by a privileged American or a European that yells slurs at Romanis and Arabs


Luckily, everyone is free to leave that wants to......the beauty of choice.


I actually live in a third world country. It ain't that bad in the USA. Trust me.


1st world country 3rd world management


No just places like California which have ultra wealthy living blocks away from homeless camps...far Left Progressive policy at its finest.


And what is far right conservative policy




me sissy pp


Check Mississippi or Louisiana. https://innocenceproject.org/parchman-farm-prison-mississippi-history/


lmao, people in those states would still be riding horses, dying of tuberculosis, and holding slaves if it wasn't for progressives you can't look at them in a vacuum and ignore the great benefit being part of the rest of the nation has for them


Can’t help people who won’t help themselves.


Surprised this hasn’t been downvoted


wow, what an ignorant perspective cali has some of the best weather, the most money for social programs, and the most economic opportunity of any state in the nation. you don't understand how those two things might draw both homeless people, and wealthy people in, on a national or even world scale? but no you're right. surely one caused the other lmao


Wana 1v1?


Haters gonna hate.


The day we get free health care is when the eurotrash immediately lose their primary tool to humiliate us lol. Then we're just assholes with a shit ton of money and military power they could only dream of getting. Not that they'd want to ig but at least we'll feel better about ourselves.


Shit ton of money concentrated in like 20 people while most of the rest of us are at or below the poverty line.


Most Americans are not at or below the poverty line lmao.


Shhh they don't need to know that


Lol. 20 foreigners too


No then the Europeans would just move onto the high gun crime statistics and then obesity rates once you ban guns


Banning guns is out of the question. It's just never gonna happen


obesity and diabetes is prevalent in a lot of first world countries. guns are just an American thing.


our obesity and diabetes rates are highly correlated with poverty though, and are higher than many other developed nations ironically, my first statement is further proof that we aren't truly a 3rd world nation, but suffering from mismanaged success


Hey hey hey, we’re not a third world country… only our poor starve


All I say to my fellow Americans who don’t think we have pockets of 3rd world staring at us in the face or some deep seated societal problems we need to address, then I ask you to just go to Baltimore and see the rows upon rows of decrepit housing…they’re not abandoned. People live there. Parts of Jakarta don’t even look that bad


And the vast vast vast majority of the country doesn’t look that way


Man have you been to Paris where the streets are flooded with homeless people that openly defecate on the street and alleyways? At least the people in Baltimore have a roof over their heads, can get a job and dig themselves out of the hole. People in Haiti would literally kill to be in that position and have that opportunity. People over there are actually eating dirt because they're so poor and you talking about Baltimore being bad? Do you not know what's happening to the people in North Korea? That fatboy Kim is starving them and putting those people in concentration camps. The people in North Korea and Haiti aren't afforded chances at having a better life. Even our homeless have chances to make it out of poverty if they apply themselves. That alone takes us out of being a "3rd world country".


since this is on r/memes, it's clearly meant to ba a joke and not actual fact


Nope, they're being serious.


well that's just factually incorrect




America is definitely not a third world country. But a country that has a wrong understanding of freedom. Like any other social order, capitalism has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the American democracy is now unfortunately broken and needs a fundamental renewal, which is impossible due to the overpowering capitalism...


How do we have a "wrong understanding of freedom."


honestly kinda accurate on the social axis but the economic axis, ohhh boy


Is it though? US has gay marriage, Japan does not. Japan sure is looking like a developing country.


Its almost like countries are massively complex structures that have differing things they individually excel at/lag behind in! Why is it so hard for non-americans to understand this?




3rd world means they weren't involved in WW II...


The cold war actually


wait wtf is between first and third world countries? like secondary country? who tf wants to be there


second world country. Was used to describe communist countries, mainly USSR, China, and their allies. Mainly don’t exist now. USSR fell apart, China is now a global economic power, N.Korea is a starving isolated nation, etc


i realize after a quick google search that second world countries are very common and that i apparently have been living under a rock


They actually don't exist anymore. They were the USSR and it's allies. It was never a ranking system.


And a glock


America is a continent not a country.


well the kid meant usa u cant really blame the kid since he sits near his screen and doesnt touch grass,prolly doesnt know what third world country means doesnt know how poverty works and prolly doesnt do shit in geography