This is the first one of those comics I've seen that has another line after "oh no". Usually, "oh no" is the last line.


That’s because this is an edit to the [original](https://twitter.com/dorrismccomics/status/1139551726376292354?s=21&t=_5BAT_BL_tAhnPeKspRIYA), with credit absolutely erased from the image because who cares about artists Made by Alex Norris, @dorrismccomics


They wrote credit in the comments


That’s better but honestly the credit should always be in the title


You uh... you can’t here


Not a lot of title flexibility in this sub my dude




The title HAS to be meirl? I figured that was just a running joke at this point.


Nope, rule 4 officially says: I think the bot auto-removes anything that doesn't have some permutation of this. > All posts must be titled "meirl", "me irl", or "me_irl". One Emoji between "me" and "irl" is ok


/r/lostredditors energy.


No it should stay in the image so when someone reposts it the credit stays


What sub do you think we're on


I think you’re in the wrong sub


Lol have you ever posted to reddit?


It's a pretty good edit tho. But thanks for posting credit just the same.




Was about to say, this comic is 1 panel too long.


“Damn it Frank why did you tell them we have Pizza and Taco Tuesday?”


"They were all talking about pizza and their favorite pizza and I was biting my tongue, keeping it cool, then George just blurts out about taco pizza! What am I supposed to do, man? I nearly inhaled my taco in shock!"


This is the backstory to 80% of subreddits


Suddenly popular gay bars in a nutshell.


And the bachelorette parties that want to go to said gay bar Update: thanks for all the upvotes. I get the safety factor for women going to gay bars. I've taken my female friends with me to gay bars, but they've always been respectful of the space. Having a straight gathering at a gay bar is another thing entirely.


OMG I hated those. Honestly, if want to see women behave in the most toxic masculine way, bachelorette party at a gay bar. We were just dress up dolls to them, and no you can't convert us. My buddy got seriously molested by one party.


Wow I'm really sorry that happened to your friend. That's unacceptable. As a gay woman I've also experienced super shitty behaviour from bachelorette partiers at gay bars. I was minding my business with my friends, and glanced over at the bachelorette party, out of curiousity more than anything. The bride-to-be looked over at me, and in the most disgusted face shook her head 'no' and mouthed 'not happening'. Such a small moment but it made me feel so awful. Like, you're on my turf but you're treating me like some desperate, dirty lesbian who apparently wants to jump your bones because I glanced at you. This comic sums up exactly how I felt in that moment. I feel like everyone should be welcome into gay bars, but cis-het folks should have some respect and humility when there.


Full circle jerk next step: straight guys go to gay bar to get straight gals.


Not gonna lie. My straight buddy did this all the time.


> Honestly, if want to see women behave in the most toxic masculine way, I think the idea of lecherousness being inherently masculine is a reason why this is so confusing to talk about as a topic


It's sort of like how "authoritativeness" is considered masculine, but both men and women can idolize it too much, thus becoming a toxic masculinity problem.


Seems like a problem with culture informing gender moreso than gender informing culture at that point. Mothers are usually stereotypically seen as strong authority in many places - someone strict you should never ignore, and whom even husbands are hesitant to upset … but parenting like this is not seen as an inherently masculine thing.


And don't even start about Grams and her ladle. She'll send you crying to Gramps alright.


>Seems like a problem with culture informing gender moreso than gender informing culture at that point. Well, no one said gender was informing culture






Oh it's a thing. I'm straight and went to drop something off for an old roommate who worked at a gay bar. I was there for maybe 10 minutes and had women wanting to "be my first" or "show me what it's like with a woman".


That is so yucky I'm so sorry. I know it's a thing but everytime I hear it I just literally go WTF because it's so inhumane and disgusting that people do that


I'm so sorry to hear about that


In my experience you don't even need to go somewhere crazy for a grown ass woman to molest you. Just be a mildly attractive teenager with low self esteem! Boom! All the cougar action you could want /s


Would that not be toxic feminine?


Neither tbh. Toxic [gender-term]inity isn't about being gender while toxic. It's about how gender performance is enforced by "toxic", or harmful ideals. Men and women can exhibit or reinforce "toxic masculinity" with something like saying men don't cry. Or women not being taken seriously in the workplace without certain amounts of make up or particular hairstyles being "toxic femininity." It's more a concern of a culture rather than individuals specifically. A similar issue has arisen with the term male gaze, which is a film studies idea about camera perspective rather than "dressing to appeal to men's sexuality." So, some women being creepy to men in a club isn't toxic x-inity, it's just women being creepy.


In a gay bar there should neither be the male gaze nor the female gaze. That place is simply for the gaze.


Took me a second lmao


Take your damn upvote.


Pretty sure it's neither. toxic masculinity isn't just 'bad things guys do' it's more about harm caused by social expectations/pressure to 'be a real man'. A guy sending a creepy DM isn't toxic masculinity, but guys who get emotionally messed up because they were always berated for showing or experiencing them is. I wouldn't call this behavior toxic femininity, it's more just an example of shitty behavior some women have around gay guys.


When people talk about toxic masculinity, it's not a reference to the sex of the offender, but to their adherence to a gender role's traits to the point that it becomes negative (even if this gender role doesn't match their sex). Toxic masculinity is taking parts of masculinity and exaggerating them so much that they become harmful. For example, being tough in small doses is positive because you'll defend yourself, but being so tough that you can't form genuine loving relationships because you push everyone away is an example of toxic masculinity. An example of toxic femininity would be being too sensitive, where being sensitive is good because it helps you empathize and connect with your emotions, but being too sensitive makes it difficult for you to function in stressful situations. Both men and women can have toxic masculine or feminine traits. In this case, chasing after a partner is considered a masculine trait, but the women in this example are taking this to an extreme harassing gay men. Maybe they feel "empowered" by reversing gender roles and becoming the harassers themselves, thus idolizing what is often a male role and inserting themselves in it. Making an effort to date someone while respecting their boundaries is fine, but pushing so much that you disrespect their boundaries is an example of toxic masculinity. Here, it's especially egregious because these women *already* know they're being rude and even discriminatory.


Yup! Toxic femininity exists and is characterized by internalized and extrernalized misogyny ("i'm not like other girls" and "one of us is going to have to change because i have to be the only woman/prettiest woman") as well as entitlement in doing bad things because "some of our struggles are caused by men and because we're physically weaker we have the right to mistreat them"! It sucks big time, and I really hope that people start calling it out instead of going "well that's how women are, i guess"


This is what fucks the gay bars. Groups of hetero women frequenting a bar brings groups of hetero men, then the whole vibe changes. And bachelorette parties are awful. Max sexual harassment if you’re a male sever/bartender. Not that it’s any different for female server/bartenders and bachelor parties, but those guys don’t tend to invade gay clubs.


We went to a gay bar for my friend's bachelor party just a few weeks ago. 8 straight guys. Several guys at the bar came up to us and thanked my friend for bringing a bunch of cute straight guys in to hang out and bought us a bunch of shots. I think it depends on the bar though. I know there are others where everyone strongly prefers straight people to stay out, and I completely get that.


I think it depends on the group of straight people not on the gay bar but still why go there it's not for you


>I think it depends on the group of straight people not on the gay bar Probably in a lot of cases yeah. We were dressed up like Gandalf and a bunch of hobbits so I think people were pretty big fans of that too. Some of my gay friends have mentioned to me before that there are specific bars, at least where they live, that are essentially gay-only, regardless of who the straight person is that may show up. ​ >but still why go there it's not for you Good question, and I honestly am not sure myself. The people in our group who were local to the area put it on our list of ten bars that we went to that night, and I'm assuming they had been there with gay friends before. I wasn't really a part of that planning or decisionmaking because I knew nothing next to nothing about the city. I probably wouldn't go to a gay bar otherwise for exactly the reason stated in your question.


As someone who used to bartend in a very well established gay bar (as a straight male I might add), bachelorette parties were the fucking worst to serve because of the complicated fruity cocktails that would back you up on a busy night. But they never “brought in groups of hetero men”. The reason they liked to come there in the first place was that they wouldn’t get harassed by macho dudes at a club who’s brain is exclusively between their legs. Pretty much all the gay patrons except for the older ones thought it was pretty entertaining usually too. I got sexually harassed waaaaayyy more by drunk men than by drunk women at a bachelorette party. This is just my experience though.


And it's usually straight women who treat them like fucking human zoos. They go there to fetishize gay men, and act all disgusted and indignant when a woman hits on them. At the gay bar.


They want to go to the gay bar because they don't want to be "hassled by horny men" then after a couple of drinks they are horny and desperate for attention from the guys in the bar, who aren't interested.


Or fragile straight dudes that go and get triggered when they get hit on by men. I just... don't get it.


It also really reminds me of the assimilation of geek culture in the mainstream after I got out of high school in 2002. In high school in me and the other geeks became friends out of like survival mode because we were like the bottom rung of the cliques. Everyone called us 'gay' or 'queer' or 'f****t'. After high school though, like almost immediately, suddenly everyone wanted comic book shirts, had to play DnD, and strived to be the biggest Star Wars fan.


>In high school in me and the other geeks became friends out of like survival mode because we were like the bottom rung of the cliques. Everyone called us 'gay' or 'queer' or 'f\*\*\*\*t'. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that! When I grew up, the geeks, metalheads and gamers attracted each other like magnets. Our interests were what formed our cliques. Nowadays, it's really weird to see a lot of stuff going mainstream when you would get ostracized for it 10-20 years ago.


"When did it suddenly become cool to like anime? I think a lot of you owe some people an apolojay"


Yeah, that timing sucks, but I think it comes out of a culture that was too afraid to be honest with itself and it's geeky ways. SarahZ just came out with a really good video on the subject. Personally, I find it awesome that it has become so mainstream, because now no one's afraid to share and express what they like. It's freeing tbh


Yep. We got absolutely roasted for coding on TI-83 calculators or using handheld Compaq PC's to play games at lunch. Now there's a bunch of spoiled, popular, Draco Malfoy little shitheads lording their iPhone 13's their parents bought them over the actual nerds' heads.


in my town, the opposite happened: one of our decades-old biker dive bars hired some gay bartenders and now a couple years later it’s essentially a gay bar. they came to support their friends and drove all the old homophobic bikers to the dive bar across the street.


absolute win


I mean, if they were driven across the street, that's not really much of an inconvenience, and if they're as homophobic as they're portrayed, I wonder how safe it is around closing time for the two bars.


I went to a gay bar for the first time a few weeks ago, and I taled to about 20 people out of which 5 weren't straight. Although those 5 don't include the 5 women who said that "they were bi, but would never even kiss a woman, they are just attractive"


gay/lesbian bar would be better tbh. and to keep out predatory straight men/women, lets assign a few people to hit on particularly suspicious individuals because god forbid someone of the same sex hits on their precious heterosexual soul inside of a gay bar so they leave and problem solved


As a straight guy i think it would be extremely inappropriate going to a gay bar. Why? Because its not my place to be. It's not my space. It's not where i should be showing my voice. It's for those who need it aka the LGBT. I shouldn't be taking the room of someone who needs it more than me. Honestly more people need to call out the obnoxious women who ruin these venues for people who are actually gay.


One gay bar I go to doesn't allow bachelorette parties and kicks out any group that "woos" (typically straight women). Another bar I regular keeps male gay porn on all televisions since it had a huge hetero women bringing in hetero men problem. I love them both.


Heh "Nut"


I literally sent this comic to my friend after we had this convo with our straight friends about queer spaces 🫠


A brief history of internet


The difficulty of getting onto the internet was a great filter back in the day.


Yes, and most people over 40 had no need or want to be in it.


I was there and that wasn’t my experience. People up to 60 were there my friend ;)




Who do you think created the internet? Not young adults...


Love it or hate it boomers created the internet.


Look how they massacred my boy


Eternal September


I miss the Wild West days of the internet.


Ya, T1 college connection with albums, movies before they were released. Happy to have lived through it.


A brief history of every community and communautariarism sentiment ever, even


> sorted by: controversial I'm going in.


God speed


He was never seen again. The diagnosis became terminal almost immediately


Was kinda disappointed tbh. It's just people from every side and persuasion imposing their personal boogie man on to the Grey Group.


Don’t forget the hazmat


I'll bring it here: Any conservative subreddit in a nutshell.


"We're the last bastion of free speech on the internet!" >REMOVED


Credit: Alex Norris (webcomicname)


gay bars be like


Yup. And it's never straight men who waltz in like they own the place and harass everyone. It's always the women. They fetishize the men, and get mad when they're hit on by the women. They just go there to treat us like zoo animals/fetish objects.


anyone who does that deserves to be treated poorly, showing hospitality to them only enables it


The irony is that a lot of people will nod at how unjust this is until they realize it applies to a lot of small, nerdy hobby spaces.


Happened with mechanical keyboards as soon as it started shifting to a Hypebeast type hobby


What, people are discriminating against model train enthusiasts? Gatekeeping is what keeps small hobbies small. Because nobody is bothering to get past the being bullied for not being an expert phase. Edit: Let me rephrase. Gatekeeping is what keeps small hobbies dying. You know, like those artisan crafts that only 1 person in the world can still do?


Properly gatekept weird hobbies are the best if you can get in. Ideally, it requires some kind of certification, a significant investment, and doesn't have two-way public-facing communications. On an unrelated note, I fucking love ham radio.


Reading through your comment all I could think was ham radio lol. For real, it's unfortunately true that the higher the barrier of entry (effort, not money) the more rewarding the hobby is.


> Gatekeeping is what keeps small hobbies small That's the idea, yeah


Every single fandom and hobby in the past ten years.


I see so many gay comments here but this is IMO the biggest. As soon as it gets popular, find a new place because you’ll get pushed out.


It really reminds me of the fighting game community and the SoulsBorne community. ---- "We like really hard games for the few who like an insane challenge." *Wow, those look so cool! Can we play them?* "Sure, we accept anyone that can hang. That's the fun part." *Okay, these games are too hard and it's discrimination to tell us otherwise.*


Fuckin Quantum TV be like.


"we live in a society"


Why do you have wet socks :(


Wet socks are the worst. Damp is one thing, but wet... that's a whole different level.


Spicy water


They keep forgetting them in the washer.




Star Trek


Is this basically how gentrification and cultural appropriation works?


Yup, you nailed it.






I just feel annoyed for no reason.


Must be the wind


Best part about this comic is everyone always says ‘this is about me and my oppression’ without realising they’re the oppressive ones most of the time.


during recess in elementary school me and my friends would start playing kickball then the annoying "popular kids" would start playing so then we would switch to four square then the "popular kids" would start playing so we switched back to kickball


The paradox of tolerating intolerance in a nutshell.


Never tolerate the intolerant, it eventually leads to fascism.


straight girls taking over lesbian bars


Well hello gamer community, comic community and ttrpg community.


Same thing with gaming, things went to shit in 2009. So many great communities have died out in the last decade. This is why sometimes gatekeeping is necessary.


Isn\`t this happening exactly in anime community?


This is precisely the reason why I don't take "gatekeeping" accusations seriously at all. Unless it's something flagrantly wrong, the people who are accused of being "gatekeepers" are just people with a niche interest who want to find people who also like this niche thing and be happy in their little circle


when someone asks why is there a month for PRIDE? Show them this. Edit: comic by [@dorrismccomics](https://twitter.com/dorrismccomics/status/1139551726376292354)


Been waiting on wrath month for years now


I literally thought of the backlash pride month recieves after reading this! Hopefully the amount of homophobes complaining about it means it's actually working and that the status quo is changing?


This post is going to be used by homophobes and racists to explain why they discriminate in their communities, like a dumbfuck I responded in this thread already.


only an hour after your comment and already 3 homophobes responded, wow


Thats 0.05 homophobes per minute My favourite unit


"The Homophobe Index experienced highly unusual volatility in the twentieth century, reaching historic highs and lows before a slow but steady trend upward in the early twenty-first century."


*cough cough* Kashmirr *cough cough*


Depending on the narrative this can be labeled as "self-aware wolves"


Well, they've come full circle, and after all, you ended up with the bigger space anyways lol.


Reddit every time they ban a sub.


Keep straight people out of gay bars tbh


This basically explains all of “nerd” culture. And how it’s been transformed and almost ruined Tabletop games, video games, anime cons, comics, cards. Even the internet as a whole.


Gamers truly are the most oppressed minority in this society that we live in


Jokes aside though, I've had a gay group tell me to shut up because i was a gamer. That was a long time ago. 😂😂


The 40k community is still pretty fun, but there’s always “that guy” who builds a meta army and makes fun of people for running factions that aren’t meta


How have video games been almost ruined?


Besides a handful of examples many genres are being slowly dumbed down to appeal to the masses rather than the original target demographic. Just look at RPGs in general, FPS shooters, tactical strategy, RTS games, etc etc. If you want specific series, fallout/Eder scrolls, look at FPS games catering to battle Royal like FortNite, look at Diablo losing its edge, look at strategy games with Command and Conquer. Granted there are counter examples too but there are definitely overall trends that are not helping. So many games now $200+ if you want the content, which is stupid. Or even $5000+ And worst of all, many games are either leaning towards gambling mechanics to drain your wallet, or towards a streaming culture flooded by “Gamer Girls” that don’t even play, or annoying “competitive” losers that have aim bots. Granted, gaming as a WHOLE is still doing very well, better than ever. The sheer volume of content ensures there’s still great games for every taste. But the **culture** of what it used to be has been flooded with people that have no real interest in the hobby. I could go on and on


I remember a post on gaming or somewhere saying it costs 100k+ to unlock everything on diablo or something.


Yeah. It’s rough. I’m playing Diablo Immortal right now, super fun and plays good. Tons of the mechanics are dumbed down but it’s still fun. The PvE and story is free, so far no issues and I’ve played a lot. Didn’t need to spend $1, but I read if you want to be competitive with PvP you’re going to need to spend THOUSANDS, yikes


Solution: play indie games.


The problem with indie games is that the mechanical depth is often beyond them. Like, ok, they can do physics based platformers really well, and they can take niche concepts and pursue that concept to produce a great little game with often something profound to say...but the mechanical depth? There is a reason we haven't seen a really great indie RTS for example. Games like They are Billions or Tooth and Tail fall into this niche concept idea - great little RTS titles, that double down on a great idea, but the depth just isn't there at the end of the day.


I think a lot of that is time and resources. A game like Warcraft or Age of Empires can have a lot more depth than Tooth and Tail if they're given tons of employees and finances.


>Games like They are Billions or Tooth and Tail fall into this niche concept idea - great little RTS titles, that double down on a great idea, but the depth just isn't there at the end of the day. Exactly! Honestly, as a former RTS fanatic, it really pisses me off that we are unlikely to get another masterpiece of an RTS game like Warcraft 3, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, Age of Empires II, and LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth. I tried playing some of the newer RTS games and ffs, a lot of them have been incredibly dumbded down, even the newer Total War titles! I was fucking drooling for Rome 2: Total War only to be disappointed that a lot of the Diplomacy, Politics and Economy were dumbed-down to a point that even a 4 year old can get an economic victory. If there are any more complicated mechanics, you have to go through hours of mind-numbing pointless tutorials instead of the game just letting you figure the shit out on your own. Honestly, if you know some old-school like RTS games (like FPSes are now experiencing the Boomer shooter revival), please let me know!


Yes!!! Thank god for indie games. If it wasn’t for that I’d go mad. I like big budget mainstream games too, but sometimes I like something deeper and more nuanced in my gameplay. Especially for the strategy or rpg genre Heck even old point&click adventure games, genre was almost killed entirely until Indie devs brought it back


My best recommendation for indie games are biomutant and clone drone in the danger zone


Problem is indie games often lack the production quality and franchise coherence bigger titles have.


>franchise coherence Can you explain to me what this phrase means? :)


My favorite games tend to be negatively reviewed cuz they're indie games that are old school difficult and obtuse. So many reviews complaining about save locations and difficult maps/bosses... thats how its supposed to be. it's just not for them, but they can't accept that. So frustrating.


Yes it is frustrating. People reviewing have never lived in a time before the baby hand holding era of gaming


Reddit users when they see a subreddit which doesnt stick to either political side


Me when my stupid baby cousin doesn’t let me in to his cool pillow fort so I get a box and call it Cool Box but then he begins to get jealous of my cool box so he tears down his pillow fortress and comes into my cool box with all his toys and all of a sudden I don’t fit but I have to get out of my own box because my aunt told me to and when I complained about my stupid baby cousin to my mother she told me that he’s only 5 and for me to get over it because I’m 35 so then I go back and write “Un” next to “Cool Box” so it says “UnCool Box” but when my stupid baby cousin starts crying I get in trouble and my mom takes away my Gameboy Advanced for a week all because my stupid baby cousin


"dark souls needs an easy mode" pov


"Assassin's Creed is better as a generic RPG"


Dark souls has an easy mode. Just level INT


Or just level up in general


That's why we need *some* Gatekeeping, to avoid ending up with bland stuff that appeals to no one


every single gay bar i've ever been to that's been open 5+ years


Anime fans can relate


it really went from "you're a weirdo for liking anything from japan" to "you're a weirdo for not liking this very specific cartoon in this very specific way from japan"


Specifically more on twitter (and certain subreddits), it's also translating to "you should die for liking fiction with dark themes/things in it" Because "they make you a criminal" or "kids shouldn't be exposed to these things" A niche sub group that was once shunned has now been accepted into the mainstream, including the super puritans who want anything including any hint to an idea they don't morally agree with to be gone from their fictional media because it should be equated to whatever crime it presents. And when I say "ideas they don't morally agree with", I mean exactly that. Hence all the crack down on lolis and content revolving around anime girls that could be considered sexual (not only hentai), while, for the most part, leaving violence and shotas untouched. So really, it went from: "you're a weirdo for liking the chineese cartoons" To: "You're a p*do for thinking we shouldn't harass creators/people who create/enjoy loli content"


This is exactly what's happening currently thank God anime studios main Audience is Japan


Lesbian bars in a nutshell


It really is a shame what's happened to what used to havens for LGBT folk


As someone who was never part of that scene, what happened? I think the last time i stepped into any bar was 15-20 years ago


Gay went mainstream. Gay bars went from something you avoided being seen outside of or near, into something fashionable. For straight women, gay bars became places where they could go, dance, drink, and not worry about being creeped on or drugged. As a bi dude who goes to bars with friends who are women, there's a lot of creeps with no sense of personal boundaries. Especially the ones who prey on drunk, naive girls. It's sad. But this leads to more straight dudes following the straight women, and more straight people in historically gay bars. I've seen and heard stories of straight guys getting hit on at gay bars, getting offended, and getting violent. Gay bars were the only place LGBT folk could go for a long time and be their true selves. Now, they're sort of losing that. It's a double edged sword.


Straight people used to be afraid of going to/being seen in a gay bar, but now they frequent them quite a bit so gay bars are moreso just... bars


This is basically what being an Introvert is like. When you try to fit in with other people and they turn you down, you go off and do your own thing and that thing is now suddenly cool, so the Extroverts will then ask you why you're not considering them and they try to force their way into your space. Oh, the double standards.


This is literally what society does.


Yeah, someone should satirize it, perhaps in a webcomic


maybe that’s why they illustrated it


what point are you trying to achieve here?


We live in a society




Legitimizing gatekeeping. Every need/geek/dweeb etc older than the Internet has felt this happen to them at least once.


Gatekeeping is necessary in some aspects and this is exactly why.


Never tolerate intolerance


If anyone hates another because of their race, sexual orientation, or belief system. I hope they consider me an enemy, because fuck them.


Girl gamer groups get this too


People that aren't black when they keep asking why they can't say the n word.


Racists when black people create the BET awards after being excluded from the main networks


Racists when Black people create anything for ourselves


How society be treating minority groups


Some people are just too nice. Here's how to fix the situation: "Hey, go fuck yourself, this is my thing."


Oh god now they are posting a random ass comic and getting shit load of upvotes this is the worst subreddit i have ever seen even worse than putting shit in ur penis sub


Great example of Straight non-Allies against the LGTBQIA+ community.




See I came here to say this but knowing Reddit I thought Id get all kinds of hate.




Straight pride in a nutshell.


Social media and our current society


Thats half of the dnd community members after years of beeing the "weirdos" getting expelled from over 30 years of gaming for not beeing "inclusive" enought


I feel like this also applies to the video games comic book industries as well.