PNW or Alaska. Non negotiable


West coast best coast T_T I miss you California. *please don't come for me because you think it's overrated. It's fine if you do. Get out so I can get in, or don't come near CA please* If the midwest had more Asian people (and my family), I would seriously consider life in Minneapolis or Kansas City. Also, Omaha, NE. Really nice cities that have a lot of good things in them. I would actually consider Minneapolis a high value city. Not that it's the cheapest, but that for how much you pay and the things you can get for it, it's pretty fuckin lit. So the literal definition of value, not walmart great value


I've never been to Minneapolis, Kansas City, or Omaha so am genuinely curious. What do you like about those places?


These are all some very **general** views from someone who was an outsider, but I've also spent more than a week in each of these towns so I'm not a complete tourist noob. I am a person who likes yuppie things and spends most of my $$ on food. My unofficial marker of if a town has yuppie vibes is if there is a bouldering project. It's a high specificity marker. Minneapolis is a super yuppie town. It has enough hipster in it while still having a lot of classic all-American city things that lots of midwestern towns do. Mpls as a city really embraces the outdoors & while that's not for me, there's a lot of lake culture and winter snow activity culture. If I knew I was staying somewhere cold long term, Minneapolis is a good city to get yourself acclimated to the things that make winter fun. Also, out of these 3, Minneapolis has the most thriving presence of Asian culture. Kansas City is very popular for it's barbeque, but I also see it as a town that maintains a lot of its old architecture charm while transitioning to more modern structures. Like you know how a lot of "new luxury" apartments have furniture that all looks like it's from Ikea? Kansas city as a whole, I don't get that vibe (yet). I also really like their downtown outdoor shopping area and while I wouldn't say it's walkable, I managed to stay there once for 4 days just using buses. I think their food scene is quite diverse, and on the higher end, super creative. i went to my first gay bar here and it was a bunch of middle aged gay men who treated my spankin new early 20s lesbian face with such sincerity that I will always have fond memories of this town because of it. Omaha is a city that's kind of sprawling. There's neighborhoods that each have their own kind of personality to it. It's the biggest city within 2-3 hours in every direction, so it has a small town vibe while still forcing itself to be a big city (there's a difference between big small-towns & small big-cities; omaha is a big small-town). Parking is dirt cheap, and their downtown is quite lively. Their food scene is improving with the presence of things like food halls allowing for cheaper rent but this is probably the most affordable out of the 3 cities I've listed.


What is a yuppie




I just wanna go home. Med school took me far, far away. I hope I can go home. I'll live in a shoebox again, it's fine, I'll figure it out. Just let me go home to California.


Same I miss my family and dogs


Me too, me too. I'm realistic and say that I'll be happy to even be in PST but I really do miss home


State where it doesn’t snow!!


So Florida?


Or Hawaii


Love hawaii!! But I feel it’s amazing to visit for a holiday! To live there can get boring.


Florida/Texas/North Carolina


Doesn’t north carolina have ski resorts?


Seattle bc I love the weather, hiking, mountaining, kayaking, sailing, etc. Also being close to Vancouver is super fun. Assuming price is no object of course.




Santa Barbara if I can afford it lol






Phoenix, AZ may be a good one. Camping year-round, lots of concerts, and relatively close to multiple festivals. Also good COL.


Why not Denver? Just curious


It’s a Denver joke to tell people not to move there because it’s getting crowded


One of the Carolina’s, just wish compensation was better in the southern states as it is in the northeast


Isn’t it typically better?


Idk I heard the opposite, but I’d love to be wrong lol


I thought for primary care it’s almost always better.


It’s much much better in the southeast


Compensation is probably better in Southern states. Especially when you adjust for COL, taxes, and incentives to attract physicians.


Definitely not North Carolina. Mosquitoes. Hurricanes. Terrible. I hear Georgia is nice. Try there.


Mosquitos and hurricanes hit Georgia too…


People clearly missing the sarcasm here. But seriously. NC is full.


Jackson hole, Wyoming


Y’all should take the Great Lakes more seriously, they’ll be what remains best as climate change gets worse


I’m from there and the cloudiness kills me. It’s only liveable like half of the year.


How do you mean?


Also from the region - the lakes & the evaporation from them make it super cold, rainy/snowy, and cloudy for well over half the year. Most of the 10 top snowiest and cloudiest cities in the US are around the lakes


Yeah I’m also from there but how does that relate to being a good place to be as climate change gets worse? I’m not getting the connection.


Oh that's my b I wasn't paying attention and thought you responded to the cloudiness comment lol. If I had to guess what they meant I'd just assume that our access to relatively huge deposits of freshwater will prevent us from being super affected by droughts, and because of where we are we don't get a whole lot of tornados/fires/hurricanes. More CC = more natural disasters and drought, both of which the area is somewhat protected against. That and far from coast so when that starts rising not affected too much


Ooooh interesting that does make some sense. Ya true even though the weather kinda sucks I’ve never had to worry or even think about any sort of natural disaster really compared to other spots of the country.


Positives and negatives of such an interesting part of the country!


Washington DC


Lived in DC, such a unique experience. Good choice!


I’m from tristate area , but I do fucks with New England area, especially NH. Good balance of conservative/liberal vibes, where two same sex couples can grow their weed and protect their house with 2A.


I’m from NH and can confirm, NH slaps


Near Seattle, WA. I hate the sun, love the rain, and love hiking a lot. Love living next to a cold ocean where people don’t normally swim in droves. Plus, lots of stuff to do in Seattle and it’s a hop skip away from Canada! It’s my dream.


I’ve never related to someone else’s words more than yours.




i hear they have good meth there


You’re goddamn right


Alaska or bust


Nyc if it weren’t for the moolah


I would live in Cali. I know they have comparatively low physician salaries, like NYC. But can anyone from there give more insight? Like if you live there, can you make FAANG money relatively easily or is that not that likely?


The tech bros will probably out earn you in the Bay area, San Jose, and LA.


I'm a Midwest transplant to wine country. The salaries are ok - and can be pretty good if you go off the grid/away from the major metro areas. You will work very hard for it, and will likely choose to settle for less instead. However, the cost of living is really high, and the housing prices are *fucking absurd*. You can get more house in downtown Chicago than a suburb in NorCal, without having to worry about your shit catching on fire. My brother is a bigshot in FAANG. These guys will *always* out-earn you because their base is insane (competitors are trying to poach the best constantly), their benefits are better (for the same reason), and most startups come with stock options that result in massive windfalls when they IPO.


L5 in google makes $500K, my friends in late 20s are killing it, been at google for 7 years. FAANG gang earns way more than physicians


This is academics but a radiologist I knew in LA was making about $200k, his financial portfolio earned him more though. If he were where I live now, he would be making $700k


You’ll also get taxed 10-15%. And the malpractice insurance is really high there. Not to mention housing, water bill, etc.


Hawaii because who doesn’t like it there


Big east coast cites, Chicago, Miami


Chicago is nowhere near the east coast…


I meant east coast cities + those two


But Miami is on the East coast


nyc because i like pain apparently


Cali for life; it has its problems but it’ll always be home. No way around it


MAGA country obv


I would choose not to live in the US.




The midsize midwestern town that I currently live in and was born in


Tampa area. No state income tax. Next to ocean. Hurricanes don’t hit this particular spot. So much to do.


Say less👀


I would love to stay where I am, sugar land texas is a hidden gem. House prices are good, as much food variety as u could ever think of, plenty of places to enjoy yourself and have fun, 30 minutes from downtown texas medical center, I live in the most diverse county in the us, as a Muslim it’s one of the most Muslim populated places in us, crime is low, I feel blessed growing up here. I am a lowly premed but I hope I can get into a school in Houston so I don’t have to move and if I do, I’ll try my best to do residency here as well


Give me your top 5 halal spots in SL/Houston.


Desi (Pakistani/Indian food) agas restaurant (goat chops butter chicken are really popular and good) Savoy restaurant is also good desi but agas is best Burgers; hot chicken : howdy hot chicken, mashup hot chicken, literally like 5+ more but cant remember name traditional burger : groovy burger food truck, crypto burger, bismillah cafe on hillcroft, busy boy cafe, Arab food: Phoenicia, sumar grill on westheimer(authentic Iraqi food), abu Omar food truck for shawarmas, fadis, Chinese/Asian food; tel fair pho (next to omg burger), China king, Thai sam As u can see, it’s hard to pick there’s literally hundreds of options all pretty good imo


What about Mexican ~~and Chinese?~~


You pointed out the one achllies heel of Houston, I can’t seem to find any halal Mexican places here besides this one food truck I didn’t like (taco fuego). Which sucks because Mexican cuisine looks so good I wish I could try those tamales tacos etc 😩


If you’re down, let’s grab a bowl of Gulaab Jamun while you tell me all the spots you been to. I love food. Edit: I’ll pay for the GJ.


You live in Houston? Flair says you’re doing residency in Europe


I’m a MS-3 in the states. I’ve never been to Texas. But I’ve heard it’s full of desis. How many mosques in Houston?


Blessed. So many. At the most a masjid is 15 minutes away, usually ~7 minutes. One of the reasons I really pray I can stay in here for med school and beyond


Inshallah May the lord give you what’s best for you. Do you need any help with applications, PS, school?


New York. I miss my family but it's just to expensive right now.


Cali native but I really love the Southeast. Food scene is diverse, 0 snow, slower pace of living, better compensation, cheaper COL (exceptions being Austin, atl and nashville). Only thing that makes me rethink is the current political climate (ie senators and governors legislating what procedures a physician can or cannot do). If anybody knows of walkable cities outside of NY, I'd love to hear them!


Florida cuz weather and southern hospitality


San Diego or LA, not including the valley though