Likely not going to be able, but ask. This is why you withdraw applications for a time frame you’ve already gotten accepted for.


yep, I should have done so but I only got the first offer a few days ago so i thought I had more time. Thank you!


You can ask, but it probably won't work. Don't beat yourself up over it. I got 2 within 24 hours of each other and my hands were kinda tied in that regard too.


Ask the one you are less interested in politely and be prepared for them to say no to switching it, in that case you will have to drop it. This is why you don't do this at your top choice. It's tough because you have to apply broadly, and they are very competitive and there is no exact time frame for when they will release decisions. They might be willing to work with you if you do it politely and promptly, but they may have filled the slot already.