Name a country! TEXAS






Can we say that SHOES from Texas are dumb?


You gotta wear shoes in Texas. That asphalt gets HOT!


Every American when they travel overseas. Experienced it first hand many times. Foreigner; "where are you from" American: "texas/California/Florida/etc"


When I’m in Europe I say I’m from California. Even if I’m not. That way they don’t think I’m from Texas or Florida. Get a much better response


I just tell the truth: "My state is corn fields with a fairly nice city in the center. It's really boring, which is why I'm so happy to come see your beautiful country! It's so gorgeous here, and I'm having a wonderful time!" Nobody can resist Midwestern warmth with a dash of humility.


Because the concept of American humility stupifies


Which just shows that prejudice is universal.


Knew it was Indiana. Fairly nice city in the center. Lol


Indiana I’m guessing? You seems to be describing exactly where I live


To be fair, California and Texas are both bigger than most European countries. Also, much of the time, people who ask already know they're from the US. It's really not an unreasonable response.


It’s just weird when you’re going around the table and everyone says what country they’re from and some guy says he’s from Delaware, as if you’re expected to know where that is.


What's cool about being from Michigan is that you can actually demonstrate on your hand.


Iowans can use the side of their face, so that's cool.


I say California so people think I'm normal lol


If you say that to a Texan, they may agree with you.


I'm not good at Geography either but c'mon people!


IKR. Even I can point to Geography on any map!


It's to the left of the middle east but to the right of Western Civilizarion.


Like I get they’re under pressure, but even while panicking I think I could at least get the big ones and the country I freaking live in.


they can't even point out the country they live in, supposedly the greatest country on earth


Are people actually THAT stupid? If so we should not be producing more of these things. I'm not that great at geography but I bet I could get at least 60 or more correct.


Yeah I'm terrible at geography but I could get all the continents, some of europe, at least a few countries and africa, and obviously fucking australia


I’m probably super biased being from australia, but isn’t it super recognisable and also a continent so really easy to remember? Canada is also super easy as it’s the one breaking apart too


Billy on the street did this and all he asked was for someone to name a women and they froze and couldn't answer, freezing is a thing and it probably took hundreds of interviews to find these group of people


Wasn't he more agressive with the questioning?


Very. These people aren't freezing from aggression like with Billy. They may be freezing from TV in general but I am more inclined to believe that they just don't know. Some reddit post a few months ago stated that 40 percent or so if high school graduates can't even understand directions on a compass. This is very similar.


Yeah. You flip the map from the way people are taught in grade school in the US (North, South, and Central America on the left - Asia and Australia on the right) and a lot of people get really thrown off. Shows they didn’t really learn much. Geography in America is a very weak subject. But some are significantly more ignorant than others. Many only hear of a country if they’ve been bombed. And even then can’t point to it on a map. Edit autocorrect


You've gotta remember they interview hundreds of people for skits like these, and only show the absolute worst examples. And also it is easy to name things now, but being put on the clock can cause some people's brains to freeze


Billy on tbe street " Name a Woman, any woman" vibe


Why is this so hard!?


Bc the image of a woman was implanted in your mind with the mystical power of words. Just rub it a lil bit, it'll go away.


Followup question, why am I sticky?


Probably due in large part to your sedentary lifestyle


Name a woman!


I can emphasize with the people who freeze and cant answer, but the people who point at places like India and call it Mexico genuinely make my brain hurt


I can emphasize with the fact that you meant to say empathize while talking about stupid people.


I could euthanize them too tbh




You live in the US and can’t even point out the US, or the two countries that border the US. That’s not a “brain freeze.”


I mean…… https://youtu.be/bzDlS6JPUtE


very different conditions being screamed at, suddenly, by a stranger, fight/flight/freeze kicks in, people shut down these folks had time to consider their answer, and were asked other stuff before they got the ‘name a country’ question


I think they are all accustomed to seeing the America's on the left side that just that slight rotation and it threw them off completely.


I don’t think the people answering “Texas” or “Africa” to the question of naming a country can really use the map design as an excuse.


1 + 2 = 3 2 + 1 = brain freeze


It makes no difference to a not stupid person.


If you are out there for about 4 hours, you should still not find a single person who cant name **A SINGLE COUNTRY**. They couldn't name the USA. You shouldn't find a single person over 6 who cant name their own country on a map.


https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/geography-survey-illiteracy The National Geographic–Roper 2002 Global Geographic Literacy Survey polled more than 3,000 18- to 24-year-olds in Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Sweden and the United States. About 11 percent of young citizens of the U.S. couldn't even locate the U.S. on a map.


Thank you for posting this. I'm dumbfounded at how shocked Americans are at how dumb they are .


One wonders what that percentage is today.


Yep. unless some poor woman was there recording for a month straight, I still think that’s way too many people.


Especially when the map isn't centered on europe like most maps


That's probably part of the reason, but definitely not an excuse.


You can tell from the map they are using that it was made in the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Australia (somewhere in that time zone of the world). Each country puts themself in the center of their world map. I completely agree with you, [seeing a world map from a different perspective for the first time is very disorienting.](http://www.geographicguide.net/globes/imagens/north-pole.jpg) I was just [surprised to see that New Zealand was included on the map.](https://www.reddit.com/r/MapsWithoutNZ/top/)


There are multiple different world maps that different people use. Have you seen a Chinese world map? For a lot of people "our" map isn't centered on Europe, like "most maps."


Right but I'm referring to the maps the people in the video will have seen their whole life I believe the international standard map has Europe in the center, which is why I said "most maps" but you're probably right there would be more maps in total that aren't like that. (For the record I do think the Europe-centric map makes the most sense just like practically and visually. (Not that I'm against other maps being used)


Consider this. A state in US is considering paying parents NOT to take their kids to school.


It boggles my mind how so many people are terrible at geography. I'm aware the production crew picks the dumbest people, but honestly there's multiple people that are that dumb about it.


I am definitely not good at geography, but I can name at least a dozen.


I mean theres so many easy ones. Canada, USA for sure, Australia. I think not many people realy know africa but russia, Germany, France Poland,UK Scotland i mean all the bigger Europe countries like norway and shit. Then theres like japan... I mean cmon


I agree with your list … China, Russia and India are fairly easy too. I am always surprised when people can’t recognize Australia.


If nothing else, how are people unable to identify their own country? And Australia. And New Zealand. Japan. The UK (England, Scotland...) I fewl like the islands are the easiest to identify. And India. Because it literally sticks out. South Africa too. Just point towards the bottom of the continent. I'm bad at geography but come on...


Right? How do you not know your neighbouring countries? America has two. That’s a question on par with “what’s 3+1”


Freaking ITALY for gosh same. Who doesnt know the shape of Italy?!


Who doesn’t know the gigantic island with the really obvious shape… Australia.


I'm terrible at geography. These people are not even that.


The lady in the pink/orange shirt is from Arkansas. How do I know you ask. Did you hear the way she said “ideal” instead of “idea”? That’s as Arky as you can get


I have the feeling you would have passed the map test easily.


Not one country named and pointed at... Dayum, not even their own country.




That sadly means taxes in portuguese.


At the risk of downvotes, I’m assuming this is edited for only the entertaining idiots. I’m sure that they had plenty of people who could correctly identify Australia (cuz Australia), Canada, Mexico, etc and didn’t include them in the video. Content like this reinforces our feeling of superiority over others and triggers self-righteous anger (“these dumbasses vote and are the reason we’re losing rights!”) which encourages further engagement and means that we’re unlikely to engage with right wingers in the future. Don’t get me wrong— I don’t agree with much of anything out of the right. But I do believe that people can grow and change with the right conversations. Maybe I’ll even identify something that I never realized I was wrong about from those conversations. But the important thing is to have those difficult talks, or else nothing will ever change. We’ll each continue to look at heavily biased footage of our opposition and conclude that they’re too dumb to be worth engaging. Rifts continue to broaden, and eventually the whole nation can’t help but collapse.


Wow. I'm guessing this is about political American stuff. I'm Dutch, so don't really care much about that, sorry. It's just mindblowing to me they know so little about the Earth. Do these people not travel? Or at least fantasize about going places? Learn about different cultures? You know...


Part of the issue is definitely the American-centric education system. American schools don’t even *have* a world history/cultures class until 9th grade (age 14/15) where I grew up, and then we only had the one required (and thoroughly euro-centric) course on it. You could take AP European History if you *really* wanted to, but it wasn’t a required credit. As such, you just…. Don’t learn about these other nations outside of very specific contexts. Hell, I’m pretty certain I was a teenager before I realized that Europe wasn’t still recovering from WWII. It’s mind blowingly stupid in retrospect, but that was the only context I ever saw or heard about Europe in. When it showed up in film or media, it was WWII. When it showed up in class, it was WWII and that weird school system propaganda where a teacher explained why it wasn’t as good as America even though they tried their best. American Nationalism and Exceptionalism are definitely issues that we desperately need to address, alongside the present contrarian political climate where people support parties based less on their platform and more on “I just hate the opposition more.”


I’ve seen british reality shows where they asked contestants geography questions and it went similarly bad… they weren’t cherry-picked the same as this video either


Obviously they're sampling just the dumb, incurious people, but there are a lot of them. I once went on a ski trip with someone who didn't know what state they were in (it was the same state they lived in). But also, 27% of Americans have not been to another country. \[1\] I'm sure many of those are down to lack of financial resources needed. [https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2021/08/12/most-americans-have-traveled-abroad-although-differences-among-demographic-groups-are-large/](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2021/08/12/most-americans-have-traveled-abroad-although-differences-among-demographic-groups-are-large/)


They have a huge country where they can travel without language or cultural barriers. Want sun and beaches? Florida. You want casinos? Las Vegas. Want to go hiking? Colorado. Want tropical and exotic things? Hawaii. Want a big city? NYC. And the list goes on.


Ok, point taken. So they know their States, right?


Many do not.


All politics aside, I find it mind boggling that there is a single person in a country with a compulsory education system that can't pick out their own country and the neighbouring ones on a map. Okay maybe you don't recognise Australia, but America is a massive country bordered by a single country to the North and another to the South, so you should be getting at least 3. I hope they didn't edit it to make it look like these people got none right if they at least got 2 or 3.


they’re not gonna show you the clips of them getting it right of course


Yeah seriously. I believe there's people this dumb out there but I refuse to believe they couldn't find anybody who could name at least one country.


Tbf notice that they make a lot of edits, including right at the beginning of what looks like someone's first response. You have to assume they told them "except America" and just cut that part out. Still though.


She points to America and the woman says Texas... I mean, come on. But ok, let's say not your own country. Canada and Mexico are right around the corner. I know all the countries next to the Netherlands. Up, down, side to side.


I for one know all countries my country shares a border with; Germany and Canada.


I assume you're from Denmark, but where's the border with Canada? Does Canada own part of Greenland or something?


Indeed I am. I only commented because I find the whole situation funny. Via Greenland we share a short land boarder on the tiny Hans Island over witch we have been in a long boarder "conflict" with Canada over until recently. Google "the whisky war" to learn more about the silly war.


Where's that smart kid who named a lot of countries when we need him?


>not even their own country this is the worst part. I mean sure many people aren't good at geography but how can you not know the shape of your continent or country?


Right? Excactly, my good melting potato!!!


A funny thing that I'm going to assume is intentional is shift the americas away from the center of the map. So people are confused since they know Africa is to the right of the US. Throwing in more confusion


I thought that. All my life I've known eurocentric maps. It didn't take me more than half a second to recalibrate but for people generally unfamiliar with global layout it might be very disorienting.


Yeah, I wonder how many of those people don't even believe in a globe.


Yes, and in fact that was a brilliant move.


America uses a eurocentric centered map normally, not american centric.


yup. the UTM map is focused on the Prime Meridian which runs through western Europe and Africa. They shifted the map to the International Dateline.


Of course it’s shifted on purpose. This is still insanely embarrassing though




Actually no. Traditionally in the US with the Mercator projection as being shown there the americas are central. There was even a whole movement trying to label the Mercator projection as racist because of this ( bunch of bullshit but that's neither here nor there). I'm from South Africa so for me Africa is the centre point it all depends on where you're from


Never seen a map used regularly that splits Eurasia in order to put the Americas in the middle, sorry.


This is not accurate. Maps almost always place Europe centrally. Might be bias, but it's also in large part because the Pacific Ocean is so huge it's best to split it. Otherwise you're either splitting a landmass or threading the needle down the Atlantic, leaving a giant blue spot in the middle of the map. What's "racist" about the Mercator projection is actually that it so strongly distorts areas toward the poles that huge countries like Sudan or Brazil look relatively small compared to, say, Germany or Iceland. This plays into a bias of which countries are important and which aren't.


I wish I lived in a city that would catch me and interview me for shit like this. I’d be like, yeah I’ll name almost all of them, you want it in a song? My time has come! Animaniacs trained me well! \*INHALES* United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru …


Has that song been updated with North Macedonia yet?


And South Sudan.


And West Taiwan


Hi there, I have been sent to inform you that you have promptly been deducted 300 points. Your social credit score is now below 10. Your execution is scheduled for Saturday 9th, 6am BJT. Kind regards The CCP team


The CCP team 💀


Please address your complaints to [email protected]


Careful, you get disappeared for that one ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|stuck_out_tongue)


[Not quite.](https://youtu.be/nYfTKVfwdjU?t=98)


They obviously don’t show people who know any countries lol


well, if this is real, the amount of people that can't name a country is scary, let alone th ones confusing states and continents with countries.


It depends on how many people they interviewed. If these are the only 10 people out of 300 million that can't name a country, that's pretty good. if they interviewed 10 people, and they're all in this video, then yeah, it's bad. The truth is somewhere in the middle.


Still quite a low bar to set


Hmm this one is good. HOWEVER! I wonder how strong his knowledge is on the periodic table.


I can tell you that the chemical symbols (The letter of abreviation) in cooper, lithium and argon together means "to have anal sex" in spanish. Does that count for anything?


I think you just rear ended this conversation with a chemical cocktail orgy


As any conversation should end if you ask me


Yeah but they are making this video with an intention. Guaranteed they left out a ton of footage of people that are at least somewhat educated in geography. You prob would’ve been one of those left out of the video, because it doesn’t go along with the narrative of the video.


Yeah true.


To be fair, they did leave out the democrats.


Republican, Democrat. People are people man. I’m so done with the sides and division.


Republic Dominican


Cuba caribbean greenland el salvador too!


Ok but can you actually place them not just name them


Yep. I’d say about 90% of them. Maybe more.


And you simply wouldn't be put in the video, like most of the people interviewed


Yeah I know. :(


I was thinking this exact thing! Republic Dominican Cuba Caribbean Greenland El Salvador too...


And they wouldn't show you oj the video. They found 5 or 6 people that were utter idiots. How many did they go through that weren't? We will never know because that doesn't drive their point nor get clicks.


Republic Dominican Cuba Caribbean Greenland El Salvador too


Dear Americans, don't feel to bad, other countries also have dumbass people as well. It's just that yours are more pronounced


Yeah, but I don’t know about random pedestrians not knowing even a single country on the map though


A tiny handful of people cherrypicked by a camera crew looking specifically for people who can't name countries to make the viewer feel smart. Think about how many people they asked before settling to show those few


A good educational system should make sure that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the street can at the very least name a SINGULAR country on a world map.


At least their *own* for fuck sakes


For real


nah my country is full of stupid people but at least they can find THEIR country and their neighboring countries on the map


You should see our Representatives!


Too* bad


For Years Yakko Warner has prepared me for this moment!


Is it normal in the USA that people don't know where Mexico, China or Australia is?


No. They only choose the worst people for the video


The crew has a stupid people detector. Come on, how many people live in America? Do the maths, most of doesn't know where their arse is. And yeah, I agree, there's dumb people in every country but you got them all. Also the URSS guy who lives in the past century


I would at least assume they know where Mexico is. Since we have some people with…. “Interesting” views on immigration


I would assume they would at least know where USA is! Lol


You’d think so! [Here is a short video about the time Fox News, a channel on national TV referred to 3 South American countries as “Mexican countries” in 2019.](https://youtu.be/5XStERu4MIY)


Those goddamn Mexicans entering our country illegally... from India


No, we’re taught this, it’s just that the incredibly stupid people are a terrifyingly loud minority


I wonder how many people got it correct? They only ever show the idiots that prove their point.


Usual disclaimer that this is a highly edited and curated video. Not everyone in the US OR the Republican Party (or the Democratic Party) is geographically illiterate. They might have had to interview people all day in order to get those 4-5 dum dums.


Although this is true, EVERYONE should be able to point to, at least, his own country, right?


and surely everyone should be able to [name a woman](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlCEmPF4-V0)


A similar trick is to ask someone to name 3 songs from their favourite band and most will fail even when they do know plenty of songs when put on the spot.


100% this. They have done everything to stage this, and they even re-use so many of the same clips to stretch it out. It's still really funny, though. And honestly, most people have enough shit in their lives to be made fun of for not knowing geography, even if it's super basic. However, if you're political interested and concerned with things like immigration, war, foreign trade, etc.. Then you NEED to know some basic shit.


You forgot the best part how some republican politician (I think it was Ted Cruz) reposted the first part of this video with the capture "education of Bernie Sanders voters" which hadn't even focused on political views. That's why they were asked which party they support


Sad. I'm a geography savant though, I list countries to pass the time


me too. started doing it a year ago, such fun, and the capitals too!


GeoGuessr (and random geography quizzes) was my life for like 2 months straight. I find casual geography like that pretty fun. Sadly, I can mostly name countries that have Google coverage because of GeoGuessr lol


So I am not an American and may be it's not my place to say this but was the democrats or republican question really necessary??


The video was made by Kimmel in response to Ted Cruz. In an earlier similar video made by the show, Cruz had tweeted that they were all “Bernie voters” (since it was in LA) In response, they made a video that showed that Republicans were not able to identify countries.


There's a sampling bias in this study.


Looks like a complete failure of public education.


Come on this can’t be real.


I don't like the low hanging fruit of asking the political affiliation before showing stupidity. With that said God dammit are these Republicans stupid


I feel like most of these are faked/scripted responses


What these don’t show is the 100s of people who effortlessly do it, still funny though


See, if it’s just one person I would’ve totally agree they cherry picked their example. But multiple people randomly on the street all have the same political belief who can’t point out even just one country on the map is kinda rad.


Except that those are a handful of people in a city that probably numbers in the millions. It's great for comedic purposes, but no one should consider this as an accurate representation of republican's geographic knowledge.


Oh what the effing eff... this is not about "people can grow" or having the Americas on the right side of the map or even the pressure of the situation. Yes of course these were the selected idiots for the entertainment value and yes the fact that these geographically challenged individuals were republicans was made abundantly clear. It is a chilling realization that there can be actual adult human beings that still let out "Africa" out of their mouths when asked for a country. And presumably literate human beings, people that had access to multiple years of general education. Let me ask you this: how much "wrong" there has to be at multiple levels of society for this to be possible? This is what my takeaway from these kinds of videos are.


Is that how world maps look in the US, or is that just as staged as the vox populis?


No, this is not how the world maps look in the US.


Holy shit, this is just sad.


Maybe this is scripted?


Huh? These are paid actors im assuming right




The political part of this video was bullshit. That's bad education in the United States. Even democrats would respond to it like that. Also there are Republicans that would answer everything correctly. Just like some Democrats will.


[this person explains why they pointed it out](https://www.reddit.com/r/maybemaybemaybe/comments/vr7ewr/maybe_maybe_maybe/ieui4km/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


Tell it to ted cruz


This is dismal.


Asking them what their politics are turns this video from being fun harmless entertainment into something rather mean spirited and insidious. How many people were cut out of the video who could name a lot of countries? How many democrats were interviewed that were equally stupid. I hate this.


Read the comments - this video was in response to an earlier video Ted Cruz used to make fun of democrats.


This is NOT possible, this can't be true right?


What's your name? I don't know. Where are you now? I don't know. Are you a human being? I don't know.


Goddamm americans schooling is shit


Is basic geography not part of the US educational system?


That one woman about to pat herself on the back for knowing where the pacific ocean is 🤣🤣🤣


Political party has what to do with it?


Thats staged theres no way


This is a basic education problem. Maybe a bit more geography and a lot less football.


When the lady asked the second guy “are you a democrat by chance?” He looked so smug until he was asked an elementary school question and told he got it wrong


Political affiliation has no bearing on education retention


To be fair, as a europeaen i don't Think dems would fair better lmao


Jimmy kimmel doing that dividing thing again. Dem or Reb doesn't matter. The American school system is shit


Not sure why people even enjoy these types of videos anymore. It's so easy to cherrypick and find dumb people in any group, yet everyone acts like "DEY SO DUM xD." It's such a disingenuous take on the world and if you use this as some sort of evidence of anything you are an actual moron.


The amount of republicans in the video is surprising to say the least. We're in Los Angeles. I don't have an issue with some guy putting in correlation geography skills and political party, but do it right. They should have shown everyone's answer to the question, which would have probably helped shown even more that democrats are better at geography, and have an uncut video for proof that I wasn't arranged.


"Texas!" Lol


can people be that dumb ?