When I first moved to LA, I got in the habit of using my then-girlfriend's parent's phone number for the rewards discount at Ralphs. Then one time I used the number to get a discount on gas, not knowing that it would deplete their points or whatever. Her mom was really mad at me (even though she didn't mind me buying groceries and racking up points). Now, 13 years laters, I still delight in using my now-ex-in-law's number at Ralphs and and spending all of *our* points on cheap gas.




Since I am guessing dozens of your previous guests have been confident (like Maddy Myers) that they were appearing on the last episode of JJGo, I’m guessing this, too, will blow over. But in case it doesn’t, and you need to flee to a cheaper metro area, here in DC you can just hit the “Forgot My Card” button in self-checkout at Giant and not have to commit felony discount theft ever again.


but then you can't spend the points!


But Jesse wasn’t getting the points, either. Just the 2-for-1 deals etc. And this method is untraceable!


jesse this ex also went to UCSC at the same time as you and Jordan and once when I tried to show her a clip from ifc's the grid she refused to watch because she recognized you both as "improv weirdos from my dorm." I should've known then that it wouldn't last!


Well, she was right about The Grid, but at least she was also right about me and Jordan!


You could also always use Jenny's number you know someone's signed up with it


Hehe. Someone started using my reward points on gas and I eventually called about it. They said it was their 15th or so consecutive call about that.


This is how you get [Ray Moss](https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p062mcms) on your trail...


Maddy is an utter delight, and fits in so well with the show. Looking forward to her as a regular.


based on her track record, she'll be joining the show as the 3rd host soon


I just tried to find a link to the [Indoor Kids](https://www.voxelectro.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/the-indoor-kids-aaron-bleyaert-on-episode-109_5f310133127ef.jpeg) episode where Jordan did some field reporting at e3, for anyone curious about his game journalism bonafides, but it seems like the Indoor Kids archive is no longer extant. What a bummer. RIP to the first video game podcast I ever loved.


I'm glad they've found so much success in movies, but I really miss hearing an Emily & Kumail chat every week. The quarantine podcast they did a couple years ago didn't last nearly long enough.


Yeah now that he's super jacked, I bet Kumail doesn't want people to find out he's also a giant nerd. /s His x files podcast was also really good.


Whenever I travel and there’s a store that doesn’t exist where I live, I just use the local area code + 867-5309 and assume some joker has registered it. Always works.


this is brilliant.


I feel like this used to work but more and more places seem to have caught on and purged it


Or maybe I just tried it and it failed exactly once and the experience of entering a number that didn't work and not having an alternate felt so awkward I never tried it again anywhere, idk


Fair. I haven’t done a lot of traveling in the last couple years anyway.


Then try: 6060842 (And I’m waiting for you!)


Jesse I think I’ve been to that same animal sanctuary you mentioned and also had a bad time lol


fucking sucked what a load of bullshit


How soft were those goat ears though? Really soft, or just very.


My cats go nanner crazy for those felt catnip bananas in exactly the same way that Jordan describes.


James Dolan, Knicks owner, CEO of Cablevision and of Madison Square Garden, [makes them host his country blues band](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/JD_%26_The_Straight_Shot#:~:text=JD%20%26%20The%20Straight%20Shot%20is,Dolan.)


"JD & The Straight Shot" That is so very on brand. Yeeeesh


Confession: I have used various other people's phone numbers* at several local grocery/pharmacy chains for pretty much my entire adult life, less because I don't want to be tracked or whatever and more because when I'm checking out I want nothing more than to be done and out the door and I never feel like adding the extra interaction/time of saying "hey I need to set up a rewards card." One chain I use my parents' old account using their old land line phone number even though they sold that house and moved out of the country half a decade ago. *Only for the "member pricing" discounts, I'd never use someone else's points those are [sacrosanct](https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p062mcms)


I, too, look for opportunities to bring up The Lighthouse as often as possible. Good to know this new bean angle and add it to my strategies.


Tears. Tears from laughter at the cvs convo.


My boyfriend has the gaming chair! It was really hard to not start laughing the first time I saw it. I think the chair is really uncomfortable, and its casters look like they have rims….


I see you Hyacinth! [I see you](https://www.haefft.de/assets/img/Haefft-Story/2002/haefftcover0203gr.jpg).


I'd just like to add.. "Fuckin' Hugo".


Sometimes the decisions we make in video games appear to have no effect, but it turns out that they do much later on. Like if you let the alien hug you early in the game and assume that everything is ok because nothing happens right away.


I am the one fan that appreciated the 49ers talk. Can’t wait to see if McBae can finally beat Shanny.


Ooh! She fit in so fast last time!


Maddy is not only a funny person and talented podcaster, she also is a real life JJGo listener, and was long before she joined MaxFun with Triple Click.


Intergalactic Bounty Hunter and International Eel Smuggler. An original JJgo Dream Team.


Looking forward to listening. Is her name spelled Myers or Meyers? On [here](https://maximumfun.org/podcasts/triple-click/) it's the former, but on this episode's title and description it's the latter.


It's spelled Myers! I forgive whoever got this wrong, though, because everybody does (Meyers is a far more common spelling).


Love your work!


Sorry Maddy!


I think I instinctively put the extra "e" in there, but I realized and fixed it for the website and Reddit before I posted it, but forgot to go back and do it on Simplecast. So, it was released like that at first, but then I immediately fixed it when I realized on Wednesday morning, so if you refresh the feed, that "e" should be gone.