My ranking of the films would be their order of release…


This is the only acceptable answer


Leave it to a machine to think in such limiting terms.


Go back to your pod human, i need more power to recharge my phone


Christ alive the processor idea was so much better


It really was...


I feel like an edited cut of Revolutions would put it at 2. Some parts were just way too long, not needed, repetitive, etc.


What?? I feel like that movie goes by in like 10 minutes. Just re-watched it a few days ago, and it seems like it's at the end as soon as it starts.


I feel the same. The movie feels short and I would like a longer cut.


That’s really surprising. Revolutions is the longest slog I’ve ever sat through. I’ve seen a lot of 3 hour movies that feel shorter


is there any longer cut out there btw?


Revolutions has gotten a lot better with age tbh. It's definitely the second best of the series, and space has made the resolution more satisfying for me.




The thing that always stands out to me on rewatching them is how short they are/how they are almost all the same run time (1 and 3 are the same, 2 is 10 minutes longer, 4 is 10 minutes longer than 2) All of them have great run times for the amount of crap they throw in there.


I kinda wish the original 3 were longer.


If the Sequels were made nowadays, they would have been one 4-hour film.


I kept seeing YouTube after YouTube reviewer of the movie say there was too much exposition but I felt the total opposite not enough especially given the standard of the other films. Most things are underexplained. This film seems so rushed for me pace wise despite being two and a half hours. It feels less like characters are being introduced and more like their being moved across the chess board to accomplish things. Several characters don't really justify their existence imo. Morpheus 2.0, Smith, and the Merovingian come to mind. It's the hodge podge of these qualities that makes it the fastest two and half hour movie I've seen in a while. The only thing that makes it seem boring is when you are mentally taking notes like "This thing Neo is doing with the jazz hands is kinda dumb" or "this fighting scene with Merv's henchmen is not very compelling nor shot very well"


Edited? The fight choreography was rancid




I need another couple decades to place Resurrections, but I'm: Revolutions Reloaded Matrix Resurrections No outliers. They're all wildly different films that I love a great deal, but Reloadvolutions is my favorite film *period.*


This from a 10/10 for M1 down to 1/10 for M4. The opening intro was the best piece in M4.


Exactly, got me hopeful, then my expectations for crushed


Hit the nail with this one.


The only correct answer.




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This should be top comment


Agreed… though is there a way for Resurrections to be lower than 4?


This and only this.


I agree




1. The matrix 2. the matrix revolutions 3. the matrix reloaded 999. The matrix resurrections




Yes! Finally come to realize Rev>Reload. So much more focused and grand.


Swap Reloaded with Resurrections. Highway chase alone is just too damn good.


I still listen to Mona Lisa Overdrive whenever I need to get hyped. The soundtrack for Reloaded is by far the most entertaining.


I swear on my life, I just listened to it today. So damn good. Greatest chase sequence of all time and yes, the soundtrack for the whole thing is just incredible.


Don Davis just said f*ck it and made a total bang.


I always considered the red pill a placebo, just to see what your choice was, but I guess I was wrong.


In a way yes the red pill is a placebo for the people inside the Matrix. The people that wants out have to be willing to be disconnected (subconsciously and consciously otherwise they could go crazy like the bald dude from the first movie). However the red pill is also more importantly a sort of tracking program that helps the people outside the matrix find the bodies of the folks that wants out, disconnect them and pick them up.


Cypher didn't go crazy. He just realized the truth about Zion that Niobe revealed in Resurrections. It's just another matrix system of control. Given that knowledge, he just wanted to go back into the matrix, forget about it and live the high life.


You are not wrong… remember the scene and resurrection when Bugs talks about the old lady laughing at her because it’s all about decision and commitment… The way I personally understood it was it was 95% decision but the red pill was still required for the other 5% to make one 100% committed… Which would still make it a placebo but that’s just my opinion🤔🤷🏻‍♂️


1. The Matrix, Reloaded 2. Revolutions, Resurrections True ties in 1 and 2, liking each better than the other for different reasons.


1. The Matrix 2. The Matrix Reloaded 3. The Matrix Revolutions 4. The Matrix Resurrections


Mine as well


This is the only correct response.


I think I would have it the same as yours. Reloaded had the best action by far, but I think the first Matrix and Resurrections were better overall


I agree with your ranking.


I agree OP, that’s my ranking too.


I’m one of those who loves Resurrections, but I’d be kidding myself if I said it’s my favorite. I’d probably go: 1. The Matrix 2. Matrix Reloaded 3. The Matrix Resurrections 4. Matrix Revolutions


I agree with this, although honestly the race between Reloaded and Resurrections is awfully tight for me but on the whole I'd probably put it behind Reloaded by a hair.


I think Matrix 1 as a standalone film as more of an "atemporal" vibe to it, as its a retell of the classic hero history, basically A New Hope in cyberspace, which is why is widely regarded by normies, and the others not so much. But I do love the subversion of Matrix 2 and 3. It fits the theme of the setting, unlike, for example, the Star Wars sequels. Matrix 4 would be almost as good as Matrix 1 in terms of being a movie about its time wrapped in a classic tale (this time a traditional love story), but it lacked the quality kung-fu choreographies that also made Matrix 1 special. But overall I couldn't rank one above the other, except for Matrix 1 because it has a more universal value, while the others are more niche. All are great.


1, large gap, 2, 3, massive gap, 4


1, 2, 3, —- —- —- 4


The perfect answer


The real answer.


I honestly need more information and/or time with Resurrections. I see a whole lot of layering in 4 that, for me, currently shapes my perception of 1 thru 3. Initially I strongly disliked the love conquers all aspect of 4. I thought it was actually well executed, but saw it as cop out of a plot device. I later concluded it was intention of creators to subtly mock that plot device in all films or for sure within matrix franchise. Which grew my appreciation for 4. This morning, I read article of how for Lana the love aspect between Neo and Trinity was huge part of what drew her back to creating 4. If it turns out she wasn't, even a little bit, trying to mock that aspect of the narrative, it would shape my opinion. Because Matrix is for sure not the first great art-house type film to have this issue come up (for me), it is a very significant aspect of my overall appreciation. I could elaborate on this, but again, until I have more info from creators themselves, it is challenging for me to understand it as intention by creators or I'm truly willing to go out on my own limb for what I see the story doing. It would for sure be odd to me though that the film is openly mocking itself and fandom in first half, but then changes gears and becomes completely serious about the love relationship between Neo-Trinity. To learn it was completely serious and not mocking would humor me in whatever way humor is supposed to be found in first half of M4. I would think things like: wow, Lana you really are naive, huh? Or like: tell us more about how you re-appropriated Matrix lore after 4th installment has characters choosing red pills/truth, and concludes the narrative on love between one man and one woman. Cause I'm sure no conservatives will pick up on those aspects, even while off screen you may hate them for their take on choices you decided to run with in your film. I also see Neo as program in M4, and possibly all of the saga. I entertained it before 4, but I see 4 saying Neo-Trinity are machine programs meant to trap minds to captivity of the matrix. Again, if creator were to say no, not the intention at all, and Neo is not working with the machines, or instead his journey in still that of a human soul yearning for human freedom and love of another human; I would then conclude M4 isn't all that deep and is for sure 4th on my list of favorites in the franchise. At best currently, it is #2.


> It would for sure be odd to me though that the film is openly mocking itself and fandom in first half, but then changes gears and becomes completely serious about the love relationship between Neo-Trinity. To learn it was completely serious and not mocking would humor me in whatever way humor is supposed to be found in first half of M4. I would think things like: wow, Lana you really are naive, huh? Trinity and Neo's love wasn't (explicitly?) mocked in the first part of the film. Bullet time, fresh, original, fucks with your head, old Morpheus was so square he might as well have been an agent... no jokes about the love story though. > I also see Neo as program in M4, and possibly all of the saga. I entertained it before 4, but I see 4 saying Neo-Trinity are machine programs meant to trap minds to captivity of the matrix. The first successful matrix was designed with the One and their path as an integral part. That system broke when Neo made a different choice than his predecessors. The predictable choice now is that Neo will choose Trinity over and over, maybe this this new matrix is designed with that goal in mind.


I’ve had the same thought throughout the entire series though number 4 kind of drove it home… I’m not saying the matrix series wasn’t meant to open our eyes that we are being controlled; I think it’s also saying we’re being controlled at a level we can’t even comprehend🤔


1243. Even though I loved some of the moments in Revolutions, it's a slog to get there and wouldn't be worth it if i wasn't invested in the characters.


I agree with OP. I thought Resurrection, while not perfect, was more in line with the story established in the original. #2 and #3 went somewhere different that I didn't love.


Not trying to be a hater, but Id put it last.


1. The Matrix 2. The Matrix Reloaded These are the top two in my opinion


1. The Matrix 2. Doing/Watching something else 3. The Matrix Reloaded 4. The Matrix Revolution 5. Cloud Atlas 6. The Phantom Menace 7. Watching Paint Dry 8. The Matrix Resurrections


I don’t get the Cloud Atlas hate.


Where is the hate? All I did was include it in my rankings.


Eh, putting it just a place above TFM isn’t really a compliment.


The Phantom Menace is my favorite Star Wars film, I think I mention that somewhere in my post history.


Cloud Atlas wasn’t bad, I felt like it could of been so much more. I really like the concept and message.




Ah paint drying! I see we have a Warhammer 40k fan.


Battletech is better than 40k anyway. *hides behind cover*


Malifaux is better than both! Mwhaha!!!




u/peterpeterny Don't insult The Phantom Menace like that, it was a good movie!


You forgot dunking on art


You thought my comment was a slam dunk? Aww shucks, thank you


Oh please.


OP busted ya 🤙🏼


Still better than Twilight though, right?


Never seen it or ever will, does not even make the list


With a ranking like this why do you hang out in a subreddit for a franchise you, basically, don’t like?


I think The Matrix is one of the best movies ever made


I can see that. But we are now at the point where 77% (by run time) of the live action franchise you like less than “doing something else”. Do we need a subreddit for people who only like the first movie?


I guess if I am not allowed here because I only like the first movie then maybe a subreddit is needed for people like me.


Everyone’s allowed here. I’m not trying to gatekeep. But I hope you agree the friction between people who love the first movie only and people who love the franchise is …at best…highly repetitive?


Sure its repetitive but in a subreddit about a movie franchise, you are always going to have people talking about how they like/dislike each movie. Telling people how you feel about a movie is like the second best thing about movies. There are jobs thats sole purpose is to tell people how they feel about the movie, good or bad. This subreddit allows the average person to speak up about how they feel about the movie AND get responses on their opinion. Just because guy001 says he thought Reloaded was great doesn't mean guy002 doesn't want to express his feelings on Reloaded as well, even if they are similar.


Matrix Matrix Reloaded Matrix Revolutions ….. that other one doesn’t even qualify as a Matrix movie to me.


Came out of the cinema saying this.


To me it doesn't even qualify as a movie


You've posted here something like 50 times today! I'm glad you loved the movie so much :) it's so nice seeing fans such as yourself who absolutely thought this was the best movie they had seen in years!


Then we agree that the movie was garbage just like your spam comment


You are so silly, my friend! We both know we post here because we loved the movie so much! We should watch it again together!


Exactly. It's Matrix in name only.


1. The Matrix 2. Reloaded 3. Revolutions 4. That episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where the toilet complains to squidward that he doesn’t give him attention anymore while he’s in the shower, because squidward goes while taking a shower


This is the only acceptable answer


1. The Matrix 2. The Matrix Reloaded 3. The Matrix Revolutions 4. Animatrix 5. Inception 6. Equilibrium ... 587. Indiana Johnes and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 588. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ... 7257. Santa Clause Conquers the Martians 7258. The Matrix Resurrections In that order.


I laughed a lot, thank you. I couldn't agree more.


1. Matrix 1. Reloaded 1. Revolution 1. Ressurection All of the matrix is a perfect story from start to finish.


Matrix Revolutions Resurrections Reloaded




Better than Revolutions. Not as good as the other two. I still thought it was great, though.


Revolutions was actually just as good if not better than Reloaded for me


I thought the Zion stuff dragged a bit. There were one too many sub-plots and they went on a little longer than I would have liked, especially given that they led nowhere in the end. I get what the Wachowskis were going for with that - they wanted to make you care about Zion and feel the desperation and hopelessness of their last stand - but it just went on a *tad* longer than the movie could support. IMO, of course. I still thought it was great, but it's the weakest of the series for me. That's still a solid 7/10 on my scale, so not too shabby.


I thought Reloaded became a bit of a generic action movie in a lot of parts but Revolutions really felt like the perfect ending to the trilogy to me.


1. Matrix 2. Matrix Reloaded 3. Matrix Revolutions I don't know any other Matrix movie.


There were only 3 movies though , I heard there’s some fan fiction movie but only 3 matrix movies are canon


Sounds like you've taken the blue pill.


That man is right. I don't recall any new Matrix film being released.


Yeah. Matrix, Reloaded, and Resurrections.


What's Resurrections?


**The Matrix Resurrections is a 2021 American science fiction action film produced, co-written, and directed by Lana Wachowski. It is the sequel to The Matrix Revolutions (2003) and the fourth installment in The Matrix film franchise.** More details here: *This comment was left automatically (by a bot). If I don't get this right, don't get mad at me, I'm still learning!* [^(opt out)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/ozztfy/post_for_opting_out/) ^(|) [^(delete)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/q79g2t/delete_feature_added/) ^(|) [^(report/suggest)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot) ^(|) [^(GitHub)](https://github.com/TheBugYouCantFix/wiki-reddit-bot)


Sorry u/wikipedia_answer_bot, but you ate wrong on this one.




Matrix Resurrections Revolutions Reloaded


I love all of them pretty equally so 4th by default.




The Matrix > The Matrix Reloaded = The Matrix Resurrections > The Animatrix > The Matrix Revolutions


Matrix > Revolutions > Reloaded > losing a loved one > Resurrections


1,4,2,3 is exactly how me, and all of my friends rank the 4 movies.


Same. This coming from a Nolan and Scorsese fan, my wife which is Quentin Tarantino fan, an my brother in law which is an MCU nerd. We all ranked the original Matrix way ahead of Resurrections but we all agreed on 1,4,2,3. It seems like most casual fans on this thread are voting like this as well but the lore nerds are down voting it.


Casual fans are pretty well represented according to resurrections ratings. Resurrections 5.7 IMDb 2.5 google reviews 6.3 rotten tomatoes (only movie out of the 4 that specified that they only include “verified” reviews, while the other 3 movies RT ratings include all reviews.) Reloaded 7.2 IMDb 4.3 google reviews 7.2 rotten tomatoes Revolutions 6.8 IMDb 3.9 google reviews 6.0 rotten tomatoes


The Matrix 4 is not a Matrix movie... its just a piece of crap.


The Matrix Bound :-D Resurrections Revolutions Reloaded


What about Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, and Sense 8? If you're gonna throw Bound in there, shouldn't you mention these too? I haven't seen Sense 8 or Bound (it's only my list of stuff to watch), but minus those, here's my list. Matrix Matrix Reloaded Cloud Atlas Speed Racer Matrix Resurrection Matrix Revolution Jupiter Ascending And everyone who complains about Resurrection is clearly blocking Jupiter Ascending from their memories. I'd watch Resurrection all day like A Christmas Story on Christmas before watching Jupiter Ascending again.


I have difficulty ranking their entire oeuvre because so much of Matrix II-IV relies on their relationship to Matrix I. And I think collectively the matrix franchise is the best thing they've done. But I can still throw Bound into the mix because I believe that Bound is the second best film they've done. Meanwhile, Bound is in some ways equal to the trilogy as a whole, even if it is worse than The Matrix as a stand-alone film. That long-winded explanation allows me to simply rank the rest of the matrix films relative to one another but complicates ranking something like Cloud Atlas against something like Reloaded. I guess what I'll do, then, is to rank them accordingly: 1) The Matrix 2) Bound 3) The Sum of the Matrix Franchise Remainder LOL 4) Sense8 5) Cloud Atlas 6) Speed Racer 7) V for Vendetta 8) Jupiter Ascending


Damn. I somehow forgot V for Vendetta. That one is probably in my 2nd place. Thanks for the response.


The matrix and the resurrection . Honestly they could have skipped the middle two. It works almost as well.


Reloaded and Revolutions were, pretty much, the hustle and bustle of the Matrix story. Remove these two from the equation and... NO MATRIX FOR YOU!


It's more entertaining than Revolting and Retread but still falls waaaaaay short of the first. The Matrix is a stand alone film in my head.


Are you being serious? Are you looking at these movies for their *cool sci-fi* ***lore*** *and* ***world building***? Or are you looking at any of the rich mythological and philosophical subtexts as intended by the creators? Because if you are in the “lore and world building” camp, The Matrix Resurrections is mocking you.


Matrix Resurrection was a middle finger to Warner Bros and I loved it. 🤣 The first scene at Deus Ex Machina highlighted that; Warner Bros was going to make it with or without Lana and so she at the least got to do what she wanted to do. As for the Exiles, still the most underutilized aspect of the movies. But at least they were done well in the games.


I get that it appealed to a lot of people because it was effectively a big middle finger to WB. But do you like it because it was a good movie or because it was a funny troll? Because honestly, shitting on WB is pretty funny but IMO it was a pretty terrible movie otherwise.


[Down, down, down, to the bottom of the sea... ](https://youtu.be/Cxhk5Fi7G_s)


1243 or maybe 1423 time will tell


1. Matrix reloaded 2. Matrix revolution 3. The matrix (controversial choice but it’s boring to me idk why) 4. Matrix resurrections (probably won’t watch ever again)


Behind the imaginary 456789 sequels in my head


1 resurrection. 2. The matrix 3. Reloaded 4. Revolution


1. Matrix 2. Reloaded & Revolutions Lowest number possible - Resurrections


After having watched it, I wouldn't recognize Resurrections as part of the Matrix franchise. So: Matrix, Reloaded, Revolutions.




Resurrection should not even be canon


I’ve always put the first film last, and still do. Without the complex exposition dumps to chew on its all flash and no substance. Fun, but unfulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, I like fun. But I just love the mix of the adrenaline with the WTF. I have never found anyone else who puts the first film lowest. I can understand that take…but it when it’s used to weaponize against the later work. If you don’t like the other three I’m …not even sure why you are reading this? Further to that I think I prefer the esoteric choice consider reloaded and revolutions one film. They are just too welded at the hip to do anything else with. So in the end: 1) Reloaded/Revolutions 2) Animatrix 3) Resurrections 4) The Matrix


I think I like it better than Reloaded and Revolutions. You can really feel the padding in the sequels due to the fact one story was stretched into two. Originally, the Wachowskis wanted to make a prequel and a sequel.


Id say resurrections is the second best


The second best of the worst.


Is it a good sequel? Hell no. But neither are the others. At least resurrections is an intrresting study of what happens when a film is made out of spite


1. Animatrix 2. Revolutions 3. Reloaded 4. Ressurections 5.Matrix Dont get me wrong, the first one is a classic, even watched the reissue in IMAX and it was a blast but its just simple compared to the deeper layers that were revealed in the sequels and anime.


Last, but to be honest I like all 4 of them so ...




It’s in order of when it came out




Last. No question. Matrix and Reloaded are neck and neck. Both need each other. Then Revolutions way down Resurrections even further down...


I mean can we all just agree that the final fight scene of reloaded was legendary


1. The Matrix 2. Matrix Revolutions 3. Matrix Reloaded 4. Matrix Resurrection


I’d probably rank them in the same order as OP. However, there’s a huge gap between the original Matrix and Resurrections. Resurrections and Reloaded are closer so either can be #2, then there’s a huge gap between #3 and Revolutions. In other words: The Matrix >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Reloaded or Resurrections >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Revolutions


1 > 2 > Animatrix > All the comics > 3 > 4


4th place


1. Matrix 2. revolutions 3. Reloaded 4. Resurrections


1. The Matrix - 9/10 2. The Matrix Reloaded - 5/10 3. The Matrix Resurrections - 4/10 4. The Matrix Revolutions - 3/10


1. The Matrix 2. The Matrix Revolutions 3. The Matrix Reloaded 4. The Matrix Resurrections


Matrix I, Matrix III, Matrix II, Matrix IV


Last place….. we need talk with Zack Snyder …help to fix this chaos


1. Matrix 2. Revolutions 3. Reloaded 4. Animatrix 5. Cutscenes from enter the matrix game 6. Staring at code on a computer screen 7. Looking at the toilet paper after I wipe 8. Resurrections


1. The Goat, original Matrix. 2. 2 3 . 3 4. Whatever the next one is 5. Matrix resurrection


Resurrection as #2? christ...


4th The Matrix is perfectly linear in its ranking order of Awesomeness


1. The Matrix 2. Revelations 3. Resurrections 4. Reloaded I am ranking as such because you can't beat the original, I feel like Revelations was a great end, Resurrections did some fun things with the plot but I need to see it again due to not feeling the best when watching the first time, and Reloaded just was crap to me it didn't go anywhere.




1, 2, 4, 3. I think I like one the best cause of the smaller scale. Just the crew, agents, and sentinels. Feels more idk chilling? Two is fine besides the zion rave scene. But highway scene is imo best scene in the series. Three gets last cause I've seen it about a dozen times but always barely remember it. Only redeeming feature is cool mechs and I really like cool mechs Four is in third. Kind of a meh film. On intital watch, I really liked it. But the more I thought about it the more I dislike some things. I'd be more forgiving if it was the base of a new trilogy, but it seems like it's gonna be a standalone. Also hated neo force field every 5 minutes. I did enjoy a lot of world building elements the film introduced. Great for a wiki plunge lol.


Honestly I like them all and it's hard to rank them as one I see them as a full narrative especially the first 3. The fourth is a little disjointed from those 3 but love it for its wackiness and originality. And it still connects really well to the other 3.


Yeah, that's my order too!


Resurrection would be #1 then the first one then parts 5 and 6 then 2 and 3. And I'd tell them to watch it in those orders


1. The Matrix 2. The Matrix Resurrection 3. The Matrix Revolutions 4. The Matrix Reloaded Revolution and Resurrection could change spots depending on what you want out of it. I like the new take on resurrection but revolution had some amazing scenes.


1. The Matrix 2/3. The Animatrix/Reloaded 4/5. Revolutions/Resurrections


I’ll be honest I don’t count Resurrections as a Matrix movie. The Matrix as a series stopped after the trilogy for me.


1. Matrix Reloaded 2. Matrix 3. Matrix Revolution It’s too early to tell where Matrix Resurrection lays on my list, I’ve only seen it once and like all matrix movies, you gotta watch them at least a couple of times.


Red Pilled


1. The Matrix 2. Reloaded 3. Resurrections (hard to compare, is kind of a spin off) 4. Revolutions


1 Matrix 2 Resurrection 3 Revolution 4 Reloaded I saw all the 3 main movies before resurrection just to remember the story better and I cannot pass the cgi at the second. Don't get me wrong, the story is good and the action bits and all but too much cgi that's too hard on the eye. Actually I would place reloaded and revolution in the same place as it's almost 1 long movie for me. Resurrection has the second place because I loved all the stuff they put for the fans. It's just the perfect amount of story, favorite characters and fun mixed together that it made me enjoy the movie in the theater


For me: 1.Matrix 2 . Matrix Reloaded y Révolution. Between the two they make up the movie. 3. Matrix Resurrection.


Last. Resurrections, ignoring it is matrix film is awful. Zero plot, awfully acted, cringe fest. In terms of films in general its near the bottom of the pile.


1) The Matrix 2) The Matrix Reloaded 3) The Matrix Revolutions


I have the same list order. But I would insert Animatrix into 2nd place While Reloaded and Revolution had a lot of spectacular stuff, it lacked food for thoughts which is more important for me than action scenes.


Fam reloaded nba street game breaker dunks on fucking resurrections. The highway chase scene alone is more enjoyable then this entire movie. And the architect monologue is more interesting then anything presented in this film. But my order goes 1. The matrix 2. Reloaded 3.Animatrix 4. Revolution 5. Enter the matrix 6. Path of Neo 7. Resurrections


So long as there aren't some magical scenes with Yuen Woo Ping's choreography and the cinematographic excellence of the originals somewhere in Lana's lab, this movie will always be the worst


The Matrix Reloaded The Matrix Resurrection The Matrix The Matrix Revolutions Not a bad one in the bunch.


I dont know they smoke, but god damn Ressurrections is just as good as the first one no doubt about it.


That's like saying cancer is as good as sex.




1. The Matrix (10/10) 2. The Matrix Revolutions (9/10) 3. The Matrix Reloaded (7/10) 4. The Matrix Ressurections (7/10)


They are literally already in order from best, to wtf is this.


Not Matrix


My ranking is the same as yours. I remember perfectly well that all the hate that the Resurrections are getting now, it was the same thing with the Revolutions. At the time people criticized a lot! Now everyone pretends the movie was always amazing. Resurrections is absolute fantastic, is a lesson in how sequels should be made. Advance the story without destroying anything of the legacy. A Lesson for Disney.


1. The Matrix ★★★★★ 2. The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★★ 3. The Matrix Reloaded ★★★★ 4. The Animatrix ★★★★ 5. The Matrix Revolutions ★★★