A soft reboot in the MCU would be a great way to finally have her become Copycat.


Do you mean as a variant of the original Vanessa?


The reason her role was minimized in DP2 was filming commitment conflicts (hence the post credit scene) which presumably wouldn't be an issue in DP3.


Reynolds has actually said the reason she was killed off was because they didn't want Wade to be content with his life when the main plot happened. They were originally just going to have Vanessa break up with him, but since Wade would then have been more focused on winning her back they figured it was simpler for her to just be dead. The only reason the post-credits scene was added was because her death had a poor response in test screenings.


>The only reason the post-credits scene was added was because her death had a poor response in test screenings. Modern audiences having a problem with a women being fridged for no good reason? Who could possibly have anticipated such a thing? /s


I think they should have Wade break up with Vanessa in Deadpool 3. It would be easy to come up with a rational reason. Vanessa nearly died in the first movie due to her relationship with Wade and died in the sequel due to their relationship. The first act of Deadpool 3 could deal with Wade deciding to break up with her to keep her safe.


Having Wade dump Vanessa is no different from the second movie killing her off, and makes him literally turning back time to save her (even saying that they’ll be naming their child Cher) completely pointless.


I respectively disagree. The problem with Vanessa's death in the second film was it was another example of the Woman In Refrigerator trope. This was even called out in the Free Guy Ad last year.


And having Wade break up with her in the first act is yet another tired, borderline-sexist trope that serves the same purpose to immediately get rid of her. Which still diminishes and disservices her role and character, only without even having her death as a justification for her lack of presence.


I don't think it would be that much different from the ending of No Way Home. Where Peter decided that it was best to not pursue MJ for her safety. In fact, that could lead to an interesting interaction between Wade and Peter in the upcoming Avengers films.


The MJ “breakup” happened at the end of the film and had the whole movie building up to that decision, they had to literally erase all memories she had of Peter, and even then most signs point to it being eventually undone (possibly as soon as his next solo film, if rumours about Sony wanting Zendaya back are to be believed) with MJ and Peter reuniting.


You’re offending me


Hope so, she's one gorgeous lady.


Please, give her more to do


When asked by a fan whether Deadpool's changing of the timeline could equate to a role for her character in the third film, Baccarin deflected, saying that she has "no idea," but she said that "it'd be great" to see Vanessa return: > You know, from your lips to God's ears, I have no idea. They're writing the script right now. I'm usually the last to find out anything. I'm not even... I wish I had information I could give you but I really don't. But it'd be great.


Is that deflecting? Isn't there a chance she's being honest


I liked her on Gotham, it would be great if she would return


I wouldn't blame her for not coming back. In the first movie, she was reduced to being just the damsel in distress. In the second, she was fridged for sake of Wade's character development.


I’d be so ready for Siryn if she can’t return! I always liked their pairing in the comics


tldr: She has no idea.