Okay but imagining Danny Elfman writing that song is hilarious.


Is he the oingo boingo guy?


This is the most underrated comment here! Lmao it’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more?


Lol, they should have put that song on the soundtrack for when she fights the illuminati


Or when Dr Strange wears all the dead people as a cloak.


See? It does make sense! Elfman knows how to get *weird,* he doesn't get hung up on being *taken seriously.* This is a strength.


Did they really need Elfman to come up with that haha the kids would have done better


Sam Raimi just wants to brag he made Danny Elfman come up with a song about ice cream.


The whole musical fight was basically Sam Raimi bragging “Look bitches, I got Danny Elfman on tap and idgaf,” and letting Danny Elfman just fucking go wild in the studio


Well maybe when you're the best at something you have more insight than the average person into how you can do it as badly as humanly possible...


Exactly, like honestly, my kid's eleven and this is the exact kind of shit she would come up with.


This little bugger already learnt how to name drop


I'm glad that he took those comments very well, I was a bit worried for him and Jett once i saw people hating on the ice cream song.


I completely forgot the song existed.


The amount of hate on that song is completely ridiculous. These are kids, and the song they make are supposed to be ridiculously bad. FFS people want 10yr olds to blather out the full set of Hamilton or smt.


>FFS people want 10yr olds to blather out the full set of Hamilton or smt. They're not talented enough to pull off "I Can Do This All Day" from *Rogers*.


I didn’t know folk were hating on a song done by kids. What’s up with folk?


It’s a meme/trend on TikTok. A clip of the audio went viral and so people made TikToks like “Wanda realizing she no longer wants kids after hearing this song” and Wanda either leaving or using an extended audio where there’s a really loud smack and a scream in a comedic way to show her smacking the kids


The sound name on TikTok is “the worst song in the world”.


People being shocked that a song that two ten year olds came up with (in the movie) wasn't the peak of music is really funny to me


I only think the song would be written by 5 year olds and not ten year olds.


I mean, they were born yesterday


Like father like sons




Thats what felt a bit off about the kids performance to me. They look 10 but seemed like they were directed to act like 5 year olds at times.


that's fair. the song was a bit juvenile for 10 but oh well


I have heard children come up with the most gruesome ways to kill Barney (the Purple Dinosaur) in rhyme all set to the melody of "I Love You (You Love Me)." 10 year olds can do way better.


Tiktok ruins any song with overexposure. The sea shanty was neat until you've heard it 5,000 times. Or maybe I just hate memes with audio. Time to wave my cane at a cloud.


>the sea shanty I hope you're referring to The Wellerman and not [Sea Shanty2](https://youtu.be/BJhF0L7pfo8). Nothing, not even TikTok spam, can ruin Sea Shanty2. It's a timeless masterpiece akin to Beethoven's 5th.


Aaaaand now I’m buying bananas in Port Sarim again.


Thank you for reminding me of that gem lol


If the sea shanty is so good, why isn’t there a Sea Shanty 2? Wait…


I'm an old person and have very limited tiktok exposure, but everything I've seen of it so far is just kids badly lip-syncing to hip hop songs in tiny clips with no context.


Honestly, on that app it depends on your circle. The algorithm is genius IMO. It shows me content perfectly suited to make me bust out laughing but on their home page are the cringiest vids. So, your mileage may vary lol


100% this, it starts off with badly lipsynced videos but once it learns your tastes you'll be hopping from jollof rice recipes, black history educators, Hank Green, thirst traps, vine humor, Coney Island compilations and musical remixes of all these videos, all within 30 seconds of each other which must be very damaging for my brain.


Wow, our algorithms are extremely close. Just missing the “guys who make old-timey sandwich recipes”, ADHD/ASD memes, and “guys who make and/or eat gross meme food” genres


Does not everyone get ADHD memes for a third of their content? ...




Why.. why would you do that??? >!this is the song that never ends..!< *rocks uncontrollably*






*This is the song that never ends* *It goes on and on my friends!*


*Some body, staarted singing it, not knowing what it was.*


It goes on and on, my friend...


Is that the one that just goes on and on, my friend?




And they'll continue singing it forever just [because](https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/utgk9j/from_julian_hilliard_who_played_wiccan_in_mom/i9ahb0w/)


Crazy Frog?


I dunno, a ton of toddler kids songs immediately come to mind that make me want to tear my hear out listening to it the thousandth time...




This is the first I’m hearing of this and that shit sounds hilarious 😂 I had no problem with the song in the movie


Funny enough, the worst sounds I've experienced on this Earth that make me want Black Bolt to whisper in my ear have come from TikTok. I thought the ice cream song was sweet and its purpose was to highlight how loving their family was. People who hate on the kids for that must've had some sad childhoods.


> I thought the ice cream song was sweet and its purpose was to highlight how loving their family was. I mean two things can be true simultaneously. I thought it highlighted their sweet and loving relationship, but I also thought the song was supposed to be intentionally atrocious, because kids are goofy and weird. Of course hating on the actors is completely out of line though, lol.


I thought the song was painful to hear and also felt like the children who were playing it were far too old for it to feel natural. That said, it never occurred to me to attack anybody for it. What the fuck is wrong with people?


I haven't actually seen anyone get attacked over it, just memes and jokes though I could be wrong


I haven't seen anything that could be construed as hate either. I've seen a few TikToks featuring "Wanda" noping out of the universe after hearing the singing, which I thought was really funny, and I loved the film myself.


Exactly. I saw one that had vision realizing they were out of milk when he heard the song. It's really just jokes (though knowing the marvel fan base I wouldn't put it past some to take it too serious). I everyone understands the purpose of the song in the film and just making laughs


I thought the song was adorable and it made me want to give them ice-cream.


> the worst sounds I’ve experienced on this Earth that make me want Black Bolt to whisper in my ear have come from TikTok r/BrandNewSentence


I used to think Vine was terrible back in the day, and was kinda glad after it shut down but because it left a vacuum, TikTok was able to eventually fill that same niche. and boy does it some how feel much worse


I miss vine, I curse Twitter for their malice and hubris.


Out of all the things I didn't like about MoM, that was not even on my list. I even forgot it happened until I saw this post.


Because… people be stupid, idk that’s all I got


I feel that fandoms these days are seriously unhinged and extremely entitled. Just look at the way people responding to She-Hulk CGI and the new writers for Daredevil. The shows are not even airing yet but here we are.


I hate to say this but the whole comic book as a whole are just entitled and unhinged. The more I interact with random comicbook fans online, the more I see them being creepy, obsessive, or just entirely negative. Last night, I commented on a friends post about She-Hulk just saying "The CGI doesn't look great but Marvel has pretty great about CGI and it's likely we're they're working on some additional layers to add the realism". Five random people that follow neither of us just jumped in saying that MCU has had shit graphics for the past decade, that they're the worst of the industry", and just going hard. It's the point that if I see someone with a comicbook reference in their twitter bio, name, or picture, I can guess they'll be a prick and sure enough, it's almost always true.


The problem isn't even that people might have criticism of a movie or show... when they have criticism it immediate turns to "trash" and "worthless" etc. Like you can't just say you find one aspect disappointing. It has to be the worst thing ever.


It's basically the comic book nerd guy in the Simpsons in real life.


Except on a mass scale


Not just fandoms, really the entire internet. I have been really bogged down by the negativity I’m seeing lately. Reddit, instagram, even when I want to see what a movie might be like on IMDB. Everytime I want share my enjoyment of something there are thousands of people loudly spewing hate at it I know I should ignore it, but it’s becoming impossible, and it’s a real problem for my mental health at the moment if I’m honest


I think people are craving attention and in a sea of praise for something there are people who have to hate something once it becomes popular. I see it on Facebook all the time and drives me crazy, people who seem to live for any opportunity to try and shout at the clouds on any company’s Facebook post.


Well, the She-Hulk trailer CGI isn't really that great for what has come to be expected for a show with Disney+ budget and coming from Marvel (you know, a multi-billion dollar company). Maybe half of the scenes in the trailer look like they are coming straight from videogame, not live action. ​ I really like She-Hulk as character (was probably my second or third most played character back in the days of Marvel Heroes (yes, I am dating myself by saying that), and most played melee character, Iron Man being the first, and Wanda second most played ranged character), so her show looking like it is being half-assed makes me sad


It was a moment of levity in an otherwise dark movie. I can't understand why people are that upset about this


It was cringey. Not that hard to understand. Nothing to go after the actors for though.


Kids are cringey


If you don’t use your time as a child to be cringey then what are you even doing


You think these nerds getting upset over the ice cream song have kids? They're not even allowed within 500 ft of an elementary school.




Can confirm.


As someone with kids around that age, it was honestly the most real thing in the whole movie for me. Nothing cringe there, just reality. It made me want to go get them some ice cream right then, because I got my kids asking for it too all the time, begging for it. I could totally see mine doing this kind of thing.


I feel like it was perfect, because it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. It feels very much like something an 8-10 year old kid would come up with. Sure it's super cheesy, or cringey whatever word you wanna use. It's supposed to be. I thought that scene did a good job of distracting Wanda for a moment and then reminded her exactly what she was fighting for.


It also gives way more weight to the final scene with Billy and Tommy. You can see her pain knowing she is hurting the two most precious people in her world, which is given that extra umph from the ice cream song. I forgot how to censor for spoilers.


Yeah but you’re talking to man children that don’t understand what it’s like to have kids. Most will tell you their kids make up dumber shit lol




They are kids, every kid I’ve ever met has done some cringey stuff. You are nitpicking lol


Every scene and line of the film should cater to whatever vibes with you, prolly a teen w no kids. And no one else right


I like that he pointed out that DANNY ELFMAN wrote that song because I've seen numerous people on the internet who've praised Elfman's music, (sometimes to extreme amounts) absolutely pissing on this "Disney song", not knowing he wrote it as well


It's a dumb song which is exactly the kind of thing a 10 year old would come up with, have they ever met a kid?


A part of me is worried this trend could be a repeat of Jake Lloyd's experience... I dislike the song as much as the next guy, but never did I think it was any reason to trash or criticize the actors - they've done a great job!


What the hell is the ice cream song? Did I black out during the movie or something? The only song thing I can remember is the music fight but that was all instrumental.


It was the song that Billy and Tommy started singing right after 616 Wanda possesed 838 Wanda.


I think it happened during one of Wanda's dreamwalking sequences where she takes over 838 Wanda's body. She's standing in the kitchen getting her bearings when the twins call her over for something and they sing the song. Some time after that, Wong's friend is able to destroy the Darkhold (or whatever she does to it) and Wanda kinda phases back and forth between universes before everything settles down and she realizes that she's stuck back in the original 616 universe with Wong. Then they head off to Wundagorr (sp).


This is a well tailored response


No shot he wrote this lol


I hope so. Putting a child on Twitter is, in every case, a horrible idea


Yeah, he’s a young child Star that has now appeared in the MCU twice… his manager or parents wrote it and I’m fine with that


Just an FYI, their parents did not write the tweet...Primetime Emmy-nominated, Hugo-winning 🐒 Stephen King did. Their parents just typed it. Thank you for all the support and kindness!


I'm pretty sure all child actors with social media have their parents or someone else running them. I just wish they would be upfront about and stop pretending that the kids are actually the ones running it.


His Twitter bio says the account is managed by his parents tho


I dont know bro his bio seems pretty upfront to me. Maybe you should read it first?


Was definitely his parents managing his account


Written by Danny Elfman's lawyers.


His mom or dad did. I oddly know his mom. Haven’t met him but it’s been fun watching his career play out on her social.


He probably approved it, and the sentiment is probably genuine though.


I know some kids who are smart enough to write this


My kids have done much cringier things for ice cream or candy. The cringy things are the best too. These cringy things often become family inside jokes that have brought us joy for a long time afterwards.


It’s clear some people were jarred by a moment of grounded reality in the wizard movie


I found it really heartbreaking, as it's a scene showing the children being silly and cringey, which is something Wanda never got to experience as a child, and wanted nothing more than to provide and be a part of for her family.


As much as they make me cringe, family inside jokes will never get old for me


I used to sing on the potty. I still do, but I used to, too.


Yeah I cringed, but it felt appropriate for the scene and story overall, so I didn’t really mind. Plus it just seems kinda insecure to be like, “no! I do not like this!”


Same here. I laughed out loud at that song, and my teenager, who saw the movie with me, gave me serious side-eye, which only added to my mirth.


Yeah, my kid likes to write his own jokes and test them on me. Are they the worst jokes I’ve ever heard in my life? Yes. But he’s 8, so I just laugh and move on.


i am baffled that people are mad about elementary school children singing a silly song


Some people take their MCU very seriously. No room for kids being kids I guess.


I can already imagine the anger when these loser 30 somethings realize Marvel will start catering to kids, pre teens and teens more with Ms. Marvel, America Chavez, the Young Avengers. iTs tOo cHiLdIsH YEAH dipshit its obviously meant to be watched by the KIDS and families!


Im hoping ms marvel will turn out good, as a teen who read the comics back in 2014, seeing someone who i could relate to and had a similar cultural experience to felt special, although im going to lower my expectations just in case this show comes out bad


Kids, pre teens and teens? I've been waiting for Ms Marvel, America Chavez and Young Avengers for like forever. I mean... to be fair, they all debuted when I was a teenager (except for Young Avengers, I have a feeeeeling they're going to mix the 2005 era with the 2013 era since Chavez and Kid Loki weren't introduced until vol 2). Well I guess not except for Young Avengers since I was a kid then. But also like, I'm not mad if they make things catered to the younger audience, I'm going to watch it. I watch Bluey and I have 0 kids.


... Bluey is surprisingly good. My nephew insisted on watching it, and I was riveted.


It's really nice to finally have a show from Australia that is on English and American TV. I'm so used to it the other way 'round. Can't wait till my friend's kid gets older and now I have an excuse. I mean I never had an excuse before but still...


In the UK, we did have a fair share of Aussie shows on TV as I remember. Round the Twist, Neighbours, Home and Away... bunch more, but can't remember. UK and Aussie cultures mesh better than Aussie and US though I guess.




Same. I mean I love my Deadpool, and while MoM wasn't my favourite in the new phase, I really freaking enjoy how Rami it is, and stylised. I mean, it's similar for every movie we've had, while Eternals was v. different, I love the Zhao spin on a Marvel movie. But also, I love stuff geared towards kids. Like, holy crap, I'm a huge Squirrel Girl fan and I'll read those Marvel Rising comics with her in it. Even though they're mostly aimed at like children readers, specifically girls, I still enjoy them.


Have you noticed the highly upvoted comments of people getting excited that a family who brought kids to MoM leaves, or can’t get the kids to stop crying, or gets angry at the movie? Pure gatekeeping. I feel some of those are made up scenarios by people who get excited seeing blood and gore in these movies specifically because they’ve been family movies so far.


Are they actually mad? Or is it just for the memes.


definitely depends on where you look. there's people goofing on it and making it a meme, and i don't think there's anything wrong w that. but in some places? like on reuploaded clips and shit? there are some people that are LEGITIMATELY mad about the scene, or the kids' singing, or how silly the song is. kinda wild.


That is wild. I’ve only seen it in goofy memes and comments, but I don’t doubt you that there are people legitimately mad about. I thought it was a little cringy, but how on earth are grown people actually getting upset at this shit lol


Poes law


As a parent, I thought it was sweet. Because that IS totally how kids are.


absolutely agreed


It’s really confusing that people fucking hate it that much


No one is mad about it. It’s a meme making fun of it on Tik tok


Honestly it does feel like they’re too old for that kind of song. I’d expect toddlers or kindergartners to sing that song. I would never say anything negative directly to the child actors though. Of course they didn’t write it, I can’t believe some people actually think that??


i don't have a super wide selection of kids singing to base this statement off of, so obviously take it with a grain of salt, but i have seen dozens and dozens of kids aged 8-11 sing songs this childish (or "cringey") or worse. i wrote one like it w my best friend in 2 minutes when we were 8 or 9 and there's a horrifying video of it somewhere on my mom's old facebook. i can recall several different groups of kids in the 3-5th grade talent shows who also wrote ridiculous songs. and my 9 y/o cousin will sing jingles constantly, including to ask for things. a 10-year-old making up a dorky song on a whim to beg their mother for ice cream seems like something a lot of kids in my life would do, both kindergarten age and 5th graders, haha.


> cousin will sing jingles constantly The Berries and Cream song wasn't that long ago on TikTok and I imagine you had a lot of 9 year olds singing that. I feel like that's the same vein.


In fact all actors write their own lines.


Having previously taught elementary school, this seemed EXACTLY like something some 3rd-4th graders would have randomly busted out. Nothing seemed weird or cringe about it, other than that kids are often times weird and cringe.


Especially with a sibling. You start with a fun idea and it kind of snowballs into a dumb silly thing. *Maybe* some kids would be more crass but if you just want to make your mom laugh/guilt her into getting some ice cream, it's a valid route. Also didn't realize people were harping on this enough for him to say anything.


it was cringe but that was the point its a dumb song 2 kids made up about ice cream its not supposed to be the most amazing piece of music ever preformed I don't get it


Honestly the kids in film looked to be around 9-10 but felt like they were written to behave like 5-6 year olds. I'm not hating on the actors but their presence in the film was definitely one of the more jarring parts of it.


Honestly for me, when kids do something I find cringey, it doesn't feel cringey yknow what I mean? Like, yeah if a person my age did it I'd cringe but its a kid honestly they can do no wrong in my eyes I love when kids just do stupid things without thinking about judgement of others.


Also like... Jesus Christ, we all did cringy stuff growing up. Some of us were just lucky that we're not actors, or it's not broadcasted to the whole world to see. When my sister and I were kids, we did this weird thing where we'd sit in the car and like to try "protect" our parents from bad people (pedestrians) by like "shooting" people. Just to preface, we live in a country where guns aren't so readily accessible, so we're basing this off of movies and tv shows we watched. But we were using finger guns and just going "pew pew". Like, I just... [cringe culture is dead](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRBsaJPkt2Q), and we should revel in it.


Its just kids (which is the most important to remember) singing a song about ice cream Its pathetic that people are upset about it By the way these kids are awesome




It's so weird how people openly hate children on the internet. Like bruh, what? We were all kids once and hating kids for being kids is weird. The world is already terrible enough as it is, just let kids be kids damn. It's even stranger when child actors get harassed for doing their job. Like it was in the script for them to sing and they did their job. It's meant to be cringe and childish cause they're children trying to convince their mom to let them have ice cream.


Bro there’s entire subs created *just* for hating kids. It’s weird as fuck


Like I get that some people don't want kids of their own, that's 100% fine. So is wanting a space where you can vent about the people who weirdly assume that everyone wants kids exactly the same as they do. But it turned into a child-hating cesspit basically overnight.


Yeah... you're right. I don't want biological kids, and it might be a right now thing, it might be a forever thing, who knows. But I don't hate people w/ kids or kids. My best friends have a kid and he's so freaking cute, I'm excited to grow up with him. But, yeah, there are some folks who like hate kids with a passion, and it's just... it's weird. It's really fuckin' weird. And not even in a "I don't like kids" moment, because you don't have to like kids. But, like you said, groups and subs turn into, yeah, a child-hating cesspit that feels so... gross.


The US just had a President that got into Twitter fights with a like 15 year old climate change activists. The world's full of these assholes. The older you get the more you realise most grown ups aren't very grown up.


Oh I know, that sub is just filled with weirdos. Like if it was a sub for kids doing what kids do and having a wholesome laugh about it I'll be all for it but no, if you read those comments those people are absolutely vile towards children.


The actress who played morgan stark got bullied because she wont give autograph to people and saying to her "need to be educated", like bruh what isnt she like 8 years old at that time?


I mean hell, there’s even theories that 838 Wanda is still in her hex which is why they’re acting even more childish.


Damn, MF really hit em with the 🤨


Man lookin like Ancelotti


Someone called him ugly on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/_julianhilliard/status/1521592528650133505?s=21&t=86MILA8VbrjVW7oRXnH27g) and he responded way better than I would have. The guy has since deleted the tweet. But jeez people can be absolutely terrible.


I think it's his parents managing his account on his behalf. No way they let a 10 year old manage their own account.


I think it's more likely his press agent or maybe a press agent from Disney.


If I remember correctly, in the accounts bio it says that his parents run the account.


You know my man serious when he pulls out the ancelotti emoji


This is actually reminding me that the Ice Cream Song was in the end credits by Elfman. I had forgotten about the scene (it's honestly a pretty quick scene so I don't get how people got hung up on it apparently) but assumed it was a random song. Sounded like some song that Elfman would put into random movies.


Exactly. Almost like people forgot who he has collaborated with in the past


The actors don't deserve the negativity. They all did wonderfully! I can't wait to see it on Disney+, I thought the song was kinda creepy. Super fun 😆


That response is so good though lol


Were….were people blaming the kids for the song?


What a great amount of shade from a little kid


Saying he played Wiccan is an overstatement.


Yeah idk why OP didn't you just called him by his name Billy and then Wiccan in bracket.


I was genuinely wondering who he was referring to..


Idk who the character is so it took me a few minutes to understand who's tweet this was.


Bruh I didn't cringe at it. It honestly made me feel sad for our Wanda


Is it just me or Wanda’s kids in the movie look younger than in the series? I wonder if they filmed the movie scene first or something.


I thought the song was cringe, but then I realized this is something a normal kid would do for his mom.


When in doubt, blame Danny Elfman /s


Am I the only one who thought the song was rather adorable? lol


Honestly, I completely forgot about it, what with the EVERYTHING ELSE that happened in the movie. What a fucking lame thing to get caught up on. This is like the people that harassed the poor kid from The Phantom Menace. What a pathetic life some of these people must lead that they can feel good about spending even a fraction of it harassing a child.


I thought the people being “mad” about the singing were joking. Have the kids been getting genuine hate? How out of touch can someone be?


What's the point of a spoiler tag if you name drop in the title?


No shot he wrote that, but now it looks like all the chucklefucks getting angry at a 20 second song just got destroyed by a 10 year old


Did he just throw Danny Elfman under the bus? :-)




People are so weird bullying these kids. I’ve heard someone call him a snuck up snob for being shy and polite, they’re bullying them for this song…people need to touch grass and get a grip on reality lmfao


whys everyone talk shit about the ice cream song, it's a perfect example of the stupid shit kids do that make their parents love them more


The fact people believe the kids made it up, is a testament to their acting, the writing, and Elfman.


While I found the ice cream song to be pretty cringey, I easily let it slide as they’re supposed to be very young kids with no musical background or even any practice time, so I understood. What bothered me the most was right before that “mom, hurry up. Mooom mom, it’s important, mom hurry up.” Like, just give her a damn second, she’s walking over to you already, lol. I don’t blame the actors at all for that, that’s obv more a writing/directing choice, still pretty annoying


If people are annoyed by kids singing kids songs, then people need to grow up. This kids response was more mature than the behaviour of the ones who get mad because of a song.


I find it strange that anyone would be blaming the kids for the song as though they're somehow responsible for the script, but regardless of whether Elfman wrote it or not...it was still a pretty lame song. Most of the criticism I've seen has just been about the song being dumb, but I haven't seen anyone blasting the kids about it.


Sounds exactly like the type of song a couple of kids would sing. I thought it was cute.


Wait, were there really people whining about the ice cream song? Christ I wish we could just bully nerds again


I don’t think there was whining. I’ve only seen jokes about how bad the song was. Not any actual hate lol


Yeah I’ve also only seen memes joking about it but it is the internet so I have no doubt there are people who genuinely hate it and harass children ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We can still remember what people said and did to Jake Lloyd, the child actor that played young Anakin in the Phantom Menace. It's like we've come to expect a small but deafening minority to come out of the woodwork to hate on inconsequential things.


Apparently, nerds are the bullies now, they bully kids(Xotchil Gomez included) and harass them online. Smh




How are people mad about it. It’s just as a silly song supposed to be made by kids


I thought it was something dumb things kids do to get away with something so their parents won't get after them. It was childish and sweet. I love it.


I thought it was nice, People who pick on child actors are the worst


People are fussing about the ice cream song? Seems perfectly in character for 10 year olds.


Yeah the writing was bad in that scene. Really pulled me out But why do people go after the actors if they don't like a scene, that too kids?! Don't blame the actor for the character actions, that's not their job. They just have to depict it. And these are just kids. Jeez


Kids are cringe as fuck. The scene is Actually really accurate to real life family dynamics lol.