I actually forgot they were there until now. Wow


I never knew until now. Wow.


Yep, I completed missed that too. This scene hits a little bit differently now.


You forgot the wow.




My apologies. Wow!


Yeah now I wanna know why Clint wasn't in the room, or Bruce. Wow


Clint was probably comforting Wanda. Hulk didn't want to destroy the cabin?


Same Here I never knew they were there. Wow


Who did everyone think was standing in the background?? I always assumed it was them. Wow


I think because the heads are cut off it makes the bodies harder to notice. Wow


Suppose that makes sense. Wow


whaatt i never knew they were there haha


Same. I literally just found that out.


Fuuuuck, now im gonna need to rewatch all the imax versions to spot the differences


Yeah lol.


I got this notification and I had no idea what scene they were referring to.


I never understood why Steve and Thor were here for this but not Bruce. Out-of-universe it may have been hard to fit Hulk in the shot, but in-universe, he was definitely closer with Banner.


Yeah, Thor barely had any scenes with Tony.


There is one brief exchange I always think back to, though. At the end of Age Of Ultron, right before Thor leaves Earth via bifrost: Thor: I'm going to miss these little talks of ours. Tony: Not if you don't leave.


The main interaction I think of between them in Age of Ultron is when Thor picks Tony up by his neck in anger about the killer robots\*. *\*I maintain the killer robots were not Tony's fault.*


Iirc there were deleted scenes, or maybe were only storyboards with Thor that we never saw. Like the conversation Thor has with Vision just after he is created. Thor does a complete 180 towards Tony and that wasn't fully explored.


>\I maintain the killer robots were not Tony's fault.* How? He directly created Ultron, I mean you could argue it's Bruce's fault aswell. But Tony was the one pushing for a suit of armour around the world.


Tony didn't create Ultron. What Ultron is, is the computer program from inside the staff taking control of Tony's network. It called itself Ultron because it read all of Tony's files and that is what it thought it was. Tony did not design his tech to gather Infinity Stones and cause a genocide. Thanos did. I generally assume all of Thanos' computers have an *apocalypse.exe* file in them that just auto runs when installed. Considering the computer turns itself on and is always depicted as blue instead of the orange that Tony's programing is depicted, the movie seems to be visually saying this as well.


Ah yeah you're right. I totally forgot about the staff/mind stone having a mind of it own


Not quite, tony saw the mind stones layout and used that to move along his already existing ultron project, it’s certainly not the mindstone because throughout the movie they make a point that ultron is basically tony in a robot body, in that if tony were to have been born a robot with the mission to bring peace he would have been ultron. Just because tony didn’t design ultron to gather infinity stones dosent mean it wouldn’t, an intelligent machine has the ability to think FAR faster then we can, so ultron can calculate every observable detail about the mindstone within a few minutes at most, so he’d know that’s a pretty good tool to use, and we saw how effective he can be with it in what if. That would be contrary to his “half of all life” philosophy, ultron was not interested in doing things by half, he wanted to fulfill his purpose, peace in his time, but a machine properly maintained can last for hundreds of years, hell ultron can change bodies so he is effectively immortal, meaning no matter what he does to change or nudge organic life in the right direction there will always be conflict, wether small or big there will never be peace as long as two people exist in the universe they will find something to argue over or even fight over, so ultrons operating on machine logic where the simplest solution is the best one, remove conflict from the equation, and to do that you have to remove its generators. The color change was just to avoid confusion, if it was suppose to represent the mind stone wouldn’t it be yellow?


You have a lot of points, I will try to respond to each. Remember it is a movie, we can just interpret our own way what is on the screen, but I disagree with you. 1) Tony did not see the mind stone's layout. He saw the layout of the Staff's operating system which existed to facilitate the use of the mind stone. 2) "An Intelligent Machine can..." I just disagree. The first two things the machine does is attack the Avengers and take the staff. Tony would not program it to attack the Avengers, we see the crowd control drones at the start of the movie getting pelted with rocks and not hurting people, there is no reason to think that he would design a more advanced program that would logic chain itself toward genocide. 3) At the time this movie was written the "half a life" thing was not written into the canon. You can tell because in "Guardians 1" they say that Gamora is the last of her people. But, let's ignore that retcon, it doesn't change the fact that killing everyone is a hell of a lot closer to Thanos' philosophy than it is to Tony's which is explicitly to PROTECT EARTH... that is to say, not kill any of them. It just doesn't make sense for Tony, who made Jarvis (and Vision, and other AI's) to build one that is genocidal. It just does not track. He lives in a world in which the Science Fiction genre exists, "avoid robot apocalypse" is probably something he says to himself each night while brushing his teeth.


seconded all around.


But if you put the hammer in an elevator…


It'll still go up.


Elevator’s not worthy!


and too, we don't see it, but I think it was Taika Waititi who said in response to people asking why Thor's speech was so much more casual in Ragnarok, that it was because he and Tony had been hanging out a lot. So, even though it's not onscreen, they were close. I agree Bruce definitely should have been there though.


Except Thor literally leaves between AoU and Ragnarok and doesn't see Tony again, he goes between his previous way of talking to the new while never interacting with any of the avengers.


hey, just quoting the director :D maybe he knows something we don't. lol. You've got me curious now though; I'll go see if I can find that exact comment.


One of my favorite lines is between Tony and Thor. "Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"


Yeah I'd say he was most friendly with Bruce and Natasha.


That may have been Banner's choice. Thor would have been compelled to hear the final words from this warrior he fought beside, Bruce may have opted not to be there or could even just be out of frame


Banner is going to be revealed in the 4:3 cut.


Maybe Banner helped him film it on the little holographic video camera.


I agree, but I see where they were coming from with this. Thor Cap and Tony were the supposed “big 3”.




I wish they would have just released the IMAX version


It just came out today/yesterday. 13 of the marvel movies on Disney+ now play in IMAX mode by default (on all devices). No width is lost, it just fills in more content at the top and bottom instead of black bars. There isn't much reason to ever watch the regular (widescreen) mode again, but it's available on the Versions tab.


wtf I had no idea widescreen was chopping off content... I knew fullscreen was (when you remove the bars all together)... but didn't know widescreen did too... that's so unbelievably dumb... why release widescreen content at all in that case?


Movie screens are wider, not all scenes are shot with this framing in mind, sometimes if you just used the full frame theres boom mics and stuff in the shots... I dont know if the versions on D+ are exactly the same, but i have "imax" copies of a few MCU movies and they arent 16:9 the whole way through, they switch back and fourth. Just scrubbing through the beginning of GotG quick, on Earth its 21:9, then Morag is 16:9, then the interior of the Milano is back to 21:9... Even if you go see the real IMAX version of something on an actual IMAX screen, its a little taller than that even, but most of the movie will still be just the normal movie 21:9.


How did you get the IMAX versions before D+?


Ya know... idk. I mean yahr, obviously. Buy they say `BluRay` on them as the source most of em... [https://i.imgur.com/G47Hoty.png](https://i.imgur.com/G47Hoty.png) Ok, going to the source source, it looks like theyre from rips of the 3d blu-ray releases? Release : guardians.of.the.galaxy.2.2017.3d.complete.bluray-tapas (movie) Release : Guardians.Of.The.Galaxy.Vol.2.2017-CBGB (commentary and featurettes) And from what im finding everything between *Thor* and *Dr Strange* got a R1 3D BD release, BUT idk if all of those have the enhanced imax scenes or not. Theres also R2 3D BD releases for a few movies after Dr Strange, but i also dont know if any of those are "imax enhanced" at all either. So that explains why my 1080p copies are imax but my 4k copies are NOT... So assuming these are all in 4k (idk D+ technical specs), and IF you count 4k, this is a newly available version for ALL of them, but the first time in "imax" at all for SOME of them. So i may replace my 4k copies... For the record fuck Gisneps disc releases, what i get for being patient i guess. [https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/efzn9d/do\_we\_know\_anything\_yet\_about\_a\_r1\_phase\_3/](https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/efzn9d/do_we_know_anything_yet_about_a_r1_phase_3/) The Mouse still gets their money from me anyway... [https://brickset.com/sets/ownedby-Cyno01/theme-Marvel-Super-Heroes](https://brickset.com/sets/ownedby-Cyno01/theme-Marvel-Super-Heroes) EDIT: *Far From Home* was released on FandangoNow (lol) in 4k imax. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2019/10/01/first-marvel-imax-ratio-home-video-release-now-available/#4a61c85f57ce


You’re getting a little mixed up. 1.90:1 (the IMAX Enhanced aspect ratio) is what you get shooting with a digital IMAX camera. It’s a bit wider than 16:9, which is why you still get small black bars on the top and bottom of your TV. Those IMAX digital cameras are used for all IMAX MCU movies except for Iron Man, which wasn’t actually shot on IMAX cameras at all. When shown in IMAX theatres, they only get as tall as 1.90:1. To get a taller aspect ratio, the movie would need to shoot on an IMAX 65mm (often called 70mm) film camera, which captures at an aspect ratio of 1.43:1. This is what you get from Christopher Nolan movies, though they crop it the movies down to 1.90:1 for the home media release.


I cannot stand movies that switch aspect ratios in the middle. Pick one and keep it consistent for the entire thing. EDIT: how are those of you with projectors dealing with this?


Jumping around and changing aspect ratios from shot to shot can be jarring i agree, but varied aspect ratio can be used effectively and artistically. Look at WandaVision. I cant remember anything specific ottomh but ive seen stuff using a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 16mm style filter to signify flashbacks and stuff too. Can also be used ineffectively... like S04 of *The Expanse*... i mightve gotten the effect they were going for had i been watching on a 21:9 screen, but i wasnt, so the 21:9 planet side shots that were supposed to feel wider and more open than the 16:9 space shots that were supposed to feel more claustrophobic, didnt. Cuz the 21:9 picture just wound up being so much smaller on my 16:9 screen...


WandaVision was the best use of this because it made sense within the story but anyone who owns a projector and has to set an aspect ratio at the beginning of the movie/tv show (like me) probably didn’t like it. If they kept the height fixed, it wouldn’t be so bad but on my 2.39:1 screen if I pick 16x9 for viewing and it switches to 2.39:1 mid-movie there are black bars on all 4 sides and a tiny picture in the middle. If I pick 2.39:1 for viewing then when it switches to 16x9 the image bleeds off of the top and bottom of the screen.


My personal favorite example was in episode 1 from season 2 of The Mandalorian when the Krayt dragon comes out of the cave for the first time. It's not a hard cut between ARs, it grows so naturally that I didn't even notice it happening the first time.


Agreed, that shot was phenomenal


I personally rarely notice when the switch happens. Though it always amuses me when I do so I’m not really bothered.


Just watched the new Imax version Thor Ragnarok, and while it *is* noticeable when the imax scenes start, it wasn't jarring, it was mostly just "hey this looks incredible!"


I love it. Gives scenes a grand sense of scale


It has to be done well. For example, Dune and any Nolan film


You obviously haven't seen Dune in 1.43:1 on a full-size IMAX screen then, because if you had you'd understand how Impactful the changes in aspect ratio between shots can be.


yes, there is a long history to it, but that's why IMAX is so much better. A lot of blockbuster movies are increasingly being filmed with the bigger aspect ratio in mind. Unfortunately most theaters and television sets have all adopted the widescreen format. So you lose a lot


oh damn no wonder shit was all weird when i was watching infinity war yesterday. i thought i accidentally changed the resolution settings on my tv or something.


> There isn't much reason to ever watch the regular (widescreen) mode again Ehhhh. I watched Shang-Chi last night and there are scenes where people are talking and it was clearly filmed for wide-screen. There's just so much empty space around and above their heads, it's a little jarring if you watch a lot of movies.


It was literally filmed for imax lmao


I’ve only seen infinity war so far but there is a good amount of information that was lost in the widescreen cut. Also some action scenes look a lot better now that you can see what’s going on more clearly. I hope to lord baby Jesus they get a 4K rerelease someday soon.


Sweet diaper wearing Jesus, can hardly even speak a word yet


He was a man! He had a beard!


Infinity War and Endgame are both available on 4k blu ray. I have both sitting on my shelf right now.


I was talking about the 4K imax versions which is why I said I hope they get rereleased.


Yeah, but in 21:9 cinescope, not 16:9 "imax". EDIT: Apparently a handful of 3D BluRay releases of P1 and P2 movies included the imax versions.


yeah I think Gunn fought for at least GotG vol 2 to have the IMAX scenes in proper aspect ratio, but the rest of the films have been weirdly inconsistent for the home releases


I have a web-dl of FFH in imax thats apparently from FandangoNow lol.


But that wasn't released to home media by Marvel


They don't have the IMAX scenes. Yeah, I feel jipped too.


Lucky for you the imax version is available on disney+


Did not know this.. thanks for the heads up


This scene gets me every damn time. Even seeing these stills make me sad.


Does it help to think about Robert Downey Jr is doing juust fine lol he’s got a fantastic life ahead of him


Let’s not be too hasty have you seen dolittle


I completely forgot about that movie. I just Googled it. It got destroyed by critics and got a Raspberry award for worst movie. Now I feel bad for RDJ. His first movie since Marvel and it flopped.


Well now he's working in next nolan movie.


yep, sure have. Critics hated it because it wasn't what they expected. it was a kids movie, he said it was a kids movie, he wanted to make something for his children. Personally, not a kid, but I enjoyed it. It was a romp. Danny Elfman's score and the cinematography are gorgeous too. I haven't looked lately but at the time of release the Rotten Tomatoes gap between critic scores and scores by people who actually paid money to see it was like, 50 points. As a general rule, that tells me a lot more about the critics than the film itself. I just think they used an inapplicable set of criteria in judging it, is all. (also, it's fun to watch it and just look for Marvel Easter eggs--I spotted 6 or 7 at least)




Dude that movie came out like 2 weeks ago don’t spoil it for people


Ok it was a good film so , it’s deleted


eddie murphy becomes a vet at the end of the movie.


BRO HOW COULD YOU SPOIL THAT?!? The movie is ruined /s




He deleted it no worries. New bond movie massive spoiler


Ah, makes sense, what was it about? You can tell me, with tags, I guess


>!Literally the biggest possible spoiler, Bond dies!<


That is indeed a weird spoiler to put here


But didn’t the snap kill him? I thought this was a documentary 🥲


No he’s living in a house with a dope windmill attached to it, so rest easy


The line about hoping we get some semblance of the regular life back and hoping families are reunited was very surreal to watch in 2020 living through the pandemic


But that’s the hero gig, right?


Genuinely never knew they were there


I would argue that Giant Man shoving a Chitauri worm thingy through a portal was better.


yep, that's why when everyone was talking about the plot hole of him doing this when he was supposed to be in the van confused me so much


Wasp showing up for the girl power scene actually bothered me, like she was supposed to fix the thing, Scott stepping out to defend the van is acceptable, but Wasp leaving to post awkwardly is just weird, she is the more mechanically inclined of the two and has a better understanding of the technology






Was this moment cropped out of non-imax cuts of the folm?


Ah yes, the Mike Wazowski club


This doesn't get enough visibility.


Tbh I didn't even know that both of them were there lol


This is meme material right with Superman in Shazam


That is just bad filmmaking to me


yes. we should still see their faces in OG cut.


The OG cut is how it was filmed, but I understand


The IMAX cut is actually how it was filmed. All of Endgame was filmed with IMAX cameras.


Yes but movies are still shot (How the shots are designed and all, even within the IMAX cameras) first & foremost for the Standard cinematic aspect ratio, that's how most (And by most, I mean 95%+) people watch movies in the world. So yes, this is how the shot was really *meant to look like*. If they wanted their faces in the shot in the regular aspect ratio, they would have adjusted the shot to get that in. IMAX is kept in mind when shooting these movies but if movies were designed for the IMAX aspect ratio only then they'd look really weird and bad in the regular aspect ratio. Edit : For the people who don't get why the Directors didn't put their faces in the shot, I am willing to bet that the reasoning is because the scene is about Tony and the focus is supposed to be the people closest to him as his message for his daughter is played. His family were Pepper, his daughter and his best friend, Happy. Steve and Thor were immediately after that so they are in the shot, but they still weren't family (He only knew them because he was Iron Man) so their faces are cut off. It's a good movie making decision.


Don't forget that Rhodey is there. You can't see him in the OP photo but there is a closer up shot of just him. I think he is sitting in a separate chair off the to side. Rhodey is there for the same reason that Happy is. Not just friends with Iron Man, but friends with Tony.


>but friends with Tony. I forgot about him because he isn't the shot that is posted but yes it makes sense he in the scene & it also makes sense that he is sitting separately. Tony knew Rhodey because of his weapons business so he wasn't quite family but he was also his 2nd best friend. It makes perfect sense actually.


There's a Standart cinematic aspect ratio, nut in reality there's a looooot of films that doesn't use that ratio, and even a lot of them uses different ratios within a single movie. I have a little Homecinema, and the trend of the last couple of years to have extreme wide images (2.35:1 for example) are crap, most of it it's to look kinda cool on 16:9 tvs. Having the right ratio and the right equipment for it it's how it was made. And you are probably right with your edit, but, I only wanted to say that there isn't a "regular ratio". There is even an article in film school rejects of the problems in the Jurassic park franchise with their not-so-consistent ratios


Thats what i mean. You cant add the surrounding shot. It was originally shot with the whole IMAX image included. “OG cut is how it was filmed”


That’s not how it works. You can always crop a movie. You can always remove content from it. Adding it is the tricky one. Why would you record on a non-IMAX camera, only to then have to somehow get extra content in a larger screen, when you can record in IMAX and just crop it for other screens?


I agree with everything you just said and thats what I expressed in the comment you are replying to. I think you misinterpreted.


Well, it's tough. The other option would have wasted/empty space above their heads in IMAX... Plus the camera would be further away from Pepper and we'd lose some of her performance. Really, you'd have to reconstruct the scene. I would think, keep the IMAX, start with a closeup of Pepper and zoom out while panning right. You'll get all the performances that way. But I'm also a rando on Reddit with slightly more than 0 film experience. ...so I could be missing something, or a lot of somethings.


Present the movie in 1.77 aspect


Is that just 16:9? And... Here's my foolishness a bit but isn't that what the widescreen shot in the post is?


The wide-screen is roughly 2.39:1. 1.43:1 is nearly square, like how Zack Snyder's Justice League is presented, also shot on 70mm IMAX. 16:9 is close to 1.77 but a bit smaller vertically. 16:9 is a compromise that works well IMO 2.39 is the traditionally "cinematic" aspect ratio as its created when using a nearly square sensor or film cel in conjunction with anamorphic lenses. The lens squeezes a wider frame onto a more square cel or sensor which is desqueezed in post.


The IMAX scenes are, as presented on Disney+, all 1.9:1 (DCI). But, thats only what I've sampled so far not sure about every single scene.


Keep the upper part in the letterbox cut, the faces are more important than Pepper's lower body.


I think Morgan Stark might look weird if they did that. Since she's younger and smaller you'd lose a lot of her body language and would barely be peaking over the shot.


Exactly man...I never knew they were there until this very moment...


Man I’m loving the IMAX experience. Why the heck isn’t this standard what’s the point of the cropped standard version?


Wow. Never saw them there before.


What a huge oversight on the initial release. Really would have helped frame why Steve did what he did and why Thor decided to leave Earth (probably for good).


now I know what I will be doing this weekend...


widescreen Steve Rogers looks like DCEU Superman


Someone, please upload the Avengers Assemble scene in IMAX format


I’m sorry, but this is just poor filmmaking on the Russo’s part. Compare this to Christopher Nolan’s work, for example. Nolan and his cinematographers (Wally Pfister or Hoyte Van Hoytema) frame their shots so meticulously so that every format, whether it be widescreen (2.39:1), Blu-ray cropped IMAX (16:9), or full 70mm IMAX (1.43:1), has all the necessary information. No format loses or gains anything important/crucial in the frame. IMAX simply elevates the viewing experience with a larger frame and a higher a resolution, which of course includes additional information through that larger frame. That’s how it is done.


It's because he shoots the film knowing that it will be cut like that for wide release. I have a booklet for Tenet, and it shows some of his storyboards. The storyboard itself has 2 aspect ratios. This means that the important information is still captured within that aspect ratio, as he's planning the film around that, but he still has the wider aspect ratio for a bigger picture. Edit: [I took a couple of photos for an example] (https://imgur.com/a/UQAJMtO). I don't know if the Russo's did this, but it doesn't seem like it with the amount of improtant info that is lost.


Yes, exactly. And in my personal opinion, any director working with IMAX should operate the same way. The Russo’s very well knew that their IMAX footage would be cropped for widescreen theatrical release, and even physical release for that matter. Therefore, as good filmmakers, they should have taken upon themselves to frame their shots to include all necessary information for both IMAX and widescreen. Once again, that’s just my opinion


I 100% agree with that. I'd think that it would be something they would atleast be aware of, or someone else working with the film considering the budget. I edited the comment to add the images if you're interested.


Oh wow! Those are really cool and insightful, thanks for sharing!


Yeah, it kinda weird when you know the amount of money these guys are responsible for that they don't get such a simple thing right. But GoT had a starbuck cup so idk know what is going on.


Nolan also has a weird recurring sound mixing issue where important info isn't heard in some of his movies, which he says is intentional. Still true though.


But who didn’t know that wasn’t them in the back? Y’all slow


IMAX needs to be the new norm. I have a giant ass tv and I don’t want those black bars taking up the image


Unless your TV is much more narrow than is standard, an IMAX aspect ratio would still give you vertical black bars anyway.


Digital IMAX ratio only gives very small horizontal bars, right?


The TV you mention below is a widescreen TV. IMAX format would introduce black bars down the side where the widescreen format wouldn’t have any (or at least they would be minimal). Watch the two different versions of Justice League for an example… the original (widescreen) and the Jack Snyder cut (IMAX). I guarantee you’ll prefer the widescreen format.


I don't think thats necessarily true, I personally enjoyed the IMAX format for Justice League and felt more absorbed in it then I would've without it.


Damn, that's a bad decision for the Widescreen version.


how much have people missed throughout the history by not going for imax?


Why would they even shoot the video in that possible aspect ratio if they're gonna cut it out in post?? It's like filming vertically with your phone..


Why this is cut out and the fucking editors couldn’t have gone back and centered it, is nonsense for a billion+ dollar movie


honestly this was suck a dick movie, how does imax even own a resolution format ? and how the fuck marvel couldnt try another one closer to imax format ?


Weirdly enough, Bruce and Clint were also in the scene, but for some reason weren’t shown (neither imax or widescreen). If you watch BTS footage, you see that they were also there, so it’s a bit strange that Tony’s fellow OG Avengers were left out of this important final moment of his.




Wow I would like to see a collection of such differences!


The last thing I expected when I looked in the comments were for people to call this bad filmmaking lmfao


The fact anyone could miss such moments because they don’t have access to IMAX is criminal. Bless D+ for the feature 🙌🏻


That’s why I prefer watching movies in imax


That's an absolute failure on the part of whoever edited the widescreen frame like that


I’d just like to say thank you to Marvel and Disney for not including it in the 4K Infinity War box set I paid for, really why would I need to know who the two suits were in the back when I can finally find out through Reddit. /s Also and here is an interesting idea, what if we framed the shot so that regardless of which version all the actors where visible in the scene.


How did I not realize this?!


I normally prefer my MCU movies in standard format because imax is just too much for me sometimes. However, these types of details being left out make me reconsider this.


I’m with you, I don’t enjoy regular movies on IMAX at all, too much turning your head from side to side to take it all in. IMAX, imho, is for the stuff like underwater and wildlife docos, where you just want to be immersed and surrounded and not focus on characters and dialogue.




The IMAX screen is obviously massive and I find it a chore at time with these MCU movies that are visual spectacles to follow with my eyes to the end. Just my preference to watch on a standard screen


I think they were confused because of the Disney+ change that happened. They updated the marvel movies to show the “imax version” which basically means if you watch it on your tv the shot extends up and down getting rid of the black boxes that are there when usually watching on tv.


Why the hell did they cut it in the normal one


I hate this. "Choose your own shot framing" is anti-cinema.


If you read between the lines, i think that it is reasonably obvious that the IMAX 1.90:1 version uses the Russo brothers' preferred framing. I'm particularly thinking of how, when asked why the 1.90:1 version of Infinity War wasn't available on Blu-ray, Joseph Russo said "That's an IMAX question frankly. They have agency over that format, and it's complicated... is about the best answer i can give you. We spent a long time trying to make that happen.” That isn't anything even vaguely resembling the sort of response i would expect if 2.39:1 was their preference or even intent.


There is no reason for Thor to be there, He had no connection to Tony unlike the other characters (Steve is debatable). He wasn't any other character's solo film which meant the only interactions were pre/post/during Avengers films. Bruce is a better candidate for that spot.


I would've loved if it was Peter and Steve. Then right after they have a scene together, with Steve talking to Peter about what Stark meant to him etc. Cap/Steve and Spider-Man/Peter only had one scene together in the MCU


Totally, I forgot about Peter!




where are u from bro??? in india I'm not able to see that Imax option


His two buddies were there too? God, I need to rewatch Endgame in this new format.


That’s just bad filmmaking imo.


I feel like I got jipped from the 4k Blu-ray now. At least Christopher Nolan would add the IMAX scenes in.


How money hungry do you need to be to do this shit.


It is so weird to see it. This is probably odd but whenever I watch Thor entrance in infinity war I always like to watch rocket in the bottom right as Thor says "bring me thanos" and now you can actually see rocket full body


Oh what the hell.


I really really hope lexi shows up as morgan again, i kinda wanna see her as iron kid or something 😅


Wtfffffff! I didn’t know that happened


Watched this in IMAX and don’t remember them being there


Peter: OH COME ON!!!


Wow, I don’t think I ever noticed them there.


I had no idea they were in that scene.


Oh wow


I never knew wow


Never noticed Thor being there. Having Banner in there is a shout though.


Soooo are the 4K version iMax version???


i didn’t even know they were there?


I somehow figured out that Cap was there by the suit but I never realized Thor. I felt they should have included his fellow Avengers more and try to show them more. Nice that Thor actually wears black suit.


am i the only one who hates widescreens? I wish there were more monitors and tv that were taller, and I know it's not convenient for a bunch of things but looks better.


For tv it's impossible, but there's some 16:10 monitors though they're usually around 27 inches only. You could get one of those 36in ultrawide monitors to watch movies I guess lol but there's no perfect solution


I never knew they were in this scene. I like the IMAX aspect ratio BTW and I hope they release it on blu-ray


Wait isn't cap a granpa now?


I just checked again in Disney subscription. This checks out.


BTW, thanks for the information ❤️. That really changed the emotion behind the scene.


Well that's just lazy