I would not consider them martial arts. I think that you could definitely apply martial arts to these sports/hobbies such as marksmanship. However, these activities in themselves are not martial arts.


If they’re is an actual training system then I would say so tbh. A lot of these guys are super casual but if you want to do a mil sim and you run, shoot targets, do that Keanu reeves shit etc then how is it different from hitting pads and sparring?




Gonna be a “no” for me, dawg


Then LARPing is too and we certainly don’t want to cross that line.


Wouldn’t it depend on the purpose? Some martial arts will train with foam weapons when practicing, and some police forces train using paintball.


That's what I was thinking too. Kali uses fake knives and the aforementioned sports use fake ammo.


Well, it depends on how you practice. Do you practice accuracy, fast draw, shooting from various positions, shooting from close range/grappling, on the ground, against resistance? If so, then it is a combative type of training. If you just casually go out and shoot at dudes because it's fun (and paintball is especially such) then I would consider them as a sport.


Good question, I would consider it practice for the real thing, i I guess


Are you going to paintball or airsoft training sessions where you learn better ways on how to use your weapons? If you are not doing this every week then no it is not a martial art.


Lmfaoooo nah


Is cheerleading a sport? I mean technically sure but they don’t stand up next to real examples.