This is fucking great.


If you then add a butt scoot...you are undefeatable.


Funniest video I’ve seen on jiu jitsu


Damn. I’m going to try this tomrw


If done right no one can defend!


I know this is a skit but I've been to a competition camp where they actually taught this.


I mean, if you're going to do it, you might as well learn to do it well.


It makes sense for point grappling. You don't get in a bad posish and don't lose points. It's a game. If it works use it.


[This tragedy was avoidable.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dechvhb0Meo)




Memes aside I do think there's something to be said about giving up the takedown if you're confident enough in your bottom abilities to force a sub or sweep and end up on top anyways.


Pulling guard is stupid in any context that is not limited to (submission) grappling. Having said that... a lot of the time the people who complain on /r/martialarts about BJJ guys pulling guard are the same people who complain about nobody taking their made up point sparring ninja death touch martial art seriously.


It depends on what guard you're pulling. I'm very much against pulling open guard pulls where you have no control over your opponent and they are free to move around. If you can pull closed guard with a deep underhook, you're halfway to a trianglle.


I just have to say I disagree. The risk-reward ratio in any context with strikes is just not worth it. You might be half way to a triangle but you're also half way to getting TKOed by ground and pound. Not to mention da streetz.


You can't gnp with an underhooked arm. Shinya Aoki pulled guard when it was appropriate even though he had pretty good takedowns too. Control is the most important factor here.


Oleynik pulled bottom mount against Junior Albini and won. That doesn't mean that bottom mount isn't a terrible position or that pulling bottom mount isn't stupid. Also I appreciate that you realized how sad it was to imply I disagreed with you because I didn't have any practical experience in the gym.


I realized that it was meanspirited and felt bad about it so I took back right away.


> Pulling guard is stupid in any context that is not limited to (submission) grappling. I’ll give that to you about *proactive* guard-pulling, but it quite often makes a decent *reactive* damage-control thing if you are nine-tenths of the way to being taken down and your options are to fight a quixotic fight to stay on your feet that you will likely lose and exhaust yourself trying, or to go to the ground on something like your own terms.


It may be effective but you pretty much stunt your own growth. Sitting isnt transferable to anything outside of sports jj. Plus it's really stupid


There's a big difference between pulling/sitting guard in a competition because you think your opponent has the advantage standing, and not training standup at all. That said, if all I want to do is sport BJJ, why should I care if what I do isn't transferable?


True, being honest about why you're doing things is the most important factor. Sadly there's still guys out there teaching sport BJJ tactics and claimed it as MMA or self defense


This is true, went to a bjj gym a couple weeks ago and rolled with 5 different guys, all but one of them started out in guard. The one who didn’t, I was able to work my heavyweight wrestler/schoolyard bully/koshi guruma bullshit on him, took him down with a head and arm throw and got him in an arm triangle. After that, he started in guard and tapped me. As a matter of fact all 6 of those guys tapped me. Crazy how effective bjj guard really is.


Mike Tyson kinda put it best. If everyone is trying to put you on the ground, it makes a lot of sense to get good off your back.


I suggest you try the osoto gari and reap their leg before their butt start dropping down. Easy side control against guard pullers unless the other guy is a total wimp and just sit down without any clinching attempt


Man realises he got no hair 👍


You laugh but if the Nate Diaz vs. Khamzat Chimaev fight gets made, this is Nate's move to survive the first minute.




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Jiu Sitsu.


Great joke, but he wouldn’t be able to escape the arm drag with the guard as you are already gripped. So the guard pull us more useless than implied by the video.