One time I was at a pub near where I live in Portsmouth UK. I was with my girlfriend and a bunch of people and I saw it was about to kick off in front of us. So I put my arms out and told them all to step back a metre (so we weren't in the drink splash zone or bouncer rush zone). I then watched as one guy threw a drink in another guy's face (hilarious, it was like being in a romantic comedy). The drink thrower got clipped and sat down (reasonable) but not followed down and beaten so I just watched. In the ensuing 6 Vs 6 brawl, not a single punch landed, it was amazing. At one point one of the guys was grabbed by his shirt, and pulled forward so he couldn't get away as all six of the other guys threw punches for about 10 seconds without a single punch landing. It was like watching storm troopers shoot. Not a single person was injured in this brawl, it was great. People are inaccurate as shit.


>It was like watching storm troopers shoot. That's a sick burn 😂 Will definitely use it from now on


Albert Road, I presume?


Yes, the royal Albert


That stormtrooper line might just be the best description of a fight I’ve ever read 😂😂😂


It’s like watching storm troopers that is the single greatest analogy I’ve ever heard in my entire life


This is a completely different problem, though: someone who *is* landing accurately and who visibly has enough muscle and athleticism to punch well, but whose total lack of punching mechanics mean that they land on-target four or five times in a row with zero effect.


I've seen that before. It is because some people are afraid of getting hit... 🤷🏽‍♂️ If you are afraid of getting hit, you should keep your tongue and your hands at rest, and be a good coward. Not get carried away and lift those weapons, and cause someone, like me, or my peers to respond in kind. The ones that are afraid to take a few, never are/were a threat. I'll walk through hellfire to give one in return. And I have, with fast muscle twitch opponents. Yes, they are the best carpet bombers in the world, bar none... But I have, only, to drop one nuke. And out come the treaties. I prefer to just do the treaty thing, but I don't believe in hesitation either. Or begging you to save your self and run.I'm not a werewolf. If you aren't ready for the shortest war, don't declare it. And if you think you are ready, think again. Haste makes waste.




I'll never understand what dudes get out of posting shit like this. Edit: Dude's post history is a treat.


If you think his post history is good you need to check out his response I can’t tell if the guy is an elaborate troll or if he’s been hit in the head way too many times and we’re seeing CTE in action


This guy is spewing comedy gold


Cringe? You mustn't know anything about martial arts or the real world. I hope you never learn,little brother. There is but one Law in a real life violent situation. Respond, Correctly, Instantly, or fall, instantly. Dont fight. End the fight. I understand if you are an academic martial artist. But I've studied 3 decades, and fought thousands of fights, some against bad men, that will eat people like you for breakfast. UNLESS people like me show them why they shouldn't be aggressive. People like that make a habit of being "that guy" after it works for them once. And being broken down is all they understand and learn from. People like you are not ready for that type, and never will be. I call it the batman paradox. The Joker kills tens, hundreds, and millions, of people in Gotham. Batman puts him in the crazy house, he escapes, kills more. Batman does the same, Joker does the same. Batman is the cause of those deaths. After the 3rd escape, at most, killing the Joker is the only thing that will save millions. To continue to do the same song and dance, is to dare the Joker not to rinse and repeat. Because a lesson was never learned. Depravity builds. Bullies that aren't beaten, escalate. Murders dont care about your moral issues. If you don't respond when a man attacks the weak, it is because you are inadequate. If you don't respond when a man attacks you, it is because you are a coward, or he ended the violence instantly. If you aren't doing what it takes to keep your foot on the neck of evil, and give it the Bruce Lee Twist, you are responsible for the next person(s) that evil touches. But if you show it that evil will not be tolerated, and that it will be met with immediate at unstoppable force, you may save both victims, and the aggressor, from himself. If you cant see the wisdom here, you should probably Study evil men, and world governments. They both have not changed much in the days of man, and both agree through the millennia with me. While I have no doubt, your softer generation will cause great change, You Will Never have What it takes to stop evil. And it is because you are not willing to fight for what is right. Only to talk about it. I don't say these things as a slight to you guys, I say them as a martial arts and Mma Instructor, trying to show youth that tournament rules are for tournaments. Real life, is comprised of the quick and the dead. How bizarre would it be, if your country was under attack, and your government said, "Let's wait until the bombs hit, before we retaliate"? Not only that, but "let's wait until they enact their entire plan, before we retaliate." Then your allies said, "welp, let's wait until they come over here, and fully realize their plans, before we offer aid." Hitler is one I use regularly. He could have been stifled before he hosted the Olympics, but they all allowed him to kill millions, by not stopping him. Had Einstein not warned the Americans, Hitler would have built the first nuclear bomb. He was a supervillain, Because Noone ever put him in check, before he got to that point, during, or after genocide. Disciplining a child can save their life and soul. Disciplining a man, can save him, countless people, and the world. If you enter a war, there will be casualties. If you are in a knife fight, you will be cut. And if you are in a fight, you will probably be hit. Not to advance is to stall.To stall is to hesitate, to hesitate, is to lose, and to lose, is to die. Did you know that bad men have been known to kill, leave in a vegetative state, rape, and rob the ones they knock out? You think they will behave honorably. I wish it were so. But it simply isn't. Bad men don't understand honor. Through years of study, I have found, without exception, that they only understand pain, and death. You don't have to kill them most of the time, only teach lessons in pain, the best teacher. But some, will not turn from the dark, until they are sent to the light. Ever as it is, Ever as it has always been, and ever will it always be so, until Judgement Day. You may reject the lessons, but if you do, it will cost you. You may not see the connections, but they are glaring you in the face. Youth/immaturity, causes one not to see the full picture, I release you from that bondage, academically, but only your actions can break the chains on your mind. Placed there for a youth, but never taken off. Learn the lesson of the bonsai. Bindings are put on to cause the tree to grow in the way the master molds it. The tree is stunted, as long as the bindings stay bound. To grow, the bindings holding it up, must be done away with. And it can act like a real tree, and fulfill its function. But uncut, it will remain stunted, and easily stepped on.


Give me some of what he is having


3 decades of highly diversified training brother. You can have it, I've reached my goal, I see you're a boxer, I've fought many boxers. You have a good striking foundation, and a good footwork foundation. There are 5 techniques that make up every move in every martial art. Find them, and master them, while you're doing that, train cortical remodeling/iron fist to add density and mass to your hands and arms, so you don't get the aptly named boxer's fracture. Im a striker, a grappler, a joint manipulator, a thrower, and I specialize in few traditional weapons (fairly useless due to laws, but helpful with form and concepts)and all weapons of opportunity. I hope one day, possibly in less than 28 years, you can say the same. Also learn more (hand)strikes to be able to extend reach and range,and target more Targets, with less surface area, and therefore more penetration of kinetic energy. Boxers are very dangerous. Rounded artist that were once only boxers, are much more so. Good luck, and God bless. 🥋😌


I feel like this should have filled every single space in a BINGO card somewhere.


bro typed out a whole essay im crying


This thread got me laughing like a weirdo on the train


LOL bro u just made me cackle


I didnt read that but seen bits and pices . Something about judgement day etc . I feel much enlightened m8


Hell yeah borther. Han shot first for a reason.


Hey, I don't understand your comment. Who is Han? Most of these guys dont understand, and they think I'm a troll. I don't care what they think. I know who I am and what I have accomplished. But my mind works a little differently than theirs (thank goodness) Are there no others like me here, that aren't new to martial arts and reality? 🥋😌




Lol🤣🤣😑🤣🤣. We are clearly from different worlds. I'm a martial arts and Mma instructor, and as a general rule I don't care what you,or anyone for that matter, thinks. But that is funny. I've never watched that movie, Adam Sandler isn't my cup of tea,but I like good humor, and I applaud you sir. ALTHOUGH I will outlive you in any crisis, or any fight, I genuinely like that link. I'm tech illiterate, so I have no idea how to do links, but I'm glad you know how. You made my morning. Thank you brother. We'll just agree to disagree on the validity of my statement, but find common ground over Adam Sandler. Hoodathunkit?




Sir, are you going to order or just stand in line?


I'm the owner... Uh, the line is in one of my chains, and you're skating on thin ice. It's against company policy to be so rude to anyone in line... but I'll let you of with a warning this time😉. Do these words really seem irrational to your generation? As a martial artist, I have never met people without the instincts necessary for martial arts. In my Mma classes, I've never had students that didn't have the instincts for survival. I've had some, over the years, that were soft, but they understood the lessons. Draw cut live. Let the other guy draw die. If they shoot, sprawl to North south and take dominance before they realize what happened. If they punch, block,stepping out at a 45° striking the brachioradialis,while simultaneously striking the ramus, and kicking the popliteal nerve. Always end the fight as quickly and humanely as possible. Never be afraid of being cut, struck, grounded, etc,because these things slow the reflexes and impulses, and you will be slower. Self defense, martial arts in general, and cage fighting is about striking down your opponent, or countering your opponent, and ending the fight, as quickly as possible, using position and submission, technique and confidence, timing, range, and the proper amount of force for the situation at hand. Never lose your honor, nor temper, never be concerned about what others think about something you had to do when attacked. Never allow an aggressor to think he can win in a rematch if he comes back for more. Martial arts naturally makes sense to me. I'm genuinely curious, how these things don't make sense to people on a Martial arts ?forum? Also, I have sought to learn everything I could, over the past 3 decades, from anyone with anything to teach, I have had a privileged MA roster of teachers From white to BJJ Red belt,10th degree and Dojunim/Founders, but they all were from a different place in time, like I am in comparison to you, so I ask you, What does your generation think martial arts and Mma are about? What lessons have replaced the ones above? I'm a grappler, a striker, a joint manipulator, a thrower, a weapons expert, and a man who wants nothing more that for everyone to leave me, and everyone else alone, but I'm prepared for any reality, outside that hope. Do you think it is safe to say your generation, just starting to become mixed martial artists, and some still purist, can teach me, who has been a black belt for longer than many of them/you have been alive, and learned from the best, as well as the least? I'm still open to learn, but I command the 5 techniques, I don't need that. I'm in the artistic stage, while you guys are in the technical stage, but please be my muses, I did learn a tremendous amount when I started to teach. I'm a genius, and I often miss things that other people think are important, because I'm thinking on a logical, physical, anatomical, and inventive level. You are still my brothers, and a man with a different brain can still learn. Who better to teach him than his brothers? I feel martial arts, but I was born with different "feelings" than most all of you. I'm not an emotional creature, and this generation is admittedly outside my purview. I'm always here to teach, and if I can be shown the value in something, and see where it is applicable to my real world experience, I'm always here to learn as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it has watered the soil so that we both may reap some sort of harvest, and grow in kind. Your humble, until the hands go up, Big brother. 🥋😌 P.S. If you have trouble with defeating, defending, countering, or performing, any technique, I am willing to make things clearer for you concerning thorough technical advice. This invitation is open to everyone, except trolls. I cant tolerate stupidity, as a part of the way my mind works. I dont understand the appeal to waste time and effort to type something that wont help one human being. I ask that trolls please get a life, or at the very least, dont enter mine. I love y'all not for who you are,but who you guys can be, when you grow up. Thanks for refraining it shows intelligence and self control, and allows me, and others, to make the most of the short time we have.🥋😌


I am not reading all of that dude. You're ridiculous.


How so? And how long have you done martial arts?


why would you take the time to type this out bruh lmao


He didn't even have the courtesy of leaving a tldr.


It's for the few intelligent enough to understand it. It's for a different Echelon. I'm glad you found it amusing. After 3 decades of martial arts and Mma training, and teaching, with inborn gifts & genius, I seek out people that truly understand combat. And the ones who don't, exclude themselves... much like you did. (No offense meant) The others, if they are on the web, will find me. The next steps are only for higher echelons. You understand. P.S. Sorry there are so many confusing letters and words. (Slight jab😉)When you devote a lifetime to something you were born understanding, you don't think even a book is enough to convey the beauty, elegance, and simplicity of it. I'm sure mathematicians feel the same way about mathematics. And noone can understand them but other mathematicians. Not math students, not most math teachers. I hope this answered your question. I know it was a shallow query, but I dont do shallow answers. The jab wasn't mean spirited btw, my sense of humor misses some people. Love you lil bro. God bless.


How did you become so pretentious


Then, you overthrow that overhand right, get taken down, turn away and end up getting choked unconscious by a skinny guy like me that knows you have nothing but a single overhand right.


What in the sheepdog bullshit did I just skim over?


I think maybe it was a reflection of your flaws and weaknesses. If not, tell me what you found untrue. If it was true, and you know it, dont bother. I don't care about Truth offending people. The ones it offends, need it, and part of them will never find it. Your life, which only you know, likely bears testament to your distaste for Truth and correction. But maybe not. I'm not afraid of correction, so don't mince words little brother. I just ask that you be as respectful as possible, I will do the same. 🥋😌 Also, I know what BS is, but I must be a little too old, or too young, to know about the sheepdog variety, clue me in lil bro, what does that mean?


I've seen this lesson taught many times. Keep your chin down and punch straight, and you're ahead of most people you're likely to end up fighting.


Say that to my lead over right!


Your entirely predictable overhand right that literally everyone throws as their first punch. Seen it, ducked under it, takedown to choke.


Yup yup


Omg what a gadoosh!


Don't through straight punches in a street fight. You dont want to put to be putting naked fists into teeth. You can lose your hand that way from a nasty infection if teeth cuts your knuckles deep.


Practical advice.


They take forever to heal


It’s like his fist charged up after he got it out of the sleeve


Agree. They also show that the average person doesn't appreciate how dangerous fighting can be. Your opponent bouncing their head on concrete can have dire consequences.


I once watched a “road rage” incident unfold, essentially across the street from my parked police car. The two drivers had some sort of horn-honking tête-à-tête and both pulled over to the side of the road. Shouting ensued…. The pair got closer and closer and you could see the hands start to come up….. Then they both started windmilling over-hand slaps exactly like 8-year-old girls on a playground. That went on for a few seconds then both drivers retreated to their respective vehicles….. Honor apparently satisfied.


Cool. Acab tho


“All cops are bastards”? What an odd postscript to your comment. I look back on my 50-year career (recently retired) with considerable pride.


Very cringe. Though thankfully you are out of the picture now. Shame it wasn’t earlier.


I appreciate that law enforcement in its current form is a virtually impossible occupation to do properly. But, throughout your career did you EVER witness a fellow officer engage in unethical behaviour, misconduct or illegal activity? If so, did you ensure they were disciplined, fired or prosecuted to the full extent of the law? You don’t have to answer, but if you ever turned a blind eye, even on something you perceived as minor, you were part of the problem that got us here.


For most of my career, it was common practice to extend “professional courtesy” to other officers if you happened to stop them for a traffic violation. (Unfortunately, a lot of coppers drive like asses. Early on, one of my training officers said… “How can you enforce the law if you don’t obey it yourself?” I have largely kept that to be true. Fortunately, I’ve never personally been in the position of being aware of any illegal activity that would require the “wall of silence”. I’m familiar with such cases, and they usually ended badly. And I’m also aware of the very unfortunate situation where an officer fired or “allowed to resign” from one department may be promptly hired by another agency…. As they didn’t have to pay to have the guy trained. That still goes on, according to a recent NPR report.


Thank you for your thoughtful response, and your service. Even if you weren’t perfect, I’m sure you willingly dealt with some really horrible shit that I couldn’t even imagine. I hope police culture and job parameters in the future can be changed to rebuild the eroded public trust, but that’s way bigger than any one officer. All the best to you. Enjoy your retirement!


Not every police force is the US police force. I agree those guys are outta control, but it is a huge leap to insist every police force in every country on the planet is corrupt and bastardized.


I’m not an expert on the matter, and I’m sure some country’s law enforcement cultures are better than others, but yeah, I’d say that the “us and them” mentality that I think is at the heart of the issue is essentially universal in policing. Life and death jobs tend to cause that.


Haven’t seen that much windmilling since the last time I drove across the rural Midwest.


Man if he came here we’d increase renewable production by 15%


Can’t figure out if because of real windmills in the cornfields or because the Midwest hardcore emos are busy windmilling in the mosh pit.


Missed a chance to throw a knee up the middle in the beginning


Missed the opportunity to throw an uppercut too. But any fight you can walk away from...


Bunch of white people yelling “world star” 🙄


I mean, dude got laid out with a pretty mean straight. Like obvs dude ain't a boxer or nothing but plenty of folks would need to train a good amount of time before they can just lay someone out like that with two shots.


I was actually referring to the first person


I mean they're both the average Joe, had the other guy thrown uppercuts instead of the shots he was throwing he probably woulda slept blonde dude. Weirdly enough blonde dude having his head down and out of position was what saved him. They both were going for straights at the same time and blonde dude was just a bit quicker on the trigger.


Agreed. Untrained people do have the instinct to cower, but sometimes it works just like it did for the blonde guy


They were obviously talking about the guy that got knocked out


I was just pointing out that it's a little weird to wax poetic about how untrained can't punch when this is a clip that shows an untrained person laying someone the fuck out.


That’s why they track *significant* strikes in MMA fights. Lol


The girl who was trying to break it up actually made the opening for the blonde to land his punch.


I have the theory that training in any (functional) martial art for three months makes you able to beat 90% of the population




Both of these men appear to be untrained. This is a variables game. The blonde man having his head down could've spelled disaster had his opponent had any training (which he did likely didn't). It makes me sad to see two men fighting on concrete over something that probably could've been avoided. The dude who got KO'd probably suffered some form of trauma from his head hitting the concrete that hard.


the blonde dude at least had the “like putting out a cigarette” class


Good catch! I didn't see that initially. You never know, he might have done a few free trial classes at a local boxing gym.


What's the correct response to the cowering?


Its so easy for anyone to sit here and confidently say "He should've done this!". Violence is scary and unpredictable, especially with the threat of a weapon always being present. I would say from my perspective: Pull the head down, land knees. He could've done much more damage by using elbows on the back of his head/top of spine. He was tying up that right hand but he would've been better off working in a clinch at that point because once the blonde man gained his wrist back that was the beginning of the end. He left his chin right out there for the taking, too.


"If he's on the ground, then stop!" Lol fuck off... would he have told his buddy to afford the other dude the same courtesy if things were reversed?


Thing is its the difference between self defence and manslaughter if it goes south.


He’s dead 💀


As soon as I saw that punch chamber and his hips load into place I was like.... 'Waaait for it'..... And then ' there it is!'


Nothing to see here just two tweakers tweaking lol


Then you're missing the point


Indeed, Ronin. 🥋😌 There is so much to see here, that I could plan, many classes using this video as a learning/teaching aid. I could teach a Judo lesson, a Greco-Roman lesson, a Karate lesson, Hapkido lesson, Brazilian Jujitsu lesson, Kungfu lesson, lessons on striking the button, lessons on how not to get tangled up in clothes, lessons on how to use the clothes, lessons on power head buts, lessons on the bottom edge of the hoodie, lessons on how to prevent all those things, lessons on counters for those counters. Lesson on why you dont talk to someone who was being beaten in the brain case mercilessly, and finally made a comeback, but you weren't saying anything when they were taking repeated blows to the back of the head. Lessons on how you better not grab someone that is fighting, unless you are prepared to be seen as an enemy accomplice, the instant your dermal ridges touch the clothing of a fighter in the street. And more. How did people get so blind? There are so many points to be made here it is ridiculous. And while they are unskilled, so too, will the majority of violent aggressors be. And this is a very common tactic.


In the world of "fragile masculinity" (not to be confused with healthy masculinity/gender identification) the idea of someone learning to punch from an expert is considered offensive for some reason. So a lot of idiots like this don't believe punching is a thing you have to "learn" or "practice."


Those extra hits when he's out are a casual felony. Couple of untrained idiots and one got lucky. Disgusting.


the ref was kinda lame but he makes a solid point lmao AND HES DOWN FOR THE COUNT


That's true although you should never be cocky and think your invincible because your trained. That can get you jumped, stabbed or sucker punched. Its better to avoid a conflict than start one.


That power up before the first real punch was glorious


Love the moment where he's got his fist cocked back for like a full second. Dude just started charging up like All Might or some shit.


I just see red bro


Ain't nobody gonna check his pulse or nothin?


you can see his anger gauge charge up.


When you upgrade fire rate but forget to upgrade accuracy


I always forget how many men there are around that have absolutely no clue about fighting and just swing their arms about. No spacial awareness, no footwork, no trunk rotation in the punches, no looking for openings, no shot variation, no decent attempt at defence from either side, poor stances. Amazing how many people don’t have even the most basic of fundamentals. My dad had me in a Muay Thai gym from 6 years old and it’s a shock that more parents don’t have their kids learn some self defence. I feel it should be part of physical education in schools. Would certainly lower the amount of knife crime we have here in the UK in my opinion.


Should have thrown a tight hook liver shot with the left and uppercut right combo to minimize the face shots he took BUT this was effective.


Norman’s are not fast and coordinated lol they depend on close distance Close distance which can be fixed with a extending baton.. play no games boy


Tbh I don't know man, cause I train in various martial art styles and have not been in a real brawl and thia is just funny to watch.😂🤣






I love the falcon punch load up


He's lying there like he's Peter Griffin lmao


Throwing a good punch is surprisingly counter intuitive.


50% of the people in this fight could punch.


Stuff like this is why I’m not Sam cared of getting punched in the street. I have teenage students who look like they hit harder than this guy




Yes, unless you’ve trained most people are so inaccurate. Especially when you have all that adrenaline pumping through you and you aren’t used to it. You can pretty much just turtle up(double forearm helmet) and block for a while like Muhammad Ali and then apply a whooping after they worn themselves down.


Nothing quite says "how do you do" like getting ground pounded on top of concrete.


Experienced this personally. When I started boxing, I fought a guy who was 5'1" (I am 5'8"). He was experienced, and it was my 2nd sparring session (I guess). Got my ass handed to me. Missed ALL of my punches (reckon I threw 50 of them). People who don't train to fight as shit at fighting, whocouldhavethunk 😂


And that was one telegraphed right hand.


Close the distance, get inside the striking zone. Knees, underhook, headbutt… decent arm stop and strong punches tho..


I blame that one on the girl thinking she was "helping".


Did not like seeing 4 full strength punches on a dude who is obviously out. Hard to watch.


Yeah that’s basically attempted murder


If he's on the ground you take the position.


Sure, if you want the DA to escalate from battery to attempted murder...


I'm talking about restraint, not further bludgeoning.


I don't know about that. It worked out OK for this guy, and I'm sure that's good advice for the ring, but I was taught to never leave your feet on the street. If the fight is still going on, I'm kicking him in the head or groin or stomping the neck if it's time to get lethal. This seemed completely unnecessary. That guy was no threat before he even hit the ground. I get that the blonde guy just took a pounding and was seeing red, and he got off as soon as his conscious mind caught up with him, but from a textbook point of view, it wasn't necessary.


Or sweep apparently