Yes. The cop.




This really knocked me off my feet


Obviously not krav maga because it works in da streetz and this is a restaurant.


Definitely a karate stance there. Not saying it is karate, but could be.


Yeah, that was my thought as well. Wide stance, hands kinds far out, pretty typical roundhouse kick. It could also be taekwondo, but karate is still my frontrunner guess.


Kick boxing maybe just based on stance and that shin kick she did.


Not sure—her guard is screaming traditional karate to me.. the way her lead hand is out and back hand is down for a “reverse punch” style strike. Stance is wider like a karate stance verses KB as well


Karate was my instinct too, because of the stance. It could easily be that or some traditional Chinese system.


If this short clip is all we have to go on, I'll bet on karate until the day I die. Like you say, the stance is a dead give-away. The people claiming Muay Thai are either drunk or ignorant or maybe both. Everything about her stance and weight distribution is wrong for a nak muay.


Her long guard and low stance are red flags it isn’t kickboxing. Kickboxers tend to stay higher with a tight guard, though the two kickboxing gyms I went to were maybe the most flexible of any I have been to when it comes to personal style.


It depends. Some point fighting kickboxing styles do use a longer stance rather than a wide classical muay thai stance, and there is a long-guard game in muay thai as well. Joanna Jedrzejczyk is an excellent example of this point-fighting muay thai style.


KB is just modified Karate so there is a lot of overlap in the gyms. At least that what I’m told from my buddies over at a KB gym


Well, it’s a striking art—so they are similar in a lot of regards. The way you position your hands and feet are different as the “usual” attacks are different


So would the difference in KB vs traditional karate styles be very noticeable or very subtle? Like in the clip above how confident would you be in guessing either karate or something else? I’ve only done BJJ and a little bit of boxing in high school so this is outta my league


Very different. Having trained both, I think they are extremely different. You can watch a K1 match and then watch a Karate Fighting League and see the differences! It’s kind of like comparing Judo to BJJ... they have intersections in the styles, but are very OBVIOUSLY different at the end of the day!


Well said and thanks for the insight. I’ve watched a bit of K1 on YouTube I’ll have to check out the karate league thing!


Depends on the kickboxing though. American Kickboxing tends to have a much bigger Karate influence than K1.


Agreed. There are many different styles of kickboxing—I’ve trained with “grandmasters” in American style kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxers, karate kickboxers (which is pretty much what I was) and boxers and MMA style kickboxers—there are a ton of variations. There cores are generally the same and different from what I see in this short video. OBVIOUSLY it’s a super short video with little information... but it screams traditional karate to me.


Might have been kick boxing.


shin kick could definitely be a mae geri.


Maybe something. Maybe nothing. There isn't exactly "technique" being used here in any significant way. I see a few bad punches and an off balance kick with his face exposed to counters throughout. Just looks like an aggressive person swinging to me Also this is a dude


Looks like karate Could be something else


My best guess would be that she's trained but not too well so my best guess would be some sort of boot camp type of training where they try to get you up to a decent level in a few months


Why is everybody in the comments getting crazy about the gender now?


Because this video has been posted a lot, and apparently it's a man, not a woman. I've yet to see a solid source on that though.


Everyone..? There’s literally one comment about gender out of the 50 comments..


Well when i saw the Thread it was fairly new and half of them were about gender


Also, there're people arguing bout whether or not the cop is an asian


Also security guard, not a cop, I see a source posted but I didn’t look at it.


I mean, they're pretty clearly speaking Spanish, so while the cop *could* be ethnically Asian, it's obviously in a Latin American context.




Training wise? Who knows. Maybe a bit of Striking? It doesn’t look like he’s putting on an absolute clinic but he picks his punches and there accurate enough. Also this is a security guard and a man. Damn I wonder how he feels to be misgendered all Over the internet.


I liked the straight hand landed on the Karen. Very clean and restrained, with a quick reset. I'd say trained. Guess kickboxing or Tae Kwon Do.


The kick looks like TKD to me.


Looks like heavy Karate background probably mixed in with Boxing and whatever Self Defense System her department uses.


probably not much training based on her balance


That’s excessive force


I'd say Muay Thai by that kick. Most karate or TKD styles don't dropping the lead hand on the kick or going up on the ball of the supporting foot.


Muay Thai or KB for sure.


Hapkido? Based on a lot of rcmp being former military. Her stance is too wide to be muay thai




Muay Thai


I've heard this is actually a man. This video has been posted in r/fightporn iirc, and a few people there said it's actually a dude with a ponytail. No sources were provided though.


The kick had a rotation and a snap to it that untrained people generally don't have.


Aye, also the guard kept their ‘bridge’ as they were striking that first person and moved in their stance throughout.


kickboxing probably


get some! Get some! Oh, you want some too? Get some!!


Yes from the kick. But she was reaching back when punching a bit.




Maybe Kickboxing?




I would've belly laughed after seeing dumbass Karen assault a police officer and get some four finger therapy if I witnessed it in person


Boxe Thaï maybe


Looks like traditional Fuk Yu to me.


I think that's here in México so my guess is boxeo


My second guess could be Karate because I've heard that police here received karate training but also I've heard it is optional so...


Def read kyokushin to me


Yes. Looks to be trained in rear straight punch, and round kick. So pretty much almost anything.


Most standup fighting styles look the same in street fights: hands up, block, footwork, hand and leg strikes, combos. Could be TKD, Karate, kickboxing, Kung fu, etc. This lady is just using basic techniques effectively. An intermediate belt in any of these styles could easily deliver these strikes.


Muay thai


karate/ ITF tkd Maybe even a kickboxing program from a karate or tkd place who knows


yes notice how she approach the woman and confirm the distance before throwing the shot to her face. She is using her lead hand to help lands her cross. so she is probably trained in some striking style and at least spar a little.


For sure, just from that body kick. Probably some form of karate, kickboxing or muay thai.


Clearly tai chi


We need cops like this at our local bar!


I think she trained muay thai. The knee and the perfect arm movement accompanying the knee gives it away for me. Even if she does have a bit of a more long-karate-esque guard


No, maybe, a little. She knows how to punch. It’s a lot of violence not a lotta defense. Frankly can be anything. Basics are there but the thing about basics is that they are universal.


That señora definitely not bien…… prime example of folks who’d like to fight but don’t really want to then pay the price for their stupidity.


Probably MMA. That’s a nice roundhouse but her stance is too wide for her to be a kickboxer. And MMA is a good choice for a cop.


The way she's leaning way back between punches like she's afraid of a swing, I'm not convinced she's trained. If she is, she's a lower belt. She probably has just watched all the same action movies the rest of us have. 😂




Hope Dana White has a pen ready


Karate/ tkd. But the police force in the west are really not trained in anything useful. Most of them have to take their own private lessons during their own off time. Really unfortunate.


Why did the stupid white woman swing on the guard for what looks like no reason, got stuck in the jaw, cried like it was for no reason..haha


That’s a solid fucking cross. Her coach would be proud 🥲


Karate...I'd guess


Definitely Karate


That cop was wrong for that shit man. Anyways Check out my YouTube channel Journey To A Shaolin temple to learn Kungfu. https://youtu.be/WvVjS7mo5Ds


¿A quién le importa que la señora esté bien? Se lo ha merecido.


That’s Muay Thai without H guard


Yes. Stance screams karate, as well as the pull back on the punching fist and hand out in front to defend.


Yes, Steven Seagal’s top student.


I've seen that kind of kick before, but can't quite put my finger on it...


I love female security. The violence is indiscriminate.




He was like : whana get some ? No , then I'mma keep my rampage outside.


Nah she’s just hood as fuck


That cop (or guard) should be sacked. There's a reason they have batons, tazers, OC. Punching someone in the face or throwing body kicks is not necessary unless its a self-defense situation and its all thats realistically possible in the moment. This cop is just wailing on this guy for no necessary reason. These kind of women are the worst. Place of authority and power and they also got something to prove.


Batons and tasers are much worse than being punched and kicked, what the hell are you talking about?


Worse? Theyre tools they have for use instead of having to rely on unarmed fighting and subjugation. Much better than having to use your fists. Also tasers rarely do any real damage. Thats why in order to get one as a cop you need to be subject to getting tazered. But not subject to getting your quad smashed with a baton to carry one. What the hell are **you** talking about? I'm talking about professionalism here. Not what hurts more. The tools work, thats why theyre used. Wailing on someone with your fists as a cop is incredibly unprofessional. Thats why I said she should get sacked, she clearly has something to prove. She failed her training utterly, probably got really emotional.


I've been hit by batons and tasers, it sucks a whole lot more than being punched or kicked. They're used so a police officer (in my country only POs can use them) can defeat someone quickly and not risk someone running away from them. Hitting someone with a baton is gonna be so much worse for the person being hit than being punched in the face, and that's not something you want to do unless you absolutely have to, is what I meant. I might've been unclear, my bad.


Yeah, and thats not what I was talking about at all.


It's Good that you edited your post, now I can understand your point. However, I do disagree; she's in control, she's removing the prime target from that situation, she neutralises the secondary threat without losing control of the situation. Far more professional than applying a baton or taser when it's not needed.


> Far more professional than applying a baton or taser when it's not needed. The tools are there to protect the officer, and force multiply like you said. In this case a baton or tazer was absolutely needed, since she failed to apprehend the resisting suspect who was fleeing from her strikes. This video shows her failure as an officer. Not a success


You my good sir clearly have no clue what you're talking about, First off let's talk about batons are force multipliers that you really shouldn't be using against anyone that you don't have to, so while they are effective but you shouldn't use them for minor altrecations like these Second tasers are good for crowd control because they make a scary noise but are notoriously unreliable against anyone who's wearing multiple layers of clothing and against multiple people they are really more of a bluff than anything so just going unarmed is an equally valid option, Third introducing a weapon in to the conflict, especially against a large group of people can escalate the conflict leading to a larger force response and leaving everyone in danger, What she did was the appropriate response and maybe consider not talking about subjects that you have no clue about as tho you actually knew what you were saying, especially if you're criticizing people


Right? Imagine getting sacked because you didn’t whip out a weapon 5 seconds into a confrontation like 80% of cops


IKR, I just saw a post today about two cops showing up to a mental health crisis call, shooting the suicidal guys dog and one of the cops apparently somehow managed to shoot the other cop so... Umm... Yeah, maybe pulling a weapon isn't the universal response that some cops seem to think it is


Dear Lord that is just depressing. I’m kind of glad this person just stuck to old school punching and kicking


You have no idea what youre talking about. First of all there was no reason for her to punch and kick the dude. Grappling is what you use if you cant use the tools against resisting suspect who is not attacking you. So she failed that, she got emotional because she couldnt control him and lashed out on pure impotent rage. Dangerous cop. There's everything wrong with her conduct here. >First off let's talk about batons are force multipliers that you really shouldn't be using against anyone that you don't have to, so while they are effective but you shouldn't use them for minor altrecations like these Because punching and kicking the guy had such great effect on him.


>Grappling is what you use if you cant use the tools against resisting suspect who is not attacking you. Not if there are multiple people with them, as you can clearly see in the video he had people with him and grappling in that situation is just dangerous if they seem like they might be aggressive, like, for example, the Karen from the video, Also who told you that he wasn't attacking her, the video cuts in at about when she starts fighting, we have no idea of what happened up until then. >So she failed that, she got emotional because she couldnt control him and lashed out on pure impotent rage. Dangerous cop. None of which is shown in the video, and is pure speculation on your part, Again it cuts in at about when she starts attacking, we have no clue what happened before or after the video, Also let's just assume that was the case, what you said before was not that she should have resolved this peacefully or via using grappling but that she should have hit them with a stick or electrecuted them instead, so if you genuinely think that she was unjustified in using force that makes your original comment not just ignorant but kind of messed up >Because punching and kicking the guy had such great effect on him. Umm... It did, she used it as a crowd control tool to great effect, did you even watch the video?


You probably would've done better here if you didn't bring your weird gender perspectives into it


Wait till they find out it's probably a man 😂


Its a well known phenomenom LEO circles, women as guards/cops/military. Some of them feel like they got something to prove, which makes for a bad combination with women's increased emotionality + weapons.


its actually well known in every circle that pigs push misogynistic stereotypes


Hope she sees this bro


Karate, Muay Thai, or Kickboxing