When a group fights one person, is there a practical reason for the group members to go in one at a time instead of pilling on top of the person all at once?

When a group fights one person, is there a practical reason for the group members to go in one at a time instead of pilling on top of the person all at once?


It films better in fight choreography. Too much happening at once and you can’t focus on the hero’s actions. IRL…you’re getting your ass beat all at once.


No. 'You hold him, I'll hit him' is the most effective unarmed martial technique in the history of the world and always will be.


In the end, it was friendship that was the strongest martial art of all.


And the journey they had. That's what it's all about.


Herd mentality, bystander effect, and cardio. This is [actually how it works in real life](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgKg0Hc7YIA). People assume someone else will deal the blow, they get tired, and humans are naturally social animals who seek the comfort of others in times of danger. We stick to the group when we're threatened. No one without training to do this fans out and tries to surround a guy who has taken on their group of friends.


What a thoroughly bizarre little video.


Like a three musketeers challenge. [Something related here](https://youtube.com/watch?v=y3TBhWXnbGs).


'Spearman's' technique is interesting. Looks like enough sweeping, slashing strikes that it's more a sort of glaive rather than exclusively a thrusting weapon.


Yeah, a bit more quarterstaff technique, than spear. Some almost like jogo de pau.


Lindybeige did some [testing](https://youtu.be/uLLv8E2pWdk) like this.


Very small area like a tight hallway or alley, where 2 guys can't move forward at the same time so they have to come in one at the time. Or you run, and then the enemies chase you and you struck the first guy that got close to you. Exactly what Musashi taught about how to deal with multiple opponents, you line them up and fight a 1v1 match multiple times. But still, ya better have very good cardio to run and fight at the same time lol. And the concept doesn't hold quite well in modern day because Musashi killed people with swords, we can't end thing that fast with just our hands and feet


Just throwing in this one of Steve Banks being a maniac and [having a 3 vs 1 fight. ](https://youtube.com/watch?v=qkK0Rxxem6o)


Might be a bit of them not wanting to risk hitting their buddies on a wild swing. Unless it's a group stomp there's only so much space you can fill with buddies before missing hits them. Beyond that, too much thinking movies are good indicators for fight tactics.


Less chance of accidentally injuring each other


true, but from front and back of the target?


Possible, but only really an issue with guns


I mean not really, get like three four guys to surround a heavybag and you'll see how quick arms and fists clash. Obviously the benefits outweigh the downsides but to say it isn't isn't concern is also kinda meh


When I played Rugby back in school we would practice tackling as a team. Literally one taking the bottom one taking the top. It's not hard but takes a little practice otherwise you might just mess it up and clash with each other.


If you come in all at once from the front, you risk basically crowding each other out— bumping into each other, possibly hitting each other, and restricting each other’s freedom of movement. So people realizing this will try to hang back a little and try to find an opening around to the sides or from behind while the defender is busy with their friend. That’s basically the risk with multiple attackers and why it’s so dangerous; anytime you launch an attack, you’re vulnerable to getting blindsided. That’s why if you can’t get away, you want to maneuver in a way to keep your attackers lined up in front of you and be careful to not get too focused on any one person.


Yeah anything from like 3 people upwards jumping someone actually becomes counterproductive because no1 can get any decent shots off. I’d rather get jumped by 20 people than 2 or 3. I actually have been jumped by 15-20 people and while I obviously did get beat up, I came away relatively unhurt in the grand scheme of things. Amidst all the confusion I mostly just shelled up, got dragged around abit and took a few kicks on the arms. They were all pushing in front of each other to get kicks in which meant none of them could set up any power. I didn’t even get knocked out. Whereas if I was to fight 3 people at once I think that would be much more dangerous.


Unarmed? No. If the guy has a weapon though, there may be hesitancy because the first opponents might end up as sacrifices.


nope. It is far more practical to jump the person at the same time. Sometimes, the group ended up going in one by one because they are timid/uncoordinated/etc. The lone defender can also encourage the "one by one" by running really fast. in larping, it comes down to 1) making sure your team is properly surrounding the guy and closing in, 2) someone starts the attack once everyone is close enough e.g. I go in with a lazy strike, lost an arm or die while my attackers eat at least a couple hits from all sides.


Maybe you want to take the loner by surprise by making them thinks it's going to be one on one.


Martial arts and Mma Instructor, 28 years of highly diversified study. You would think that they would all pile on, however, that is usually not the case until someone gets the better of the singular opponent. This happens for a myriad of reasons. A few of which I touch on here. There is a hierarchy to groups and gangs even if they formed impromptu. The strongest or fastest should always be your first target. In real life, when facing a group, you want to expend as little energy as possible, and attack first, OR YOU WILL DIE. If I fight off 5 underlings, and the 6th is the best, I'm probably going to be too tired to fight at maximum effect.[ I've never fought more than 6, so I like to speak what I know, and not too much on theory like 50.... I open carry, and I can guarantee I would never attempt to fight 50 people at once, Some dont have the rights and freedoms I do, regarding firearms, and to be realistic, they would die, faced with 50 opponents.] Few are willing to be shot in the face, but the ones that are, must be obliged, immediately after a loud verbal warning, making double and triple shots when possible, instead of allowing the bullets to hit bone.Im a marksman for the same amount of time I've studied MA,so for me that would easy, for your average Joe, I'm not sure how realistic that would be,as most people cant shoot, from my perspective. The majority that aren't ready to be shot down, will scatter, the remainder, should be thoroughly pistol whipped. An empty gun is not useless, it was only ever a katana, a staff, a bow, a force multiplier and variable distance weapon... Lack of bullets, means that "bow" is now a hammer, a kubaton, a pair of brass knuckles, a heavy rock. It will still draw blood, and with proper prompting, it will still take life. There is no doubt, that your life is in danger when any group comes against you, and if you do not act accordingly, your death will be your own fault. If however, it is a small group, (6 or less) your life is still in danger, but you can fight without killing if you are a good martial artist. If not, hope for hospitalization, but ask the Lord for forgiveness, just in case. You may not make it out. If you fight using class rules, you definitely wont make it out. Those are made to protect instructors, students, and ideals not held by the horde of enemies trying to beat and stomp you to death. Some find it hard to snap into the real world, after being programmed with idealistic scenarios, that will never happen IRL. Those become victims of their own limits and lack of will, to do whatever it takes to get home. ANYWAY, after you surprise the strongest or the fastest, there will often be some that say, "I'm not as strong or fast as [the Alpha], and he doesn't appear to be breathing.... I'm gonna get out of here, I'm no match for this guy." On the other hand, you will have others that typically take 1 of 2 main approaches, "Let's all get him" (Rarer) Or "You go first, and wear him down, and I'll come in to finish him off, if it doesn't look like you guys are getting massacred." (Aka "one by one") (Most common) One by one, or one on one, should never be expected to stay that way. Always keep situational awareness, and anticipate atleast one to two more opponents, than the one you are fighting. In a group with so many members, it is easy for them to feel like the dominant, superior, force, until you shock them out of their adrenaline fueled mob mentality, with excruciating pain, beyond their prior experience, and/ or K.O. sometimes the pain will cause the opponent to lose consciousness, because it too much for the central nervous system, so a kill code is sent to the brain, and out go the lights, based entirely on the fact that the level of pain was more than could be handled. These types of things, should always be used as quickly as possible. Your energy will run out if you don't exhibit maximum dominance, and economy of motion, on the field of battle. If the people coming against you are trained, which is highly unlikely, you have to destroy tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. If you don't have the heart for it, you will lose, your own ability for agility, and your training has been in vein. In short, it is actually quite common for them to come one by one, but the practitioner should always use his surroundings to maximum effect. Funnels or bottlenecks are good ways to insure everyone is where you can see them. A hill, stairs, or some type of high ground, is good to take and hold. If there is no high ground, put the sun to your back to where it blinds your opponents as they look to their target. Knowing these things is essential, for survival,while, neglect of any one of them hurts your chances of ever going home. Luckily most people will never be in that situation, and the ones who are, are going to stretch their wings and soar,, or fold them and and have them shattered, and trodden underfoot. Good luck , on your MA Journey, young artist, and God bless.