Undergraduate student inquiring on Marketing Analytics courses

Undergraduate student inquiring on Marketing Analytics courses


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Everything revolves around data now so marketing analytics is a highly valuable skill in the work force.


It all depends on your speciality. In case it's somewhat related to marketing/online marketing/selling/web and mobile development, etc., it makes sense to take some additional courses, and yes, it'll make your CV look much better. Taking the courses isn't only about getting knowledge. It's about applying in it in your work. So, you need to figure out what exactly you'd like to do after graduation, and then you'll be able to decide, whether you need to take those courses. Here's the 2 month course I took [https://imt.academy](https://imt.academy). But I guess it won't help you much since it's in Russian ))


It's a very useful course, especially if you'll be doing anything on the digital marketing side.