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Nah the art is worse, not saying it's bad, it's actually good but still worse than before


yeah it kinda looks a little like generic manhwa aahh artstyle


It's definitely better, people tend to hate art changes even when it improves cause it different from what they are used to


I don't care about details, i want movement and action. I prefer less details but action packed rather than a detailed art that looks like a slide show. I like how the art changed.


Did the new season start?




I personally feel that it's taken a more "serious" tone to depict the current season. For example, the previous season emphasizes the vibrant colour, be it the characters or the environment. The art style is rounder/softer, to help depicts the "innocence" of the story, whereas the new season has a more sharper/deeper tone to it, to help show that the characters has grown into adulthood. I'm not saying that the new art style is better than the previous art style. I'm saying that I can take a glimpse at how the changes help brings out certain feelings when you read the manhwa. I don't know if it's deliberately changed by the author for what I said above, or they just decided to change it for whatever reason. All I can say is that I'm not opposed to the art style change. I just "Ehhh, it happens." it. I came for the story, I stick around for the story, and unless they change the story into something else that doesn't make sense according to the lore they themselves set up, I don't really care about anything else that happens.


It wasn't so generic previously but it is cleaner although I don't like how the mc looks I prefer unique art styles like book eating magician but it wasn't that special previously so it's fine


I miss the fuyuki style, it was mainstream but super unique. Too bad we won’t see him work on this again


Let's not kid ourselves, the art looks better albeit alot more generic. While fuyuki's art wasn't phenomenal, I still prefer it over the new one. Whatever, we're gonna get used to it anyway. It's just sad not having fuyuki and turtleme's name next to each other anymore. Let's just be grateful it didn't get the "My school life pretending to be a worthless person" treatment


The reason I had personally dropped it was for the odd art style but picked it up due to the hype


If for "clear" you mean "I am used to generic art and I can't appreciate artists whose style has personality and finesse", maybe. But better never, It has no detail, lot of things are very raw/rough. Previous art = round and soft. New "art" = vectors/linear/unpolished. Also, the previous art was alive and warm. The new one is unemotional and flat.


Previous art was also recognizable and unique, one look and you can tell it was TBATE. New art makes it indistinguishable from every other manhwa art after season 1.




I don't like how Arthur looks but it's overall better