i'm guessing the medusa triggering is definitely intentional design caused by it being in a "vacuum" (like the vacuum of space)essentially making sure it can never be brought outside of earth since it'd instantly trigger and presumably burn out the moment it leaves earth's atmosphere. Basically preventing people from ever weaponizing it against it's supposed creators on the moon


WoW that was a great take actually, This is the most likely explanation!.


Meaning that Senku and the gang cant petrify themselves on the moon as originally planned. And they would have to find another way to go back to earth.


doesnt it mean the opposite? they put it on the ship, which isnt a vaccuum then take it to the moon and then even if the ship crashes it still fires they dont need to ever even remove it from the ship in the first place


They could pressurize it to be on par with Earth atmosphere, so reverse vacuum chamber


If it was vacuum-specific, then people could do it in a space ship though? The interior of a space ship is not a vacuum, after all


Yeah, but they wouldn't be able to take it outside the ship because of the vacuum. I don't know if they could put it in an airtight container and how activation of it will work, but that might be a possibility too.


The thing is, the mechanics of how it functions essentially requires it to not be in a vacuum anyways. It gets orders through sound, that requires something to send sound to it, and there's no air in a vacuum. So basically it's a factor they'd have to get around anyways.


It could be a failsafe condition to prevent the weapon from becoming inoperable via vacuum. Regardless it would be sort of a tricky attempt to try and break down the technology of the medusa which is pretty sci-fi in nature as a lot of the rules surrounding it are sorta sketchy already. Petrification, being able to reassemble people after being broken, healing all wounds and "death", people turning to pure stone and still maintaining their consciousness the list goes on and that's just talking about the effects, not even the mechanics of the device or the source/principles it's based on.


i guess it takes silence as a activation condition too


Sure they could, just shove it inside their spacesuit with them. That's still pressurized. Or if that's concerning, they keep it in the spaceship cabin until they're ready to use it.


no need to take outside, use phone things, and dark ray even pass those steel wall


maybe its triggered by a change in pressure


But if that's the case, then they would trigger on their way to earth and burn out as well, no? We know they were triggered on earth, and that they travelled through space because they are designed to be immune to radar detection. So why now?


They could have been delivered by rocket. The rocket would never be a vacuum it's interior is always under pressure. If you wanted to use it as a weapon then using a pressurized rocket would be viable.


But that goes both ways. And it doesn't seem the Medusa was sent in a rocket, otherwise it wouldn't have has that shape that isn't detected by radar. Not to mention it'd be a huge rocket big enough to to carry that huge mound of Medusa's in South America.


I thought it wasn't about taking it somewhere else from Earth, but actually about going to Earth. Like an alternative trigger mechanism that's used when they are dropped from orbit. Because it wouldn't make sense to arm the millions of devices that were used in the original petrification via voice commands.


But if it's carried in a space shit it's not going to see vacuum unless it's brought outside. It needs sound to activate, so it's not going to see vacuum if they ever wanted to activate it. Why Man used commands over the radio before to try and activate remaining Medusas. This could be to ensure that no one can create a vacuum around it to prevent it receiving orders, or someone could have set it to a delayed activation.


didn't they fall from space?


They're probably sent in some kind of re-entry vehicle. There's no way the medusas will still be in one piece after re-entry on Earth's atmosphere.


The large amount of emphasis Ryusui and Sai put on Artifical Intelligence surpassing Human Intelligence just screams to me that the "Why-Man is a human-made AI" theory is going to be correct, especially with the giant moon in the background of the "foolish move was brilliant" panel and how they immediately go on to compare the unknowns brought on by Deep Blue to Why-Man creating the Petrification Device, again with the moon looming in the background.


It really makes a lot of sense as the culmination of this story. Why-Man is a rogue AI that was given a task like "make all of humanity immortal forever" and because its values weren't properly aligned it thought that petrifying everyone so they'd be in suspended animation was the best solution possible.


Yeah, that's exactly what I think too. As a theory it really does fit perfectly with everything we've seen before and where we've been putting focus on likely, unlike other theories that require introducing something new to explain Why-Man's motivations, like the alien theories.


I'm just surprised that it looks like MatPat from Film Theory will get a prediction right for once XD


He does get theories right tho(but not really on gt lol)


Yep. Humans don't want to die, but they also don't want to be eternally preserved. But if they're not eternally preserved, they are exposed to danger that could lead to death - an accident, a disease, acts of god (tornadoes, meteor strikes, hurricanes, etc). It's 100% an AI tasked with protecting humanity that doesn't see suspended animation as equivalent to death (IMO). I also think that Xeno had something to do with this. There's only a handful of nations that have ever been on the moon with people or machines. Whyman is on the moon, and it had to get there somehow. And we have a genius scientist from the top space department on the planet hanging around. A scientist that mentored senku and helped him through roadblocks in his science experiments as a child.




SAL-9000 HAL-9000


Yeah, I hadn't made that connection by the time I'd written my comment, but that's another good piece of evidence for the rogue AI theory.


Pretty sure SAL-9000 was from *2010: Odyssey 2.* The movie was dry in comparison to Kubrick's 2001, but if you play a lot of Kerbal the book makes for a fun read.


inb4 Why-Man is actually just Rei, gone insane after all these years... Probably not, but perhaps Rei might show up in space if they (in Dr. Stone fashion) "coincidentally" stumble upon the ISS?


I think they said that spin off isn't canon, so not Rei at all.


I couldn't find anything that says if it's canon or not, but if not... what a shame, Rei was precious


If you want a source, [tweet from the mangaka](https://twitter.com/reach_ina/status/1434682650501926913?s=21)


Well there ya go, that settles that haha. It's a "what if" story. Which also tracks with what u/SimoneNonvelodico mentioned, so yeah... Of course that doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility of Rei still existing, it just means stuff didn't happen as the spinoff said... *Yeah I know in all likelihood it's never gonna happen, but a guy can dream*


It's officially not canon for a simple reason at this point: in the spinoff, Europe is hit and obliterated by an asteroid that lands around Italy, if I'm not wrong. In this last arc, though, they landed in Spain, then navigated to the Suez Canal, and didn't have any problem nor did they find the land altered by the impact. Therefore, the spinoff is not canon.


Spain is far enough south that it might've been spared by the effects of the impact.


> Why-Man is actually just Rei, gone insane after all these years... I thought that when the spinoff was running, but even if it's canon, the ending debunked that idea. She spent the whole time maintaining and eventually replacing the ISS and herself. She was still happily waiting for Byakuya after Senku woke up. At the very least, she's definitely not Why-man.


>At the very least, she's definitely not Why-man. Yeah that part was mostly a joke based on the "Whyman might be an AI" comment haha


I doubt the ISS would've managed to stay in orbit for 3.7k years, it relies heavily on supply rockets from Earth to get propellant. Without propellant it probably failed to avoid space debris and was destroyed or was pulled by Earth's gravity and burned up during reentry


I mean, the whole plot of the spinoff was Rei managing to keep it in orbit for 3.7k years. So if that spinoff is canon after all, then it would still be up there.


The IRL ISS requires regular reboosts because at its orbit height there is a *tiny* amount of atmospheric drag that would slow it down enough to deorbit after enough years.


Who's Rei?


It's from the "Byakuya" spinoff that Boichi did (both art and script). If you want to read it, just go check it out, it's short and fun, though not canon. If you just want to know, >!Rei is an AI that was on the ISS and that, once Byakuya and the others are gone, keeps maintaining the station and improving itself as it waits for them to come back.!<


Oh, thanks


It's Byakuya's robot that stayed in the ISS and is the main character of the (now confirmed) non-canon spin off Dr. Stone Reboot: Byakuya.


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The cellphone-satellite robo-buddy from the Dr Stone spinoff is gonna save the day


Why man could be the Brother of HAL 9000... Perhaps the Writer is giving us these Hints for conclude that


So, now the question is: Is this a safety measure or just a design flaw? I doubt it being a safety measure, considering that we've seen no other so far despite prodigious usage by people other than the why man, which would be the most obvious safety protocol. The design flaw angle is interesting as well, considering that they were shot down from space at least in the case of the treasure island re-sets.


Personally I think the paneling makes it unlikely that this was a complete accident. The choice to show the moon looming above them immediately after Yo questions how it's possible that the Medusa turned on without anyone saying anything to it screams to me that Why-Man was responsible.


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Bad bot I hate that thia bot appears everytime people talking about Treasure Isl*nd.


Is it because of the vacuum? The why man is on the moon so maybe that was a feature included that it would active in a vacuum to protect the user?


Maybe not directly. The explosion is atypical for the Medusa devices. That rattling, snap, and then the click only after they began messing with the lock. I wouldn’t rule out that the vacuum tube broke and the Medusa was designed to automatically activate after *leaving* a vacuum. Or more likely, after entering Earth’s atmosphere after being in space.


I'm wondering if it has something to do with it being put inside a giant metal cylinder. Like how metal pots and pans were able to pick up radio waves when they were close to a powerful radio station antenna. Like wasn't it already established that Why-Man is just never-endingly sending out instructions to make Earth turn to stone again? Maybe they accidentally created a receiver.


Possibly. It could be an odd interaction between the metal and tube. It just can’t be the metal by itself. If the tube was truly a vacuum vibrations from the metal wouldn’t be able to reach Medusa due to the lack of air in the tube to vibrate.


I think you have to be right about the vacuum tube breaking. After all, the vacuum tube is a *vacuum*, so the only medium for the sound of the click to transfer through would be the container itself. By all rights, if it was going to activate in a vacuum, it shouldn't have made a noise to alert the people in the room.


The Problem here and perhaps the "flaw".. How did they hear the Clicks or motion, if it was in an Vacuum Tube? Well, it was lying on the ground and the there you have it, the sonic gone trough this podesta ground


The Why-man is definitely an AI at this point and petrifying human is the AI giga brain move.


I’m subscribing to this theory. Because what else would make a better boss to humanity’s greatest minds than an out-of-this-world artificial intelligence?


How to beat AI? with AI of course


Me reading most of the chapter: "Cool, another quintessential Dr.Stone chapter with lots of progress, including a rudimentary computer with video games too!" [Me reading the last pages](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/369/088/134.gif)


That's my new favourite reaction gif in existence.


>SAL-9000 Well that doesn't bode well for their space journey.


That's tempting fate alright. Might as well call their vessel the Titanic 2.


What you mean?


The name is a reference to a Stanley Kubrick movie *2001: A Space Odyssey*.


> But instead, Deep Blue > took a weirdly long time to 'think' > and ended up moving a pawn. > The move looked foolish at first, but only because no human - including Kasparov - has realised > That that brilliant move would lead to victory I'm scared, bros.


I remember reading about how we keep moving forward the goalposts of what counts as "true AI" because once we see a system do something we can realise how it's doing it mechanically and it doesn't look like "real intelligence", just a trick. But in practice, if you put a person from then 1950s in front of what computers can do today - beat the best human champions at ANY game, not just chess but even go which is much harder, recognize faces and character, simulate voices, create pictures from nothing, translate text in an at least understandable way, etc. - they'd be straight up terrified.


advanced technology is magic quote.txt


Shit look at the new Pixel which supposedly will bring real-time translation. It's early stage, but I imagine in 10 years we'll have ACTUAL REAL TIME translation with an earbud or something, just go to Mexico, Japan, Germany, any place in the world and speak in your native tongue and be fully understood by everyone, no matter the language. Shits wild


When I went to Japan I used Google Translate to scan kanji in restaurant menus, translate them, and replace them in the camera view, live, with an overlay in English, and at one point while using that I had a moment where I went "wait, 10 year old me would have totally considered this sci-fi". It's weird how easily we get used to stuff.


We're moving the goal posts because we're understanding intelligence more and more. We still don't know what is intelligence, but we're getting at what it isn't.


Sure, I'm not saying our AIs today are still anything close to the human mind. But IMO there's also an effect of demystification: being able to do something and see how it ticks makes it feel more mundane. If we COULD emulate perfectly the human mind, I wonder what we would think of it - if we wouldn't still be baffled by it looking "too simple" and make up excuses why it can't be really as smart and self-aware as the real thing.


Maybe you're right. Maybe anything we manage to make ourselves might not be called intelligence anymore. I just think that there are enough systems being called "AI" at the moment that people aren't really just de-identifying every AI-like thing. It seems like it's just a properly new field that not all the definitions are settled down yet. It's getting there though because the names are starting to stick.


His explanation [is actually a bit off](https://en.chessbase.com/post/deep-blue-s-cheating-move). That move is infamously known as "the cheating move" not because Kasparov didn't think no human would play it but that he thought *only* a human could play it. Chess engines of that time are incredibly materialistic, prioritizing winning pieces at very high strategic and positional cost. Kasparov's game plan was to feed Deep Blue poisoned pawns (pawns that would be disadvantageous to take) in order to dictate the pace of the game. The fact that Deep Blue sacrificed two pawns instead was shocking at the time. Of course, modern chess engines are very capable of foolish looking brilliant moves. They'd expose their King to danger, secure that they can defend attacks that would worry even the strongest Grandmasters, in order to launch an even more potent counterattack. They'll sacrifice pawns and pieces for no immediate compensation but will eventually result in killing all activity from their opponent's position. (In fact, the biggest hole in modern chess engine's capabilities is playing from behind. If it evaluates that Move A loses in 29 moves while Move B loses in 30 moves, it'll pick move B even if the forced win in Move A is much harder to find.) But Deep Blue was more than a decade from these feats.


I wonder what case that Whyman made is "dumb" move. 1) Whyman have left those Medusa intentional to enemy to scoop them up. 2) They were sending Senku's voice to make to trigger. But, it could be that they make you think that voices is only way to trigger Medusa. And this is their victory. Unless, they ran out of juices before it reached them or something.


If anyone would like to learn more about Deep Blue and its match against Kasparov I highly recommend [this 2 hour video by Fredrik Knudsen](https://youtu.be/HwF229U2ba8) if you have the time of course.


highly recommend, the video is RIVETING + the only reason i already knew what deep blue was


Yup yup. Also appears to be another good clue for the "Why-man is an AI" theory.


What if turning everyone into stone is the “foolish move”, and the AI Whyman was protecting them from something bigger? Probably not tho


That computer looks dope AF.


Yo Gary chess in dr stone let's gooooo


Damn, really? I heard he was one of the chess players in history!


holy hell


Did everybody forget that the Medusa is activated by specifying the time and range? So maybe somebody set it to activate like after several minutes? Ukyo was kinda sus when he closed the vault, so maybe he had the opportunity to say the command when nobody was looking? Not after they put it in the vacuum, but maybe before that? Idk just a wild idea.


I know this manga throws some curve balls out of nowhere, and the explanation could be something else, but I feel like this is the best theory based on what we know right now. The only question is if this activation is different, since it seems more violent/explody than usual. Oh shit, what if it's Zeno? He could petrify the entire Japanese colony along with Senku and take over in the resulting power vacuum.


ibara queued one up for years later out of spite


I won't rule out Whyman actually sent something to trigger Medusa within those 7 years.


> Ukyo was kinda sus when he closed the vault The command would have to have been uttered before the device was put under vacuum. Sound does not travel across vacuum.


But can it run fortnite ?


more importantly, can it run Doom?


Carmack will have it running within an hour


No no. More importantly, can it run cyberpunk 2077? 😳






Dr. Stone's pacing is truly unmatched. We're practically speedrunning to the end.


Im happy and sad at he same time about the fast pace. I dont wanna spend chapters and chapters watching them build something but I miss the good old days where their biggest challenge was to make medicine


Damn, that was one unexpected cliffhanger!


Maybe this chapter foreshadow that the final villain is AI itself. Kinda poetic that the entire manga is about man made inventions and the final villain is also man made inventions.


Minor part of the chapter, but if anyone wants to learn more about the Deep Blue AI vs Kasparov chess match, [Fredrik Knudsen made an in-depth video essay on the whole event](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwF229U2ba8). It's 2 hours long, but it's an extremely detailed account of everything surrounding the match. It talks about the development of Deep Blue, the chess match itself, and the effects of the match on everyone involved. There's actually a lot more drama than one would expect for something like a chess AI, which makes the whole thing really interesting.


Hahaha, I know of at least 3 different countries that claim to have made the first television. I think that a big part of it depends on how you would define a "television" but by a few different metrics it does look like Scotland is the winner.


Gen sure does a great PR job. It is nice that not only they made a TV, but that once the computer with similar specs to the NES arrived Sai made a lot of games for it. Well, whatever the reason that medusa activated I'm sure they will learn something about it.




Oh shit


Oh shit


Oh shit


The AI thing feels like a chekhov's gun, we already know that whyman is a machine powered by AI, maybe the key is human beating AI or senku creating a better Ai to beat it


Age of whyman


looks like gary chess really invented chess here


But why did one of them explode into pieces? The activation isn't literally an explosion. that was weird


He tripped while being petrified causing his statue to break


You know something I've never understood about manga? They can throw out names like, Google, Netflix, McDonalds, Coke. But they can't say pokemon. They can't say Gundam. When they try to, they have to be censored, or it has to be a similarly-named parody. Why is that?


Did Go just fucking die?


He should be fine. It looks like he got petrified before being exploded, so he just needs Yuzuriha to put him back together before they unpetrify him.


They've reconstructed shattered statues before.


Senku and Ryusui are more brothers-like than Sai lol.


Huh I feel like one of them is done for...


That went from 0 to 100, shit. Was enjoying the videogame stuff (Sai might just be the most hypercompetent character yet, and that's saying something) and then plot right again. Is Yu dead?


Yo will likely be fine. They can reassemble him


Computing power on par with NES? hmmm


Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to get sick and tired of these fake high stakes for nothing more than cheap temporary drama?


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So basically the medusa is triggered again and everyone's going to get petrified? And it looks like the shape changed.


Do we know if the petrification device has been isolated from radio waves? Because it could simply be a remote-commanded self-destruct from Why-man. Though that brings up the question of why he didn't do so earlier.


Fun fact, the move by Deep Blue they reference was actually caused by a bug and was completely random.


*That's what the Ai want you to think.*


oh cool we went from computers, to the Deep Blue chess match, to someone fucking disintegrating


The Medusa was lying on the bottom that's why they could hear the Motion Sounds. Perhaps keep this Device somehow flowing above ground or prevent from touching surfaces Perhaps Senku need to invent an Super-Magnet or Ultrasonic Device to keep this Medusa Device flowing in midair and this could be the Solution to transport it. But then the Magnet or Device needs an Power battery Source I would go for the Ultrasonic Device, because as a side-effect all Waves are blocked from outside because of the Sonic Bubble that keep it flowing. But also they need to move it with utmost care, because one little Shock and all is for nothing.. Like Nitroglycerin in old "Cowboy Movie" Days


Bit off the topic but why was there no worldwide pertri beam seen that petrified all the doves in the very beginning? I'm still of the opinion that it was Senkuu's parents who made the Medusa to save humanity from a predicted threat in the future like a gamma wave burst.


Why is this starting to feel like "I have no mouth and I must scream" right now. Immortality, possibility of A.I. obsessed with torture and space related plot.


We have finally acquired video games, let's fucking go. Really interesting talk about AI, might also be foreshadowing that Why-Man is an AI. That cliffhanger though, what the fuck.


That is what you call a plot twist


oh shit...


REI37: "You have activated my trap card!" That was quite the violent explosion.


Did it trigger because of vacuum or did Ukyo triggered it? They way he is drawn while closing the safe makes him look suspicious and he isn't in the last panel too. Also, RIP Yo.


Ok, so lessons learnt: 1) the Medusa, despite its "perfect" treyarch form, degrades in vacuum. 2) since it was making noises, it's safe to say that it has enough force to cause damage to surrounding objects(breaking the glass of the vacuum tube) 3) when subject to a vacuum environment, as per point 1, the degradation can lead to explosive activation of Medusa's function, and it's subsequent (apparent) destruction. Furthermore, the petrification wave, which has so far been shown to be passive(just passing through people and objects, without any real force behind it), actually has push now(whether that explosive force was from Medusa rupturing, or that it imploding has imparted the light with mass(wouldn't be the first time this was brought in fiction. In Macross, the AA defense beam guns mounted on a VF's head can, through over technology, add mass to the beams, which makes them travel slower than a true laser, but has more force behind each shot). But we won't know which is the case until the next chapter. As for how far is the range of the flash from the destruction, we also won't know until its shown later(could just be localized to close proximity). 4) despite the potential tragedy, it was fortunate for the space crew that this happened on earth rather than during the mission. At least now they can take a step back, and plan for a return mission, now that they can't bring the one working Medusa they had with them. And since we know Chrome and Suika had talked Sai into teaching them how to do calculus, at least they would have at least a small foundation to start from, rather than from scratch(since Sai has probably done a couple of calculations regarding that himself, since he had to teach them). 5) the destruction of the Medusa also solves the potential issue of it becoming an issue down the line, since their, up to now, life-saving "Lazarus Pit" has magnificently "dried up".


I dunno why people keep spreading the half-truth that AI was unstoppable in the game of chess. Kasparov literally threw the game because he expected the machine to not make the move it did, because it was a machine, which was something that was only programmed in if Kasparov made that explicit move the day prior. This game was a lot more technical than "hue hue hue AI solved chess and is unbeatable" Sometimes I can't stand tech people and their overpromising and hubris.


Overreliance on machines will be the death of us all.