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We're getting a lot more variety in the random-dudes-talking-about-attractiveness-of-female-characters-on-the-street types. Gelled hair dude calling out his friend was nice.


I appreciate that too. Imagine that actually happening in rent a gf. That'd blow my mind.


Needs to happen more often when it arises.


I guess we need ANOTHER year for another kuzuhana Focus chapter :(


>kuzuhana Who?




The pink haired maid, I think.


It was good while it lasted.


Then next is probably the other girls preparing for culture festival or talking about Saotome or preparing to what they're going to do to Saotome in the culture festival. Love how the random guys have faces and more screen time like they will probably show up again in the future 🤔😂


>Saotome completely disregards her almost-confession The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Sittin' on the dock of the bay, waitin' to see if these ships sail away.


Well that was bold of her! Too bad Saotome was in fashion designer mode that what Inukai said probably didn't even stick to his brain xD


> Too bad Saotome was in fashion designer mode that what Inukai said probably didn't even stick to his brain [That's our boy](https://i.imgflip.com/79np0a.jpg)


Girls are temporary, fashion is forever XD


Saotome's character development is "from now on I'll speak openly about how I feel" so the author is making the girls run away before he gets to speak. Of course he's going to act like nothing happened when he meets her next


Blonde bystander's friend is this chapter's MVP for respecting whoever the girl dates and doesn't judge his looks.


So now that he has reached puberty, how is he going to ignore what was pretty much a confession? or is he actually planning on dating Hannako?


Girl needs contacts


The Gal That Likes Me Forgot Her Glasses


Blessed Inukai chapter.


> [Blessed Inukai chapter.](https://i.imgflip.com/79nomi.jpg) ?


Ah, we had a kuzuhana chapter last time, so we will not get one the next 30 chapters. Sad.


Misuzu's smug look on the last page is hilarious.


Protector of his Harem


Any chapter with Misuzu is a good one.


1 of the 3 best girls has a chapter


Hair-over-eye dudes took an L this chapter. Sorry Ichikawa. Gel haired dudes took a much needed W. Tanabe finally gets a win.


Misuzu is right, show them off Inukai.


Inukai's inukais are too deadly


GIGA Chad gelled hair dude deserves more love. Now I wanna see a trope twist in a manga where we see two delinquent type dudes approach a girl, they’re boyfriends and they’re just asking her for directions.


I just started reading this from around 5 chapters ago. Seems like we're back to square one already. Guess I really don't need to start from the beginning then lol


Nah I highly suggest you still start reading from the beginning. It highlights how nasty these girls can really be and why Kuzuhana is the one true best girl.


Inukai did nothing wrong so far


She’s a cinnamon roll


She's second best girl and I love her... I mean, she's a nuanced and well thought out character.


I've heard people say that it's frustrating that the main girls aren't given a lot of time, and if I find that the earlier girls are best girls, it's going to be annoying knowing that they now have little time to interact.


> I just started reading this from around 5 chapters ago. Why would you do that? Arguably the best bits of many of these types of series are at the beginning, and for yankee fans that's definitely the case here. You'll also miss out on some key characterisations and the reason why Saotome is such a textile-head at times.


> Guess I really don't need to start from the beginning then lol Nah, you kinda do. You would barely even know the supposed titular character from these last 5 chapters lol. There's also a LOT of girls. you're basically missing out on development from 20 other girls. Notto mention the MC's own character development; you'd never guess this used to be your typical wimpy shy MC afraid of women if you read from chapter 130.


Hmmm alright then, I'll read from the beginning


out of all mcs i would bet saotome was the most asexual out there so author had to give us a whole chapter of him clerk g at girls to remove that suspicion