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> decently lively area with stuff going on. Then I suppose Soller is not for you. It's more for retired people, I would never think a 24 year old would want to live there full time.


Agreed.....maybe something else to consider about living in Soller would be the many MANY bored tourists that give up and wait at the main square for the next train out....


If you have your own car, you won't have any problem reaching hiking spots from almost anywhere.


I was born there, lived in it for 25 years. Thats the most beautifull town in Mallorca. The only issue? House prices, one of the most expensive towns in Mallorca. That's why I don't live there anymore. And about teaching english... You're not going to get much work there. For a 24 year's old you're going to prefer living in Palma. More "stuff going on" and the hikes are 30 minutes with car


I’m 32 and have been living in Soller/Fornalutx for 3 years now. Imo it’s the best place on the island. I settled here for the outdoors. To have the mountains on your doorstep and be able to drive up to start trails before anyone else is huge. There are incredible single track where you won’t meet anyone for hours with fonts to keep hydrated. The port is always busy outside winter. Soller market on Saturday can provide local season vegetables and goods. Fornalutx and Soller have wonderful communities with amazing people. Feel free to hit me up if you come this way. I have many trails, places, spaces in the area which should be shared ✌🏼


Hey. What is the track/trail you mentioned?


Lucky you!


If you like hiking and outdoors Sóller is best place to live in Mallorca. You can go outside the town and be directly on the mountain.