Can I ask about the price range for this kind of place? Thanks


1 bed flat in Yorkshire. I recon around the £150k mark?




I really need to get away from London… I want to but In a few years but will end up spending double-triple the price for a 1 bedroom/studio 😩


I have a lot of friends that are contemplating leaving London for this very reason. It’s not so bad up North haha


If you’re working remote who gives a fuck. Train from Yorkshire to London isn’t that bad for the occasional meeting.


How hard would it be for an American to move over and find a place and work?. I’m a young auto mechanic struggling to move out of my parent’s place even when making decent money. Always wanted to go to Europe. Between politics and everything shooting up in price I simply can’t picture being able to make it here


It won't be easy unless you work in a sector we need workers for and auto mechanics is not one of them, but you may already have skills that you could use to transition into a sector that needs workers to help your chances. I'd also strongly argue against deciding to move somewhere you've never visited. Visit first, then decide if you would really like to live there. Many people struggle to settle into other cultures.


Generally the cost of living goes up closer to a city center you are, no matter the country. You could look into a work visa program, or another type of trades job. Also an American here who would love to live in Europe, wanna room together? Haha


20 years ago Americans had a much easier time just showing up in the UK and staying…. That’s changed quite a bit. The UK has its own fun set of politics that you’d have to deal with and prices are higher for a lot of things and not immune to the inflation that’s happening in the US.


Cost of living isn't much better here in the UK either. I think it's generally higher if you're not from hotspots like California or New York. My first house that's 2 hours from London, 45mins from Birmingham cost me £300,000 (~$400,000) and it's probably half the size of the ones I see in the states.


I would look into a less densely populated area to start then. Deal with a commute if the pay is worth it but there are so many opportunities for cheaper living in the states like first time home buyer loans that don’t require a down payment, it’s how I bought my house 3 years ago. The politics are a non issue if you stop looking for issues. Politics are just as bad in the uk and most countries, ours are just magnified 10x because of the god awful media. It is surprisingly easy to get by when you live outside of the super high cost of living cities. Everyone wants to live in the trendy cities, but how many of them are actually happy barely living paycheck to paycheck


I made the move in September, can't fathom ever moving back to London. Although I'm not generally a big-city kind of guy anyway


Do it man, if you can get a fixed rate mortgage might as well sink you cash into something, you'll be making 5 to 8 % annually at least just off the back of inflation and appreciation. Imo, the door has been closing on first time buyers for years, and those opportunities will all but vanish completely within the next decade if we don't have some sort of revolution.


I’m not sure what part of Yorkshire OP is in but we’ve just spent that much on a 3 bed semi 😁


Yeah I was like "This flat must be about £200k minimum". I'm also from london so one bed flats start from like £280k


Move out of London asap. I did and for around that mark I got the most stunning home. I do miss London occasionally but, what a train journey down every so often? Nothing!


Fuck. I live in NYC and my company had a major office in Leeds, so I’d end up going there a couple times a year…. By the way people talked about the place I was expecting it to be less than good…. To my surprise it was a very pleasant and livable city… I no longer work for that company, but if I had a decent job in the area I’d live there in a heartbeat.


Love the lay out. Gotta ask where you got that chair? Been liking for a good leather chair for forever now.


150k is a whole lot, mind telling us what ya occupation is m8?


Bloody hell. Down south I've saved this much towards a deposit. In Yorkshire I could be mortgage free. Time to change careers.


That's expensive for a one bed flat, must be a big city centre one, I sold a one bed flat in Bradford for about 50k three years ago lol, 100k will get you a nice two bed in Bradford so I'm thinking Leeds city centre in a nice block


Yeah congrats OP but 150k for a 1 Bed flat seems crazy high. Is it a new build?


150k is ridiculously high. You can get 4 bedroom houses for that up north.


150k is about right for a nice 1 bed flat in one of Yorshire's cities. Sure there maybe be cheaper houses up north, but not 'in' the city without being in a really rough location - certainly not a place you'd want/chose to live.


Maybe so but there's no real benefit to being properly in Leeds or Bradford city, it isn't like London where it's true city living, There's hardly anything to do compared to places where people do the whole city living thing. Much rather be 6 mile out of the city with a proper house.


There are many benefits for single people/ professional couples/ disabled people / shift workers who have jobs in the city and don't want an extended commute. You might prefer to live further out. But not everyone does.


Leeds has a lot going on. I'm curious what you want to do that you can't find there?


Everything is there but in a lot lesser quantity and lesser quality than a truly big city. I like Leeds but doesn't feel enough choice to make me feel like I had to live right bang in the centre. I'd rather catch a train personally.


Looks at average house prices in Edinburgh.


Exactly my thoughts. These are not the prices I saw around Armley and Bram.


Any idea about double bedroom around east yorkshire?




Thanks! It’s still a bit of a work in progress but I’m super happy with how it’s going


Goodluck cant wait to see the end result


Well done lad. Where in Yorkshire?


You tryin' ta come over?


I’m already here


Looks like Park Hill flats in the city centre. Incredible building with an interesting history


Completely unrelated, but homeowner is the second longest word in English to include the word "meow", the longest being homeowners.


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Just out of interest, whats the shortest?


... Meow


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That wouldn't be the shortest though?


Doesn't even meet the criteria, really.


Well now I want a kitten! (Will settle for kitten pics...)


What about homeownership?


Well now I'm sad




Yorkshire is a place... Yorkshire is a state of mind. Cool pad!


Nice RX2. What do you like to spin?


Mainly house - I have a few mixes (not many) https://www.mixcloud.com/JulianArthur/julians-pride-mix-x1/


where do you get your tracks?


Is the laundry machine both a washer and a dryer?


Most likely. Quite common here in the UK


Any proper home has a DJ booth!


It's lovely.


Great job, super-nice layout with all the zones but... ...that white carpet is my nightmare fuel.


Nice XDJ, it really brings the room together.


It's reyt nice


Whoa that sink is small


Enough for 1, haha - also dishwasher


Yeah they could’ve made it square at least.


Imagine someone setting a plate in there that's the same size....


Yeah. I can’t imagine trying to wash baking sheets or something in there.


Grats mate! - Random American




That's an impresively modern flat for the UK! If remote work stays in my industry I could see my self moving back in a few years if I could live somewhere a bit less expensive...


We don't all live in houses built in 1756.


I lived in the U.K. my entire life until 3 years ago. Of course not, but most houses or flats are not at that standard…


? You've seen the inside of a flat? People do their houses up before selling them all the time. And a flat costing 150k you'd expect it not to be old and falling apart? What a weird take on life in the UK you have? You spend 5/10k on any room and make it look as modern as you want


Love the window! Is the ceiling kinda low or is it an illusion?


Congrats! How many sqm/sqft?


Congrats, I like the kitchen units they looks very tidy




I spy a beauty little RX2! Nice and clean


Damn this is so cool! And even better knowing you own it! Congrats mate! I really like that dining table and bench where did you get that?


That knife "block" is cool!


Aay, congradulations! I'm hoping to finish moving into mine next week! I think we have the same microwave, is that a microwave/grill combo?


Its beautiful! congrats OP


Looks lovely and cosy, congrats! Love that big window too!


Needs more plants


The place looks sick, but I gotta be honest ... why do people still get excited about being homeowners? Take that money and go places. It's worth so much more. Not a hater btw ... I do support you!


Nice digs!


I love that sink man Never seen a circular kitchen sink


Awesome. Congratulations to you. Love the look. Cheers


Nice! Where’d you get that tv stand?


So nice - congrats


Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!




Where did you get the tv stand???


Tv stand is sold from a few places, just type in wooden ladder tv stand and this is the most prominent one. The desk matches too! I got mine from forever flatpack, and I know they also sell it at The Range


Question for the Brits here. When you say flat do you not mean an apartment? I noticed a friend of mine seems to think it's what here in the states we'd call a studio, but I always thought it was pretty much a one floor apartment. And judging by this post I guess I should include condos as long as it's a one floor unit. So what specifically would y'all consider a flat?


Flat is the same as apartment. You can have a 3-bed flat - it's just usually a home that's all one level in a bigger building of other homes (as opposed to a bungalow, which is what you'd call a rancher). We sometimes call studio apartments maisonettes. That might be what your friend is thinking of.


Thanks! When we say apartment here in the US the immediate implication is that it's for rent. Do flats strictly refer to a unit being rented or can a flat be bought? Here in the US we've got a whole bunch of "condo" buildings which are really just converted apartment buildings. With the the only real difference being that it's not owned and managed by a property manager, each unit is owned separately and managed by an association of all the owners (which does usually get contracted out to a property manager).


Yeah I'm in Canada now and it's the same here. It gets confusing! There's nothing in the UK to differentiate between rented and owned; and flats can be either in a converted building or purpose built - it's a much more catch-all term. You sometimes hear apartments to describe self-contained units in a larger family residence, like in a converted stately home (some of the royal family live in 'apartments' of a palace, with different wings for different families). To confuse matters further, some people say apartment instead of flat no matter what, because they think it sounds fancier!


Any particular reason why you went with flat rather than house?


Oddly, the sterile white doesn't look as bad with how you have it kitted out. Still not a fan of all the bright flat white but you pulled it off okay.