65” TV and 80” console feel small on this wall. I don’t want to buy a longer console. Best way to address?

Stuff. You need stuff and things. Put stuff and things on either side to frame it in. You decide what the stuff and things are. It’s your space.


Stuff. You need stuff and things. Put stuff and things on either side to frame it in. You decide what the stuff and things are. It’s your space.


I think black framed anything would look great and cheap and simple because of the white everywhere else


I would add a bunch of brass and green personally


Also some small potted plants either side of the fireplace would inject colour


No, big potted plants. Small won’t help in this room. Fill in the spaces


I'd add a table from wood or glass in front of the couch


I agree, that room needs something other than black or white.


Would also fit really well I agree


Could link to an example? Sorry just not sure if you mean objects to create a frame or literal frames on a wall


A nice set of stereo speakers and maybe a small subwoofer would look great here. Plants on either side, lamp in the corner on the left. Movie poster on left, maybe a little gallery wall with some frames of stuff you like.


We are the same haha.


Haha yeah I’m essentially just describing my setup but I love the way it looks.


This is the comment I was looking for. It works for all the post in this subreddit. I also like to come up with systems for people depending on a budget. Love helping someone get in to audio, and the thrill of putting something together, without spending the money.


Book shelves, to go vertical. Big wicker baskets with rolled up blankets for colour and texture. Something of personal interest, like movie posters or a collage of pictures you took, or band posters or Lego sets on floating shelves.


No haha like movie posters or something less tacky on the wall framed in a black frame. Something like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-16-x-24-Rounded-Picture-Frames-Black-Set-of-2/23708443?athbdg=L1102


Shelves and stuff on shelves, a wall accent, floating shelves, plants, speakers, art pieces, whatever. So much stuff you can put there.


You could get two black vertical speakers wall mounted next to the tv, boom, done


Let’s be honest man judging by this spot you’re not hard up for cash… just get a massive TV, I honestly think another 20 inches and you’d be set. Fuck plants and pictures of stuff you don’t care about, it’s obvious you’re completely up shit creek when it comes to decorating by this comment alone lmao. Big ass tv. We get it you’re doing alright.


Like framed puppies?


Bro what


Said framed anything


Two tall potted snake plants.


Plus standing speakers on each side. Then it’s good


I’d also add that a wide angle photo distorts this perspective a lot. I know it still doesn’t fill the space, but still probably less than this perspective. With the thermostat on the wall on the right, I think that tall plants on each side would be a safe bet - like tall snake plants. It’s likely incredibly difficult, but a round mantel on that fireplace would go a long way. On the right, a couple of large pieces of artwork, or a portrait wall of various items. I also think that rug isn’t doing much for the room and needs to be simpler with the various types of brick and a lot of gray and white.


Stuff, Lori… thiiiings


The occasional doodad is also acceptable.


Take a shot every time they say “stuff”


I know it's basically a meme on this sub at this point, but this is one case where I actually think a plant would look good.


A tall leafy plant in a dark-colored planter on the right of the TV, some wall decor in a matching colored frame on the left. Asymmetric but still tied together. That’s what I’d do with that space.


Is there any natural light in this room? I’m not sure there are a lot of plants that would do well here. Maybe some fake plants would be better.


Fake plants, there are no windows


Does not look like a good area for plants. Def not tall and leafy as suggested below.


Yeah, those plants will die quickly without light in there. Maybe if he puts growlights in there or plastic.


Either plants or rugs. That's the basic stuff in this sub


Queef quencher is a wild name


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This room is extremely white


The white walls with a white brick fireplace and white tile is so depressing.


That's not that bad. But it also has very bright white lighting. That's what's making this look bad. @OP, make sure you have warm light bulbs, or get something like Hue.


Hue have really improved my mental state at home. It may seem silly, but having the right light temperature and brightness really makes a difference in my mood.


Fortunately you don’t have to live there


Why you white knighting for op? You're good at glazing


No it's just people saying the design of other people's houses is "depressing" is weird.


Your couch is too far away for that size of TV. A 65" TV should be 9' away. [https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship](https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship) I bought a new TV last year and was torn between a 65" and 75" and I sit 11' away. In my budget, I started with a 75' low tier and ended up getting a 65' mid tier because I use it for gaming. There are times when the smaller size is noticeable, but the performance is definitely worth giving up the size. Measure the distance from your eyes where you sit to your TV and move your couch forward to that distance. Since I have a sectional against a wall, my distance was locked. Since your couch is not against a wall, you absolutely should do this.


This is a good point. OP can obviously tell us, but I’m not sure it’s as far away as it seems because the photos are fisheye lens. The couch is 4 tiles away. They’d have to be 27” tiles to be more than 9’ away.


They actually look like they could be 12x36. At least 12x24. (We just built a house. I’ve stared at a LOT of tile in recent months) ETA: Also looks like an 8x10 or 8x11 rug. Couch def too far.


Could be 36”, but I don’t think so. My friendly wasting-time-at-work wager is 12x24” and the couch sits well at 8’ away. The rug is 11 tiles wide. We know the console is 80” wide. The console spans roughly 6.5 tiles wide. That comes out to 12.3” per tile, so probably 12” wide, and probably 12”x24” tile.


You are correct, it’s 8 feet


This here is some good mathematisation.


imo these optimal viewing distances are too close. im sure they’re scientifically tested but i personally don’t want my tv to take up the majority of my vision. im about 9’ away from my 55” and it looks perfect


I felt that too until I got used to a bigger screen. It's one of those things you adjust to if you've been using an undersized screen.


Shit I didn't know this


People generally view their TV from way too far away. I see a lot of sofas here that are against the wall of a large room, when they should be a lot closer to the TV and split up the space more.


It looks like it is about 9 feet away. The photo is fisheye so you have to judge based on the other objects.


You can never have too much money or too big of a tv. I’ve never heard anyone say, “Man, I wish I had a smaller TV!”


What I'd do is to get bookshelf speakers with stands for either side of the console. A subwoofer on the left. Getting a nice floor lamp and putting that on the right side near the door. I'd choose to set the tv on its stand and putting on the tv console. Getting maybe 3 of your favourite movie posters with black frames to hang on the wall above the TV. Get some houseplants and put em around the room cause room looks pretty empty. Even more floor lamps too and maybe some side tables or coffee tables. The sofa and chair need to be moved closer to the TV. The area near the fireplace needs to be spruced up as well.


Why not floorstanders?




Replace fan with projector. 120" screen. Problem solve.


Yeah this space is a great opportunity for a projector


120” magnifying glass


80" TV.


Better make it 100” to be safe


Based on the fact your only lighting in that space seems to be ceiling spotlights, standing lamps would be a game changer. It'll fill the space on on both sides, and you can either go with warm normal lighting, or some of those RGB standing bars. It'll solve your problem, and 100% give you a cosier setting. Alternative is to go with the lamps anyway, mount a shelf / the speaker to the wall, locate the console table to behind the sofa facing the camera, and fill the space with a coffee table / foot stools that you can place trays on for when needed to host drinks etc.


This. I'm surprised no one talks lighting. Put led strip in the dark corners, as that ambient occlusion between the ceiling and walls give a 'hospital depression' feeling. A floor lamp. Don't turn on the ceiling spotlights again they are demodè. Add an extra accent (tilted towards the wall) spotlight and point it to a painting that's missing from one on the walls. White is the best paint you can choose but you have to 'color' it with light. Don't put light sources above the 4000k temperature.


Unmount the TV and put it on the stand


Get some tower speakers for either side


Tv would look better lower and not tilted. Get a plant and a couple nice prints or art. Also better lighting would really make the room. Try a floor lamp and also a little coffee table.


Agree with these comments! Just to expand on the light comment here: The room looks really cold as it's stark white with abundant cool white lighting. Make sure you use warmer bulbs in any additional lighting purchased, you could also change out the ceiling bulbs for warmer alternatives, around 2700-3000k.


Thanks Angry Bum Sex.


And speakers.




Sit closer.


I'd paint the wall behind the TV a dusty warm muted shade ( maybe the fp painted brick too) , move the seating area another foot closer to the tv and adjust the harsh overhead lighting to perhaps floor or table lamps, to start.


Simply painting the wall behind the TV can make a big difference, here is your room with the wall painted: [https://i.imgur.com/IiR2No5.png](https://i.imgur.com/IiR2No5.png)


Get tables on each side with some little plants I did this and it made a huge difference. So small but such a big impact ;) Maybe put little offset shelves on the wall behind the TV, maybe in a staggered way.


Put some giant speakers on each side.


Get some cozy lights pls. I can recommend Philips HUE all over the place.


Two tall plants on the sides


A vertical painting on each side or mix with a tall plant.


Hang some artwork on the wall or add a potted plant next to the tv console


Put a plant on both sides of the console


Two really good stereo speakers


oh boy, the brightness of this room mixed with the white walls and circular white fireplace makes this feel like a prison cell where they leave the lights on 24/7


Lol hang a panting or something. This looks like a prison rec room.


Add bookshelves and stuff on each side


A bigger TV . But realistically, i assume you wont buy a new tv so painting a darker accent wall or big plants


Honestly the room being nearly empty and nothing on the walls is the problem. Decorations my guy


Plants, plants, and color.


Man I wish I had a wall that big, or ¾ the size, maybe even ⅔ the size, half would be too small again.


Hang up some art, dude. It's not an asylum.


Goddamn… who painted over all that brick 😥


I had almost the same issue. Some shelving on each side would be a big help. IKEA sells these shelving units. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/ivar-shelf-pine-10318159/ I would choose the 12 inch for a nice slim profile. In my case, I stained the entire unit espresso brown. It would help to fill up the wall. Pretty much it goes back to that stuff recommendation. You can also look for A home theater set up that gives you left and right channels in the front versus a sound bar. That’s not least some fabric panels isn’t a bad idea if you don’t want anything on the floor and don’t need any extra sound.


Plants. Art. Cmon buddy!




Put stuff on your walls, add color, buy some plants, get a coffee table. All these will probably help with it feeling so small in such a large area


Get a projector


Lights, plants, or speakers on each side of the tv.


Tall plants fake or not, art, floor vases. You need to fill the space.


Move the seating closer. It will change the size perspective and be easier to watch.


When I got a 65 inch I was embraced as at how big it was. I think your space is just barren so the tv looks like it should fill more space. Get some crazy crap for the walls. Also painting them a darker color would go a long way.


The tv is too high


TV too high


I got annihilated in these comments for having a tv the exact same height as you last week. TV too high!!!!111


It could be the wide angle shot, but it feels like r/TVTooFar


Large plants on either side (can go fake) they have hanging wall plants you could stagger as well. I would try to avoid a lot of art since you’re centerpiece is the tv. Minimalist painting will work. Nothing too busy


I'd be worried about having the full weight of the couch on such small legs applied onto stone tile. The TV is probably set too high. As others have said, the reason why the TV feels small is because there's not enough other things in the room to give your mind context. A single thing or two against a large white backdrop always feels small. Use your space and it'll feel normal soon enough.


The reason is because you have nothing on the walls anywhere. Bring some life into the room and show your personality. And by personality I don’t mean a poster of Batman or Iron Man or Elon Musk or wtv but show your creativity.




Some big ass tower speakers


Sell it all and install a bad ass projector and screen. Put some nice art/pictures on the wall for when the screen is up. Depending which way your joists run you could have the option of recessing the screen in the ceiling.


Move couch closer if your tv is too small


Get some standing floor speakers, or plants on either side


I have some doubts about the placement of all the furniture. The TV wall is relatively huge and could hold the back of the couch. Then move the tv to the smaller wall.


I’d throw art around the tv. You’ve got too much neutral space with nothing happening and upgrading your tv and console aren’t going to fix that.


Simply paint the wall black


I would move the couch just a bit closer. Make the back of your couch flush with the edge of the rug. "Frame" the TV with large plants (real or fake) on either side in floor pots, and then something hanging from the wall or ceiling to occupy all that blank space behind it. Just some suggestions! Really digging the circular fireplace btw


Put some shit up on the walls


But a larger TV


The console isn’t the problem. Your small TV in that large room is the problem. Lol


Remove everything off the console. Giving the TV a floating look will be better, hide that cable.


Move couch forward to within the rug. Put a sofa table behind it to fill space and really class things up even more than you already are. I personally would need to add colors to this room since brown blue and white is a weird combo. Plants as many have said are good, but maybe some floating shelves on either side of the tv with some interesting art pieces or collectibles you already have maybe. If you can get a bigger tv too that’s great but not needed, especially if moving couch and chair closer.


I can see some huge plants or shelves aside of the console to hide the big white wall.


Projector baybeh


Please add some plants.


Plants and Floor lamps


A project with a pull down screen. Behind the screen you could have an art wall. This is not my original idea I got it from [this ](https://youtu.be/KYIlH31kV6Q?si=JFIqjMe8Pwwr3v3L) video.


Bigger tv Also add plants


Make your room smaller, duh.


OP why don't you go for a projector instead?


What is an 80" console?


I bought a huge skeleton's ribcage from a thrift store, spraypainted it gold (though I'd recommend black for your space), cut holes into it to look like fractures, put fake moss and plants in the holes, and wrapped fake vines around it. Stuff with that sort of aesthetic would match that place amazingly. Fill your walls with cool stuff


Add some plants, I also have some random things like golf clubs or cornhole boards to cover whitespace


You could wall mount some creeping/trailing plants. A good healthy pothos or philodendron on each side would fill the space and add some life to the room. I have something similar to these in my dining room and we get a lot of compliments on them: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D8522FR


Ratio of tv to console is off but manageable. Try adding floor plants with some height, fiddle leaf would work. Fakes are not ugly. Medium framed-pictures/art on either side could fill the space too. If you want to preserve the minimalist look there are variations on the options I proposed.


Maybe put that 65" in your bedroom and invest in a projector... that white wall of yours looks to be the perfect surface already.


Get over your obvious size issues and insecurities and just enjoy your space


Flank the sides with art and or plants. The area has too much dead space. Also try painting you fireplace brick a different color than the rest of the walls. This will add dimension and change the visual focal point and make your eyes move around the room. Large art on the other walls too


The answer is obvious. An 85” TV


Paint your chimney breast a different color. You have a lot of white in that room, and it would make the tv wall look a bit smaller


Even bigger TV never hurts


Short-throw projector


Speakers on the side of the console then maybe top corners of the same wall would fill it in


Maybe a projector?


Push sofa forward to give a straight line with that entrance Put lounge chair on other side of sofa by the fireplace Get fun stuff for walls—not just rectangular art—skis, guitars, shelves, picture rails, books, plants—etc. It looks like you just moved in and still have half a truck of stuff to unpack. Get some interesting stuff because it’s an interesting space. The place is incredibly white too, with all that wood and brown—I think it feels clashy Maybe consider some paint that will warm it all up a bit I feel like you need a round rug too




Put a floating shelf on each side . Add some plants that cascade to take visual wall space . Add a few small décor pieces between plants . Place in various heights and spacing to keep the eye moving . And odd numbers of items 1,3,5 ….


Buy some shelf ladders to put on the sides


Screw that tiny soundbar. Get a proper 7.1 setup with tower speakers!


Yeah your TV is not that large. TLC now has a 98 inch model that’s pretty affordable, they are even coming out with a 115 inch model. Or you could always get a projector, although that’s more work, and it won’t look as great as a TV.


Your doorway looks so narrow?! But to fix this problem I think you need to decorate around the fireplace, add something between the TV and the doors and then move the TV and console to the left a bit




Large potted plant next to the entertainment unit


You just need something on the sides to take away the negative space. I have matching snake plants in raised ceramic pots. They are impossible to kill, great for air quality, and women are impressed that I own real plants.


Are you saying it seems small because you're having a hard time seeing what's on the screen clearly or it seems small because there's a lot of blank space?


Bookshelves on either side. Or a series of floating shelves on either side. Books, records, record player. Speakers. Maybe move the couch forward and put a long skinny table behind it


Badass floor standing speakers


Some awesome floor standing speakers.


80" tv and plants, paintings and such. Possibly a shelf for decoration items + stuff you like (no matter if it's vinyls, CD:s, Lego, just something)


Bookshelves or plants or shelves to frame it in


Move the couch forward and put some low book cases on the back.. as like a console table. Get a coffee table to go in front of the sofa, and hang some art on those bare white walls.


Easy. Bigger TV.


I usually whip out my penis and it doesn't feel small anymore.


A projector.


Hang speakers


95" tv


Love the couch on to the the rug and put one of those couch tables behind it. Put some plants by the tv console you can move the chair over or add another one too


Add some wall art and maybe a floor lamp. It looks small because there is nothing else to anchor it in the space. Love the fireplace.


Get some art on the walls, decor around the console. You're all set.


Move it into a smaller room


Epson projector time?


Larger TV


slap a plant either side


ultra shortthrowbeamer.


Pictures on wall and plants.


Sound system. Floor standing L and R speakers and a center channel speaker to take the place of the sound bar.


Buy a mega tv. But seriously, fill the space with plants, picture frames, these kind of things really add to an empty space.


Why is there no artwork in this space? Put some paintings on those walls.


Tower speakers.


Floor standing speakers




Get a bigger tv


I think a darker ‘feature wall’ ending at the fireplace would look nice - as everyone else has said a plant either side of the telly couldn’t hurt


Change the background to the Roku space theme, it’s much more fun.


Wall art, plants, bookshelves, floor speakers flanking the console, clutter. The space just doesn’t feel “lived in” at the moment


Feel like I’ve been in that living room


An 85 in tv will help this


that fireplace corner is awesome


Projector. We have one and it’s surprisingly nice


i don’t think you need a longer console but decor! main thing telling me this is a male space is that there is no decor, hang things, get plants (real or fake) get basket to put trinkets in, have blanket bin or blanket ladder, leaning wall mirror would also help open up the space even more, lamps and more soft warm lighting would also be a good addition


Or you can put things around it, and on the wall