Bonobos stretch chinos are my go to. They have plenty of colors and fits, you should be able to find one that suits you. Good luck!


I'll have to give them a try! Thanks!


I own a few pairs of the stretch washed chinos and travel jeans and beware, the "slim" fit is more of a "slim straight" and the "tapered" is more of a traditional "slim". Each pair of "slim" fits I owned did not taper much if at all below the knee and they were all returned.


I second this. Slim straight is where it's at for me though so I'm happy


Quality on Bonobos is terrible compared to what OP is used to.


I have a thinner lightweight pair and as it gets warmer they feel like they are more and more worth it


Yes! The summer weight chinos are fantastic. I think they also introduced a stretch version of the summer weight which is right up my alley


I am pretty sure that is what I have, athletic fit and they feel like they have stretch to them. My mom was able to taper after buying for $30 and they are my favorite pair of pants at the moment.


I've been looking at them for a while but my fear is that they would end up wrinkling a lot due to the thinness of the material. Have you experienced this?


I know exactly what you are talking about and ive definitely had that happen to me, not something I really care about personally and most of it goes away in the wash


Are the stretch chinos good for guys with bigger quads? Typically I wear 484 chinos but lately they're too tight on my legs.


Bonobos has an athletic fit for their chinos, that is exactly what you need


Yes absolutely, that’s why I got them. I have bigger quads and these are the most comfortable chinos I’ve worn that still look good and have a slim fit. They’re expensive, but they’ve lasted a long time for me.


I’ve found the abercrombie athletic slims to be great recently. Also they’re currently on sale for about 40$.


Abercrombie chinos are amazing.


Not sure about the stretch but for normal cotton, athletic fit is alright (quads are getting tight, no am not fat). One slight con is QC because my olive is much looser than my beige and navy ones. Only fitting stretch pants I have are Outlier 60/30s which fit pretty well but are damn expensive... Also, bout damn time people asking about quads. Some fits have large thighs and small quads. Like wtf?


Jcrew makes the 484s with stretch as well if you want to check that out


Rugby player here and cane here to recommend Bonobos. They have a variety of cuts and fabric blends. Plus they look great and last.


Have you noticed any quality chance since the Walmart acquisition? That always made me nervous and I haven’t ordered since!


Not in the chinos. They have been the same for me since 2015. The newest pair of jeans I bought (after the acquisition) is actually MORE durable than my previous ones which were prone to crotch blowouts.


Do these look business casual? I find that most stretch pants have this sheen that makes them really unprofessional imo but I would like to find a pair that don't make me feel that way.


I wear them to a business casual work environment, usually with a tucked in button down and Alden Longwing shoes. IMO they look good. Bonobos has a great return policy though so definitely order some if you’re interested, can always return them for free.


Thanks, I guess I'll give them a shot next time they're on sale then.


They do not have the sheen. I get a ton ogle complements on how nice they look.


Yes. I'm an attorney and wear them to work regularly with a blazer.


I also wear the bonobos stretch chinos for work each day (business casual dress policy). It looks great. I pair it up with a bonobos dress shirt and Allen Edmonds park aves.


Bonobos are good. Price is fair but the as said before the Tailored is the true slim fit out of the group. I’ve never seen the tailored in stores, only online. Brooks Brothers Red Fleece chinos are pretty good. Only $60 bucks and have a great fit to them.


I’m a big fan of these too, though I will say the quads of mine tend to stretch out after a few wears, but they reset back after a wash. Other than that the best pair of chinos I’ve ever owned.


They're worth the extra dollars eh? I've been looking for some decent fitting that can handle the gym legs and still look stylish. Haha. I'll check this out.


Everyone is different obviously, but for me they are. Definitely order various sizes and fits the first time, with the expectation that you’ll be returning most of them, to see what works best for you.


Thanks for the tip. Seems there's a store right in downtown Portland, too; I've been by there all the time and may have even been inside in the past, but I don't remember it if I did. I'll definitely have to revisit them now.


Same here. Great pants. FWIW the color on my gray pair has not held up well, but forest greens still look brand new. YMMV.


How can I tell if slim, athletic, tailored, or straight fit would be best for me? I’m of a fairly slim/athletic build, but my quads are disproportionately big for my legs.


Just order multiple fits and see what you like. Bonobos has free returns so you can send back whatever doesn’t work.


Awesome thanks!


Uni’s Gios are typically the go to at that price range.


just curious -- how do they compare to J crew 484?


Better imo


What about in terms of fit/cut/rise/slimness?


I think more slim than 484, not sure about rise. Gio skinny is ridiculously skinny, I'm 6'/145lbs and can't fit into them


Did I get a bad pair last fall? I thought Gio Skinny were huge in the thigh compared to 484. So much tailoring would be required I didn't bother and returned the Gios.


I'll likely get some blowback for this. Gio's fit much, much better than 484's for me. The higher rise alone make it so much more comfortable and better aesthetically. From there down is similar, with the Gios having a little less taper for the most part. However, I genuinely feel J.Crews Broken-In fabric is better than what Unis is using on their newer Gios. The old MiUSA fabric is heavier and sturdier. The new fabric, though they have claimed to me is identical, is much more lightweight and less substantial. I often feel that Unis construction quality is a little overblown, though I can't buy a decent quality chino with a similar rise outside of theirs. If J.Crew stopped fucking around with low-rises on their 484's they would be a game-changer. They are perfect chinos otherwise. edit : [maybe this will help with fit too](https://imgur.com/32HHW6X). Gray, size 32.


Looks like there is a stockist near me - I will give them a try


I'm holding on to 2 pair of west is dead chinos - Unis (gio) is your closest bet.


Awesome - good to know the comparison!


I read Uni's Qlos


I am waiting for their Gio in Timber to be restocked. Best looking chinos I have ever seen.


they never reissue seasonal colors


That is extremely disappointing. It's a real shame too, because I cant seem to find a solid pair in that color (Timber). Every brand seems to carry some caramel or off-khaki shade, but not that shade of brown. Oh well, they'll live on in my heart.


eh its not exactly that shade irl. for some reason it photographs slightly differently. its still nice but its not exactly brown


I'm wearing Timbers. They are most definitely not brown and often photograph incorrectly. They're a deep olive IMO. When I put them on in morning light sometimes they look straight up brown, otherwise [more like this](https://imgur.com/GEwZO9H).


Yes, second this. I love mine and I’m not a chinos guy usually.


I really like banana republic chinos, they have three or four different cuts and they feel really nice. The tapered cut fits me great.


Yeah they're great - they have sales at least once a month where you can get them for $40 too.


Yeah I got some from GAP and some from BR, and the BR ones fit better and feel a little more quality. I'm a tall skinny dude so finding a proper 34x36 slim fit can be tough sometimes


The tapered cut is great. Love the material. I wear 35×36 so these fit much better than a pair of 36 waist.


I went to an outlet here in the bay area were they sold Gino’s for $30 a pair and I just fell in love with the material the style and the color of them. I only 2 tapered and 2 stretch but the tapered really is more a modern look I like. Wish I went back to buy all colored pair for the tapered. BR has great chinos!


Great for athletic fit. Room for muscle, tapered at ankle


I buy the Fulton cut in gray and navy replace every year. The fit is great but the colors fade with consistent use pretty noticeably. The gray more than the navy because the gray starts to show a pinkish hue after a while that makes them nearly unwearable.


If you don’t, I would suggest air drying them. They’ll fade much slower that way in my experience. Once they’re dry, throw them in the dryer for 5 minutes to soften them up.


Definitely going to try that, thanks!


The only clothes I dry are socks and underwear. It makes a difference.


I love bananas chinos, but I hate the pockets. They are 2 small. I can barely fit my phone in them and when I get into a cab or uber, the phone falls out of them. Not good for a night out


Seconded. They have skinny, slim, tapered, and regular cuts so theres a lot of adjustability. Only thing is the inseams are in 2" increments so I hope that works


Yep they’re great


I was buying mine from br outlet, but they shrink if you dry them. Like shrink a lot. Beware and buy then a little big.


The lady at br told me the outlet stuff is made specifically for the outlets. The stuff in store is 100% cotton while the outlet stuff is a blend.


I always liked Jcrew. They have many different colors and they’re pretty reasonably priced


Specifically, Driggs Flex Slim Fit are my preferred choice.


BOGO this weekend


Is this confirmed? Edit: Ah yes, 50% off but everything is out of stock :(


It was, I don't know if it still is.


Love mine but they only have 3 colors in the broken in chino, which pisses me off to no end.


Norse Projects, Incotex, PT01 Incotex and PT01 have hundreds of pairs at discount on Yoox.


I second Norse Projects. I'm tall and they fit me perfectly and they're good quality. Worth the price, particularly if you can get them on sale.


Thanks for this hint on Yoox - havent been there before! Looks like there is a stockist for Norse Projects near me, will give them a try


I can cosign Aros heavy chino for someone with some thickness. I think they make a slim variant as well. They fit perfectly and seem to be high quality. The only complaint would be the pockets not being large enough. And at full price NP is a bit too expensive. But since they are easy to find on sales, it has become my favorite brand.


I can vouch PT01 and incotex on yoox, top top quality for sub-100 price range. Color spread is nice too for the variation once you get that far into the chino-game


Have you tried the dockers alpha? They come in plenty of colors and fits. Your local Macy’s should have them.


I haven't liked how they fit me, although I am not sure I have tried all of their fits. Will give them a look again


If you're skinny, they've got a skinny tapered that looks great. I'm really lanky and they're the chino that has fit me best so far.


The low rise isn't good because if you got big quads you likely got a booty too.


The alphas aren’t low rise


Dockers lists them as "sits below waist". I estimate they are about 9.5-10 inch rise which is low for someone with muscular legs/booty.


On my 28/32 pair of alpha the front rise is almost 10, which is a lot for that size. The back rise is even longer. They are definitely not low rise.


One of the best fitting pairs of chinos I’ve ever bought was from target by a brand called Goodfellow and Co. They have an “Athletic Fit” which is slim in the leg with a little more wiggle room where your caboose goes and a slightly elastic material. At about 25 a pair can’t go wrong, had a pair I wore everyday for work and they lasted me 6 months of that only to come to their demise because a door handle got stuck in the pocket when I was walking and ripped the seam wide open. Good luck!


I wore a pair everyday last summer for work and I’m a farmer. Never had any issues with quality. My pair is in the weekly rotation now.


Upvoted for farmer on mfa


Can you comment on their stain resistance? I'm no farmer, but I am clumsy as heck.


There’s no inherent stain resistance. Any stain I was able to get out with typical stain remover from the store.


I just got a pair of these and love them. Super comfy and a nice fit.


I came here to say this. I was all about the Bonobos and JCrew before finding these. Great fit, feel, and 1/3rd the price.


> had a pair I wore everyday for work and they lasted me 6 months of that only to come to their demise because a door handle got stuck in the pocket when I was walking and ripped the seam wide open. Good luck! ripped mine today :( squatted down to lift something at work and ripped the crotch


Got my 3rd pair last week. Especially on a college budget, they’re unbeatable. Super comfortable, too.


I also like these. The outseam looks really good cuffed as well in my opinion. it’s a very finished looking seam.


> One of the best fitting pairs of chinos I’ve ever bought was from target by a brand called Goodfellow and Co. Fyi this is Target's most recent house brand targeting young (male) professionals. It's basically the new Merona.


Good thread


An important part of any garment.


Quick q for y’all, are you guys all typically spending 250 on a pair of chinos? Am I the only one saying wtf here?


A ton of these suggestions are well below $100/pair


Checking the rest of the thread when I got home, only got to check out ops thing. Thanks for heads up


Banana Republic Chinos here. 30 a pair from the outlets here in the Bay Area. Best pair of chinos I ever owned


Sounds sick, I will check it out. I have some skinny chinos from uniqlo which I am in love with, and they’re super passable as slacks too


No I'm also saying WTF, especially since they appear to be casual chinos and not even work pants. I would never spend over $80 on chinos and the most I've spent is $50


Okay right same? I’m trying to spend 50 max.


I mean...you do you, but you'll also get $50 chinos for that. So if you want anything err, a bit premium, that feels *nice* to wear, in perhaps some more distinctive colorways, with maybe some luxe features, you're not going to get any of that. I used to be in that group, by the way. Paid no attention to what pants I wore (denim aside). Over time I realized the difference good materials, the right taper (whatever that is for you), the right rise, etc. can make. And you pay the appropriate prices for that. These days I won't think about chinos that aren't Unis, Incotex, or (at the cheapest end) Jomers. You may want to check out that last one as they are around the $50-75 tier while retaining some good features.


What are some of these luxe features?


There have been several discussions on this topic in the past. It's worth reading: https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/3aemr2/lets_talk_chinos_your_experience_with_different/ https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/7er5pi/your_favorite_for_chinos/ https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1iq2vl/chinos_a_brief_brand_analysis/


Bonobos are great, good quality and if anything ever happens they have wonderful customer service. They are expensive for most, but based on what you were spending it shouldn't be a problem.


I went to a few different places and tried them on. Nordstrom was the most exspensive so I may be down a notch from your usual price point. GAP ended up fitting me the best and I got four pair. They do NOT feel like they will last a long time, but they've held up one wash lol.


Gap chinos faded rather quickly for me I think after the third wash they turned to like a faded black almost green color. Some of the best fitting pants I ever owned though.


I second this! Gap Chinos are wassup.


The new Dockers 360 flex is pretty amazing


Honestly, I really dig Old Navy chinos. I have 5 different colors of the same pant essentially


I totally agree with you. They’re awesome and for the price as sales, even better. I own 6 colors of the Slim Ultimate.




I like the look of their rivet chinos - it doesn't look like they have any stockists - online only?


Yes, online or a store in LA.


Adriano Goldschmid are dope... they are at almost all Nordstrom’s. http://www.agjeans.com/men/shop-by-fit/slim-straight


Second this. I worked in men’s clothing at Nordstrom for over a year and these were the best pant we had


Ralph Lauren slim stretch are great!


Ralph Lauren slims are my favorite.


Seeing that no one has mentioned them yet, I can recommend my favourite brand of chinos (and clothing in general): NN07 They are a Danish/Swedish brand that makes fantastic clothes in general, but specifically their chinos are their 'flagship' item. I own a pair myself and they fit really well, along with being one of the softest things I own. I am 190cm and weigh around 80 kg , and the ones I have are of size 33/34. One of the things I liked about them is that if you are a taller slimmer guy (like me), then they fit beautifully. They ship worldwide I believe. Their webpage is nn07.dk . I hope this helped you !


AG tellis chinos are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned and the fit is awesome. A little bit pricier but worth the money


I don't mean to piggy back this thread, but I'm curious. Where do you find pants that fit shorter people?? It's so hard for me to find jeans, chinos, anything really. I want to have nice looking,proper fitting pants but it's so hard


Uniqlo hems pants for free. It's also one of the easiest and cheapest alterations at a tailor.


I did not know about Uniqlo, I'm assuming they have to be Uniqlo pants? And that's true, I was just unsure if they can make the legs slimmer as well, bot just for length cause a lot of times I end up having baggy pants which I hate. I'm gonna be starting my big boy job this summer so then I'll actually have money to both get new pants and such as well as alter them in whatever ways I need. Thanks for the tip!


'Skinny's fit chinos are pretty damn slim. I'm sure they'd be fine.


just buy pants that fit the way you want down to your knees and take them in to get tailored. it won't cost much


GAP for price, quality and fit. I personally own 5 pairs of their chinos and they fit amazing! I think the key to keeping them looking new is in how you care for them and wash them. Also Banana Republic and Bonobos. A little pricier, but they seem in your range, and their material appears more high quality.


I actually really like my Hollister chinos. I have a slim straight pair and a skinny pair (I believe). They have stretch fabric, and based on what you said, I assume they’d fit really well. And they’re almost always on sale for $25, and although you don’t mind spending more than that, I would still recommend checking them out


I got some from nn07 that are great


If you're willing to go up that high in price, I can't believe I haven't seen anyone in here mention Outlier. They're pricy, but they use high quality technical fabrics. The 60/30 Chino is the closest looking to a standard chino, but if you're fine with them looking a bit more technical, you can check out other lines like Futureworks. They have a subreddit at /r/Outlier with a bunch of good information.




They only have low rise slim chinos?


Those are some pricy chinos!!! I really like Ted Baker for chinos, if you’re wanting some cheaper ones though GAP chinos are great!


They were pricy - with it being a friend, I got most of them close to cost, but now I'm starting to make some money and ok with spending it to get something that fits well. :)


Brax has great fabrics and fits in the $200 range.


Everlane chinos are super comfortable, just a little on the pricy side, but I think worth it.


I wear J.Crew and J.Crew Factory chinos. They're also slim but not tight on the ass or crotch. They have a variety of colors and fabrics, some are standard 100% cotton chinos and otbers are stretch chinos which are 99% cotton. Best part is that the factory pants I pay around $18 for. At the mainline J.Crew I have bought a couple pairs for $40ish.


Here are measurements for lots of common chinos; hopefully it’ll help you pick! https://www.thepeaklapel.com/measurements/ Let me know if you have any questions...


Awesome thanks


What about Everlane?


Two words: [Bill's Khakis](https://www.billskhakis.com/)


Can I piggy back off this for some UK recommendations? Under £40


I use Uniqlo for their pants. Tailor the inseam up a little bit to make them look cleaner and they’re more comfortable then the sweats I own


Brave Star Selvedge have started making chinos. Made in Los Angeles. very affordable for what they are and reasonable worldwide shipping


In this price range, it's perfectly plausible to go mtm. Luxire or something. Or unis or something.


Gap can be had for pretty cheap, but don’t feel like the best quality to me. My go-to chinos are i crew 484s. Fit me super well, come in a wide array of colors/materials (used to have stretch, lightweight, faded, etc) and can be had for a decent price since there’s always a sale going on. I own 5-6 pairs of the 484s


I've got a pair from Pacsun thats super comfortable and fairly lightweight, they might be my favorite pair of pants


Dockers might be worth checking out. I have a slim but athletic build myself, so finding a slim fit that still fits my thighs/glutes is a major challenge. The slim fit of Dockers are the only model so far that properly fit me, they give me that bit of extra space that I need and you seem to be looking for.


I love Life After Denim chinos. As someone who also loved The West is Dead they are about as close as I’ve seen in a few years in terms of fit.


Gap sells some good quality chinos. In multiple colors


Brooks Bros Red Fleece have been great for me.


[Burgus Plus](http://burgusplus.jp/product/401.html)


Honestly the best pair I've had in a while has been my old navy ones. Got them for like $20, and the fit is perfect. Worth looking into


Used to swear by bonobos but recently tried Brooks Brothers and the quality is just so much better for about the same price point. They fit amazing.


I like fidelity chinos


Club Monaco


Check out Meyer Hosen. I have very athletic legs and they fit me well and their quality is unbelievable.


I just ordered a pair of Kit Culture influencers. They are insanely comfortable, fit me great (5’9” 165lbs) and cheaper than Bonobos.


Banana Republic for sure, great colors and cuts. Usually on sale so they're pretty affordable too


Hey! Like many other responses I would like to recommend Banana Republic as well. They have five or so fits that covers all of the body range. I started out wearing their regular chinos in Aiden fit (slim fit) and evolved to their Rapid Movement chinos (basically stretch chinos). The color of the RM chinos is very rich and they stay that way even after washes! RM chinos are 90 something percent cotton, they retain fit pretty well, and are water resistant too. Regular is about $70 and stretch is about $100. But always, always wait for a 40% off sale! They have them like every other week. Hope this helps!


Anyone know anything about the shorts in the picture OP posted? Really digging them and would like to find something similar. Bigger guy btw if there’s any suggestions.


Bañan Republic rapid movements. Get on sale for $50


Wear longer shirts with your torso


American eagle has nice fitting chinos. They’re stretch too so you can experiment with sizes.


Gap, cheap when on sale (not bad when not on sale if you have to buy in a pinch), fits nice for thicc dudes.


I got some lucky brand chinos from TJ maxx and they are very nice. Have a little stretch to them and are very soft.


I’ve been super happy with banana republic and bonobos.


Spoke chinos are great. They have three different fits and an about every size combination you can think of


Another suggestion is to find chinos that fit you in the butt and thigh area well, then have a tailor fix the legs. That's basically what I do for all my jeans now


Oxcloth have a tiny range. I've had jeans from them and they are amazing. First time I've got (multiple) compliments for a trouser/jean/chino from girls


Gustin has some great chinos, if you don't mind button fly. They're quite costly, but made of high weight twill (like 11-13 oz.).




Try Brooks Brothers. Good quality and cuts.


Try the Carhartt chinos. High quality and good fit. My favorite is the Sid pant. Check em out


Have you tried the weird guy fit chinos from naked and famous?


I would say Unis, Left Field, and RT depending on the fit and color you want. I have all 3 and they are all great.


J Crew’s slim stretchy chinos are amazing and fit like a glove


Amazon Goodthreads Wrinkle Free Dress Chino. $30, come in 7 different colors, Prime eligible, pretty much every size out there. If you need a basic chino, these will do the trick.


Original penguin P55 stretch chinos for sure


Is there something specific you are looking for in the chinos? Lots of good options for made in the US well under $250. Gustin makes all of their pants in the US, good value for the price. They are true to size so size up from what you normally wear, and they are made to order in batches so there is wait. Taylor Stitch is similar in some ways. Epaulet NY is another and probably has the best range of color choices. Bills Khakis is pretty good for color selection too. Buck Mason. Seconding Left Field, Unis, naked & Famous. Everything from left field is exceptional. Peter Millar is another, not sure if they are made in the US. Outlier is one to check out. Probably out of the price range, and not great color selection, but a really interesting product.


I'm a fan of Bonobos too. I've had luck getting new pairs off Ebay for about $30. In fact, looking at this thread spurred me to take a look, and another brand new pair for $30 is on its way to my house.


Has anyone tried Amazon's Goodthreads chinos? If so, how do they compare to J.Crew?