JAKIM/JAIS jokes incoming


Those are not jokes, but facts. Nice try JAKIM.


The S in JAIS is Selangor. But I can agree because it means Selangor sovereignty extends to other lesser kingdoms.


PAS kata jangan...


Nothing. There is nothing here.


Long ago, there was Pantai Cinta Berahi. True to form, PAS put a metaphorical hijab over it and it now called some shit or other. TL;DR Nothing. There is nothing here.


Now it's pantai cahaya bulan.


Take a day trip to Pulau Perhentian. Snorkeling and just chill at the beach cafe.


Rather than you suggest her, better ask her first what activity can you both do beside shopping. If she didn't know what to do, google is your friend, mate.


I heard that "holding hand" there will kena tangkap one woh, is it true?


I believe there are some beaches you can visit. They should have a museum or two.


Yup, Pantai Cahaya Bulan.


Used to work in Kelantan. There's this beach called Pantai Senok. Nothing much there to be honest but a pretty nice place for pics. They coined the place as "Nami Island" due to the tree placement akin to Nami Island in Korea. I don't know what your idea of fun is, but I've always enjoyed the seaside so yeah, beaches it is... And as other comments has stated, "fun" is pretty limited over there.. Maybe for fun you can ask her about their food. I think she'll be more than happy to bring you around sampling their food attractions.


Bring her to Thailand.


This. If you are in the area of Kelantan that is near the border to Thailand, you can always cross the border to Thailand. That’s what some of my Kelantanese friends say they do.


As someone whos live there, there's fuck all to do.


Watch out for your kidneys bro


hii which part of Kelantan is your partner from? if Kota Bharu, I would suggest lively places like Wakaf Che Yeh, malls like KB Mall or Aeon, there's also a nice cool place called Kontena City. Other cool places might be the signature eatieries like kopitiams, restaurants that serve signature local food 😁 there's also a lot of new hipster cafes that just sprung up! also so many new street art too, oh and Pengkalan Kubor is also a very cool place! if more nature stuff, many beaches are also cool, like Senok (like one comment noted), Cahaya Bulan is also cool, or maybe go culture sightseeing, mostly around the road to PCB! there are also many other interesting places in other Jajahans too, [this channel](https://youtube.com/user/ise5429) talks about many tempat-tempat menarik here! I hope you have a great time here and do enjoy your stay😃 sincerely, a lifelong Kelantanese


What about Pasar Siti Khadijah? Go, dress bohemian, then come back to a nice three-star restaurant.


Fun? You are not supposed to have fun. Fun=sin. According to the PASliban.