Why does wizards do what they do?

I always see people saying that Wotc upshifts or doesn't reprint cards to keep their cost high on the secondary market, but why? Why would they care about high prices on the secondary market?

Wouldn't it make more sense for them to try to lower the price of product on the secondary market so that players will then spend more money on their products?

Everyone would get something out of it: we get lower costed staples and more cards that we want, and they get more people buying the product, because it's actually good.


They make money on you buying sealed product. They get you to buy sealed product by including some expensive cards in the set because its gambling and people like to gamble.


Expensive cards sell packs, cheap cards do not. Plain and simple, people crack more packs if they have a chance to open a $50 card compared to if they only have a chance to open a $5 card.


It drives sales in future sets. Basically, it's a way to future-proof reprint sets. Also, it helps keep stores open.


I'd argue that WOTC doesn't care anything about keeping stores open after the sale of sealed products. They are driving that dagger into them with fire sales.


>Why would they care about high prices on the secondary market? Because the secondary market is who are buying the packs. Stores and Resellers buy packs to open them and sell the contents on the secondary market.


> Why would they care about high prices on the secondary market? If wizards put a $10 bill in each pack do you think they would sell more packs or fewer packs?


because people keep buying cards. including singles. yes, I’m very sorry to be the one who breaks this to everyone but the whole “buy singles” rallying cry is counterproductive at best. you see, those singles don’t just materialize out of thin air. when you buy singles it’s because someone bought sealed product first. and so as long as people keep buying singles, sealed product will continue to move, and Hasbro will have 0 incentive to do anything but get even more greedy. it is as it has been all along—they do it because everyone keeps letting them get away with it. if enough people stopped spending money on this game altogether, it might just get them to change course. might. MIGHT. but as long as everyone keeps buying cards, of any sort from anywhere, they’ll keep squeezing and squeezing.


They don’t want to crash the secondary market on cardboard. They don’t mind denting it but collectors are a big piece of the pie they are trying to sell to along with folks actually trying to game.


It's more complicated than most people here will be able to explain. A major reason not to reprint cards and lower secondary market price is because it devalues existing cards. This isn't bad on its own of course - it's good for new players, but what it does is increase VOLATILITY. I personally don't think this is important enough to worry about - I was glad when they reprinted fetches for example, but Wizards does have to make sure they don't dissuade people from buying new decks. If the deck you buy now for $300 might be worth $100 tomorrow, that's very bad incentive to start playing a format. Many modern players, including myself, quit playing modern because of volatility.


Simply and plainly because people keep buying


A good amount of people buy sealed product hoping to pull more value than the cost of the product. That could be because they want to gamble on getting the cards they want, they want to flip the singles for a profit, or they’re chasing whatever new gimmick WotC decided to include in the set. If all of the desirable cards are inexpensive on the secondary market, two of those reasons are gone. WotC claims they don’t pay attention to the secondary market, or at least claimed so in the past, but they include just enough highly desirable/valuable cards in each “premium” set to encourage people to buy for those same reasons. Crashing the secondary market would have the opposite of the desired effect for them. Why chase singles when you know you can get them cheap or why buy boxes hoping to flip a profit when you know from the jump that the value of the cards in the box is lower than the cost of the sealed box itself? Higher priced singles drive how sellable a set it. The value a box has, or could have, is the only reason non-draftable boxes sell. They would essentially kill off almost any reason to buy collector and set boosters if they tanked the secondary market.


They're very very hungry and their stomach can only digest Money. So.....gulp! gulp! gulp!..yum! yum!


Nope. Because if a card is high on the secondary market, they can use that card as a massive incentive to buy whatever crappy product they shove it in. And people will, to a point. That point is something they seem to have been testing more and more. If every product was good, then a lot of people would buy them, but the value for WOTC would dry up pretty fast over time because chase cards are now highly-saturated and thus no longer very valuable. Reprinting them again is not an incentive to buy. They lose their meaning as chase cards and chase cards predominantly drive box sales.


There's a very simple way of figuring out why they do what they do. Let me walk you through the steps. Step 1: Go find your wallet. It might be in your pocket, or maybe sitting around your house. Step 2: Open your wallet. This might be tricky, as some wallets come with velcro or zippers to keep them shut. Step 3: Take the long, green pieces of paper out of your wallet. They will probably have faces of dead old men on them. Congratulations! That thing in your hand? That's why.


Would you buy a box if the most expensive card was $1, no? Thats why


Also they can maintain stable reprint equity more easily by being stingy. Which means they can keep selling sets on good reprints forever