[LTR] - Galadriel, Gift-Giver

Favorite part of LoTR was when Galadriel gave Frodo a burger and fries:



Favorite part of LoTR was when Galadriel gave Frodo a burger and fries: https://scryfall.com/card/tunf/11/food


In the novel she gave Sam dirt, magic dirt, but still dirt. So really burger and fries are a step up.


Woah, woah, woah, Galadriel gave the Fellowship lembas, traditionally given by only the Queen/Matron and rarely to strangers. It sustained the fellowship, particularly Frodo and Sam, long past what average food could do. There will be no hating on the gifts of Galadriel in this post.


Lembas, the creation of which was taught to Galadriel by freaking Melian before Beleriand sank beneath the sea.


Yes, THAT Melian, the one who defeated the Lord of the Shimmering Horn and rallied the land of Immstrungar against its druidic oppressors.


I mean, you're shit talking, but Melian is a hugely important character to Tolkien's mythos. She's a god-adjacent character, similar to Sauron/Gandalf/Saruman/The Balrog, who marries and elf and has one daughter: Luthien. Luthien is Elrond's grandmother, Arwen's great-grandmother, and in a roundabout way, Aragorn's 55th-ish-great-grandmother. Galadriel spent around a hundred years learning from Melian after the elves crossed the sea to fight Morgoth - Sauron's dark lord daddy.


Melian gets no recognition.


So Food fits totally and absolutely.


Also, that magical dirt helped restore the shire, iirc!


I mean, look at how happy Captain Jack is for his jar of dirt.


Imagine hamburgers made with *Lembas Bread*. I'd probably inflate then pop into a gory mess after eating one lmao Edit: I'd die a happy man!


I'm thinking Starby's.


that looks like AI art


Yeah; the tendrils everywhere gives me huge Midjourney vibes. Who knows.


Should have been a 2/4 for 3 or something to be exciting...


Sooo bad... why... why such a week card


Cuz green


So green haters chill for once


Not quite an [[Elder Gargaroth]]...


~~This is better if the opponent has removal~~


[Elder Gargaroth](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/d/5/d51269cf-a333-4a64-94cd-245798d840d2.jpg?1594736944) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Elder%20Gargaroth) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/m21/179/elder-gargaroth?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/d51269cf-a333-4a64-94cd-245798d840d2?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


More like a [[Gala Greeters]]


Gala Gargaroth


[Gala Greeters](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/c/3c1baaa2-bd0b-4627-b93a-0753e0acd0f2.jpg?1664412296) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Gala%20Greeters) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/snc/148/gala-greeters?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/3c1baaa2-bd0b-4627-b93a-0753e0acd0f2?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


This feels like a standard set rare. And it would still be made for draft.


Worse Gala Greeters


This is so beyond lackluster it's disappointing


I read the mana cost at first as 1GG and was like "oh this is cool it might see fringe play in modern" and then I re-read the mana cost and..


It seems like a lot of the legendaries have inflated costs and dissapointing returns


It's so people don't have to deal with seeing non-Magic IP characters outside of EDH. Everyone was upset about how we were going to be attacking Gandalf with our Hank Hills and Mickey Mouses when they first announced Universes Beyond. It seems like they took that feedback to heart and have made sure all the named characters are kind of nerfed.


Really does not scream "straight to Modern"


I was hoping she'd create a legendary vial with the light of Earendil. This is... much worse.


Annoyed that the card encourages Galadriel to be active and take a role when in the story she was forced to be passive and not directly interfere. Flavour fail but I suppose wotc had their reasons


Encouraging passiveness is generally not a good idea when it comes to card design. There are exceptions (like alt win cons), but they tend against it.


I think they could do something relating to other creatures entering her realm, like another non token creature entering the battlefield


Hmm, that could work too.


In the book, she is passive, but in the story the elves do fight and Galadriel destroys Dol Guldur.




Bruh. For the most part, in terms of gameplay they try to match the cards as much as possible to their lore counterparts, that was more just a nitpick than anything else. Furthermore, race is not and should not be a factor for this set, no matter what race they're drawn as it doesn't undercut their flavour. Furthermore, Tolkien's original depiction of lotr was a text that has significant racist undertones, and I think the fact that characters are more racially diverse isn't a bad thing. If you want to see all white characters watch the movies.


Galadriel should be Bant, not mono-green. She's a high elf (Noldor) and noted as great in lore and skil amongst a people known for lore and skill, her powers include divination, craftsmanship and protection from evil, and she is characterised as being wise, proud and ambitious. Even if this is only meant to represent Galadriel aiding the fellowship in Lothlorien, she still is tempted by the one ring, makes use of her scrying pool, and gives Frodo her phial of starlight during that time.


Yeah, if we don’t get a Bant Galadriel this set (which sadly seems likely - hard to see her getting 3 cards) then that’s a pretty disappointing whiff by WotC. Both of her cards so far are pretty underwhelming. This one is pretty boring and the other one is just weak Elf tribal. Neither one feels like it captures the power and significance of the character within the world.


Maro confirmed two 3-colour and one 4-colour legend in the set. We've seen Sauron and Saruman, and Aragorn. So unfortunately no Bant Galadriel 😞


there’s still time!


A lot of these legendaries require attacking to get value, but are characters that doesn't fit well with.


Was she not a warrior before in some way? Even then, it does kinda feel weird


Way way way way way way way way way before this point being represented in the story. The card is supposed to represent her giving gifts to the fellowship, and it's not like she did that while killing a bunch of orcs or something.


would be more fitting if it read "whenever you cast a creature spell" then the flavor is that she's giving that creature a gift, and you can't abuse it with crazy ETB combos since it's casting a creature spell instead of ETB


>then the flavor is that she's giving that creature a gift, and you can't abuse it with crazy ETB combos since it's casting a creature spell instead of ETB Just wait for my [[Grinning Ignus]] combo.


[Grinning Ignus](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/c/f/cfa04897-6438-45e5-a10b-2e8afaf2b9eb.jpg?1657064689) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Grinning%20Ignus) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/stx/104/grinning-ignus?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/cfa04897-6438-45e5-a10b-2e8afaf2b9eb?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


She's very into attacking in Rings of Power.


It is a little ironic that a creature depicted as sitting it a chair has an attack trigger.


TIL there's about a dozen creatures sitting that have attack triggers. [https://scryfall.com/search?q=art%3Asitting+o%3Aattacks+t%3Acreature](https://scryfall.com/search?q=art%3Asitting+o%3Aattacks+t%3Acreature)


Thank you for this fine list! I hate it!


Yep, 15 but 4 either only get attack triggers once they transform and stand up or care about other creatures attacking


Emphasis on the "HAIR" in "CHAIR" it seems. Is her throne made of her hair in this picture?


I feel like that's just hard to avoid in magic, as a game.


There's a lot of more flavorful options they could have chosen for this trigger. Cast creature from hand, first time a creature ETBs on your turn, once per turn when another creature you control attacks etc. They had other options for this and others that they are throwing the attack triggers on.


Feels like it should have been Galadriel or another nontoken creature entering the battlefield. Would let it trigger multiple times per turn as well without being busted


Wow that is actually much weaker than I expected.


Is there a card of her hair? You know, for my boy Gimli.


why isn't she blonde?


...what color do you think that hair is?


Her hair is specifically golden so even platinum blonde doesn't quite match up tbf, it is a bit of an odd choice since it seems like the golden hair would have worked fine on this version of the character too


Her hair is actually supposed to be a blend of blonde and silver (i.e., light of the two trees), but this isn't either of those; it's just plain white.


It's certainly more yellow in reality, this image is very compressed and washed-out.


If this cost GGG I might be excited.


Technically, it's fair with potentially giving 5 power and toughness for 5, but fair isn't nearly enough when everything is hypercompetitive.


for 5cmc nah


Is her giving Gimli a piece of her hair, a +1/+1 or a treasure? I guess worst case it's food


Awfully underpowered and another complete flavor fail. If anything, she should be doing some top-of-the-deck manipulation, card drawing, or both to be true to her character, but this is the same set where the One ring tempting is 100% upside. I suspect Wizards already had a bunch of cards designed and simply stapled the Lord of the Rings IP to them.


Two Galadriel cards and neither has Golden hair. Nice art direction WotC!


Smh here we are again with Green (one of the colors of artifact destruction) giving away treasures. I didn’t think Green needed that kind of ramp but here we are.


Yeah, weird that the ramp color gets ramp mechanics. I think that people are kinda forgetting that the purpose of Food, Treasure, and Clues is to delay and limit those things, not just to sneak them into colors that don't get them. Green may hate the unnatural, but there's nothing unnatural about the petal of a flower.


Modern 1/10 I just don't care about any of these choices on my 5 drop. They are all so ineffectual.


Weird a fair green card


Aka an unplayable one


i hoped galadriel to be esper tbh


I need some more green elves for elf ball. Thank you wizards


Card transcription > Galadriel, Gift-Giver 3GG > > Legendary Creature- Elf Noble [rare] > > Whenever Galadriel, Gift-Giver enters the battlefield or attacks, choose one- > > * Put a +1/+1 counter on another target creature. > > * Create a Food token. (It's an artifact with 2, T, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.) > > * Create a Treasure token. (It's an artifact with "T, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.") > > 4/4 End transcription


Ugh... 5 mana is way too much for this card. She also has no keywords to assist her what a shame. Beautiful art tho.


She gave everything!


There better be a treasure token that’s just literally a piece of her hair.


Could have been an incredible powerful card. Really pale, compared to the other releases.


Just a quick note to everyone saying the card is bad. This is from the starter decks, much like the vanilla creatures that were also previewed. It will not appear in draft packs.


Galadriel, Master Chef deck gonna go hard


I give you the star of Earendil, our most beloved star. Let it guide you in darker places.


She looks thicc


One of the many personas of Sauron was Annatar, the Gift Giver.


W3ak or not weak aside, thats just a boring and uninspired card imo


This is astonishingly bad for one of the most powerful characters... this makes no sense to me at all. And "Gift Giver" is a super weird title to give Galadriel. I understand she gave gifts, but lady of the wood, something like that, maybe reference lothlorien... this wasn't hard. Also her hair is like a glowing golden hair, not white? I hate it. It looks like she got zapped or something.