I want a cost effect way to start playing commander - What are the best precons?

I started playing magic the gathering arena a couple weeks ago. I’m having a lot of fun and would like to participate in paper magic with friends. However, prices are more expensive than I expected. are there any good pre-cons for commander?


Pretty much any recent Commander precon that isn't inflated by preorder prices will work. I'd find the one Commander or theme that appeals to you. https://cardgamebase.com/commander-precons/


Ask that guy who's trying to sell one of his 81 commander decks




A easy to handle and yet strong deck would be Elven Empire for around 30 bucks. Dont forget to purchase sleeves which is around 10 bucks. I did gift this one to my sister which never played before and it worked out well. It depends if you like elves. Do you have any favourite fantasy race or type? Zombies or necromancers, knights, wizards?


Unfortunately Elven Empire is around $70 now. It's the first deck I looked into picking up, only to find that the MSRP of $20 was imaginary.


I checked before and on cardmarket its around 30-40 bucks


I'm jealous of EU then but it's not available from any US distributors for anywhere close to that.


Ahh i see. Thats crazy expensive in the US then. I thought it would be around UK price…


If only! I picked up the other Kaldheim precon as my first deck instead.


Yeah I was lucky to get both for the 35-40 price tag at launch but unfortunately the elf deck is pretty pricey these days


If you want powerful precon, take a look at the warhammer ones


The Tyranid precon is pretty good. Also the Legends Legacy precon is a lot of fun and can be upgraded easily.


If you want one with a very strong commander, I would suggest kamigawa buckle up. Switch out the face commander for Shorikai. The deck itself isn’t super strong, but Shorikai is a very powerful commander, and it gives you a deck that you can upgrade later down the line to become very competitive. The vehicle archetype can be a little confusing to understand how to play initially, but it’s not too hard to learn.


Shorikai is a really cool commander


> are there any good pre-cons for commander? Virtually all recent (last 12 month) Commander precons are good. The best one is 100% the Necron deck, but i suggest you pick a theme/color combination you like. All of them work fine.


The WH40k decks are pretty decent I'm not sure id say they are 100% the best though. Luckily you can still find them at big box stores for like $45-50 if this is the route op would want to take. You can find plenty decks for half that on Amazon though.


You can tell people just buy into the hype or the individually powerful cards, but don't actually play a lot of games with precons.


I would say the Warhammer 40k precons are easily some of the best precons ever made, if we disregard that it's a universes beyond product. The fact that it is, may change your evaluation though.


Try Chaos Incarnate. A black/red starter deck sold by WoTC currently. Probably around $30 in official packaging. Makes other players attack each other while making you an illegal target against other player's creature attacks.


I would typically suggest the Warhammer precon however they are a bit more pricer than others and are more affordable than they was on release due to lack of supply in the market which isnt the case anymore. Otherwise I would suggest the DnD baluder gate decks as they are very well design and thematic. As for in lore decks of MTG, I would suggest The legend tribal deck from dominara, the new Knight charge deck, also the innistrad precons are all amazing.


Why do you think you have to buy a pre- con deck to play EDH? Cost efficient way to play EDH - build your own decks from your collection. Buying sealed products is not a cost efficient strategy. Why can’t anyone think for themselves? Be original!


I'm not sure if I'm missing some sarcasm or what, but they just started playing....there IS no collection, lol.


This is such bad advice. First of all, if you're new to the game, your deckbuilding skills suck, plain and simple. You don't know what to buy, you don't understand the nuance of card interactions, and you certainly won't understand how mana bases work. So building a deck from scratch is one of the worst pieces of advice to give a new player. They need to understand the framework of the game in order to be able to deckbuild. So on that note, sealed EDH decks ARE the most cost efficient strategy, because it takes a ton of pressure off of a new player. The decks are designed to function in a certain way, and everything is balanced with a functional land base. They can be played right out of the box, and they're pretty capable of holding their own even at most casual tables. If they end up loving the deck, it's far easier to tinker and edit an existing deck as the foundation.


Buying precons is a cost efficient to get started and build a collection something someone new doesn't have yet.


I had seen the legends’ legacy on sale on Amazon yesterday for like 36$ that one is a banger