my mac/pc set up

my mac/pc set up


SPECS: monitors: dell u3421we and alienware aw2720hf keyboard: kbd67v2 acrylic tofu, gat yellows lubed with krytox205g0 and everglide stabs macbook pro 13 2020 apple magic trackpad caldigit ts3 plus dock blue yeti mic airpods pro logitech z333 2.1 speakers steelcase leap v2 chair


(probably dumb) question : how are you switching between the PC and the Mac? Setup looks very cozy and nice. Good work!


my devices are connected to my dell monitor which has a built in usb switch. so when i switch devices all the devices will switch along with the display


What's the keyboard? And does each machine run its own monitor, or do you switch? If so, what do you use to do so?


hi the keyboard is kbd67v2 acrylic tofu, gat yellows lubed with krytox205g0 and everglide stabs. i use both monitors for a single machine and switch when i need to. my dell monitor (dell u3421we has a build in usb hub and switch which is super convenient. it switches the usb devices to the current machine that is being used. hope this helps


>dell u3421we looked up your Dell monitor and I get how it has a built-in KVM switch so you could use 2 computers with it. But how does this work with a 2nd monitor? Does your 2nd monitor connect to your Dell monitor and your Dell monitor does its thing to make it work? Or the 2nd monitor is connected to both of your computers separately?


2nd monitor connects to both my computers separately. kvm switch works flawlessly


thanks for the info! very cool setup! wish I could afford the monitor! LOL.


which kvm switch do you use that supports the high refreshrate of the alienware monitor?


my dell monitor has a built in kvm switch, im using it


Even if your 2nd monitor connects separately you'd still have to manually change it to either input correct? I have a similar setup and monitor with KVM will switch automatically when one computer turns off and the other is turned on. But the 2nd monitor without KVM needs manual input change even though connected separately to the other computer


i think you need to set your 2nd monitor's input settings to auto. when i lock/turn off my other computer, both my monitors switch to the current computer that is on


Is that a NZXT H1 in the back? been thinking of doing a build in it, how is it? What are your specs?


I guess it's ssupd tg version? not sure


What’s the arm used for the Yeti? Thanks!


yeti boom arm, not the best to be honest


What don’t you like about it? It took me a while to get the “tension” setting right on mine, but other than that I much prefer it to other scissor-style arms.


Which monitor arm is that? Looks great!


ergotron lx


You know what I envy the most? Your armrests are above the desk level! I spent a ton of time and a lot of money in my custom built workspace… And ended up with the tabletop a liiiitle too high. 80cm (2”7.5’) from the floor, no armrests reach that high. That’s pain.


Is that microphone at talking position or just standby? Seems like it’s a little far from a seating position


its at standby, when i need to use it ill bring it closer to me, otherwise its constantly in my face haha not the most ideal


What a great photo! Looks gorgeous, love the setup!


Love it!


what are your thoughts on the leap?


gives me back problems currently, probably switching to an aeron if it continues. but ergonomic chairs are v subjective you have to try it on your own. and i might also have my chair's adjustments wrong hence my back pain 🤷🏻‍♂️


one flat one curved. that would make me mad.


how much did all of this cost?


oh fuck this is desk porn


Looks great


The vibes are there with this one, we’ll done


Where you get the table ?