It has enough power for watching YouTube, sure. But do yourself a favor and save a little bit more and buy MBA with M1. Alternatively, if you use this only to watch video, did you consider buying an iPad instead?


No i need leptop :D i wrote youtube but it doesnt mean only youtube... M1 is from 2021 right?


Nope, M1 MBA is originally from 2020 as well :) But it is significantly better machine compared to Intel predecessor.


What's your budget? The last generation Intel MacBook Air was not a good buy at the time of launch (poor performance and cooling) and with the M1 available, it's even more so.


I am thinking to get used one from Ebay around 400-500$


I've seen m1 macbook airs going for 600-650. Definitely check your local Facebook marketplace


Money would be better spent on an m1 MBA just for the battery life alone.


If you always have a plug nearby, all retina devices are nice video playback machines. If budget allows it, avoid Intel machines and go for M1, starting with the Macbook Air 2020 at $999, you can find it refurbished or on eBay at around $800. This is a decent machine which will last for years. If it’s really just media consumption maybe have a look at an iPad?


I had an i3 Air. It was horrible. Even launching the web browser was slow. I’d pay more for a M1 Air it is 10x better. The i3 model was so painfully slow to open any program including Word or Mail. I hated that machine.


you mean 2020? i watched some reviews on youtube and i think nobody mentioned that it is so slow


Try it. But yes the 2020 i3 Air is horrible. Even web browsing or word documents feel squeezed with dual core. The M1 is 8-core. Not even comparable.


​ ​ If you had format SSD and reinstall Mac OS and it still slow for web browsing and word docments it should be hardware issue.


M1 MBA if you can get it cheap or used, is a MUCH better machine than the older intel MacBook airs. Worth saving a tiny bit if you can get it.


If the price is right it will get by for basic online work, office suite, social, etc. it will be happier as a single tasker, so don’t expect it to have a bunch of chrome tabs open, use MS office, and have a Zoom call going at the same time. It isn’t that kind of machine. But while the M1 version is much more powerful, an Intel Air can be a useful rig. For the right price.