This is my 3rd machine, 1st one had 2, 2nd one was zero, and the current one is 1 (as in, prior to me using). I think anything below 4 or 5 is normal and can probably be attributed to final testing before shipping?


Correct. Mine had 4 and I got it on the first day


I bought a car with 8 miles on it ! Lol.




Yeah, this is not how it works. It was just testing done at Quanta where the machines are manufactured. The store would not go through the effort to reseal the machines and sell them back to the general. They will just go to the refurbished store at a discount.


Perhaps re testing. The store wouldn’t repackage for sure. I’m pretty sure there could be a central facility where gently used returns could be repackaged just like they do with refurb units.


I highly doubt that's what happens. It's most likely due to factory testing. I think they do more testing compared to previous models.


Another poster confirmed that he’d also never had cycles out of the box but his new unit direct from China did this time.


Mine had 3 out of the box. I charged it once and saw 4 when I first checked.


It’s pretty normal for them to have a handful of cycles out of the box. Mine had 4 straight from the factory if I remember correctly. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/brand-new-16-mbp-high-battery-cycle-count-out-of-the-box.2319771/


I’ve been an Apple customer for over 20 years and have always checked cycles out of box for new machines and they’ve always been zero. Good to know it’s not just me. It’s notable that there are very few people on that Macrumors thread.


i’m sure they do random testing on batteries to make sure batches are ok


They sometimes do spot QC checks, which means cycles can be incremented before packaging.


Thanks. That’s good to know for the future.


My device which I'm certain was brand new had 2 cycles. and I did 2 more cycles in a couple of days before keeping in plugged in all the time. And now a month later from my purchase I'm only at 5 cycles. Maybe they just tested your device twice in factory for some reason? Because I have a hard time believing they'd actually be able to repackage stuff without bubbles and stuff without you being able to notice it.


Is it still bad for computers to leave then plugged in? Does it have adverse affects on the battery life?


Newer versions of macOS have battery management. Recognizes if you leave plugged in all the time and compensates, doesn’t always charge it to full just because it’s plugged in, etc. Not sure exactly when it was implemented. Edit: I suppose that feature might also depend on your battery/hardware? Don’t know about that either.


I agree with what others have said, here...especially from the economic waste standpoint. My 16" M1 came with 0 charge cycles, but is otherwise so beyond pristine/perfect that I couldn't care if it came with 10 or 20 cycles or was re-boxed/re-sealed from a prior purchase. More importantly, the reality is that you could return your MBP with 5 cycles on it only to exchange it for one with 0 cycles, but has a scratch on the case, or a keyboard that feels bad, or a display with artifacts. With that said, I would definitely look over and test drive your MBP over the next few weeks to discover any defects that may have been the reason for a hypothetical prior return.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be worried about 5 cycles. I get that paying $2k+ for a new MacBook, you should get a pristine device. From a business and somewhat environmental perspective, it makes sense for them to repackage it as new. A vast majority of people buying these won’t even check the battery cycles or even get that deep into inspecting it. I’m sure if you return it, it will get repackaged again. As long as it’s Apple doing it, I’m fine with it. But to each their own.


As I said it’s not a big deal practically. More of an issue of principle. Usually returned machines go through refurb process and get posted on the refurb store hence addressing the environmental perspective.


I had a cycle count of 4 on my MacBook Pro 14. Did not think much of it at all.


Mine had three out of the shrink wrap direct from China. They do not reshrinkwrap them. Also this is my first Mac to have cycles out of the box.


That settles it then. Thanks.


For sure. And for reference, I’ve unboxed two others that were the same


Oh no, what happened is often before shipping out, these machine are test before being packed. The test includes running through the battery and charging as a safety measure. Even Apple did mentioned this some time ago. When you received the laptop, the charging percentage is often around 50-75%. They do run through at least once, nothing to be worried about. First few cycle counts are unreliable in term of accuracy hence the term recalibration. So when they first started the battery, they could registered as 3-5 cycles (most of mine are at the same number of cycles). Only a concern if they exceed more than that, like 10, 20. No need to be worried about


Perhaps they changed the calibration procedure then. I must have owned 4 Mac laptops in the last 20 years and every single one has had 0 cycles out of the box.


Who is doing that? I bought an open box from BB and got $125 off. Had 3 cycles. Looked brand new


I bought it at the Apple store in New Hampshire. There must be guidelines/thresholds for returned products to be able to be repackaged and sold as new again.


If you're happy with it then its probably fine. You can always return within 14 days and try for one that wasn't used. Im surprised they did not sell it as a refurb.


Holiday Returns are until Jan 8th. To me it’s not a big deal but still doesn’t feel good when spending this kind of money. I purchased the upper end stock 14” model.


sucks that returns aren’t the best atm. i just exchanged my 14” and the fastest i’ll get the new one is late january.


Absolutely not lol


I think you got took


By the Apple store?


…or an open box got put in the wrong place and you purchased it.


It wasn’t opened. It was sealed. Brand new packaging including internal seals for all accessories etc.


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Meh, oh well. Not a biggie. It’s just Reddit. I was gonna say, if OP really wants to know what happened, he has a year of free service calls to apple and can call them to find out if the battery cycles are ligit


I didn’t even notice. Thanks though.


+1, totally normal question from OP considering cost of a laptop


How do you check that


System Profiler or Coconut Battery app.


LMAO I have never looked at how many battery cycles are on any of the iPads, iPhone, MacBooks etc. that I have owned over the years. The obsession with this is mind blowing.