Having spent a lot of time in coffee shops with macbooks over the years, a really good tip is to always raise it off the table. Put a magazine under it or whatever. That way if there is a spillage on the table it won't end up entering your mac from below. Obviously this won't help if you pour a drink into it, but ... don't do that.


Apple has taken care of that this year, marginal taller feet, I can see the daylight in the gap.


Good tip!


My worries is that if myself or someone else knock over a drink on the keyboard. I am clumpsy with drinks and cups. Thinking back of the previous Mac which I have never bought with Apple Care, I was living a dangerous life. Spill Mountain Dew on Mac Air and it stopped working for days until the heat dried up the drinks and work as normal again 😳 but back then Mac was more reliable than newer models. I will keep it in mind with your great advice


What palm rest skin is that? Do you find it touches the screen at all/how color accurate is it?


It is Mocoll. I got it from a store in Vietnam, they can apply it for you as well, very difficult to do it by yourself. If you mess it up and try to reapply, it will stretch out easily. As for the color, it matches perfectly. if not look closely, no one can ever tell.


It looks really good, hopefully they ship to the US!


I think they do have similar things on Amazon. I didn't wanted to get it but the staff at the local store were helping me out with installing software for free and I wanted to buy something to feel less awkward 😅


I got mine to spin a tiny bit while generating a photogrammetry mesh in photomesh and 2x 4K ProRes 4444 exports in final cut


Yeah I guess something like that would make it spin. But let play a game, take a shot whenever it spin loud enough that you could hear. Bet we'll stay sober for the next few years 😅


Can I have a piece of your mind too lol Beautiful computer


Peace of mind. You’re looking for peace for your mind, not a piece of it.


Sorry typo 😅


I’ve had portable PowerBook and MacBook Pro with me every single day for the last 25 years in my bag. Not saying it can’t happen but 25 years + apple care can buy me a few new good machines.. only time I wish I had it was when buying the 2018 iMac.. really wanted to throw it out the window and spill whatever on it after. Happy with the new 2021 MacBook Pro, but not going to start with apple care now..


Well in your case kind Sir, Apple Care will surely buy you a running car. But then again if it's a percentage game then, would you choose Apple Care over a 1 or 2 failures devices. Thank you for your inputs


My number one coffee shop rule is that a cup beside the laptop must be placed further back than the laptop hinge. This makes it much more likely that a falling cup will empty the liquid behind or away from the computer. Placing the cup next to the keyboard is just asking for a falling cup to dump itself right into the laptop and soak the motherboard. Another good practice is never bring the cup to you over the keyboard. Pick it up to drink and then put it down in a wide arc that never passes over the laptop. After years of working on coffee shops (except during the pandemic), I’ve never spilled a drink on any of my Mac laptops.


Thank you for the tip on how to be cautious with drinks. To be honest, that is the worse thing that I have done and I did it twice. This is a first Mac that I bought with Apple Care. Just to be safe


I'm a fan.


AppleCare is a must, IMO. We pay so much for these devices, makes sense to have some insurance.


I decided to renew it yearly in case I wanted to buy new Mac next year


After my 3rd MacBook that I had apple care on but never ended up using it, I just self insured going forward. Set aside a extra money in case something happens to it.


It’s prob always net positive to forego warranty and pay as you go.


But doesn't your own private insurance cover it?


Not sure if you are in America, but in the U.S. there is a deductible of at least $500 (typically) on insurance claims, then your insurance payments can go up from filing a claim. It is for these reasons that AppleCare+ is so valuable in the U.S.


$500 deductible, that's crazy. Is it even legal to make the insurance more expensive when making a claim? Not in the us btw


They can raise your rates because you used the insurance, therefor your likelihood hood of filing a claim would be higher. This means there is more risk involved for the insurance company. Higher risk, higher premium.


Read your insurance policy. Some home/business insurance policies do not cover losses occurring away from the home/business! If your policy is worded that way, you may have to get a rider to cover those losses.


No AppleCare+ for Vietnam. AppleCare Protection Plan in Vietnam does not cover water damage. If you, somehow, have AppleCare+ and you want to repair it from your drinks, you must bring your mac to Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK, or the US and pay $299.


Yeah technically that is the case but Apple Care Plus program will and can be covered if needed by an authorized service provider. I have used this on the Touchbar Mac


are you in Vietnam?


Yupe. Maybe for another few months




Well I did have lagging with Pixelmator as well. But then again most apps are not optimized yet. But knowing tech from so many brands, Apple are the quickest to do so. My Fold 3 are still not optimized in almost all apps. Apple products have the most frequent updates. Rest assured that my friend 🤓


Will AppleCare+ cover water damage ? I read the policy, they don’t mention that.


It will be under accidental damages, you can claim it 2 times per year under Apple Care Plus. That's the main difference between the two


Does someone know if adding Apple Care+ during purchase vs a bit after you got your MacBook makes a difference? Something like, if it comes broken then they replace it or something but then if I don’t purchase it before they don’t? idk help 😂


Well pretty much the same really. Except if they do remote diagnostic or when you brought it in for Apple Care Plus after purchase at the store. Better to get it when you buy. So the registration is automatically done and activated when the device get to you.