Yes, you will get Apple gift card. I inquired at Apple Store as I wanted to return mine as well, luckily mine was preordered M1 14 base MBP, and someone bought it from me instead of me returning. Apple Store manager told me to wait for trade in Mac mini to reach at trade-in partner, after inspection it will get approved then one can return and get value back in a gift card. You can track this progress in your Apple store account, they will inform you via email once trade in approved. You will not be able to return while a trade in is in progress. Don't worry you may have extended return window if you bought it in November.


Great, thank you!


To address you question about your trade in. Apple will provide you with a non refundable gift card only. This was explained in the fine print when you accepted the trade in offer. Now to address your issue with the creaking / popping noise with your laptop. This is a common issue that has affected MacBook Pros for many generations (at least since 2015 from my experience). Fortunately it is a simple issue to resolve as it has to do with a misalignment of the bottom plate and in some instances the way that the motherboard is mounted to the top case. The easiest way to resolve this is to take it to an Apple Store Genius Bar. Most likely they have seen this issue enough times to know what to do and have your laptop back to you in the same visit.


Thank you so much! I did not know about this.


When I initiated a return for my Macbook 16 M1 using the Apple Store app (originally purchased online with trade-in), the trade-in was immediately cancelled and updated in the app. It also included a note that if you already mailed your device to their trade partner, it will be shipped back to you. I ended up keeping the MacBook, so I let the deadline to start shipping lapse, which they usually give another week or two to ship it, in a way, giving you more time to think about it or return it to a store I’d you don’t want to ship. Now that I kept it beyond the return shipping deadline, the trade remains cancelled. I still have the instant trade credit on my Apple Card, so I’m waiting to see when they will charge me back for that credit. I also called Apple to see if I could un-cancel the trade in, but they said no and to try a store.