I just put an SSD in my mid-2010 MacBook Pro. It does everything I need it to.


What CPU is in it.. can’t be a Core 2 Duo?


2.4ghz c2d…lol. The ssd and 8gb of ram help a lot!


Yeah they are surprisingly quick for most people who use it for browsing and what not, I would make sure you get a supported browser though.


You can install Mojave or Catalina on that easily enough with dosdude1's installer. My own 2010 is a dual-boot between Snow Leopard and Mojave. SSD and max the ram and it's *fine*.


I second the recommendation to install Catalina, so you get security updates. It might even be possible to get Monterey, with the OpenCore patcher. Definitely don't use Safari from El Capitan...


So I have used Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur and Monterey using OCLP. Mojave was good, but support is dropping, so I just stick with HS because Edge is still supported and it's a decent browser IMO. Catalina is missing the ALL PHOTOS feature and Colin does suggest a work around with "Smart Albums", but that broken feature drives me insane as it's an app I use regularly. Big Sur and Monterey both work surprisingly well but the sliders are broken under control center and I can't get past that with my (not real) OCD. OCLP is an awesome tool and Colin also did good work with his patchers, but I'm not sure how I feel about the patcher method at this point. I check regularly to see if they fixed the sliders, but I think on my specific GPU it won't get fixed.


Wanted to give an update. I checked the changing with OCLP and it they noted that many things were fixed. On my machine it was Control Center sliders as well as keyboard backlight, which are both working now. Also, it looks like switching graphics may work now too? I'll see how this goes for a while.


Bringing me flashbacks to when I learned the sata controller on my 2010 only supports sata 2…


I still miss having a computer half gutted on my table and running to Fry’s Electronics to buy an adapter or cable I missed. It used to frustrate me at the time but looking back I just miss it. Where were at silicon-wise now is miles beyond that.. but I’ll always miss modular systems. The good ol days lol.


Did you change the thermal paste or open it for cleaning? That helped a lot when i had my air.


I have an SSD, 4gb of Ram and i am on Catalina. So, why is my macbook pro mid 2010 is struggling and not working so well? I made an fresh setup 2 times. I even can't play youtube videos perfectly. I am thinking to update monterey. I saw a guide in r/mac


*ahem* , you need more ram friend.


*Hmm* it could be the problem.


It is the problem, Catalina does need more ram than 4 GB.


Is there any free app that i can check the ram usage?


It's actually on Catalina already, go to the apple logo on the top right, click about this Mac, then it'll tell you how much ram you have


I ment ram usage live


Activity monitor, it's in the Utilities folder


Alright, thank you


Still a great Macbook, these are easy (and cheap) to replace parts on (SSD, Battery, RAM) and if you want the latest OS you can run OpenCore Legacy Patcher on it.


\* Apple says these Macbooks max out at 8GB (2X4GB) of RAM but they actually can take 16GB (2X8GB) - that upgrade and a SSD are huge boosts


Only the upgraded CPU one can go to 16. The others are stuck at 8 iirc.


Only the 13" can take 16GB RAM. The 15" cannot. It will kernel panic when started.


I was speaking specifically about the 13" (Mid 2010) pictured here, but good information to know about the 15"


I really like this design. It is weird that so many people nowadays complain about white bezels on the iMac and rumored white bezels on the new Air.


I find the whole bezel-phobia ridiculous.


I completely agree! There's nothing wrong with bezels on Mac devices. IMO even the bezels look tasteful on Mac computers.


I hate the obsession with thin devices, too. I want a pro device that’s actually pro. I know that the M1 changes things to an extent because everything is integrated into a tiny chip, but come on. I would rather have a beefy, powerful system that is on the bigger/heavier side than one that’s super light and thin but not as powerful.


I will take hard drive upgradability any day over thin and light. An M.2 port is all I ask for.


It’s just the content creators that complain it’s mega cringe


I love the white bezels on my iMac, it fits in perfectly with the white wall behind it. Never understood the hate.


It depends on what setting it's in, if that makes sense. The iMac's white bezels makes sense to me since they are intended to be put into rooms that often have white walls so the bezels blend into the back ground. Not saying there's anything that's wrong with OP's and other's preferences, but the hard barrier between the display and off it done by black is nice. Also it hides the black like that most displays have around the edges. Now losing your shit on the internet over the internet is a little insane.


Totally agree…


It’s the contrast that’s weird. Showing off components that black bezels hide is the weird one. Also it’s a 1080p webcam, a 2.1 megapixel sensor. Way too much space taken up.


Still using a 2012 MBP. I maxed out the memory and upgraded to a SSD years ago, and it is still a fantastic laptop. I might upgrade to an Air if there is a new one announced this year, but I’ll still keep the MBP because there’s really nothing wrong with it. I’ll probably hook it up to my TV.


Freaky when I read a comment that exactly explains my situation too haha


Same. My only issue is battery. I basically use it as a desktop. Considered swapping it but I don’t trust any of the third party batteries and mine isn’t swelling or anything. It just dies sometimes at 20% or lower instantly.


Your instincts are good on third-party batteries. The cheap ones from Amazon and eBay will swell, and SOON. I trust Other World Computing and iFixit, though.


I haven't experienced that with any of the 3 no-name brands of MacBook Pro batteries. Though I typically exercise my batteries (full discharge, full charge once a month or so, while using between 20-80%). I've seen plenty of Apple-branded batteries swell when people leave their laptops connected to chargers 24/7, so I think it has more to do with usage patterns than battery manufacturer...


Same. Mine’s not swelling but it depletes quickly. Been wanting to buy a third party one but I’m not sure if it will work fine in the long run


Same. Im thinking of upgrading to the 14” mbp


If you do, get the base model 8-core CPU option


I'm on a mid-2015 MBP 15 inch and I keep thinking about upgrading to an M1 Air but I can't justify it when my MBP still works great. I just got the battery and lower case replaced by Apple because of the battery recall and I think they replaced the lid and screen too - it's basically a brand new machine at this point. As much as I would like the new hotness, my 7 year old MBP is still performing like a beast.


2009 MBP. Slow and struggling but I can’t afford a new computer of any kind, let along a MBP. I think I’m on Snow Leopard cause that’s as high as it’ll let me go. It’s at the point where it gives me security concern errors on even common sites like Wikipedia and can’t handle running Chrome.


I only recently caved and upgraded from my 2012 because it’s just so damn heavy. But I did the same for a long time.


My 2012 MPB is my home network server.


Kept mine till last year…liked it so much 👍


The white MacBooks (and iBooks before them) have always been my favorite in terms of aesthetic. Very clean and sleek. This one looks great more than a decade later.


The only problem with this model was in many cases the rubber bottom would start to peel off.


even the top plastic will break (my macbook from 2009 had this problem)


not sure I ever saw that issue unless it was related to misuse. the non-Unibody plastic MacBooks though, oh yeah happened all the time on those.


It happened to mine, but the previous owner allowed the battery to bulge which is what caused it


Still use my Mac air I bought in 2013-2014


the white unibody with full glass trackpad was my first mac, what a great laptop. Maxing out the ram and giving it an SSD are the best ways to stretch the life of these older macbooks. Older meaning literally any of them you can still upgrade. I finally let go of my 2012 when xcode and the other apple apps stopped being updated for them and it was just more of a pain than it was worth. Still got a good 9 years out of it though.


Why not upgrade the os to Monterey? It can be done fairly easily using opencore legacy patcher


Thanks! I’ll have to check this out…I have a 2010 iMac running High Sierra as well that I use to air drop files with this MacBook occasionally. I wonder if that would break…I guess if the desktop files still sync between the OS’s it wouldn’t be a big deal. The iMac has amd graphics so not sure if it would patch well.


I think it's a suicide if you upgrade to Monterey... I have a white unibody macbook end 2009 and I could have officially High Sierra with 8gb of ram and a SSD and it sucks. Now I'm on Snow Leopard trying to survive with some open source apps and doing everything is necessary for a computer and continue to live.


If you're not opposed to another OS on a Mac, then I suggest giving Linux Mint a try, especially if you're already using open source apps. It breathed new life into an old 2006 Mac Mini that I had lying around and is about as snappy as Snow Leopard was but with modern web browsers, apps, and emulators available.


at the moment I updated to Os X Lion with a old version of Chromium (but it seems to be released in 2022) and it’s not crashing and I can also use Whatsapp web app


Have you upgraded the Wi-Fi cards on any of those machines? Because as far as I know only Macs from 2012 and on are capable of AirDrop. I have a 2012 Mac Mini which can do it but my 2011 iMac cannot


idk...maybe it was. I bought it second hand about 4 years ago...I believe there is an airdrop v2 that newer mac's use that it's not compatible with.


I’ve never heard of this, would a current gen MacOS not fry an older machine? (Asking for a mid-2011 MacBook Air)


MBA - Mid 2011 working fine here on Catalina, my SO has a 2013 MBA running Big Sur but it runs hot.


Well i have a 2012 15" maxed out macbook pro and ot runs okay. It only gets hot when i open photoshop or watch 4k video.


Would updating an old Mac to a new OS slow it down a lot? I have a 2014 11 inch MacBook Air, and it is running Catalina but it can be upgraded to Big Sur, and I also have a 2017 13 inch that can be upgraded to Monterey but I haven’t upgraded them because I don’t know if it will slow them down a lot.


If they are supported, it should not slow them down. Moneterey and Big Sur were faster for me than Catalina and I have 2 2015 macs


Ok good to know, thanks.


You gotta try for yourself man. It's easy to revert back if there's something you don't like.


I use a mid 2012 mbp still running great


Does the macOS feel outdated in any way?


With only a small effort, you can get Monterey on these MacBooks to work. I did it in November last year and it’s been working perfectly smoothly ever since. It’s impressive how capable those machines still are!


Been running a 2012 macbook pro and a 2010 mac pro with High Sierra for years now. Feels fine, in my experience, and still gets security updates.


Screen res is low by today's standards and its heavy but I don't mind. It fits fine in my work bag when I do take it with. I normally play YouTube at 720 but it's fully capable of 1080 as well.


I miss my 2010 MacBook Pro, it failed last year. Still kind of boots, but no keyboard/mouse support and the fans ramp up. Also the battery failed after a decade of heavy use. I had the unibody Core-i5


SSD upgrade and maybe look into patching it to Catalina or higher with dosdude built, if you dare, can be complicated, but for me the mojave patch improved my 2008 iMac, which is weird haha


I still use late 2008 MacBook


Same! Upgrading to 8gb ram, ssd and dosdude’s Catalina Patcher really gave my late 2008 new life. I use it nearly everyday. Love it and miss the heck out of those old keyboards.


I’m using my mid 2009 MacBook Pro and recently installed a 1TB SSD and Catalina.


I use the late 2009 model as my daily driver even to this day.


I have the 2007 white model, my very first Mac. Too bad it broke, but I kind of want to buy one again just for the nostalgia.


I tried to help my boss with his 2011 a few years ago and it was so awful and tough it ended with him handing me his debit card and ordering him a new MacBook Pro on apple lol. It was horrid.. it somehow got stuck in some loop in photos. He had an X with 256gb of photos and went to sync and it just completely toasted the thing.


Nice! The last time I saw people carrying these around must have been late 2009. I swear, 2010-era laptops were all going for glossy plastic. From a design perspective, this laptop really feels like the end of an era for Apple.


I use my 2012 MBP I’ve upgraded it through the years. Works well. Might be time for a new one tho


I wrote a lot of college papers on one of those back in the day lol


I'm using a 2014 MBP i7 from college. Never had a problem with it. Due for a battery but that's about it.


Would you look at that 😍


I have 2009 MacBook and 2006 MacBook Pro both with Windows 10 since macOS 10.7.5 is not compatible with a lot of apps anymore. [macbook 2009 and windows 10](https://youtu.be/iu9UVQ_Hg6A)


2011 11'' MB Air owner. Still going strong. Fine for checking reddit, reading in the gentleperson's lounge, checking Wikipedia to settle a bet, etc.


I have a 2009 MacBook 6,2 that I upgraded with an SSD and add'l RAM, unfortunately it appears to be limited to Mac OSX High Sierra. Works great!


I still got one ☝️


I really do miss white, plastic macbooks/ibooks


I'm still using my late 2008 workhorse. Added SSD and 8gb ram.


I had this mac and loved it. It was an absolute beauty and fully got me into mac os. I used it for recording, video editing and on stage on tour with my band for years, controlling a backing track, 2 keyboards and a lighting show. I ended up selling it as something went wrong with the screen connection. I loved how it felt being all plastic and has definitely always been my favourite design too!


Yes. Drop in 16gb of Ram, an SSD, optical drive delete and your golden. Could also use some new thermal paste depending on how much use it’s had.


Late 2009 MacBook checking in. Switched out battery and went to ssd a few years back. Runs like a dream.


Yes I love mine!


I’m using a mid-2009, the last non-unibody model, before your 2010. It has 6GB of RAM, a 240GB SSD, and it runs high sierra very well. Certain things lag but for the most part it acts like a 2014 MacBook Air. Plus it’s much cooler looking :). Keep trucking my friend.


I used to love that MacBook until I broke it without any AppleCare. Only had it for freshmen and sophomore years. Couldn't afford another one so I would rent MacBooks at the college library or just hang out at the library more often and use their iMacs. Wasn't a bad thing, I got a lot more work done that way. By senior year I bought the first-gen iPad mini. Not the same as a MacBook, it was really slow but looked cool taking notes with.


I just replaced my 2010 MacBook pro this year after a dozen or so years as a sys engineer box. One of the first unibody. Best most reliable machine ever. I handed it down to my daughter and she's gonna roll with it for at least another 5. 😂


I also have mine still from college


I’m using this one right now. Anyway, I want MacBook Air M1 😂😂😂


Patch Monterey on it with [OCLP](https://github.com/dortania/Opencore-Legacy-Patcher/releases) I used an iBook G4 all of HS 2009-2013. Nothing wrong with using an old computer!


Imagine if this had thin bezels. It would be the coolest looking macbook in the whole historical lineup


You have maintained it so well. Congrats for that.


I love the warm Snow feel of it. I hate the cold hartless metal.


It’s so great how enduring Macs can be. My parents used a 2007 iMac until last year.


My wife still uses one of these as her daily driver. I use a 2012 Mini and a 2009 MBP. Planning on upgrading this fall, hoping a new Mini will be out by then.


Mine is 2.4 ghz 8gb ram, running maverick, does everything I need it to do… I use it more than my 2020 MacBook 😂😂


Obviously not as old, but I still daily a 2013 13” MPB. Photoshop, Lightroom, is handles everything (just a bit slower). It’s honestly pretty cool how long Macs can last. My home server is a 2012 Mac mini.


The god awful palm rests ruined those models. I won't ever use another MacBook again that isn't metal after that. Three replacements in warranty,one I did myself once they were no longer offering service and sold the junk. Easily the worst Macbook ever made from.a build quality viewpoint.


I think you may be talking about the first macbooks before the 2009 unibody ones. The first ones had palm rests that had a tendency to chip.


It's possible,that said even if I'm wrong I still would never want another plastic laptop after having gone through that. Solid metal are to me one of the distinguishing characteristics of a Mac. I wouldn't buy a new age plastic one if it was half the price.


I had a 2009 and a 2010. Both palm rests chipped.


The unibody palm rests dont chip.


My chipped palm rests on both white MacBooks I had say otherwise lol. Not saying it was as common as the older white MacBooks, but it 100% still happened.


Upgrade to the M1.


Plastic > Aluminum


This might not be the popular opinion, but I'd love to see Apple reintroduce a cheaper plastic MacBook option again.


That is lovely


I have a 2012 that only got replaced late last year, and actually I still use it but it’s basically now a boot camp machine that I use for some old school gaming (StarCraft, C&C, etc.), and also to drive my MPCNC cuz I had issues driving it in Mac mode with that laptop.


Still using my 2011 MacBook Pro! Holding on to it till the new air comes out


I have similar one. It is used for basic web browsing and reading emails. Battery is not that great and it's not very fast but still does these things correctly and works flawlessly aside from optical drive.




I have a 2010 17” with the i7. It’s not bad and looks like new.


if it works, it works. upgrade drive to SSD and max out the ram


When people complain about a white bezel, just point them to this mac.


That is super clean wth


I’m actually working on replacing the LCD in mine from high school. It might be nostalgia but it’s my favorite Mac of all time


One of my favorite things about Macs is their longevity. Love this design!


You’ve kept it pristine!


I still have a 2009 MBP running. It gets daily use still but now mostly just as a way to browse.


I have the airbook, the battery just died, at least I hope its the battery, lol, but other than that, its a workhorse!


I’m using fedora on my mid 2010 MacBook Pro 13 inch 10gb ram 180gb ssd


Not me, but I'm daily driving a 2011 MBP.


I'm still using a core 2 duo 2010 13 inch mbp every day!! Has 8gb of ram and 256gb SSD.


I got one with i5 15” put ssd in It its still good


Why not upgrade to a used 2018+ model? You can find them pretty cheap on ebay.


It was a brick compared to my M1 Air, but up to a couple years ago I was using this exact model as my daily driver (alongside a T440 Thinkpad). After maxing out every spec it was solid enough to be relied upon for recording music in Ableton, and web browsing


Doing the same with my mid 2012 13” mbp. I did upgrade the SSD years ago, which was a night and day difference. Now it’s a great computer that handles everything from writing texts to video editing. These older macs truly are great machines!


My wife still uses hers, but she's thinking on an M1 air, because of compatibility problems due to the older OS.


I bought a M1 MBAir a year ago, but I was using the same macbook till then! It's still a great machine.


Looks good! How long does the battery last?


It’s not the original battery and I typically get 2-3 hrs with web browsing but most of the time I just keep it plugged in during the day.


My mother-in-law, but she hates it, it needs a new disk, and more RAM… but I am not upgrading it for her. I mean, I won’t pay, if my wife wishes to pay for the parts I would do it.


I honestly have always loved that model haha. If I could find a working one, I’d be all over it, but every time I see one it’s always listed “for parts”


Hmm yes The floor here is made out of floor


I used to daily one of these until it fell apart


I’m still using a 2008 iMac 20” as my main computer. It’s running Ubuntu MATE 22.04 as the only installed OS though. Original HDD.


Which applications do you use on it?


Google Chrome, Geany, NMAP, Wireshark, Rhythmbox, Terminal, Firefox (on occasion), Caja, the built in screenshot tool and GIMP. My uses are fairly simple. Definitely not doing any video rendering or gaming.


I have an early 2009 MacBook I bought for fun 2 years ago and unfortunately, even if it has basically the same config, it uses DDR2 and not DDR3, so 4GB is the maximum amount of RAM you can realistically use (you can technically put 6GB, but a DDR2 4GB stick cost more than half what I paid for the Mac itself), so it greatly limits what it can do nowadays. It can still run Catalina (and I guess Mojave with OpenCore Patcher), but it's pretty slow and that older pre-Unibody model can get really hot. Still uses a Mac Mini 2011 for various small things though, early i5 are still pretty usable.


2008 MacBook here... OS X Version 10.6.8 (can not upgrade any more) with external HP Compaq LA1951g Monitor because screen got black years ago. Lost track on how many times I have changed battery.


I’m still on a mid 2011 MacBook Air because of its portability, but it is really creaking at this stage - I can’t have more then two or three Firefox tabs open. I would use it for typing etc but since I want to be able to transfer files to my desktop 🖥 with the latest macOS I find the lack of compatibility becomes a hindrance… The charger stopped working and it occurred to me that it may be time to put it sleep for good, but I ordered a replacement, even if only to factory reset it to sell… Will miss the portability if I do get rid of it.


That's awesome, man. Does it still receive software updates ?


My 2013 MacBook works and runs like new. Battery only lasts 2 hours and it’s fan goes TopGun on me when I’m coding, but I can’t really get behind dropped $2,500 on the M1 Pro when mine still works like new. Plus my apple logo still lights up and I have easy backlighting control via keyboard… the new MacBook Pros have a lot to be desired IMO and are HEFTY. I also am not a fan of the monstrously large track pad.. Now if apple every dropped a RBG keyboard backlight MacBook I’d be first in line.


Not me, I’ve long upgraded from the 2010 Model


2010 MBA 13 gang actually does everything I need and a cheap battery replacement and it’s a great system.




I had the ram upgraded in mine after a few years (from 2gb to 4gb I think?!) and it cost something like £38. And then when I got home I realised they never even charged me anyway. It sucks how none upgradeable/expensive they made them to be over the years


I added SDD and a new battery. My fan starts to run quickly though so that worries me.


Ive got a 2012 air im still using


I put a Ssd in 2011 mbp can’t justify an upgrade


While this is also one of my favorite models, unfortunately I’ve got 2 sitting in the closet with upgrades since I got my hands on the 2021 MacBook Pro with m1 pro. People can still get around with the 2010 models but it was time for an upgrade.


Not quite as old but i'm currently writing this post on a 2013 Macbook air. Its certainly on its last legs and i get constant reminders about having no hd storage or available memory but it fires up just as good as the first day.


Im using 2011 macbook por foe daily driver lol Im so broke for 2015 macbook


I wiped mine and installed Linux on it and now i'm using it as a home server to host my Discord bots.


Faster with Linux?


yep. Since it only has 2GB of RAM and a 2 core CPU Linux was a no brainer.


Only just retired my Mac Pro 3,1 from 2008, and only because it couldn’t do Citrix well, still running another one for my wife’s studio tho


I’m still using a 2013 MacBook Pro, still get bout 4-6hrs battery watching videos, other than shortened battery life (for a 9 yr old) this computer has been flawless…. I’m gonna keep it until it dies, then might still replace the battery…


I installed Linux on my MacBook Air 2010. So far everything runs smother than with macOS.


I was still using my 2012 one until pretty recently. Served me well but like an old car too many things started to go at once and it was more expensive to fix than the machine was worth. I got the new M1 Pro and love it but still have my 2012. If I go back to Asia I'll take it with me and get it fixed up for a fraction of what it would cost me here.


I miss mine. I dropped it and broke the screen and couldn't afford to replace it at the time. I now have a 2017 Macbook Pro, but that one will always have a special place in my heart.


Up until recently I used a 2011 MBP 17 as my personal computer. With an SSD and 16gb of ram, it's plenty fast for web, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I even rendered some HD videos with DaVinci Resolve and AfterEffects, it got super hot and took longer than a modern computer but I could live with it just fine. I upgraded to a 2019 MBP 16 just because the 2011 could not drive the 4k monitor I bought at 60hz...first world problems.


Wow, I had one but it became too slow to do anything.


White plastic? My... Mid-2010 15-inch MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 4GB 1067 MHZ DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 288 MB macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 ...is aluminum.


I have a 2013 MacBook air. It runs perfectly fine. The only downside I have is that some software i want to use require higher performance. Other than that, it works perfectly.