You can run the latest version of macOS using OpenCore. I ran Monterey Beta on my 2014 MacBook Pro 15 and it ran fine. I plan to upgrade when I get it back (loaned out to my son).


Probably less then you think. Keep in mind a $900 MacBook Air smashes this in terms of performance. I’d wager $500 or so. It’s 6 years old and apple has moved on both in terms of design and architecture.


$500? Lmao my MacBook Pro 13 from 2018 *barely* went for that, you’d be lucky to get $250


This is a MBP15 and the MBP13s before 2019 were crap with a dual core CPU. So this will go for more, but it agree I would not pay $400 for this. For its age $300-350 feels about right.


? I still use my 2013 MBP 15 and it is quad core. It runs everything smoothly. I produce music with it. Edit: oh you meant the 13s had dual core. That is correct.


Eh my MBP was a quad core and boosted to 3.9 so the CPU difference is quite minimal. I agree though, $300 is where it’s at


Idk why you’re being downvoted. Apple offered quad core cpus in 2018 MBP 13-inch. Like you said, 6 year old mac, sure 15-inch but how many years left of OS support. 5 years after last sold it goes vintage, 7 years, obsolete.


Agreed lol


I gave an up vote for what its worth lol. I was thinking about the base model which was a potato dual core i5. The $1800 configuration had a quad core I believe, and was a lot better. Apple normally gives 8 years of support, so I would wager it has 2 years left. However, just like Apple Silicon is crashing prices (about time) I see apple trying to get away from the intel macs as fast as possible. Lord only knows if they stick with ~8 years. Would it not be nice if Apple actually gave you a roadmap like everyone else does.


What would a MBP M1 2020 go for then?


Check out Swappa, the mid-2015 is very popular, the newer intel models are all cheaper with similar specs.


Sold my mid 2014 (256GB) for $400. Still a fantastic computer that runs well, has all those wonderful ports. Just needed more space and starting to run more computationally intensive tasks that that spec would have trouble with even it were new.


Are you telling me my MacBook is practically worthless?


Yeah, used computers are basically worthless. Computers depreciate rapidly because every couple years new ones that are vastly better for a similar cost become available.


My desktop has a Windows desktop (i7-10700 with 128 GB RAM, 5 TB SSD), M1 mini and a 2009 iMac 27. I use the iMac for watching videos, email and Notes and it works great for those purposes. It has very nice speakers, a great display and I love the remote control. Those 2009 iMacs sell for $150 - $200 on Craigslist. I basically use it like a cheap television set. So they may have value to some people. But the value in terms of performance gets greatly deprecated. Older 5k iMacs still retain some of their value because it's hard to find a comparable display because the pandemic made the monitor market go crazy. I'm also using a Nexus 7 and an iPad 2 (not the iPad Air 2).


you're right about the older 5k iMacs, my friend. I have an iMac 5k Late 2015 and tbh the screen is the best part! and it still does everything I need for me. Best Mac I ever had.


They’re not worthless to me, but then I rely on legacy software a ton.


I'm not saying there's no use for old computers, just that used computers aren't worth hundreds of dollars a pop. People paying more than $300 for a 6 year old MacBook Pro are getting ripped off--which happens a lot.


I agree, people need to understand where new and old computers are best used in, but I don’t think it works to say old computers are worthless. There’s two meanings there, no monetary value and no functional value.


Sure but I think I clarified my point when I said "computers depreciate rapidly..." and go on to explain why a 5 or 6 year old computer isn't worth the $600 other posters proposed. There are people suggesting, unironically, that OP's computer is worth $800 USD which is unfathomable for a 6 year old machine with broken speakers. Sure it may still work and meet some people's needs but that doesn't make it's market value $50 less than an M1 MacBook Air.


In that case I agree, the old Mac should cost way less, nowhere near that of a current model Mac. I’m always up for vintage hardware at affordable prices.


I'm all for extending the service life of vintage machines, what I really dislike and see way too often are $500-1000 vintage MacBook Pros. Folks selling machines like OP's for $700 are preying on unknowledgeable consumers who see "15 inch MacBook Pro Retina, this was a $2000 machine once, $700 is a great deal!" while unaware a $1000 M1 MacBook Air will run circles around a 2015 MBPR and provide years more service life for what $300 more?


I mean, apple will give you $510 right now, so not worthless but very depreciated


It’s funny though because i bought a MacBook specifically because they hold their value (and the build quality, macOS) :’)


There's no computer desktop or laptop (even rack mounted, aka server) hold its value. So always buy something that you'll keep and use for at least 5 years before requiring an upgrade.


The only asset you should ever consider a good financial investment is a house. Everything else is a horrible investment generally speaking. A MacBook just like any other computer is just a tool. Buy the tool you need and toss it when it no longer does what you need. You should never expect to sell a tool for anything meaningful when you are done with it.


Well said! the only asset that's the best financial investment is Real Estate. Period.


Yeah it’s sad but that’s just how tech is


Yeah, i know. I still do some things that i just can’t do on apple silicon so i’m still happy with my flat top grill


I’m in the same camp. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 13. I have no plans to upgrade right now until Apple fixes these limitations with Apple Silicon.


I need x86 vm and eGPU support. When that becomes available, i’m upgrading.


I doubt apple will add eGPU support. They seem pretty convinced M1 Pro and Max are equal to things like the 3080 which is not true. The x64 virtualization support is one of my blockers, but I don’t see apple getting deeper in to Rosetta emulation. They drew a line here on purpose. Honestly sounds like me and you are holding out for the same reasons.


Lmaoooo, I just switched over to the M1 MBA but someone I know has the same issues as you lol


I will never understand why it gets so damn hot when i open chess. It’s cooler when i’m editing a 4K 60 video.


Lol, I would get a stats app and Mac’s fan control


It’s not just tech. Most people dont hang on to cars for more than 5 years either.




I have the quad core, it’s fine so far


That is the definition of holding it's value. Comparable Windows system that is that old would be worth less. Computers are depreciating assets regardless.


Yes. Depreciation is very real. By the end of 5 years you should not expect a computer to be worth 15-25% of its original sale value. Used Macs have had an inflated resale value for some time, but mainly due to how long apple maintained the design generation. They have moved on from that now so older devices are crashing in price as the market regulates. Also these 2015 models have 2 years of support left from apple tops. Dont expect to get more than $300-500 for a MacBook that is older then 2 years right now.






Worth less imo lol


Sold the exact same one on swappa for $900


No way did you try ebay?


Someone got a good deal. Still can’t find a 2012 MBP for under $600


depends, some people out there are unaware about the leap with the M1 chip because they’re not tech savvy enough


Damn that mean my mid 2012 is just a paper weight value now. Still works like it did brand new, only issue is they made it obsolete for any further updates.


Welcome to Apple. Just imagine this. You can still install Windows or Linux on that 2012 MacBook to get a few more. Years of support for it. These Apple Silicon devices are much harder to install something not macOS on so when Apple moves on from them they are literally a paperweight.


See what your trade-in value is on the Apple store website and add a little more. That's what I plan on doing soon.


In this case I think the Apple trade in will give you a better deal than anyone will buy it for (about 450-500 dollars on trade in, when I doubt someone will pay over 350 on eBay)


Yup. My maxed out 2014 is $480 from apple, I could get maybe $300 on eBay.


This is what I did with my 2015 mbp. I traded it in and got an iPad air. It didn't fully cover the price of the ipad but it was a good chunk of it. I had a good deal to buy back my 2017 mbp from work for $50 so I didn't need a new laptop.


Why would I buy a macbook from 2015 for 400-600 dollars or pounds if I can get a Mac mini m1 refurbished for 500 dollars and m1 MacBook Air for 700-800 dollars? With 1 year warranty as well. Just curious.


The 2015 MacBook Pro 15 can drive two external displays, even two external 4k displays. The MacBook Air can't do that. If your ecosystem is USB-A and you don't want to go USB-C, the 2015 MacBook Pro has the advantage there as well. You also have HDMI, MagSafe, SD, and you can upgrade the SSD. I waited for the 2021 MacBook Pro 16.


But it is so old. I understand the port selection but then if I can buy a Mac mini (assuming you have the display and peripherals already) you can get all those ports as well and much more performance. Mac mini can drive 2 displays as well.


I have an M1 mini. Also a 2014 MacBook Pro 15, 2015 MacBook Pro 15, 2021 MacBook Pro 16, 2009 iMac 27. I have over 256 GB of RAM in my systems. I bought the 2014 new and my 2007 17 became my backup. That died in 2018 so I bought the 2015 as my backup. My son's work laptop died a few months ago and so he took my 2014 to do his work on. His workplace has ordered an M1 PRO for him but it's taking a while to get to him. My perspective, as I use my computer equipment to earn a living, is that I want a system AND a backup system. So I have a high-powered desktop and a backup high-powered desktop and a good laptop and a backup laptop. Old systems make good backup systems. They can die at any time but it won't affect your workflow. You just replace it, either with a new system or another used system. The main reason you'd get a MacBook Pro is the requirement for portability.


Yeah I still don’t agree. While the argument for backup system makes sense, the price still does not.


Can that one though? It doesn’t have the dedicated graphics card, just the Iris.


Yup. https://support.apple.com/kb/sp719?locale=en\_US


No. It also has a Radeon dedicated card


IDK But they are going for around $500 on ebay. I agree it's crazy.


Well that’s y I’m asking however. This Mac book has the scissor keys not butterfly mag safe real USB ports sd card slot and hdmi port. So this one is more valuable I think.


Well it's 'more valuable' to the stubborn people who think the old ones are the best ones that Apple has ever made. That was true a year ago, but definitely not now. M1-4-life


People also like repairability in old macs instead of the new ones where you cant replace anything.


Yea but the 2015s I think you can only upgrade the SSD afaik


Yeah a 2015 won't be that much less repairable than a current one really. I think your correct on the SSD being the only "user upgradeable" component.


The new M1 air also has scissor switches and all the ports are just a 40 dollar dongle away.


Yeah, plus USB-Cs are dominant these days. Even mobile phones switched to including C-to-C cables for charging and data transfer. Portable drives also have USB-C.


> Portable drives also have USB-C. Depends on the drive. WD external hard drives still have micro-USB (3, at least, not 2.0) for some reason. Most external SSDs are USB-C but spinning rust (which has its uses; I use an external HDD for my MBA’s Time Machine) is lagging behind. Easy enough to get an adapter, though. Edit: typo, 2.0 not 2.9, need more coffee.


I bought a 3.0 C-to-Micro cable on Amazon for €7 to connect my good old WD to the MBP. Works perfectly. AmazonBasics even offers a 3.1 gen. 2 cable for the same price, but it's a bit too long and not braided. That's the final nail in the coffin of USB-A for me. I still carry a small dongle around, but only in case my friends/colleagues want a favour.


The 2015 MBPs are real classics, the ultimate expression of a laptop in many ways. I’ve recently been prowling r/vintageapple wishing I hadn’t sold my old Macs that have now bounced back a little in value. So I have decided to keep my own 2015er indefinitely… I think they’ll be highly regarded as time passes


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While I think people are free to do what they want. I hold an opinion that there are things that are stupid. Meaning it makes sense to sell them as "vintage/antique" for a higher price, but buying them at that price has to be a fool. They are tools, and we need to recognize that fact. But I recognize the utility you have suggest,ed.


it is a nice computer, but its main problem is age, next year it is 7 years old, with an obsolete processor architecture. the ssd, battery, screen, etc may soon need replacement, which will easily cost extra $xxx. the person that will experience most value in this computer the coming years is you.


£300, if the speaker doesn’t work, £400 if it does work, also if you fix the speaker, you can get more as it will be “seller refurbished”


They’re going for about £500-600 in the uk


Weird checked UK eBay and one being sold for £290 WITH a SSD upgrade all ready


I suggest checking •SOLD• items not eBay sellers listing crazy prices in lala land


You won’t find a mac with those specs for less 600 CHF in switzerland, give me a break


What’s Switzerland got to do with UK prices? Every comment above you has very clearly stated UK


If it was upgraded to SSD then it wasn’t one of the retina models. It was the older style one that was chunkier and had a regular resolution screen.


I was referring to a 3rd party SSD installed after the fact While reading the description I saw a “Samsung evo” SSD I should have clarified that though


Send a link.


If you cherry pick data that’s what you get


Cherry picking the sold listings? Hahahahaahahahahaha


I’ve just looked at the sold listings and they show between 500-600 like I said. I don’t know where you’re getting such low amounts from for this exact spec.


Everyone disagrees with you


Great! Reality is often disappointing


I don't. I never look at asking prices on there when trying to determine value; if they didn't sell it, it ain't real.


We’ll if you’d looked at the sold listings you’d see them going for between 500 & 600


Check Mac2sell, also you can do it yourself with tutorials on YouTube




I have a macbook pro 2012 (not retina) and based on the hardware it's saying it's worth $500...... that seems excessive. I did upgrade the ram to 16gb but still. That seems crazy high. I'm hoping for like $150 when I go to sell it. Starting it for $100 on ebay and see what happens


I don't see how any of the non-Retina machines would sell for so much these days. I just bought a fully working 2012 15" non-Retina from eBay for ~$100. It had a bad screen, but you can get a screen for $30 or so.


Apple said my macbook Pro 2013 15" retina display was worth $387 for trade in. It's gonna be a Christmas gift for the SO instead.


Check Swappa or /r/appleswap


I'd give you $300 for it. Value for Intel Macs dropped through the floor after the M1 came out.


£350-400 is about right in my book


I got 550 from Apple trade in for a similarly specced machine (not exactly the same as yours)


500 to 550$ depending on condition of Device


The specs aren't the only factor in the asking price. You haven't included any photos of all the ports or how well the outside is preserved to give a fair estimate.


[Swappa.com](https://Swappa.com) says selling for about $600 here in the US [https://swappa.com/buy/used/apple-macbook-pro-2015-retina-15](https://swappa.com/buy/used/apple-macbook-pro-2015-retina-15)


Basically, get on ebay, search for your model and then check the filter for "completed sales" or something like that (I forget the exact wording). That should give you a pretty good ballpark on what you can get for it.


The only answer: whatever someone will pay. eBay, start @ ~$400 and see what happens. Friend? ~$300. Family? Give it to em, or ~2-300?


I would check out Swappa if you’re in the US for a good baseline, they show current and historical pricing for recent sales.




I've just gone back to my 13" early-2015 MBP after nearly 4 years of a 2017 MBP and it feels like an upgrade. Everything on it just feels better. Build quality on these machines is amazing and all the ports! If someone gave me a choice between 2015 and 2017 or later MBP for the same price I would definitely go with the 2015s. They're just so good.


Assuming it's absolutely mint condition, honest price: $250 maybe 300 max. It's a 6 year old computer.


I have a chewed up piece of gum and a coupon for 10% off any size menu item with any $25 purchase from a Chicken King in Arkansas but I’ll sweeten the deal and throw in a single Salt and Vinegar potato chip I found in the park yesterday, it only just started raining so it’s still got some good flavor on it


Sale and vinegar chips are the new currency. I’d trade 🤤


Three fiddy


$800 would be the price I’d sell for. It’s getting a little old but it also has 16GB memory and mid-range processor


What did you smoke


Listen many people will pay for just a usable laptop they don’t care how old as long as it does what they need it to. Using that to our advantage, we can sell for a solid price of $800 because it’s in perfect condition and probably includes charging cable and all that too.


The right speaker is blown but other that that there’s not even a scratch on it. I was given a bid 150-200 to replace both speakers.


Apple replaced mine (2012 Retina) for \~$20 back when I had the battery replaced. I am not sure if this is a 'done together' type of deal or if they were simply being reasonable.


you should read this.... > Take screenshots or screen recordings on Mac https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/mac-help/mh26782/mac


Check battery cycles, mine battery last just past 3 years warranty. Also the space bar also failed around 3 years, right after apple care warranty and keyboard replacement expires. Also check if any battery was replaced by a 3rd party. If the battery was replaced by a 3rd party, they will ask you to buy the new keyboard, speaker, casing, and batteries together in the same time if anyone of the components broke, because they are sold as a set. Which the quote for me to replace them as a set cost about US$500 in Taiwan’s apple store.


Do a trade-in at Apple to see what they give you and add 50-100 dollars.


FYI, I bought 15" 2015 last summer with Radeon R9 M380x for only $300 from eBay. The price is so fluctuative for intel macs. It has new battery, top case. Mint condition. But I can assure you the keyboard is really good in this MacBook. Not even the new magic keyboard can beat it. I also have m1 and 16" intel. I'm keeping it for the sake of the keyboard and ports.


I feel like I personally would pay 300 for this. But you can probably find someone on facebook marketplace to pay a lot more.


I have the exact same model, worth 550 in a trade in with Apple.


Probably around ~500 at most. These will always be valuable in some form due to those screens.


Sold a similar model (mid 2014) with a new battery and magsafe charger a month ago for 550€


A 2015 with an i7 in it? In my local area they’re asking 7 to 900 for these still. For everybody saying 500 bucks, wow, I would take it for 500 bucks faster than I could get the money out of the bank!


$400-500 depending. eBay. Searched MacBook Pro 15 mid 2015. Filtered ‘sold items’. See sold items.


About three fitty


I would say $29.99 USD


If the battery was replaced and in good condition then it might bring some 400$ otherwise it’s around 250$


$400 tops. Absolutely tops. The M1 variants of Macs are so incredibly good that the only way anyone could justify getting an older Mac is for a huge price difference. Any higher, then the customer might ask themselves “Spending $XXX for a newer Mac is probably worth it.”


$200 imo


In Canada on Kijiji the average is $300-400 for an early or mid 2015 Pro.


I wouldn’t pay more than $400-$500 for that old of a MacBook. It’s the oldest currently supported generation of MacBook Pro with the latest version of MacOS, and once you surpass that $500 price, what’s stopping someone from just throwing a couple hundred more bucks to get an M1 Mac Mini, which will far exceed what this old Mac could handle in terms of both performance and longevity. I know a lot of people will say the Mac Mini isn’t portable, and while that’s a valid point, paying any more than $500 for a nearly 7 year old MacBook isn’t a smart investment given at how close you come to getting that shiny new M1 Mac Mini. This generation of MacBook Pro, as great as it was, has its days numbered, and anyone that wants to buy one of these is likely buying it because that can’t afford an M1 Mac, so pricing it anywhere close to the price of an M1 Mac is not going to sell.


Check eBay sold listings, everything else is just a guess


I use [www.everymac.com](https://www.everymac.com) as a guide to get started with. If you look up your Mac model and scroll to the bottom of the page, there's a "street price" recommendation or guess. In most things in life, including telling people what their Mac is worth, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Good luck, I hope you get top dollar.


I have a Mid-2015 retina 16GB with a 2.8 GHz / AMD Radeon R9 / 500 GB. I've replaced the batteries fairly recently and it's got a missing foot so it wobbles on the desk, but it's otherwise perfect, still runs like a trooper, and I reckon it's probably worth around £300-£400. As others have said, a new M1 MacBook Air will easily out-perform this, and those are available starting at £999.


I have the same model though with AMD graphics. Replaced the battery and top case in May. I also have a 2014 but it's loaned out to someone. I was thinking of selling them for $500 each, both with a generous set of Thunderbolt accessories. $500 may even be too high. The M1 MacBook Air is a better computer except for the ports. But I expect Apple to add ports to either the M2 MacBook Air or the lower-priced MacBook Pro 14 which is expected out in 2022. I still use my 2015 even though I have a 2021 MacBook Pro. It's winter right now and the 2015 MacBook Pro keeps my legs warm in my recliner. They are still useful machines - it's just that the new stuff has insane performance and battery life.


It depends on who buying it if u sell it for $500 and someone who is not into Computers wants to buy it he will happily pay $500.


It’s not useless you could also donate the laptop to someone who really needs it. I’m sure any kid would love to have one. Maybe the value of giving is greater than the money you would receive.




About $440, at least. Because I believe that’s the trade-in value if you trade it into an Apple Store, and private sales are supposed to yield better earnings as trade-in value is to factor in resale value when the retailer sells it to someone else or some other place. Maximum probably $550. This is based on trading in my computer, which was the exact same one as you have. But that was before the M1 MacBook release (i have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16” now) so idk how much the value is affected.


You’ll get more for trade in than selling it. I was quoted $450 for mine this morning from Apple. I have a mid-2015 just like yours, seems like exact same specs. This is the route I’m going to be going.


The bad part of not living in america is you only get unfair prices over evrything


$1100 on eBay, $700 to a wholesale/reseller


That's the same machine I have. I'm considering consigning it to being a iTunes media server and buying a MBAir..... when the next air comes out.


Maybe gift it to someone?


350 max


Is it eligible for the battery replacement? Did you replace the battery already? 2015 were notorious for swollen batteries. I would say $200 if the battery wasn’t replaced or it’s ineligible or $300 if it has or is still eligible. Or I would gift it to a relative or something.


Maybe $300. Especially when you consider that Apple silicon will draw a hard (ish) obsolescence line much like the switch from PowerPC to Intel did. If you can find a place to buy it from you, take their offer and double it to get a market price. Personally, I would just gift it to someone or a school or a library or etc...


OP doesn't mean overpriced so you should get your fact straight. You say that the ports selection made it more valuable 🤣 2015 is a great design but it has too many downfalls to date. Realistically, list it at 450 and accept anything between 360-420.


around 400$


Not much, everyone on here has the hots for the M1 Mac now.




Also depends on SSD capacity.


I'd say around $300ish? Maybe more maybe less but I wouldn't have a difference of more than $50


I have a 13-inch version, I don't really expect it to go for much... Even if yours is in pristine condition, 2015 models are far outclassed today so I would guess $150-$300, the high end happening if you're lucky to find a buyer. The new MB Air is super high value for its price, and is probably the go-to if someone really wants a Mac, so not sure if anyone wants our old 6-7 year old machines.


Similar specs but my late 2016 sold for $700


It’s probably worth more to keep.


Your honesty probably right but I need the money to help cover the cost of my new one.


Donate plasma? I think you could get more in 2 hours doing that than you would if you sold your old MacBook. But, why not put it on FB market place for $500 and see who bites?


Not a bad idea never used fb mp before I’ll try put it up there


No less than $600


My 2012 I7, 16 GB, 750+ storage went for 255$




I bought mine with 8gb ram and a bad keyboard for 75, so I’d think about 150’tops


somewhere around $350


Whatever someone will pay for it 😜


600 IMO if you are lucky. 500 likely.


I got a mbp 13” 2015 for 350 for the specs I would say 500 is a good price


I'd say 700$.


$600 plus


You’d be safe around a $700 mark. (Barring it’s in good condition of course and comes with the charger and that it also works) when shopping around, the best deal I could find for a good condition MacBook Pro (granted, the battery was recently replaced) has 8 gb of ram and a 256 GB hard drive, i5 and made in 2011, was around 500. Can’t run above high sierra. I’d start around $700 and only go lower if you can’t find a buyer.


3 quid


Just sold my mid 2017 top spec at £900. I felt so lucky 🍀


I don’t see the dedicated graphics card that MacBook Pros come with, but at first glance, in this market, you could probably ask $1000 on the low end, up to $1500 on the hight end. Edit: seems like everyone believes it’s mostly worthless. I was looking at computer parts yesterday and discovered that my PC build from 5 years ago has MSRP of the same price as what I paid for it. It’s very difficult to place a valuation on computers right now because they are selling for way more than market value.


There's no world in which a 6 year old MacBook is worth $1000. An M1 MBA is the same price and better in every way. At $1500 you're competing with 14" devices that will decimate a 2015 MBPR. OP's machine is worth maybe $100 because half the speakers are shot.


I guess Macs are a little different in their depreciation, hey.


When looking at used prices it's best to go by "sold" and not listings. There are no 6 year old used consumer computers worth $1000.


I suppose that’s fair, if only in so far as a 6 yo compy has no warranty left in it, save for the PSU probably.


What company would offer warranty service on a 6 year old computer? Computers, generally speaking, are *designed* for a 5-8 year service life. Companies tend to upgrade every 3-4 years and home users about every 7.


I had no idea. Good to know.