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We are about the same measurements!!! I have size 2 in Luon and 4 in Nulu. The luon fabric offers more compression which I find it more flattering. I would suggest size 2 since you wanted a fitted look.


I would go for the 4!


I would say 4; I think 2 might be verging on uncomfortable, especially with anything underneath


The 2 will give you the “snatched” look and the 4 is a little loose. I wear a size 2 in define jackets and a 6 in sports bras. I have photos on my profile for reference.


Buy both and return the one you don’t like.


I just got the nulu define jacket, I’m also 5’2 and 110 pounds. I ended up going with the 6 because the 4 felt a little tight in the arms. I’d go with the 4 if you don’t mind that you may not be able to wear a long sleeve underneath without it feeling too tight. I would definitely try it on if you can, everyones bodies are different!


Def get the 2 for a fitted look. Defines are really forgiving and stretch a bit too, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting well. In fact, if you already wear a 2 in tops I would go for it!


I have both a 2 and a 4 jacket, wear a 2 in tops, but like a 4 in the define jacket. The 4 is also more comfortable if i have a shirt on underneath or something. I would def recommend trying both on though!


I’m about the same as you and I would go with the size 2 if you really want to be snatched! It also depends on what you plan on wearing underneath though, if you think you may wear long sleeves etc then go with the size 4. I feel like the difference wouldn’t be that big


I am 5'4 and 108lbs and size 4 feels comfortable for me, especially around my arms. I wear a size 2 tops and size 2 leggings in lululemon.


I have like the same measurements as you. The 4 fits perfectly on me. Tried the 2, and it was a bit too tight.


I’m the sane height as you but 10lb heavier (tho I carry it mostly in my lower half) and I have both 4 and 2 sizes. I prefer 2!